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Best Replacement Laces for Hey Dudes

Hey Dude shoes are popular for both their comfortable fit and stylish look. But over time, even the most solid shoe laces can wear down and become frayed. While some people make it a point to replace the original laces with colorful upcycled ones, many of us don’t know where to start or what type of replacement should get picked.

This post will discuss everything you need to know about finding the best replacement laces for Hey Dudes! From brands that manufacture good quality shoelaces to tips on how to measure the length correctly – by the end of this blog post, you’ll be ready to purchase yourself a fresh pair that looks fantastic and works perfectly in your favorite sneakers.

Best Replacement Laces for Hey Dudes

Our Top 5 Picks for Best Replacement Laces for Hey Dudes

1. Iron Lace Unbreakable Round Bootlaces

Introducing IRON LACE Unbreakable Round Bootlaces, the most lasting and strongest bootlace on the market. These laces are individually crafted from 100% advanced para-aramid fiber, which is 10x stronger than steel. Their impressive 1500-pound breaking strength per pair guarantees that you won’t have to worry about them ever breaking when pulled tight, no matter what size your boots are.

With such an impressive level of durability and strength, IRON LACE Unbreakable Round Bootlaces are ideal for any outdoor adventure that demands hard conditions and rugged terrain. In addition, these bootlaces are field-tested in the most abusive environments, making them a great choice for those who don’t want to replace their laces constantly.

They have an impressive 20x longer lifespan than Kevlar laces, and they are damaged, cut, abrasion, wear, chemical, UV, and corrosion resistant. With IRON LACE Unbreakable Round Bootlaces, you can enjoy the confidence of knowing that your boots will stay securely laced all day long and provide maximum stability for any activity!

IRONLACE bootlaces protect your feet from heat up to 630 degrees Fahrenheit/332 Celsius while staying strong and looking great! With superior strength, durability, and top-notch performance, these laces will stand up to whatever you throw. So whether you’re a firefighter, welder, or just enjoying an adventurous lifestyle, these are the laces for you. Enjoy secure yet stylish laces with maximum strength!


  • UV, chemical, abrasion, and corrosion resistance
  • Unbreakable strength with a breaking strength of 1500 pounds per pair
  • 20x longer lifespan than Kevlar laces
  • Damaged, cut, and wear resistant
  • Ideal for any outdoor adventure that demands hard conditions 


  • Not strong enough

2. Hickies Tie-Free Elastic Shoelaces

Take advantage of worry-free convenience when you choose HICKIES tie-free shoelaces! Whether running errands or going on an outdoor adventure – enjoy the freedom of having your shoes stay put all day long. HICKIES elastic shoelaces instantly transform any pair of shoes into a slip-on. In addition, the innovative design easily adapts to various shoe sizes and styles, giving you custom comfort for every ride.

Customizing the tightness also allows for better arch support and motion control. They’re easy to install and require no tools or special skills; replace your existing laces with our unique tie-less elastic ones and adjust as desired. Customizing the tightness also allows for better arch support and motion control. They’re easy to install and require no tools or special skills; replace your existing laces with these unique tie-less elastic ones and adjust as desired. 

With a fully customizable strap-by-strap fit, these elastic shoelace straps have been specially designed to provide maximum comfort, support, and stability without compromising style. Each pack of our tie-less elastic shoelaces comes with 14 straps, enough for one pair of shoes, so you can enjoy walking, running, and other activities, knowing that your feet are secure and well-supported.

These elastic laces are also available in various colors to match any taste or style, making them ideal for fashion-conscious people who prefer comfort and convenience regarding their footwear. So get ready to enjoy an instant update to your current shoe wardrobe while feeling secure as ever, thanks to HICKIES Tie-Free Elastic Shoelaces!


  • No tools or special skills are required for installation
  • Customizable strap-by-strap fit for maximum comfort and support
  • Available in various colors to match any taste or style
  • Easily adapts to different shoes sizes and styles
  • It provides better arch support and motion control
  • Instant transformation of traditional laced shoes into slip-on


  • Can make your shoes too tight

Endoto Shoelaces Strings Replacement Laces for Hey Dude Shoes

If you’re looking for an easy way to spruce up your Hey Dude shoes, then look no further than the Endoto shoelaces! Our strings are the perfect replacement laces for all Hey Dude shoes. These laces are designed specifically to fit without compromising comfort or style. Replacing your old laces is an easy way to transform the look of your shoes, and with Endoto’s laces, the quality won’t suffer.

