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Best Insoles for Baseball Cleats

If you’re looking for an easy and effective way to upgrade your baseball game, then investing in a quality set of insoles for your cleats may be the answer. From improving comfort and performance on the field to providing better shock absorption for those tough dives or slides, investing in the right insoles can make all the difference in taking your game up a notch.

So whether you’re just playing some pickup games with friends or competing professionally under bright stadium lights, upgrading your cleats with high-performance insoles will give you an edge over everyone else! Read on as we review some of our favorite options available on best insoles for baseball cleats and how they can help take your game beyond expectations.

Best Insoles for Baseball Cleats

Our Top 5 Picks for Best Insoles for Baseball Cleats 

1. CURREX CleatPRO Dynamic Suppor Insole

Experience enhanced stability and comfort for your sports performance with the CURREX CleatPRO Dynamic Support Insole! Designed with a 3D arch, this custom replacement insole has anatomic support and dynamic stability for a fit that won’t disappoint you. So say goodbye to poor cleat fit and painful feet after hours of play – the CURREX CleatPRO ensures your cleats work as hard as you do. Plus, it fits any brand or model of the cleat, so no matter what your favorite is, you can count on superior protection and performance every time.

With an incredible anti-slip grip and heel stabilizer, you can experience ultimate control in your cleats without sacrificing performance. The superior grip will have you feeling secure and confident, allowing you to take your game to the next level. Plus, you don’t have to worry about buying extra expensive grip socks; CleatPRO Dynamic Support Insoles can achieve the same comfortable fit at no extra cost. Throw these insoles into your cleats for a wrap and lock that ensures maximum stability with every move you make.

Whether you are a professional soccer player or an avid hiker, CURREX CleatPRO insoles will help you move at your peak performance level! The mid layer stimulates moisture wicking and offers a charcoal layer to reduce odor – perfect for those intense days on the field or out in nature. In addition, the PORON Heel gives you the shock absorption you need, so no matter the surface, your feet never have to worry about impact-related injuries. Plus, PROPO+ technology built into each insole provides unprecedented speed push and rapid acceleration over any terrain.


  • 3D anatomic arch
  • Fits any cleat brand or model
  • Anti-slip grip and heel stabilizer
  • Superior grip with no extra cost than socks
  • Charcoal layer to reduce odor
  • PORON Heel provides shock absorption protection


  • The padding isn’t durable enough

2. TruMedic Athletic Running Insoles

Keep your feet ready for any activity with the support and comfort of TruMedic Athletic Running Insoles. With their innovative design, they’ll ensure that each stride feels effortless while providing additional support as you drive yourself to reach new heights in your fitness goals. And what’s great is that these insoles are designed for both men and women so no matter who you are, you can benefit from this terrific product!

Great for activities like working out, hiking, biking, or fitness classes, these rugged insoles feature a high-performance EVA foam and shock-absorbing heel pad that will help you keep going without taking a break. And when it comes to maintaining an active lifestyle, having the right kind of support (with TruMedic Athletic Running Insoles) can make all the difference. Whether you’re going for a hike or shooting hoops, these athletic insoles provide the cushioning and support you need to stay comfortable and go farther.

The memory foam sole insoles offer superior comfort and added support with four unique performance zones. Around your heel, you’ll find a soft shock-absorbing pad that helps alleviate tightness and discomfort, while a special energy return forefoot padding gives you the extra push of power you need to reach new milestones in your workout. So put TruMedic athletic running insoles to the test and experience unbeatable fit, fantastic cushioning, and enhanced support whenever you set foot on the track or trail


  • Designed for both men and women
  • High-performance EVA foam and a shock-absorbing heel pad
  • Memory foam insoles offer superior comfort
  • Four unique performance zones
  • A soft shock-absorbing pad helps alleviate tightness and discomfort
  • Energy return forefoot padding provides an extra push of the power


  • Hard soles can make wearing uncomfortable

3. Masterfit Shoe Inserts EZFit QF Universal Insoles

Masterfit Shoe Inserts EZFit QF Universal Insoles have been designed to provide you with an unbeatable combination of support, comfort, and convenience. With the help of Auto-Adapt technology, these inserts automatically adjust to fit the shape of your arch for a personalized experience. In addition, their Poron Cushion Heel Platforms are engineered to absorb impacts and stresses where it matters most – in your heels and forefoot – ensuring maximum comfort while you go about your day.

