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How to Identify Adidas Shoe Model

The Adidas logo is one of the most recognizable logos in the world. How many times have you seen a person wearing an Adidas shoe, or spotted a pair on sale? It seems like there is always an Adidas store nearby to purchase a new pair. How do you know which model it is, though? This blog post will teach you how to identify Adidas shoe model from different categories.

How to Identify Adidas Shoe Model

10 Key Factors to Identify Adidas Shoe Model

1. Serial Number:

A serial number is often located on the back of a shoe to be seen while in use. The serial numbers are grouped into “series” based on when they were produced and typically contain three letters followed by seven digits, such as S2304090213.

2. Trademark Symbols: 

Adidas uses registered trademark symbols to prevent its products from being copied. The symbol is a small three-pronged design located on the upper part of the tongue and looks like this: “Adidas double stripe.”

3. Laces Style: 

Different laces styles have been used on Adidas products. The most common style is the flat lace, which has a simple design and comes in different colors, with white being the most prevalent. Lace ends can be tucked into each other, at an angle, or in a straight line.

4. Lace Holes:

How many lace hole types are there? The most common of these is the “eyelet” style with small eyelets on either side and then two pairs of larger ones at each end for lacing up.

Lace Holes

5. The Adidas logo:

The Adidas company’s trademarked three-stripes logo is on both sides of most shoes. How many colors are typically in an Adidas shoe logo? There will be either one, two, or three stripes, with each stripe being a different color.

6. Color:

The color of the Adidas shoe is also a good identifier. The most common three colors are white, black, and red. There are several other shades, including blue, green, and pink, which have been more obscure until recently.

7. Price: 

The price of the shoe is another indication that can help you identify an Adidas model. The cheapest shoes are usually models such as the Top Ten, Gazelle, or T-Mac, which retail for around $25 to $30 and have three stripe branding on one side. There are also more expensive signature lines like Kanye West’s Yeezy Boost 350, which retail for $200 to $350.

8. Manufacturer: 

The Adidas company manufactures all of its products. This is another way to identify a shoe if you know the manufacturer. For instance, Jordan brand shoes are manufactured by Nike and should not be confused with an Adidas product even though there may be some similarities in design or color scheme.

9. Product Line:

Another indication that can help you find out the exact shoe model is first to identify the product line. Adidas also manufactures work boots, casual shoes, and kid’s sneakers, so it’s important to know what you’re looking for before making a purchase or ordering online.

10. Stitch: 

The Adidas company uses a different stitch for each shoe. They have had the same signature pattern of three rows and five stitches since they were founded in 1924. If you know what type of shoes to look at, it is much easier to identify them by looking at the stitching on their soles or uppers.

7 Tips to Identify Fake Adidas Shoes

1) Check the Heel:

Fake Adidas shoes are usually made with a different type of material than authentic versions, and it’s easier to spot on the heel because they don’t use as many layers.

 Check the Heel

2) Lift the Insole:

If there is an “Adidas” imprinted on one side (either molded or embossed), the shoe is authentic.

3) Check for a “Made in” Label:

These labels are usually located on the inside of the tongue and near to where it attaches to the top part of the shoe, but not always in that order. If there’s no country listed or if you see one with Vietnam instead of Germany, this is a fake.

4) Check the Adidas Logo:

The three stripes should be evenly spaced (not too close together or far apart) and have the same width throughout their length, with no missing sections in between them. If there are any inconsistencies, then it’s not an authentic shoe.

5) Look for Quality Workmanship:

There will always be some stitching on an Adidas shoe, but it should be even and well done. If the stitches are uneven or there’s a noticeable difference in how tightly they were pulled, this is not authentic.

6) The Color of the Logo:

It should always match up with the rest of the material, like leather, for example (check to ensure that the logo is on the same side as the leather).

7) The Shape: 

A lot of Adidas shoes are made to be more narrow around the toes, so it’s easy to tell if they’re authentic or not. Look at how round and even the toe box area around your toes should look, with no folds or creases.

Frequently Asked Questions: How to Identify Adidas Shoe Model

Where Is the Serial Number on Adidas Shoes?

The serial number is located on the inside of each shoe and can be found at the end of a tag. The first two digits identified when it was manufactured. For example, 89 means that this shoe was made in 1989. And the last four-digit represent which factory they were produced at and are unique to them only (ex: 002920).

Where Is the Serial Number on Adidas Shoes

The middle two digits represent the day it was manufactured (ex: 86 means that this shoe was made on December 31, 1986). The last six digits are a representation for quality control and are unique to each factory only. For example, 066890 would mean that the shoe passed quality control on the 66th day of 1990. The serial number can be found on any Adidas shoe, including shoes with three stripes or an Adidas logo.


The Adidas brand is one of the most recognizable brands in the world. However, it can be hard to identify a specific model if you don’t know how they are coded or if there isn’t an identifying logo on the shoe. So this blog post will show you how to identify adidas shoe model instantly and tell what type of Adidas shoe it is!