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10 Best Running Shoes for Older Runners in 2021

Today we are going to talk about the best running shoes for the old runners who play the best role for the older adults while running.

Older men and woman who are fond of running tend to forget that they have to take care of themselves as well as their feet and for this, they should wear high-quality running shoes, especially for older runners and seniors to protect their joints from the pain that often results from wearing normal shoes.

Running is an activity that is loved by people of all ages. But because of how intensive it is, seniors have to ensure that they are able to carry out this exercise properly. A key aspect of this depends on the shoes you use as an older adult.

How to Decide on What Shoes are Best for Older Runners

Explained briefly below are the most crucial factors and attributes you should insist on your shoes having any time you want to purchase shoes for an older adult (this also works if you’re an older runner who wants to buy the shoes yourself).

Shock Absorption: Tissues and joints in the body suffer considerable loss in strength and elasticity as a result of the aging process, and there needs to be a way of compensating for that to the greatest degree possible.

This is something that shoe manufacturers noticed and as such, they developed various shock attenuation technologies under several patented names, all with one purpose; shock absorption. A number of those technologies are blown rubber, foam, etc.

Stability: Shoes that have great stability will do wonders for older runners as they usually have issues with balance when running and need to take it slowly.

Shoes Cushioning Ability: Cushioning is one of the most essential features that every older runner needs during this old age. If seniors wear a good cushion, it will give the toe a rest from the heel and will not require much support and motion control.

Lightweight Designs: It is counterproductive to get a heavy shoe for an older runner. This is because older runners already have weak legs, and as such need all the help they can get when it comes to running.

In view of this, the best running shoes for seniors should be lightweight and feel like a second skin.

Traction and Solid Grip: Slipping is a particularly dangerous occurrence for seniors as it can result in all manner of health challenges, not limited to hip injuries, etc.

As a result, it is imperative that the running shoes of older runners have solid traction and are slip-resistant.

Review of the Best Running Shoes for Seniors and Older Runners

Keeping in mind all the things, we have selected 10 such shoes which are perfect for Older Runners and senior people, so here we are reviewing all of them with their pros and cons.

We have reviewed these shoes while looking at your pocket as well, it is not that these shoes are expensive and will not come in your budget, rather you will take good care of your feet and pockets by wearing these running shoes in the long term. So let’s get started:-

1. ASICS Gel-Venture 6 Running Shoes

The ASICS Rearfoot Gel Technology cushioning helps to absorb the shock on impact and helpful for the older runners.

The sock liner in the Gel-Venture 6 is removable, allowing for a customized fit and insertion of your own orthotics.

The shoes have lugs in the tough high abrasion rubber outsole and this helps immeasurably with the traction and the prospects of uphill or downhill runs have never been better as an older runner.

  • The shoes are very durable.
  • The shoes design allows for great support and stability.
  • The shoe might be a little narrow

Durability: The shoe is highly durable due to the ASICS High Abrasion Rubber sole.

Fit as Expected: 89%

2. Saucony Cohesion 10 Running Shoes

The footwear features several flex grooves that enable the runner to have extra stability and flexibility. This also helps the runner’s balance during the old age.

The shoe’s midsole also has EVA midsole that helps with cushioning and shock absorption.

The shoe’s uppers are also quite breathable and the insoles are removable.

  • The shoes have good shock absorption capabilities and they also help with stability.
  • The shoes are quite lightweight
  • The shoe maybe does not provide enough arch support as it ought to.

Durability: The shoe is really durable, with the EVA midsole cushioning contributing to this.

Fit as Expected: 89%

3. ASICS Gel-Nimbus 19

This shoe has adaptive cushioning, thanks to the FlyteFoam in its midsole. The shoe also has great responsiveness as a result of FlyteFoam technology.

The ASICS Gel-Nimbus 19 also features the AHAR technology and this helps the wearer’s traction and helps with the shoe’s durability.

The shoe’s upper is also made with breathable mesh that prevents irritation during use and helps contribute to the comfort of wearing the shoe.

  • The shoe has very good cushioning.
  • The shoe is very lightweight.
  • The shoe sometimes runs narrow.

Durability: The shoe is a durable one because of the combination of AHAR technology and DuraSponge technology.

Fit as Expected: 68%

4. Nike Air Monarch IV

The outsole of this shoe is a solid rubber sole that helps with traction and it is very beneficial for the older people.

It is one of the best running shoes for older men, and the following features prove this; a stylish leather upper, a design is flexible and lightweight, a padded tongue that aids the comfort of wearing the shoe and a midsole that also add to the overall comfort of wearing the shoe.

The design of the shoes is a throwback to the ’90s and only comes in neutral colors.

  • The shoe is a very good choice for older people who have wide feet.
  • The shoe is very comfortable to wear.

Durability: The shoe’s durability is fair, although could be better with the use of tougher materials for the outsole.

