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Best Men’s Flip Flops with Arch Support

The footwear that usually comes to mind when you want to have a great time by the beach or laze about by the pool are flip flops. Wearing best men’s flip flops with arch support is crucial if you want to avoid getting water or sand in your footwear. During summer, most men will look for the best brand of flip flops for outdoors fun.

Formerly, traditional flip flops do not contain essential stability, support, and appropriate padding. However, with the orthotic technology and design which allows for appropriate support and permits excellent alignment, you can now wear flip flops safely. Furthermore, if you are someone suffering from the pain of plantar fasciitis or flat feet, you need this footwear. They are unique for comfort and additional arch support.

Moreover, suffering from heel pain is nightmarish for anyone who regularly stands for long hours. Not to mention bone fractures, joint pain, and shin splints. These conditions are so undesirable that the sufferers will try anything to eliminate them. That is why we encourage the best flip flops with arch support to avoid feet injuries. Remember, flat feet or plantar fasciitis ligament needs maximum support on the heel. 

Best Men's Flip Flops with Arch Support

It is only the footwear with sturdy arch support that can deliver the appropriate relief. Therefore, we carried out intense research to get the flip flops that will be safe to wear. The five products we have below can provide the best support, stylish design, and safety during adventures.

Reviews of the Best Men’s Flip Flops with Arch Support 

Reef Fanning Men’s Sandals | Bottle Opener Flip Flops for Men

This best men’s flip flops with arch support is a Reef’s Bestseller that features church key built-in bottle opener in its rubber sole. It is well-known to be the best sandals that water-loving men prefer. As long as you are wearing this flip flop, you can embark on all types of water adventure. You can use them to walk around the beach, the lake, or to hang around the pool since it can tolerate all the splashes.

Even the three times legendary world champion Mick Fanning prefers this flip flops. It is stylish and focuses on offering maximum comfort. The inspiration for this sandal’s design is gotten from the ocean, the perfect waves, the perfect beaches, the water, and the route to locate them. This particular flip flop has an objective, and that is to ensure fun both inside and outside the water.

Product features:

This flip comes with an airbag and footbed to ensure maximum shock absorption. The footbed contains a contoured EVA foam material with a 360 degrees airbag on the heels. Also, it is covered with soft polyurethane. Even the lining comes with jersey paddings.

Reef Fanning also comes with anatomical arch support to deliver a refreshing feel each time you slip it on. This Men’s Flip Flops bestseller is crafted with hands to produce comfort and support.

A church key bottle opener is engineered into the outsole rubber for a thirst quenching technology as you walk. No other brand offers this mouthwatering device except REEF.


  • The synthetic Nubuck Upper ensures appropriate support and durability.
  • It comes from high-quality materials
  • This flip offers a perfect fit
  • It provides maximum comfort much more than its contemporaries.
  • The bottle opener is a plus factor
  • It comes with an additional padding
  • This sandal is 100% water-resistant


  • There seems to be a reduction in this flip’s quality.

OOFOS Unisex Ooriginal Thong Flip Flop

This particular flip flop comes with the OOfoam technology to facilitate a speedy recovery. They minimize stress in the body. The flip flop can also provide comfort after a long day’s work out or standing on your feet.

Product features:

This innovative flip flop can absorb up to 37% shock much more than the other traditional sandals. This technology ensures that your feet, joints, and body’s stress goes down. It shows a construction breakthrough that eliminates undesirable layers thus leaving OOfoam only between your feet and the ground. With this technology, it improves the recovery time for your feet.

It also comes with the OOriginal sport attribute to reinvigorate and suit your feet after a long day’s work out. As a result, your feet can rest well and ready to walk the next day again.

The OOfoam technology with a patented design footbed offers a perfect fit. It molds your arches perfectly so that you can still move naturally. Due to this technology, your arches will get excellent support thus; reducing the energy exertion on your ankles by 20%.

This flip comes as a beach and shower ready brand. Also, they are bacteria and moisture resistant, and as a result, the sandals will never retain any odor.

The OOFOS flip flops enable you to walk easier, offers a faster recovery time, and makes you feel much better.


  • It minimizes backache, knee pains, sore feet, and stress on your feet.
  • This sandal is machine washable and doesn’t retain odor
  • It is also water resistant and allows better natural movement
  • The material of this flip’s production is 100% synthetic


  • This flip flop is not 100% durable

Telic Unisex Flip Flop

If you want the Best Men’s Flip Flops with Arch Support which also comes with doctor’s approval, it is this particular brand. With its orthopedic functionality and medial arch support, this flip is suitable for the elimination of plantar fasciitis, bunions, joint pain, and any other foot ailments.

Product features:

This flip flop offers an elite performance. It has been tested and proven by athletes globally to provide exceptional shock absorption. As a result, your joints and feet can recover faster after an intense workout or sports. Also, their design is machine washable and bacteria-resistant to eliminate odors.

It also comes with an ergonomic technology. The material used for its construction is the Telic’s heat-resistant Novalon which molds to your feet shape. As a result, it eliminates the pressure points on your feet and also provides proper cushioning for each step you take. With this flip, you will feel as if you are floating on air.

This flip has a modernized classic design which ensures convenience and comfortable experience every day. Not only that, it is waterproof and lightweight. So, you can use it for your active lifestyle.


  • This sandal is 100% Blown Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
  • The sole comes from pure synthetic material for more comfort and durability.
  • It offers perfect fit as long as you get your specific size
  • It is responsive to body heat


  • The material seems to shrink when exposed to heat.

