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How to Fix a Cracked Toenail and Acrylic Nail at Home

Paying special attention to your manicure and pedicure is a whole new level of loving yourself. After all, is said and done, and you’ve gotten your nails beautifully fixed, it’s a shame when they crack or chip off. Either a party is close or not, cracked nails are unsightly, painful, and can even attract infection.

How can you fix a cracked toenail and acrylic nail at home? You can use nail glue methods to fix your cracked toenail. In combination with a few materials that you can easily purchase, your nails will be back together nice and easy.

Methods to Fix Cracked Toenail at Home

These methods are 100% DIY. That means you don’t have to go back to the salon to achieve any of them.

The materials you’ll need are easy to get from the fashion section of stores around you. With proper care and following the steps, you’ll fix your toenails perfectly.

Fix Cracked Toenail without Using Nail Glue: 2 Methods

Some people prefer not to use glue in fixing their cracked nails. If this is your choice too, take a look at the two methods we described below. They don’t require nail glue at all.

1. Use a Nail Hardener

To use this method, you will need a nail hardener or clear nail polish, face wipes, or clean, soft cloth.

Step 1. Using a face wipe, clean your nails up carefully. Ensure that you take extra care when you reach the cracked area. Don’t allow cloth or wipes to get entangled with the cracked nail so that it does not make the issue worse.

Step 2. Gently lay the cracked nail flat to align with the rest of the nail. If it’s painful, make sure you don’t go beyond what you can bear.

Step 3. Apply the nail hardener or clear nail polish over the cracked nail. Allow it to dry.

Step 4. When the first batch of nail hardener has dried on your nail, apply more. Keep applying as needed to ensure a very well hardened crack.

Step 5. Your cracked toenail is now back in shape. Clean off all excess nail hardener and the go-ahead to file and paint your nails as you desire.

2. Use a Lightless Gel

Lightless gels also work well in fixing cracked nails. You will need a lightless gel, activation spray, nail polish, face wipes, or clean, soft cloth.

Step 1. Wipe off dust and dirt from your nail using the face wipes. Any soft piece of cloth will also do the work.

Ensure that there is are dirts trapped underneath your cracked nail before you fix it back up.

Step 2. Gently apply the lightless gel on the nail. Spread it evenly on the cracked part.

Step 3. Spray some activation cure over the nail. Spray as much as needed but not too much.

Step 4. Start the process all over and apply the gel again. Spray enough activation cure again.

Step 5. Once you feel your nail is set, clean off excess materials from your toes and polish your nail.

The ball is now in your court to paint your toenail in any way you desire.

Fix Cracked Toenails Using Nail Glue: 3 Methods

If you aren’t averse to using nail glue, some methods can work perfectly well for you.

1. Wrap in Silk

Using silk is one of the best methods if you’ll be gluing up your cracked nail. You will need to buy some silk slips from fashion stores around you.

Also, get rubbing alcohol, nail powder, nail file, nail polish, and far wipes.

Step 1. Disinfect your nails thoroughly and make sure that there are no germs on it. Being a toenail it’s easy to gather dirt when you walk around, especially if you walk barefooted around the house.

Step 2. Place the silk strip over the cracked or broken toenail.

Step 3. Apply some nail glue over the silk strip and allow it to set.

Step 4. Dip the nail in nail powder once. Dust off the excess powder and then dip in again.

Step 5. Dust off the powder again and again until you’re sure the nail is in place.

Step 6. Wipe off all powder from your feet for the final time. Polish your nails and paint it.

2. Tea Bag Method

This is one of the most common methods for fixing broken or cracked toenails. Here are the steps you need to follow to use the tea bag method.

You will need a teabag, face wipes or a soft piece of cloth, nail glue, and nail polish.

Step 1. Clean your nails carefully using your face wipes. You’ll need to have dirt-free nails to ensure that the breakage does not attract infection.

Step 2. Carefully cut the tea bag to the right length and width. Make sure it’s just right to cover the cracked or broken area.

Step 3. Apply some nail glue on the crack. Put enough.

Step 4. Place the cut teabag over it and allow it to stick with the glue. Give it some time to dry up.

Step 5. Inspect it and make sure the tea bag is not sticking out excessively from any angle. Polish up your nail however you want it to make it blend with the others.

3. Use an Acrylic Nail

Placing an acrylic nail over your cracked or broken toenail is the fastest way to deal with the problem. You can buy acrylic nails from the store and follow these steps.

Step 1. Disinfect your nails as usual.

Step 2. Apply glue over your nail.

Step 3. Place and press the acrylic nail over your nail. Allow it to set.

Step 4. Clean the excesses. Polish up your nail and paint.

These methods have been widely adopted by people to fix their broken or cracked toenail. Any of them will surely work for you too.

Why do Nails Get Broken or Cracked?

Nails get cracked for any of the following reasons.

  1. Constant Wetness: If your feet are constantly wet, your toenails may come off too soon.
  1. Hitting Your Nail on Something Hard: If you bump into something hard, like a wall, your toenail may take a hit and crack.
  1. Harsh Chemicals: Detergents, harsh soaps, and chemicals can also cause this.
  1. Internal Factors: Although this is rare, it happens sometimes that a nutrient deficiency might cause your nails to crack easily.

How to Fix a Small Crack in Toenail

If you have only a small crack in your toenail, try the following.

1. Polish up the nail.

Since nail polish can help to harden the crack, this will work pretty well. Polish it as many times as you need to.

2. File the nail for evenness

If the crack is really small, just file your nail and make it all even again.

How to Prevent Cracked Toenail

Prevent cracks in your toenails by doing the following:-

  • Avoid harsh chemicals coming near your nails and skin.
  • Apply silk wrap to your pedicure.
  • Don’t shape your nails into points.
  • Buff your nails along the line of growth not against it.
  • Apply nail hardener after you have done your pedicure.
  • You can take biotin supplements for better growth and strengthening of nails.
  • Constantly practice good nail hygiene.

Restore Your Shine!

Cracked toenails and acrylic nails don’t exactly paint a good picture. Whether you’re out at a party or indoors, it’s important to look and feel good.

These simple methods work quickly in restoring your cracked nail. In case you still have trouble with your nails after trying everything, please see your dermatologist.