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How to Soften the Back of New Shoes

Getting new shoes can be so exciting, but they’re often stiff and uncomfortable at the back. It’s not always easy to break them in properly, either. If you want your new shoes to be nice and comfortable from the start, there are a few ways that you can do this! In this guide, we will cover some tips & tricks on how to soften the back of new shoes using some household items.

How to Soften the Back of New Shoes

Tips on How to Soften the Back of New Shoes Use Insoles in Your Shoes

If you’re not wearing socks with your new shoes, this might be a great way to soften the back of them up. If you are wearing socks, make sure they’re thin enough so that there’s still room for insoles in the shoe.

Use Rubbing Alcohol

Pour some rubbing alcohol into an old sock and tie it tightly around your shoe. If you want to, place a dryer sheet in the sock as well for an extra scent!

Use Rubbing Alcohol

Use the Heel of Your Foot

If you have a shoehorn at home, use it to gently and slowly push your heel into the back of your new shoes. If not, try using two fingers on each hand to pinch the back of the shoe with moderate pressure for about five seconds before releasing. Repeat this process until you feel like your foot is more comfortable in them!

Use Ice Cubes

Fill up an ice tray with water and place one or two cubes inside of a plastic baggie for later use. Wrap both feet around an individual cube so that they are nice and cold when placed against any part that’s hurting while wearing shoes. This should help take away some discomfort from those areas.

Put Your Shoes Between Two Blankets

All you need is two thin blankets and your shoes – it doesn’t get much easier than that! Fold the thinner blanket over your toes first then tuck one of the thicker ones around them on each side so that they’re snugly tucked underneath. Put something heavy like books or magazines on top of this second blanket before finally putting your new shoes onto these two layers. Leave them overnight- we promise they’ll feel better tomorrow morning!

Use Cushioned Socks

Don’t even wear shoes without socks, but if you do be sure to use thick cushioning on the back of your feet. It’ll help take some pressure off from that area and will feel more comfortable overall as well!

Use Moisturizing Cream

After wearing new shoes for a day or two, rub moisturizing cream into any sore areas with your hands before going to bed at night. This should greatly reduce morning pain when putting them on again in the morning.

Use Vinegar

Add a couple of teaspoons of vinegar to a small spray bottle filled with water, shake it up, then spritz the back of your new shoes as often as you like. The acidity in the vinegar will help break down some of the glue and make them more comfortable over time.

Use Vinegar

Use Kerosene

If you’re feeling brave enough, put a small amount of kerosene on the back of your shoes and rub it in. There should be an immediate decrease in pain or discomfort after doing this as well!

Baby Oil

Put some baby oil on the back of the new shoes, then sit down with them for about 15 minutes. They should gradually stretch out to be more comfortable.

Use a Flat Iron

If you have an old flat iron lying around the house, put it on low heat and run them back of your shoes for about 15 minutes or so with just water in them. Even if they don’t become fully soft after that, the heat will help break down some of the glue and make them more comfortable over time.

Use Shoe Strecher Spray

Some people find that shoe stretcher spray makes the old shoes more comfortable. You can get these sprays in drugstores and online, or you could also make your own by just mixing rubbing alcohol with water then spraying it onto the back of new shoes for 20 minutes before wearing them.

Use Cotton Balls and Water

This is a really cheap way to soften new shoes, but you need to be careful about it as cotton absorbs moisture so once your shoes begin absorbing water, you’ll have wet feet from walking on them all day! You can soak some old white cotton balls in water then put that inside of your shoes overnight or for at least 12 hours.

Frequently Asked Question

How Can You Soften a Brand-new Shoe?

You can soften a brand-new shoe by using a few home remedies or store-bought products. You can use a shoe deodorizer, foot powder or liquid, and baking soda to soften the shoes.
If you want something ready-made, there are products that will do this for you as well like Shoe Goo’s Foot Powder which is used in many athletic events because of its effectiveness at absorbing sweat through the soles of the shoe.

How Can You Soften a Brand-new Shoe

What Are Some Tips on How to Wear New Shoes Before the Back of Them Gets Scuffed Up?

One trick that people use is brushing their shoelaces against a soft bristle brush (such as one used for styling hair) before wearing the brand-new pair out into public. The bristles will help remove any scuffs while also removing excess wax or polish residue so they don’t get dirty too soon after purchasing! Remember to put baby powder on both sides of the shoelace before clipping it together again if you wish to do this trick.

How Do You Soften Hard Shoes?

First, clean the shoes with soap and water. Then add a couple of drops of olive oil to shoe soaks in warm water for about an hour. Repeat this process over time, covering the back as well as the front part of your new pair. Let them dry overnight before wearing them again!
If your shoes are made of leather, then use a butter knife and gently scrape away some of that hard wax from the back as well as in between the laces. This will help soften up those new pairs!

How Do You Soften Hard Shoes


If you find yourself in the situation of breaking your new shoes in, try these tips to soften the back. You can also use a few creative ways, such as rubbing Vaseline or baby oil on them and wearing wool socks for an hour before putting on your newly broken-in boots. It might take time, but this way, they won’t be so stiff!

We hope the tips in this blog post were helpful in teaching you how to soften the back of new shoes. Let us know if there is anything else we can help with.