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Are Cowboy Boots Comfortable or is it Bad for Your Back

Cowboy Boots inevitably remind you of America’s famed Wild West, but beyond that, they are great leather boots that are very stylish and fashionable. Of course, whether they are actually comfortable is another story entirely, as this depends on your preference.

Generally, it’s not very easy to find things in life that combine the best of all worlds; stylish clothes are not always comfortable, great-tasting deep-fried meals are not very healthy, etc. But with cowboy boots, is there an exception?

Are cowboy boots comfortable or is it bad for your back? Cowboy boots are comfortable for your back. You just have to pick the right style and size for yourself. As fashion continues to evolve, cowboy shoes are also being made in different styles and designs. Some may suit you perfectly while some may not.

Are Cowboy Boots Good for Your Feet?

In a short answer, yes. Cowboy boots are excellent options for footwear, should you get the right style for yourself and also the right fit.

We’ll discuss the styles now, then proceed to explain how to get your fit right. There are about five types of styles of cowboy boots and they are most comfortable for men and women. Just read the complete review of each pair of boots till the end because half the incomplete information is always dangerous.

  • Classic Western Boots
  • Ropers
  • Western Work Boots
  • Stockman Boots
  • Buckaroo Boots

1. Classic Western Boots

Classic Western Boots

These boots were originally made to ride horses, and this is the primary reason for their angled heels. The heels, usually measuring between 1.5-2 inches, were designed to keep the wearer’s foot from sliding through their stirrups. (Stirrups are horse riding tools that help to support the rider’s feet). Classic western boots have no laces, and they have a shaft that measures about 12 inches.

2. Ropers

Roper Boots

This style of cowboy boots has lower heels than their classic western counterparts, making them much more suited to everyday use. The heels are also squared off, and the boots have a rounded toe box.  The shaft of the boots rise above the ankles a bit.

3. Western Work Boots

Western Work Boots

The heels of these boots are less than 2 inches and as such, they are also quite suited to everyday use. The soles of these boots are usually made with high abrasion rubber that helps with traction, and this is invaluable for people who wear these boots to work in slippery conditions.

The shaft of the boots usually rises to the calf, and the toe box is usually rounded, though there are also designs of western work boots that have squared toe boxes.

4. Stockman Boots

Stockman Boots

Stockman boots are a hybrid between the classic western boots and the western rubber boots, giving you the best of both worlds, even if you have no intention of riding a horse anytime soon.

Like western work boots, they have rubber heels and a shorter heel. But the usually artfully designed shaft ensures that stockman boots are not just work boots, they are work boots with a definitive style peculiar to them.

5. Buckaroo Boots

Buckaroo Boots

The shaft of buckaroo boots is one of the flashiest shafts you’ll ever find on boots, as it usually features very intricately designed stitching. The shafts are also usually very long, about 14 inches in length and they also have heels that usually go well over 2 inches long.

Going through these styles, the first step to finding boots that you’d love is to decide which one suits you the most. If you are picking boots for everyday use, then we’d recommend you go with Stockman boots, Western Workboots, and Ropers. These are the best shoes for comfort, style, and functionality when it comes to everyday work.

On the other hand, if your aim in buying cowboy boots is to ride horses, then you’d be better served to go with the Classic Western boots. If you’re a showman, then the Buckaroo boots are your best, and flashiest bet.

General Checks for Fit in Cowboy Boots

If the instep is too loose, then don’t bother with the boot. Leather loosens with time, so for a boot with an already loose instep, there is no hope that the boots will eventually fit. For the heel of your boots, ensure there is movement there. If not, the boots are too short for your feet, and this will in turn cause your toes to move too far forward into the toe box.

The aim of the toe box is to provide ample room for your toes, but your toes mustn’t take up all the room, as that would be very uncomfortable for you when walking. Heel movement of about half an inch is fine, as the leather material will mold around your feet as time goes on, and you won’t have heel movement anymore as a result of the boots becoming a perfect fit.

The arches of your boots are most likely made with a steel shank, and this is what gives support and comfort.

The natural breakpoint for cowboy boots is the area where the upper bends, so ensure these are correct in your boots. No use with a boot that won’t bend when your foot does.

Are Cowboy Boots Bad for Your Back?

In our opinion, no. If you pick out the right style and fit for your cowboy boots, you would be wearing really comfortable footwear, and cowboy boots are not slackers when it comes to providing adequate support, as they are designed with use on rough terrains in mind. The arches of the boots are designed with a steel shank there to give stability, further preventing any damage to your feet or back.

As long as you pick the right cowboy boots, you won’t have any problems. It’s the same for shoes, after all. Pick bad shoes, and you get foot pain and back problems.

Conclusion & Final Thoughts

Cowboy boots are special footwear; they give you instant style once you wear them, not to mention comfort and stability. Depending on what your needs are, you have options of styles of cowboy boots to pick from, and with the right choice, your feet are going to feel like they are in the embrace of a dear friend.

Your back isn’t left out, as the boots are very comfortable, and with the aid of the steel shank in the sole, help to provide stability and comfort.


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