Crocs Unisex Modi Sport Flip Flop

This flip flop from Modi is your perfect companion if you want to move on to the sports mode. It offers incredible comfort and excellent style for post-game, pre-game, and all-day wear. With its double density Croslite crafting, this sandal can offer a durable and softer footwear experience.

Product features:

The footbed of this sandal is soft due to the massage-pod used for the construction.

There is also the double density foam from Croslite used to provide longer usage and softer feel.

It is specifically styled to remain fresh at all times. Also, it is styled to inspire action.


  • This flip is 100% handcrafted
  • The sole comes from synthetic for cushioning support and durability.
  • This brand is a comfortable and heavy-duty flip flops


  • The footbed seems to develop problems

Chaco Flip Ecotread Women’s

If you want a flip that offers a great function and smart design, then you should go for this brand. This sandal performs wonders and still lasts longer than its contemporaries. Not only that, it has a depreciation value. You can always repair this flip instead of throwing it away. It is your perfect option for high-quality, comfort, functionalities, and perfect fit.

Product features:

It is constructed with a biocentric footbed which helps to provide support and healing properties for those suffering from plantar fasciitis or other feet problems.

The material of the sole is rubber and polyester to ensure its cushioning support and longer use. Also, this flip has the approval and seal of APMA


  • It is lightweight
  • The colorway is beautiful
  • It is quite durable
  • Sturdy and great quality


  • Additional cushioning at the heel will be better

Things to Consider before Buying the best men’s flip flops with arch support

When shopping for the best flip flops for walking long distances, there are major factors that you should check. They are as follows;


Men Flip Flops

The size of the flip flops you want to use for your summer adventures is essential. Although due to the open design of flip flops, their size may not be a hindrance. But if you suffer from any foot problem, the size of your footwear matters a lot. Most of these best flip flops for flat feet are adjustable. So even if your feet are wider than the normal foot, you can always adjust them to your perfect fit. Since most of these flip flops are constructed to accommodate a wider foot, you can still enjoy comfort without compromising anything.


The material used in producing the flip flops with arch support is vital. Designers usually put much thought to the material they can use to ensure users’ comfort. Even as you are looking out for the best material, your primary concern should be what they are offering in terms of comfort. No matter the material of the flip flop, make sure that its base is comfortable for you.

Material Used in Producing Flip Flops

Furthermore, make sure that the material of the flip flop you want to buy offers resistance both in its sole and footbed. The footbed material should have non-slip properties since your feet might get wet. As for the sole material, make sure that it offers excellent grip.


The styles of flip flops are quite distinctive, and all of them can serve many different purposes. There are those that are similar to regular shoes with gaps in its material so that, it will be lightweight and easy to dry. It is mostly for active use like; hikes, walk on rocky beaches, walk through streams or for everyday use. A different type is the one with straps over its foot to secure your foot on the top. 

They are open, secure and have adjustable strap buckle so that your feet can remain in its place. This type of flip flop is also good for walking even at the beach or pool. However, the most popular style is the one that comes with a toe post.


One essential factor for the best men’s flip flops with arch support is to be comfortable. If you buy flip flops with the softest materials which lack arch and heel support, they may be uncomfortable. However, they may be perfect for lazing about on the beach and not for walking or hiking. For your flip flop to provide comfort, they have to be flexible and not just to snuggle to your feet but also to offer proper grip.

men's flip flops with arch support is to be comfortable

They also need to be sturdy enough to tolerate all your movement. When you are choosing, consider the style which can deliver better comfort. That is; comfort for your feet and you or else, the sandal will be useless to you.


Designing flip flops that can provide great stability is a challenging task. Most especially since the material options for them is quite minimal. Moreover, their design needs to be easy-to-use and easy-to-clean. However, they should also provide stability. So when you are buying, look out for the one with contoured footbed. This type can provide maximum support to ensure that your feet will not slide out. Also, check the one with a well-fitting strap to offer great stability to your feet.

Frequently Asked Questions

​What Are the Most Comfortable Mens Flip Flops?

​Flip flops are a popular summer footwear choice for men and women. These beach shoes offer an easy way to wear sandals in any season, including the cold winter months. They provide comfortable and versatile protection from the sun’s rays.

​Do Rainbow Flip Flops Have Arch Support?

​Rainbow flip flops have a comfortable and flexible sole. The arch support is not present on the insole, but you can still find some relief from pain in your feet with these shoes.Rainbow flip flops are meant to be more of a casual shoe that can be worn at home or when going out for the day. They are not meant to replace your running shoes, so they do not offer an adequate amount of support for runners who need something more substantial.

​Do Merrell Sandals Have Good Arch Support?

​Merrell sandals are a good option for people who want to buy quality shoes that offer arch support. They also have water-resistant uppers, which will keep your feet dry and comfortable when you’re out in the rain or snow.Key benefits of Merrell sandals include:• They are lightweight and flexible, so they’re easy to carry around with you. • The construction is designed to withstand wear and tear without compromising comfort or durability. • You can customize them with different colors and patterns to suit your style.

​Can You Wear Arch Supports with Sandals?

​Yes, you can wear arch supports with sandals. However, the type of arch support you should choose depends on your specific needs. For example, if you have flat feet and need arch support to provide extra cushioning for your arches, it is best to go with a soft orthotic insert or rigid-sole shoe inserts.


After going through this review, you will agree that the products we have here are the best men’s flip flops with arch support. They come with special design to help you with your low or high arches. You should buy any of them if you want the flip flop for a snug fit, comfort, and maximum support.