The Ergonomic Support Shell delivers a custom fit as you walk, run, or do any physical activity so you can be sure that your feet are well-supported and secure. Plus, the high-grade construction offers excellent shock absorption, so you get a bounce back with every step. So whether you’re walking miles on end or standing up for long stretches, this insole is essential for optimal performance. Moreover, they are especially suited to various shoe sizes, fitting running shoes and sneakers perfectly every time, so you never have to worry about an uncomfortable or ill-fitted experience again!

The low-volume version is ideal for adjusting smaller-sized items like crampons and safety shoes. It also provides low to medium arch support, which helps alleviate stress in your feet while on strenuous activities. The regular volume version is specifically designed with thicker and removable insoles in mind, such as most active sneakers. In addition, it provides medium to high arch support, so you’ll stay comfortable all day long. With both versions of the EZFit, you’ll have ultimate control over the support and comfort of your feet!


  • Auto-Adapt technology automatically adjusts to fit the shape of your arch
  • Poron Cushion Heel Platforms absorb impacts and stresses
  • Ergonomic Support Shell ensures a custom fit as you walk or run
  • High-grade construction offers excellent shock absorption
  • It fits running shoes and sneakers perfectly
  • Low to medium (low-volume) or medium-high arch support


  • Not enough support

4. Easy Feet Premium Anti-Fatigue Shoe Insoles

The Easy Feet Premium Anti-Fatigue Shoe Insoles are designed for maximum arch and heel support, allowing you to stay on your feet longer with newfound stability and vigor. These insoles provide advanced cushioning in the metatarsal, forefoot, and heel areas. Put an end to foot fatigue without having to sacrifice comfort! Level up your standing experience while at work or home with these premium anti-fatigue shoe insoles. These orthotic arches provide firm arch and heel support that help to maintain stability while active into the night hours! 

Whether you’re suffering from plantar fasciitis, flat feet, or just some everyday aches and pains, these insoles have you covered! The perfect-fit insoles decrease arch and heel pain while providing exceptional comfort and shock absorption. Plus, they bring foot pressure relief to keep your feet in the right position and offer joint relaxation that targets knee/shin/ankle/back/hip pain relief.

With Easy Feet Premium Anti-Fatigue Shoe Insoles, you can incorporate the ideal blend of function and comfort into your busy lifestyle. Take control of your day-to-day activities with these revolutionary shoe inserts that are designed to distribute weight evenly throughout the foot and align your posture. So whether you stand all day at work or run around doing errands, this product offers the perfect amount of cushioning and support to keep you on your feet without restriction!

Not only will they improve the overall look of your posture, but they can also contribute to avoiding a wide array of spinal and foot-related ailments.


  • Advanced cushioning in metatarsal, forefoot, and heel areas
  • Provides firm arch and heel support
  • Decreases arch and heel pain
  • Offers exceptional comfort and shock absorption
  • Distributes weight evenly throughout the foot
  • Aligns your posture to avoid spinal or foot-related ailments.


  • Not enough cushioning

5. Easy Feet Sport Athletic Shoe Insoles

With Easy Feet Premium Anti-Fatigue Shoe Insoles, even the highest-intensity sports will feel like a breeze. These insoles provide flexible arch support and optimal motion control to ensure you can keep up without worrying about tiring feet. High-grade shock absorption with gel forefoot and heel pads is included for added cushioning. Furthermore, there is a foam layer for maximum comfort from heel to toe and a breathable cover for top-notch foot comfort.

These revolutionary insoles reduce stress on your feet, knees, and lower back while also decreasing the risk of commonly occurring injuries like a runner’s knee, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, and stress fracture. The springy TPU arch supports your foot, while the PU foam layer provides equal load distribution. Plus, they even minimize slippage that can cause blisters, so you can go further than ever.

These revolutionary insoles use both the gel and orxinilite foam to provide maximum cushioning and breathability for an unparalleled sports experience. The gel in the forefoot helps relieve stress on lower body joints, giving you more energy so that you can keep going all day long. That’s not all – these insoles also feature a moisture-wicking treatment to help manage temperature and prevent odor from building up inside your shoes. With Easy Feet insoles, you’ll be able to perform at your peak, whether running or playing sports!


  • Flexible arch support & optimal motion control
  • High-grade shock absorption
  • Gel forefoot and heel pads for cushioning
  • Foam layer for maximum comfort from heel to toe
  • Velvety breathable cover
  • The soft foam layer allows air circulation


  • Not good support

What to Look for When Buying the Best Insoles for Baseball Cleats?

