Best Kobe Shoes for Volleyball

Last updated on February 9th, 2022

Kobe Bryant is one of the legends of NBA and basketball history who inspired many players in the world. His talent and skills are what people crave to have. To increase his talent in basketball, he decided to come together with Nike to create a Kobe shoe line that provided the best shoes regarding basketball. But these shoes could be an excellent choice for someone who is a volleyball player as well. that is why we are here to recommend you the best Kobe shoes for volleyball.

Best Kobe Shoes for Volleyball

The kobe line from Nike has offered a great variety of shoes for the time being. The collection included many memorable options for Kobe fans throughout the year. All the shoes have some distinctive features that scream the name of Kobe. Even if you do not play basketball but a fan of Kobe, you might want to give these shoes a try.

So, it is great news for the volleyball players that these shoes are a suitable choice to wear during volleyball play. There are some features, which will allow you to get the best benefit of the shoes in your game. That is why we are recommending you the top five Kobe shoes for volleyball that you can wear anytime you want.

Best Kobe Shoes for Volleyball

NameNike Men’s Kobe Mamba Fury Basketball ShoesNike Men’s Kobe Mamba Focus Basketball ShoeNike Kobe A.D. OregonNike Mens Kobe A.D Cool Grey/White-Black NylonNIKE Men’s Kobe X Elite Low Xmas, Xmas-Black/Metallic
ImageNike Men's Kobe Mamba Fury Basketball Shoes, Black/Smoke Grey-White, 8Nike Men's Kobe Mamba Focus Basketball Shoe (8 M US, White/Black/Gum Light...Nike Kobe A.D. Oregon 922026-001 (12)Nike Mens Kobe A.D Cool Grey/White-Black Nylon Size 10.5NIKE Men's Kobe X Elite Low Xmas, Xmas-Black/Metallic Gold-Bright Crimson, 8 M...
Material Typetextured and rubberMeshMeshmesh uppermolded rubber
SoleRubber soleRubber soleRubber soleRubber soleRubber sole
Weight2.05 Pounds1.65 Pounds2.05 Pounds3 Pounds2.3 Pounds
Dimensions13.43 x 8.74 x 4.88 inches;12.99 x 9.06 x 4.33 inches13.15 x 8.31 x 4.45 inches13 x 9 x 4 inches13.4 x 9 x 4.7 inches
Check PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

After taking into proper consideration, we choose the below five shoes as the best shoes of Kobe that will also suit volleyball.

Nike Men’s Kobe Mamba Fury Basketball Shoes

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Nike Men's Kobe Mamba Fury Basketball Shoes, Black/Smoke Grey-White, 8

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The first Kobe shoe that we are going to recommend you for your upcoming volleyball match is the Nike Men’s Kobe Mamba Fury Basketball Shoes.

When you first lay your eyes on the shoes, the very first thing that you will notice the sleek design and the low-profile silhouette of the shoes. With a mixture of Nike’s pride synthetic and mesh combination material, these shoes are here to provide you with the constant durability and stability that you crave for. The low-profile silhouette gives you more accessible mobility. It lets you control your movement with the adjustable flow of your agility and keep the traction intact with the rubber soles of the shoes. The minimum construction on the upper portion of the shoes is also due to agility.

These shoes will also ensure comfort for your feet, as the Nike Zoom Air cushioning is there to prove the point. The cushioning is correct at the ball of the foot, which will give your responsive support and help you absorb the shock from all the impact of your volleyball playing. Another important matter for an athlete is the security of the shoes, which you can ensure with the lace feet that you can web through the loops. The lacing system is there to allow you to have an adjustable fit of tightness according to your liking. There is an extended rubber on the side of the shoes that are going to help you maintain stability.


  • Low-profile shoes for free mobility
  • Has minimal construction
  • Nike Zoom Air cushioning
  • Responsive support and shock absorbance enhancement
  • Lace system through webbing for adjustable
  • Extended rubber for stability


  • A bit narrow

Nike Men’s Kobe Mamba Focus Basketball Shoe

The next shoe from our recommendation is the Nike Men’s Kobe Mamba Focus Basketball Shoe, which is known to be the alter ego of Kobe Bryant. Snake’s metamorphosis inspires these shoes as the transition effect, so you will be able to get Kobe’s iconic movement with them.

