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Best Shoelaces That Stay Tied

You’re not alone if you often get frustrated when your shoelaces come untied. It can be really annoying to constantly have to bend down and tie them in the middle of a long walk or jog – but it doesn’t always have to be this way!

Investing in some quality shoe laces that stay tied can prevent any more frustration from having to stop mid-step just because your laces come undone. This blog post will discuss the best shoelaces that stay tied so that you never feel like you are lacing up again before taking another step. Below, we’ll walk you through our top picks of the best shoelaces, so you never have to worry about sloppy lacing again.

Best Shoelaces That Stay Tied

Our Top 5 Picks for Best Shoelaces That Stay Tied

1. Stretchlace Flat Stretch Shoelaces

Cut out the hassle of tying shoes with Stretchlace! With these flat stretch laces, you can keep your shoes looking fresh and stylish without having to fiddle around with laces. Not only do Stretchlace laces make it easier to slip on your shoes – but they also add convenience and prolong the life of your favorite kicks. Just replace your traditional laces with Stretch lace, and enjoy hassle-free wear! These innovative no-tie shoelaces are designed to provide a secure, snug fit that won’t slip away with your movements.

The flexible material stretches and moves when you do, so you can feel free to run, jump and stretch as much as you want. These stretchy shoelaces also look great — they come in an array of stylish colors sure to match any outfit. From the everyday jogger to the avid hiker, these shoelaces are perfect for ease and simplicity combined with high-performance comfort. Their swift slip-on-and-off action makes them ideal for hikers who want to enjoy nature without fussing over cumbersome lacing up time.

Show off your style and have a more comfortable experience with Flat Stretchlaces Shoelaces! Provide the perfect fit for any shoe or foot shape with these amazing laces, designed to adjust its shape for the best-individualized comfort. In addition, it eliminates pressure from tight shoelace knots, preventing painful hotspots and sensitive points in your feet. Available in various colors, be sure to find the perfect ones for you. These laces are ideal for people of all ages, particularly those with mobility impairments. With Stretchlace Flat Stretch Shoelaces on hand, you can be out enjoying nature in no time. 


  • Multipurpose and ideal for all activities
  • No tying needed
  • Prevents soreness from tight shoelace knots
  • Flexible material stretches and moves with you
  • Available in various stylish colors
  • Perfect fit for any type of shoe or foot shape


  • Not durable enough

2. DELELE Non-Slip Heavy Duty Shoe Laces

Experience the finest of laces with DELELE Non-Slip Heavy Duty Shoe Laces. Perfect for any outdoor activities, these laces provide extra strength and hold up to rigorous daily use. These strong yet lightweight laces can withstand any activity and are easily adjustable. Made from durable round nylon climbing rope, they’re built to last. They even stay tied no matter how hard you push yourself! Plus, with two pairs (four laces) included in each order, you get double the value.

With their unique non-slip and heavy-duty construction, these laces are designed for optimal comfort, style, and durability! They are cut using machine precision, and each lace has a length of approximately 5-6mm to ensure a perfect fit with the 2 to 3 cm error range; you can be sure they’ll stay in place no matter what life throws your way. Not only are they strong enough to keep up with any activity, but they look great, too – choose from a range of stylish colors to match any outfit or mood!

The innovative, non-slip round shoelaces are designed to provide a secure fit without needing constant tying. With more than 30 kinds of colors available and many lengths, you can customize your look just the way you want it. Better yet, these laces have a wave concave-convex shape design that won’t come undone during activities like running or other strenuous sports, so they’re especially well-suited for adventurers who don’t want to worry about their shoelace slipping while they’re out on the trail or scaling a cliff face.


  • Perfect for any outdoor activities
  • Non-slip, heavy-duty construction
  • Cut using machine precision
  • Strong yet lightweight
  • Includes two pairs (four laces) per order


  • May get loose over time

3. Anan520 Elastic No Tie Shoe Lace

You are introducing the Anan520 Elastic No Tie Shoe Lace – the fast and easy way to convert lace-up shoes into slips. Never worry about your laces coming undone again! Just slip on your shoes, tighten the screw lock, tie the knot, and you’re ready to go! With this revolutionary new product, your daily routine will be drastically improved, shaving off time in the morning, so there’s more time for those extra little things. Never once have you had laces so convenient and user-friendly.