When choosing a replacement string, it’s important to consider the original length of your current shoelaces, so our product fits perfectly. Endoto even offers long-lasting stretch material functional laces that keep your feet feeling secure and comfortable as you stride through life.

With their two pieces, four lace locks, and four materials, these laces will make your shoes look like new. Installation is easy – no tools or cutting are needed! So get ready to enjoy your brand-new Hey Dude shoe look without all the fuss and hassle. Each pack of Endoto Shoelace Strings Replacement Laces contains enough strings for one pair of shoes.

No more frustratingly untying knots; just pull, lock, and play! These easy-to-use elastic Shoelaces Strings provide you with the perfect solution to ridding high tops or dress shoes of clumsy, traditional strings. Endoto helps you keep your shoes looking sharp without all the time and effort, allowing you to transition quickly from work to play (or vice versa). Upgrade your wardrobe with these stylish shoelace options for yourself or those closest to you.


  • Easy to install
  • No tools or cutting required
  • Long-lasting stretch material functional laces for maximum comfort
  • Keep your shoes looking sharp and stylish
  • Made for Hey dude shoes.


  • Too long laces

4. The Original Stretchlace Elastic Shoe Laces 

The Original Stretchlace Shoe Laces are an easy and convenient way to convert any lace-up shoes into a slip-on. These elastic laces promise comfort and convenience without tying knots or replacing worn-out strings. So now you can show up looking your best with no fuss or hassle. Designed for all types of sneakers, The Original Stretchlace eliminates shoelace anchors and locks, allowing you to slip into your shoes as soon as you step in.

You can customize the fit of your shoes by making them tighter or looser according to your preference. The elasticity of these laces also means that your feet won’t be restricted, so you can easily enjoy a snug yet comfortable fit. In addition, the Original Stretch lace is not only for the fashion-conscious sneaker wearer; these laces are ideal for older adults suffering from arthritis and people with physical handicaps.

The stretchy yet snug fit works with your movements, so you can proudly explore the great outdoors without worrying about laces getting in your way. Hiking enthusiasts, nature lovers, runners, jumpers – no matter what activities you do – you’ll love the convenience that The Original Stretchlace provides. Plus, with an ultra-flexible material designed for maximum comfort, these elastic laces will help keep your feet comfortable all day long. 

Perfect for everyone, especially those with limited mobility or age-related impairments, these laces absorb much of the pressure caused by traditional lacing methods so you can have all-day comfort. Not only is this a great way to add flair to your special shoes, but these elastic laces help relieve the discomfort from tight traditional laces. People with mobility impairments and the elderly particularly benefit from this feature as they often experience sensitive points in their feet due to pressure from regular laces. So get ready to experience ultimate comfort with The Original Stretchlace Elastic Shoe Laces!


  • Easy to install and use
  • Flexible, customized fit
  • Comfortable for all-day wear
  • Perfect for people with limited mobility or age-related impairments
  • Great for outdoor activities such as hiking and running
  • Absorbs pressure from traditional lacing methods


  • Not long-lasting enough

5. Kiwi Sneaker No-Tie Shoe Laces

Introducing the KIWI Sneaker No-Tie Shoe Laces – your essential accessory to save you time and create adjustable, customizable comfort. With the one-touch elastic system, you can easily slip on and off your sneakers all day long; no more laces to tie or untie! Plus, this adjustable lacing system makes it easy to customize your fit to have optimal comfort and support while remaining on-trend. And because the laces come in sizes for adults, teens, and young kids alike, everyone can experience the joys of effortless shoeing.

This revolutionary invention is designed to replace traditional laces. Developed using comfortable elastic material, they provide a snug fit and ensure your shoes stay securely on your feet without coming undone. The convenience of turning any shoe into a slip-on without compromising security or style. Everyone from young children learning how to tie laces to busy professionals, athletes, and more can benefit from KIWI No-Tie Shoe Laces!

Forget about retightening laces during an intense game, constantly re-knot them for playdates and office meetings, or getting impatient waiting for kids to learn how to tie laces. With the KIWI No-Tie Shoe Laces, it has never been easier to throw on shoes and out the door in almost no time. So give yourself the gift of time with KIWI No Tie Shoe Laces that bring functionality and ease into each step you take!

These revolutionary shoe laces act like traditional shoelaces but are extremely stretchable to fit any size of sneaker. Just slip them on and off your feet effortlessly in seconds without having to tie and untie tedious knots. The KIWI No-Tie Laces come in six attractive colors, so you can find the perfect match for each of your sneakers. Plus, the laces are made of a patented flexible material that is strong and guaranteed not to break or wear down over time. So enjoy every step you take with confidence in your slip-on shoes, whatever the occasion may be.