There are so many amazing things about these shoes that we cannot tell you enough about. The shoes are made with all the characteristics of a mamba. The snake’s eyes inspire the TPU eyelet. They have rubber soles with a tread pattern of mamba-inspired, providing you with the best traction you are looking for to get the fast and controlled movement you deserve. Even the upper material of the shoes is embossed to keep your controlled, and stable movement elevated.

The shoes are designed low-top, which is going to provide support and aid to your free movement of the ankle. There is an Air Zoom cushion unit inside the shoes to provide you comfort and a good landing. The shoes are not only there to give you traction but will promise you excellent durability as well. They have moulded swoosh-shaped framework and heel cage to protect your feet and give your feet the best benefit of the shoes. The shoes are also very lightweight so you can move freely. They are available in several different colours to choose your preferred one.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Snake eye-inspired TPU eyelets
  • Mamba inspired tread patterns
  • Provides great traction
  • Air Zoom cushioning
  • Enough support for the ankle and heel


  • Some said the leather material is not what they desired

Nike Kobe A.D. Oregon 922026-001

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Nike Kobe A.D. Oregon 922026-001 (12)

Last update was on: August 1, 2022 5:46 pm

Next on our list is another Kobe Bryant-inspired shoe from Nike that will surely satisfy you with all the things it has to offer for your volleyball matches. This time we have the Nike Kobe A.D. Oregon 922026-001, which is a great bright yellow shoe to comfort your feet and give you the ability to win all the matches.

With the first look, the thing you will notice is the bright yellow colour. The reason behind the colour is that the University of Oregon’s colorway inspires it. The colorway is all black and yellow, which is incorporated in these shoes. You will find the yellow colour on the linings, on the side of the soles, and even the Nike logo is yellow with everything else in black. The shoes are made with mesh and synthetic material to give you the utmost comfort with durability.

The mesh upper of the shoes is going to offer you the best deal of breathability. When you are playing volleyball, your feet are bound to get sweat. But these shoes’ upper mesh will allow enough airflow inside your shoes so that your feet can stay fresh. There are Zoom Air Unit and Lunarlon foam inside the shes, which is going to create great responsiveness and comfort for your feet. The outsole has various tread patterns integrated into it, which is going to create the best traction to give you controlled and stable movement. Also, the outsole is made with rubber, which is going to provide grip and more traction.


  • Has to mesh upper
  • Give proper breathability
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Zoom Air Unit and Lunarlon Foam cushioning
  • Low-profile with perfect responsiveness
  • Rubber outsole with tread pattern for grip and traction


  • They are a lot more expensive

Nike Men’s Kobe A.D Cool Grey/White-Black Nylon

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As you are looking for Kobe shoes, you will not miss out on the Nike Men’s Kobe A.D Cool Grey/White-Black Nylon shoes, which he wore when he went to retirement in 2018. These farewell shoes are iconic with all the technology and hidden gem it has upon its sleeve to offer to everyone.

These shoes are what we called lightweight, providing the best agility for legendary attacks. The Kobe line’s latest shoes also have the mamba mentality that pushes the players through their limit. The shoes are made with a multi-layered mesh that is the reason behind the lightweight of the shoes. The thin feeling of the mesh is going to give you a strong and supportive movement. And just like all the mesh on other shoes, they will also create breathability with enough airflow inside the shoes to keep your feet fresh and dry.

Another great thing about Kobe shoes is that they have just the right amount of cushioning you need to comfort your feet and create responsiveness. There is Lunarlon foam combined with Zoom Air cushioning for softer and more responsive cushioning for comfort in the court. The outer sole, which is made out of rubber, is engineered with tread patterns that are going to provide you with the ultimate traction to give you the best cut with swift movements. Not only that, Kobe Bryant wanted there to be some hidden support on the shoes, and that is the reason why they added Flywire on the shoes for extra strength and a synthetic top layer for durability.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Has hidden flywire for added strength
  • Lunarlon foam combined with Nike Zoom air
  • Comfortable and responsive
  • Rubber soles for proper traction
  • Strong and supportive


  • Some reviews are not satisfied with the bottom tread pattern

Nike Kobe X Elite Low Xmas 802560-076 Black/Gold/Crimson Men’s Basketball Shoes

The final shoes from our list of the best Kove shoes for volleyball is the NIKE Kobe X Elite Low Xmas 802560-076 Black/Gold/Crimson Men’s Basketball Shoes. This shoe was a special release for Christmas in 2015, and it has so many details to offer you.