A must-have for all who cherish their time alone – in a world of a rush we always need to find ways to save time, and these laces are precisely what anyone needs. Completely adjustable and KNAF-approved standard ensures quality above all else. The unique memory-fit material allows for a snug fit that supports any type of shoe or foot shape. In addition, these laces use elasticity to adjust themselves according to each wearer’s foot size, ensuring superior comfort and convenience.

With these laces, you can quickly slip on and off your shoes without worrying about tying them up each time – so it’s perfect for people with an active lifestyle or anyone who wants to take advantage of this high-quality accessory. These elastic laces will keep your shoe snug on your feet, no matter how much movement you do. So forget about the hassle of tying up laces every time – now you can save time and energy! Made from high-quality elastic material and featuring unique locking stoppers, Anan520 laces guarantee a secure fit on any shoe.


  • Easy to install and use
  • Adjustable fit
  • KNAF-approved standard
  • Great for those with an active lifestyle
  • Memory-fit material ensures a snug fit
  • Locking stoppers guarantee secure fit on any type of shoe. 


  • Elastic is not supportive enough

4. Xpand No Tie Shoelaces System with Elastic Laces

Forget about laces coming undone and tripping you up on your way out the door! Introducing the Xpand No Tie Shoelace System with Elastic Laces. This revolutionary product allows you to give up tying knots forever and shows you what true convenience really looks like. Easily install your Xpand Lacing System with the tension of your choice and slip it on/off without any hassle, day after day. Wave goodbye to struggling to double knot laces or searching for a bit of twine in an emergency—with the Xpand No Tie Shoelace System, you’ll never have to worry about messy, untied laces again.

The Xpand No Tie Shoelaces System is perfect for all ages and abilities. Whether you’re running a marathon or racing against the clock to get out in the mornings, these laces provide maximum comfort – no more worrying about tying your shoes in the morning or mid-run! Perfect for kids who are always on the go, seniors who have trouble bending down to tie their laces, and athletes who need extra comfort during vigorous activities, this system is great for everyone! With these laces, you’ll never experience an uncomfortable moment while tying your shoes.

The elastic laces are designed to adjust automatically with your feet, giving you unparalleled comfort and security with every single step. In addition, the patented Lace Anchor locks will firm up the laces, so you don’t have to adjust them after installation – these anchors were specially created to keep an ideal tension no matter how much you move throughout your day. So show off your style in an instant and treat yourself to easier mornings with Xpand No Tie Shoelace System!


  • No need to tie knots ever again
  • Easily slip on/off shoes
  • Ideal for all ages and abilities
  • Automatically adjusts with your feet
  • Patented Lace Anchor locks for easy installation
  • Maximum comfort and security throughout the day


  • It can be narrow for wide feet

5. HICKIES Tie-Free Laces

Introduce effortless style to your everyday look with HICKIES Tie-Free Laces Each pack of no-tie shoelaces comes with 14 straps, enough for one pair of shoes so that you’re always in control of how tight or lose your fit is. With HICKIES Tie-Free Laces, you get the convenience of a strapless style and the flexibility to adjust it to find the perfect fit. So whether you’re running around on your daily errands or going for a hike, HICKIES Tie-Free shoelaces will keep your shoes fitting no matter what you’re doing.

This innovative design of laces is a perfect no-tie solution for both adults and kids.

With superb performance, you have to slip in your feet, tighten the laces, and you’re good to go! The elastic laces are sweat-proof and fit most shoes, making them perfect for sneakers – so it doesn’t matter if you’re an athletic junkie or just someone who loves a bit of comfort. In addition, because it comes with elastic straps, you don’t need to worry about retying your laces during activities like high-impact sports.

The elastic shoelaces come in various sizes and styles and make a comfortable fit for all types of shoes—from board shoes to sneakers to sandals. They’re also perfect for anyone with difficulty lacing or tying their shoes. Install HICKIES laces once and forget about them forever! Truly the only accessories you will need – now easy slipping on your shoes is at your fingertips. With HICKIES Elastic strap system, you can eliminate the need ever to touch dirty shoelaces again. 


  • No-tie design for convenience
  • Adjustable straps for fitting
  • Sweat-proof material for maximum comfort
  • Fits most shoes; perfect for sneakers
  • Ideal for adults and kids
  • A good solution for those with difficulty lacing or tying their shoes.