Fit as Expected: 85%

5. Keen Men’s Oakbridge Shoe

This shoe is a lightweight shoe made from a synthetic and lightweight mesh upper that improves the breathability of the shoe.

The shoe is also waterproof, featuring the Keen Dry waterproof membrane technology.

The shoe is easy to put on and pull off, thanks to the pull tabs on the tongue and heel of the shoe.

The footwear also comes with a well-padded collar and as such, this shoe is a really comfortable choice for the best running shoes for seniors.

  • The toe box is roomy and does not scrunch up your toes.
  • The shoes require little or no breaking in time, often coming out a comfortable fit right out of the box.
  • The shoe is not slip-resistant.

Durability: The shoe has a fairly good level of durability, which is impacted negatively by customer complaints of the shoe falling apart after a few months of use.

Fit as Expected: 82%

6. New Balance M1540-V2

The top feature of this shoe is its motion control. It is also a shoe that supports flat feet and helps with overpronation.

The shoe’s collar is well padded and has dual-density, offering a comfortable fit. The shoe’s upper is very breathable and an older adult using these shoes will have no issues with ventilation.

As with New Balance shoes, the shoe features the TPU Rollbar technology that helps give the wearer great stability.

  • This shoe provides good arch support.
  • The toe box of the shoe is really roomy.
  • The shoe is a bit on the pricey side.
  • The shoe does not come in a lot of colors.

Durability: The durability of the shoe is very good, mainly because the shoe’s outsole is made with the New Balance NDurance rubber.

Fit as Expected: 87%

7. Sketchers Afterburn Lace-Up Sneakers

This shoe is one of the best running shoes for older runners, and for good reason.

It effortlessly combines style and comfort, as it comes in quite the variety of colors, whilst also sporting the Sketchers trademark memory foam that is synonymous with comfort.

The shoe is also made with leather and synthetic materials, making it more durable.

  • The arc support of the shoe is excellent.
  • The removable insoles might be a bit inconvenient for some wearers
  • The shoe is not slip-resistant.

Durability: The combination of leather materials and synthetic ones help make the shoe really tough and durable for active wearers.

Fit as Expected: 86%

8. New Balance 990v4

The New Balance 990v4 are footwear designed with stability in mind. The shoe’s outsole is also very tough, making them of the best running shoes for older men.

They have a thick midsole that protects your feet excellently well, and they have unparalleled versatility due to their design.

The shoes are very breathable because of the leather materials used to construct the upper.

  • The shoes have a very high level of durability and balance built into them.
  • The shoe is very good for older runners with wide feet.
  • The shoe’s design is bulky and inflexible.

Durability: The shoe has a good level of durability, thanks to the very solid outsole that doesn’t wear off easily.

Fit as Expected: 88%

9. Mizuno Wave Rider 22

The foremost feature of these shoes is the wave plate of the shoe.

It is actually a flex controller that helps in controlling the flexibility of the shoe and in also reducing the shoe’s weight.

This wave plate helps protect the midsole of the shoe from wear and tear, ensuring the shoe lasts long.

This shoe is also a flair shoe, with the shoe coming in several shapes and colors. The shoe is very responsive and has a flex groove in the forefoot.

  • The shoe fits quite well.
  • The shoe’s sole offers a very good level of traction that is excellent for both wet and dry surfaces.
  • The shoe’s logo area is a bit tight and can cause blisters for some users.

Durability: The shoe has good levels of durability because of the wave plate built to protect the midsole of the shoe.

Fit as Expected: 88%

10. Nike Flex Experience Run 8

This shoe is a breathable, lightweight shoe that easily ranks as one of the best running shoes for older runners.

The shoe typically has a narrow design for a perfect fit, and it also has a double density phylon foam to help enhance cushioning and the shoe’s responsiveness.

The shoe’s outsole has some incredible additions that help to maintain good traction, flexibility and comfort.

Some of the additions are hexagonal Lungs and Tri-Star Patterns.

  • The shoe is really stylish and has excellent cushioning.
  • The shoe’s lacing system can be better.

Durability: The midsole has double density phylon foam that helps with the durability.

Fit as Expected: 83%

Is Running Good and Safe for Seniors?

Basically, yes. As an elderly person, if you are fit enough to run, then running is very safe for you and likely to keep you younger.

In fact, regular running every week helps reduce the chances of having health issues related to age when it comes to your motion.

Do I Have to Use these Special Running Shoes?

These Running shoes are designed differently to help make your running experience safer and better, so whenever you want to run, then don’t wear any type of shoes for running.

Especially senior people should keep in mind that at such an old age, they should run with full caution, otherwise they may have to face the problem of pain.

So it is advised that you don’t use just any shoes for your running. You’ll be safer with these quality shoes designed for older men to run in.

Conclusion & Final Thoughts

The above shoe review is written to be a guide to use when you want to get your next running shoes, either as an older runner or for an older runner.

Shopping for the best running shoes for older adults doesn’t have to be complicated, and with this guide, it will be easy for you.