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What is the Average Shoe Size for Men By Height: In US, UK

Is there any correlation between height and shoe size? You bet there is! Height is one of the factors that affect what a man’s shoe size will be. And although it’s not the only variable in the equation, it’s a very big factor.

What is the Average Shoe Size for Men By Height? The average shoe size for men is between 9 and 12, for men that are of height between 5 feet 9 inches (5′ 9″) and 6 feet 2 inches (6′ 2″). This average can be used for men all over the world, although when you focus on a particular country such as the US or UK, the numbers may change slightly.

Shoe Size and Height Correlation Chart for Men

Height and shoe sizes are directly related. Usually, the taller a man is, the higher his shoe size will be. Height is not the only thing that determines shoe sizes. There are other factors that are explained below.

Age: As a man grows older, the size of his foot increases. A younger man will definitely have a lesser size in shoes than an older man. Some men’s feet continue to grow throughout the years.

So you can expect that when a man is forty, his shoe size will be different from when his age was twenty.

Weight Gain: Gaining weight is also another factor that must be duly considered. Weight gain makes the feet expand and splay forward in order to take on the increase in pressure, especially at the width.

The size that used to fit may no longer do when a man has gained a significant amount of pounds. This is also another factor apart from a man’s height.

Foot Conditions: Foot conditions such as bunions will also cause a shift in the size of shoes a man will wear. What condition the foot is in will affect his shoe size inevitably. Hammer toes also come to mind here.

Activity: The shoe size of a person is also affected by the kind of activity he engages in every day. A sportsman will have his shoe size affected by the fact that he’s always training or competing in a game.

This will be different for a sedentary worker who spends most of his day behind a desk. Even if two men are the same age and height their activity may affect their shoe size.

Nutrition: Nutrition is also a factor that can affect shoe size. Proteins help to build the body rapidly and that includes the feet.

Genetics: The make-up of a man is different from that of another man, and so, shoe sizes are affected by different factors in every man. Beyond some of these factors that we have listed, genetics may overshadow them all.

Since height is not the only factor that affects your shoe size as a man, it’s important to keep these other factors in mind. But as far as height is concerned, here’s a chart that shows the correlation between height and shoe size for men.

Shoe Sizes Chart by Height for Men

We have not made a shoe size to height calculator, but we have made a shoe size chart for you in which you can measure how much a man’s average shoe size should be.

Shoe Sizes Chart Average Height

Height of Man  Shoe Size
Less than 5’5″ 7 to 9
5’6″ to 5’9″ 9.5 to 10.5
5’10” to 6’2″ 11 to 12.5
6’3″ and Above 13 to 20+

From the chart above, you’ll notice that the higher the height, the higher the shoe size. This is a general principle, and you can apply it to yourself too.

If you record your height and shoe size this year, you’ll notice a change by two years’ time, especially if your height changes.

Relationship between Height and Foot Length

Foot length and height are related across different locations in the world.

Although there hasn’t been any exact formula to measure this for all men, we can’t deny that there’s a correlation. The difference is due mostly to genetics. The fact that we don’t know all the factors that affect a man’s stature makes it hard to accurately predict all the time.

The left foot usually gives a better prediction of a man’s height or stature than the right foot does. This is an observation that has proven true over the years.

Usually, the percentage of your height to the foot is 15%. This important measurement has been used several in Forensics to solve a crime.

There’s a relationship between the height and length of your foot, but know that there are many other factors that can dictate your foot length other than your height.

Average Shoe Size for Men in the US (United States)

The average Shoe size for men in the US is 10.5. This is accompanied by average width of D. Sure, some men require wide and extra wide shoe widths but these are the averages. Also, men of about twenty years in the US have a height of 5 feet and 9 inches.

Average Shoe Size for Men in the UK (United Kingdom)

The UK average Shoe size is slightly different from what is in the US. The average Shoe size in the UK is 9. Studies show that two years ago, this size was lower (an 8).

Speculations to explain this increase center around obesity. Some others say that the most recent change in the diet of the British is the reason for this change.

Average Shoe Size Worldwide (Other Countries)

Worldwide, the shoe size is between 9 and 12.

*Note that shoe sizes are best measured at the end of the day when your feet have swollen from the day’s pressure and activities.

What Feet Size Should I Have for My Height?

Using the chart table that we have placed above, you will see the shoe size for your average height. Note however that even if you don’t fall into the category you’re ‘supposed’ to, it doesn’t mean something is wrong with you.

Conclusion & Final Thoughts

While it’s a smart thing to find out if there’s any correlation between your height and shoe size, you need to know that all shoe sizes are normal.

Your peculiar qualities make you different from another person and you must embrace that. Enjoy picking out shoes that truly fit, because those are the only kinds of shoes to enjoy wearing.