  • Instant slip-on convenience
  • Adjustable, customizable fit
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Patented elastic material is strong and long-lasting
  • Flexible to fit any sneaker size.


  • The laces are too long for small shoes

Few Things To Consider When Buying the Best Replacement Laces for Hey Dudes

Make Sure to 
Choose a High-quality

1. Quality:

Make sure to choose a high-quality, durable lace that won’t break or fray easily and will last you a long time. If the laces are designed for outdoor use, they should be waterproof and resistant to wear and tear. Ensure the laces are made with nylon, polyester, cotton, or other strong fabrics.

2. Comfort:

Consider laces that are comfortable to wear all day long. Look for elastic or stretch material that will provide you with a secure fit while still allowing you to move freely. Additionally, if you have any special needs or sensitivities, ensure that the laces are hypoallergenic and won’t cause any irritation or discomfort. If the laces have a cushioned sole, it is even better as they will protect your feet from fatigue and soreness due to long hours of standing or walking.

3. Size of the Laces:

Different Laces Cater 
To Different People

Different laces cater to different people and their specific needs, so it is important to consider the size of the laces before you buy. If they are too long or too short, they will not be able to provide you with the right fit, which can lead to discomfort or even injury. Additionally, if the laces are too wide, they may not be able to provide the necessary support. Look for laces that come in multiple sizes and can easily be adjusted to fit your feet correctly.

4. Durability:

Durability is also an important factor. When buying replacement laces, ensure they can withstand regular wear and tear and won’t fray or tear easily. Check the materials used in manufacturing to ensure it has a good level of durability and strength. Furthermore, if you plan on using them for activities such as hiking or running, make sure they are designed to last the rigors of outdoor activities.

5. Flexible:

Consider laces that are flexible and stretchy. This feature allows you to move comfortably and freely without feeling restricted by the laces. Look for laces with a woven design or elastic band that can stretch while providing support simultaneously. Additionally, these types of laces allow you to adjust them more easily to achieve the perfect fit.

Overall, when you’re looking for the best replacement laces for Hey Dudes, it is important to consider the quality, comfort, size, durability, and flexibility of the laces. Doing so will ensure that you find a pair of laces that are perfect for your needs and provide long-lasting support and comfort.

Consider Laces That
Are Flexible and Stretchy

Can You Remove Hey Dude Laces?

Yes, you can remove Hey Dude laces. All of their lace-up shoes have removable laces and come with spare ones in case yours ever break or get worn out. To remove the laces, start by unlacing them from the eyelets at the top of the shoe and then pull up gently to slide them out. This is a great way to replace the laces with something new and stylish.

When looking for replacement laces for your Hey Dude shoes, ensure you measure the length of the old ones, so you know what size to pick up. Then, you can choose from various colors and materials that will give your footwear a personalized look. Finally, you can customize your shoes with new laces to suit any look, whether it’s a colorful patterned lace or a classic leather style. With the right replacement laces, you can ensure your Hey Dude shoes last a long time.

What is the Alternative to Shoe Laces?

The alternative to shoe laces is elasticized laces. Elasticized laces are made from a high-quality, stretchable material that allows the wearer to slip their shoes on and off without having to tie or untie them. These laces can also be adjusted quickly and easily for a snug fit, making them an ideal choice for those who want a comfortable and secure fit.

Elasticized laces are also popular with athletes, as they don’t have to worry about their shoes coming undone during activities. Additionally, elasticized laces are much more durable than traditional shoe laces, so they won’t need to be replaced as often. Elasticized laces are a perfect choice if you’re looking for an alternative to shoelaces with a secure fit and lasting durability.

Elasticized Laces Are 
Also Popular With Athletes

Final Words

We’ve gone over the top replacement laces for Hey Dude shoes and discussed a variety of options that you can use to freshen up or even customize your hey dudes. From flat, leather, and waxed laces to stretch elastic laces, each style offers a unique look that can help switch up the shoe’s appearance, making it look new.

Our top recommendation is HICKIES Tie-Free Elastic Shoelaces, as they offer an easy no-tie application with a secure, comfortable fit built for active lifestyles. The elasticity helps keep the foot snug without bloating, allowing you to save time on tying your shoes in the morning. Stop wasting time endlessly searching for the best replacement laces for Hey Dudes – give HICKIES a try today!