These shoes came in a golden packaging with five branded hang-tags as a special release during Christmas. There are many other things these shoes integrated with, which will make you want to purchase them if you are a fan of Kobe Bryant. When you first look at the shoes, there are various details you will notice, but the one thing that will catch your eyes is the use of vibrant colours splashes as if they are here to celebrate a joyful occasion, which is, in fact, Christmas. The upper portion of the shoes has black and bright crimson fly knit with a metallic gold swoosh to make them look the coolest.

Not only that, the shoes have five rings on the heel, which is to celebrate Kobe Bryant’s five NBA titles. That is also the reason behind the funky look of the celebration on the shoes. These shoes are not only for the look, but the playability of the shoes is just like all the other Kobe shoes from Nike. They have the right amount of traction, softness, comfort, and durability to give you the best feeling of wearing this line of shoes.


  • Has five rings on the heel
  • Split black and bright crimson fly knit
  • Supportive Enough and responsive
  • Comfortable and durable


  • You need to break them in to fit you properly

What Are The Key Considerations While Choosing The Right Volleyball Kobe Shoes

There is a various reason that one athlete might shoes the Nike Kobe Bryant shoe lines. Although when you first hear about Kobe shoes, you might think that only basketball players should wear them. But the shoe design and characteristics are suitable for many other sports, including volleyball. Now that you have seen the shoes, you should understand why you need to consider the Kobe shoes for your volleyball playing. Few features are the reason why these shoes are suitable. The reasons are-

Choosing the Right Volleyball Kobe Shoes

Proper Cushioning

The Kobe shoes have the right amount of cushioning to support your feet during your volleyball match. When playing volleyball, you will need the support of cushioning to comfort your feet and give you the proper responsiveness. The cushioning in Kobe shoes is excellent because they are high-quality and used in the right amount.


All the Kobe shoes are made with lightweight material to support your feet and give you the best experience of wearing. The lightweight material comes from the use of mesh on the shoes, which is another reason for them to be comfortable.

Proper Traction

Another great reason is the appropriate amount of traction on the shoes. All the shoes have distinctive pattern tread on the soles that are going to provide good traction for smoother and controlled movements.

Frequently Ask The Question

Are Kobe Shoes Good for Volleyball?

They are an excellent choice when it comes to volleyball. Volleyball will require you to wear soft, comfortable, supportive, and lightweight shoes, which are all the features available in Kobe shoes.

Are Kobe Shoes Good for Volleyball

What Type of Shoe is Best for Volleyball?

Volleyball shoes usually have some distinctive features to offer to the players. The right shoes for volleyball will have the proper amount of cushioning and lightweight material to support the players with proper movements.

Is It Okay to Wear Basketball Shoes for Volleyball?

Well, wearing basketball shoes may not be the best choice for volleyball, but if you are wearing the Kobe shoes from Nike, they might be a good choice. As the Kobe shoes have the right features for volleyball, they might suit you.

What Shoes Do Professional Volleyball Players Wear?

Most of the professional volleyball players wear shoes made explicitly for volleyball playing. Among the shoes, Adidas and ASICS are mostly named.

How Do You Jump Higher in Volleyball?

To jump higher in volleyball, you have to build more explosive power and learn all the little tricks to help you.

What Exercise Helps You Jump Higher?

One of the best exercises for increase your jumping ability is using a jump rope.


That was all for the best Kobe shoes for volleyball. We hope that all the information and recommendation we have provided regarding the Kobe shoes and volleyball will come in handy for you. Purchasing sports shoes is always difficult, but once you know what you are looking for, everything will come clear, and you find the easy way out. We hope the shoes you choose will allow you to have the best time in your volleyball career.

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