How to Find Shoes From a Picture

Last updated on June 12th, 2021

At present, fake shoes are everywhere, and it is literally hard to identify a correct shoe. All your investment to get your dream shoe will go in vain in case if you fall victim to fake brands. If you are also a shoe lover like me, this thing will not let you sleep. So, I am here to tell you some simple steps with which you will be able to find shoes from a picture and identify whether it is fake or not. Let’s dive in!

How to Find Shoes From a Picture

How to Find Shoes From a Picture

1. First of all, select a particular image from the web and then drag and drop that image into the search box of google images.

2. If you go on google image, you will notice a camera icon. Click on that icon and then upload an image

3. Simply copy and paste the URL of that image (if you have)

4. If the image is on your browser, right-click on that and select the option search for this image on the web.

Google Image Search

To identify the correct shoe, you have to first focus on the color. Most often, the fake shoes can’t provide the right color consistency compared to the original brands. So, it will be your great weapon to distinguish between the fake and the original. If you are shopping online, it can be a bit hard to determine the colors. So, zoom the picture and analyze them slowly. Take your time to identify the reality behind the shoe. Check for the detailing. As an example, Nike shoes have a finely finished bottom and then put on the last. Besides, its genuine soles are neat and clean. Therefore, you will not notice any glue that has climbed up to the upper.

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