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How to Take Care for Leather Shoes in Any Season: Leather Shoes Care Tips

Leather is the kind of material that requires a lot of care. Owning white leather shoes means you will need to tread carefully because you don’t want them to get dirty. But investing in such shoes means your outlook will be enhanced and it will match everything else you own.

How to take care of leather Sneakers? You should take care of your leather shoes or sneakers by looking at the shoe products because the wrong shoes care products can harm your shoes. In this article, we will tell you the complete leather shoe care guide, by following which you will be able to use your shoes for years.

You will be surprised to know some simple guides and tricks from the daily household items that can help you maintain the quality and take care of leather shoes in any season. There are many ways to take care of your leather shoes in any season, here are some of them.

How to Take Care for Leather Shoes and Sneakers

Everyone loves their leather shoes and wants their shoes to be beautiful and shiny for years and if you also want to keep your new leather shoes perfect, then clean them regularly and then give them lovely shine with polish. It is not enough to keep your shoes good, so read our shoes care tips below which are very important to maintain your leather shoes.

Stain Control

It may be difficult to avoid things from falling on your shoes no matter how hard you try. Sometimes when you try the hardest, you still end up bumping into someone and making a drink spill that can set on your leather shoes. There are many products in the market that give very good leather protection. Before leaving your house make sure you spray the shoes with a leather protectant which will not let any stain set on the leather.

Shoe Check is a Must

No matter how careful you were the whole day, make sure when you get home you check your leather shoes immediately for any stains. The rule is the faster you find a stain, the faster you will get rid of it. If there is a stain, always remember that your leather shoes must be wiped with a damp cloth and not a wet one. Take a soft towel and dampen it with warm water and gently wipe the shoes.

Soaps and Erasers

Magic erasers are very useful when it comes to covering up scuffs on white leather shoes. You can also use mild, oily soaps like a dove to take care of the slight stains that may make your shoes look dirty. Some scratches that may make your shoes grubby can be easily covered with white nail polish as well. This is a very useful trick and you may use a matching color for other shoes as well.-

Precautions and Care for Leather Shoes

– When wearing leather shoes, remember to check the weather. If it is expected to rain it’s best to keep your leather shoes in the cupboard. Water will not only stain the outside with mud and muck but the insides will get damp as well making the shoes smell.

– On a sunny day, avoid walking in the grass. That will also leave green strokes on your leather shoes. In case you can’t avoid grassy areas, make sure you keep an eye on the shoes, and if you see a stain immediately wipe it with a soft tissue.

– Carry a micro brush with you. In case you get dirt that is bound to get stuck on the shoes, you need to immediately brush it off and do a more elaborate cleaning after coming home, with soap and water. There are many cleaning creams available in the market as well which you can purchase and put your mind at ease. Cleansing creams are effective and easy to use.

– Sometimes if the insides of the shoes become damp they will affect the shape of the shoes, make sure you stuff the shoes with pieces of dry cloth which will absorb moisture and let the shoes retain their shape. It is a bad idea to put them in front of a heater or in the sun on a summer day. It will only damage the shoes.

– Leather conditioners are also available in the market. For best leather care purchase one of them and use them properly to keep your leather shoes as good as new for a longer period of time. Leather is the kind of material that is long-lasting and lasts a lifetime if protected and cared for properly.

How to Care for White Leather Shoes?

White leather shoes are the best accessory for both men and women. They can be worn during both summer and winter. White color looks great with most outfits and can be worn as a contrast as well. Some people can wear a monotone outfit and the white shoes would go perfectly with it. Such does even look good under an all-black outfit as well.

There are numerous occasions that you can wear your white leather shoes too. Many people wear them to weddings and if you are the groom and are wearing a white tuxedo, then the best option for you is white shoes. It is considered to be a very fashionable accessory.

Laces Need to Stay White

You can’t walk around white shinny white shoes and dirty looking laces. If you wash the laces and they still look discolored or yellow, the best solution is to bleach the laces. Take a bowl and add about half a glass of water in it. Take two cap-fulls of bleach and dip the laces in it. Leave them for 10 minutes and check the result. You will notice that your laces are as white as new and look great in your white shoes.

Nail Polish Remover, Remove Stains Very Effectively

Nail polish remover can do wonders out of the manicure bag if given a chance. Dip a cotton ball into the remover and apply it to the stains on that strip of white rubber on your shoes. It will remove the stains from the rubber very effectively. It will also help remove the dirt that has been accumulated on it.

How to Care for Oiled Leather Shoes

Oiled leather is very popular for its shiny appearance and is most commonly used for shoes and boots. This type of leather is very durable and easy to maintain and this is why this type of leather is very expensive. If you want to take care of oiled leather shoes then you must follow these tips so that you can use it for many years and enjoy your leather shoes.

– If you ever get scratched on your shoes, use only a damp finger to rub it, otherwise, it can be harmful to your shoes.

– Clean your oiled leather shoes with a soft cloth and if you see more dirt on the leather, you can add a mild soap.

I sincerely hope that you have got as much information as you needed and that you will take proper care of your leather shoes. Remember, shoes reflect your overall personality, so it is very important to care for them properly.