  • Not durable enough

Few Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Shoelaces That Stay Tied

Material of the Shoelaces 
Is an Important Factor

1. Lace Material: The material of the shoelaces is an important factor to consider when looking for long-lasting laces. Look for more durable materials, such as nylon or polyester. These robust materials last longer and won’t break down easily. Ask a store employee if the material isn’t specified on the packaging.

2. Lace Type: Different types of laces offer different levels of durability and strength. Flat laces are usually the most durable since they don’t fray as easily. Round laces tend to be thinner and less durable but can offer more stretch. Consider which type of lace is best for your needs, depending on the shoe and activity you’re doing.

3. Lace Thickness: Thicker laces are usually stronger and longer-lasting because they don’t fray or break as easily. However, thicker laces can also be undesirable if you find them too bulky or uncomfortable. Consider your preferences and the type of shoe you’re wearing to determine which thickness is best for you.

4. Lace Length: The length of the laces is also important. If you have shoes with more eyelets, you may need longer laces to fit through them comfortably. Laces that are too short can be difficult to tie, while laces that are too long may drag on the ground. Finding the right shoe length is best, so you don’t have to deal with any of these issues.

The Length of the 
Laces is Also Important

5. Lace Slip-resistance: Look for laces that are designed to be slip-resistant, so they don’t come undone easily. This can help you avoid having to retie your shoes constantly. Also, look for laces with a textured grip or silicone coating for extra resistance.

By considering the above factors, you can find the best shoelaces that stay tied for you. Look at different options and ask store employees for help if needed. Then, with the right laces, you can feel comfortable knowing they won’t come undone!

What Kind of Shoelaces Stay Tied in the Best?

When it comes to finding the best shoelaces that stay tied, you’ll want to look for ones with good quality material and construction. The two most common materials are cotton and synthetic fibers.

Cotton laces are more durable than synthetic ones and will hold up longer against wear and tear. In addition, they are often more tightly constructed and have a heavier, thicker feel than synthetic laces. The downside is that they can fray easily and won’t stretch as much as synthetic fibers.

Cotton laces are more durable

Synthetic shoelaces are generally made of polyester or nylon and generally come in thinner sizes. They often don’t break when stressed like cotton laces and may be more comfortable in shoes with a snug fit. The downside is that they won’t last as long and can be difficult to lace up securely.

How Do You Tie Laces to Keep Them Untying?

Tying shoelaces that stay tied is a skill that many people take for granted, but it can be tricky to master. There are several methods to tying laces, so they don’t come undone throughout the day.

The first step in keeping shoe laces tied is finding the right knot. The most popular knot is the simple overhand knot. This is achieved by looping the lace around your finger and then pulling it through the hole to create a “bow” shape.

Tying Shoelaces That 
Stay Tied is a Skill

You can also use a shoelace knot, similar to an overhand knot but with two loops instead of one. Once you’ve created the right knot, please tug at it to ensure it’s secure before you finish tying the laces. Another way to tie your shoelaces, so they don’t come undone is to use a double knot. To do this, tie an overhand knot and then wrap the ends of the lace around each other one more time and pull tight.

Do Waxed Laces Stay Tied Better?

When it comes to shoelaces that stay tied, many people wonder whether waxed laces are better than their non-waxed counterparts. While waxed laces offer a few advantages when it comes to staying tied for longer periods, the answer is not as clear-cut as you might think. If the laces are of poor quality, the wax will not make them stay tied any better than non-waxed laces.

To get the best results when using waxed laces, you should use high-quality shoe laces like nylon or polyester rather than cotton, as these materials don’t fray as easily and offer more stability when tied. The wax coating also helps the laces from twirling or slipping out of place and generally contributes to a more secure knot.

Final Words

Tying your shoes may not be rocket science, but finding the best shoelaces that stay tied can feel like it. With all of the different options on the market, it’s hard to know where to start – but luckily, we’ve done the work for you. We’ve compiled a list of our five picks for best shoelaces that stay tied, based on quality, durability, and price.

And our top recommendation is Stretchlace Flat Stretch Shoelaces. These shoelaces are made with elastic material that stretches as you move, making them both comfortable and practical. They also come in a variety of colors to match any style. So if you’re looking for the best shoelaces, look no further than Stretchlace Flat Stretch Shoelaces.