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Hello There, I am Jennifer. I am blogging since 2016. As I found it a very interesting task after maintaining my family. I have 2 kids who keep me busy all the time.

When I started blogging in 2016, I was looking for a task and job which I can maintain from my home and can continue after maintaining my family. I always wanted to give time to my family. Blogging is one of the best choices for me. As I am very good at writing and I can make it my 2nd profession as well.

I started this blog in 2018. The only reason I started the blog is that I tried to purchase a boot for a family tracking tour for my kids and I need to search a lot to find the best shoes in the market. At that time, I got the idea to start a blog to help people who searching for the best shoes in the market.

I tried to give 2 hours of time daily to research the best shoes and to maintain the blog. I would be very happy if you find my blog useful.