When looking for the best insoles for baseball cleats, there are several factors you should consider. Here we’ve given some helpful tips to keep in mind when looking for the perfect pair:

1. Comfort:

Comfort is Always Key 
When Finding an Insert

Comfort is always key when finding an insert that fits your foot and cleat properly. Make sure you try on different pairs of insoles for a better fit and feel. If your foot slides around, you won’t be able to perform at your best. Instead, look for insoles with a cushioned foam layer that conforms to the shape of your foot and provides extra cushioning and comfort.

2. Support:

Support is essential when it comes to playing baseball. You want an insole that offers good arch and heel support to prevent injuries like plantar fasciitis. Look for insoles with a firm and heel support, a flexible TPU arch, a lightweight PU foam layer, and a moisture-wicking treatment.

3. Durability:

You want an insole that can withstand the wear and tear of baseball cleats. Make sure you select insoles made from high-quality materials to stand up to running and playing sports rigors. Look for insoles with a durable covering, breathable fabrics, and shock-absorbing layers that provide long-lasting comfort.

4. Cushioning:

Cushioning is important to ensure you feel comfortable wearing your cleats all day. Look for insoles with a combination of extra cushioning and support, such as gel pads in the forefoot and heel, for maximum shock absorption. A foam layer helps distribute weight evenly throughout the foot so that no one part of your foot will be overworked or injured.

Ultimately, the best insoles for baseball cleats are those that provide comfort, support and cushioning while also standing up to the rigors of running and playing sports. Keep these tips in mind when shopping for insoles to give you an all-day performance edge!

Cushioning is Important to 
Ensure You Feel Comfortable

Can You Put Insoles in Baseball Cleats?

Insoles for baseball cleats can be a great way to stay comfortable and safe when on the field. Insoles cushion your feet, help with arch support, reduce friction and provide shock absorption, all of which can protect players from injury. Insoles are also important for providing optimal traction on varied surfaces during a game.

Players need to ensure that any insoles they get fit well and concede easily within their cleats. Insoles should be changed frequently as the cushioning wears down over time, just like regular running shoes. Suppose you’re looking for some extra support when playing ball considers giving insoles for baseball cleats a try! You can turn any pair of baseball cleats into a comfy and custom-fit performance powerhouse.

What Benefits Do You Get Putting Insoles in Baseball Cleats?

Insoles for baseball cleats are essential equipment that all players should consider adding to their footwear. Insoles provide cushioning and stability, allowing athletes to make quick direction changes confidently. In addition, insoles absorb impact shock, reducing fatigue on the feet and legs throughout practice, games, and tournaments. They also help with ventilation, keeping feet dry throughout the game.

Insoles can also help protect feet from both turf, astroturf, and hard ground surfaces while playing baseball. Other benefits include increased performance, improved balance, more comfort, better posture, and alignment of joints during movement—greatly enhancing a player’s overall game. In addition, insoles for baseball cleats provide athletes with all the necessary support needed to have safe, successful, and productive games.

Benefits Include Increased Performance

What is the Difference Between Inserts and Insoles?

Insoles and inserts are often used interchangeably, yet they are actually quite different. Insoles are the removable interior cushion found inside most footwear, such as shoes or boots. Insoles provide a layer of shock absorption and comfort to the wearer. Insoles can be replaced as needed or purchased separately according to your needs.

On the other hand, inserts are much thicker and firmer than insoles, normally with additional arch support. They are generally found in specialized athletic shoes, such as baseball cleats, where their extra cushioning helps to protect from impacts on excessively hard or uneven surfaces. This makes them ideal for sports like baseball, where quick direction changes can occur on frequently unpredictable ground. Insoles for baseball cleats should have sufficient arch support and cushioning to ensure maximum protection during gameplay.

Should Have Sufficient Arch Support


If you spend a lot of time on your feet – or even if you don’t – you know how important it is to have comfortable shoes. And if you play baseball, comfortable cleats are an absolute must. No one wants to be running the bases with blisters on their feet! So in this blog post, we’ve shared some of our favorite insoles for baseball cleats that will help keep your feet comfortable all game long.

Our top pick for best insoles for baseball cleats is Easy Feet Premium Anti-Fatigue Shoe Insoles – they’re durable, affordable, and provide great cushioning and support. These are a perfect choice if you’re looking for insoles that will give you an extra boost while you run the bases. Do you have a favorite pair of insoles for your baseball cleats? Let us know in the comments below!