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It is inevitable to get leg injuries once in everyone’s life. While some people can easily avoid them but not everyone is lucky. Due to various feet condition, we have to wear supportive braces to let our feet heal comfortably and quickly.

One of the braces for the ankle is known as AFO, which stands for Ankle Feet Orthosis. If you wear one of them and look for shoes, we have the best shoes for AFO braces adult recommendation.

Wearing shoes when you are healing with braces is a must. Although your feet need recovery, you will still have to do your daily work and walk on your feet. That is why you need additional support with the braces, and you can get them from your shoes.

However, not all shoes are suitable for braces, and that is why finding the right shoes is very necessary. You want to feel all the comfort and support you need for your feet. That is why we are here to help you with our list of the best shoes for AFO braces adults and some other helpful information.

Best Shoes for AFO Braces Adults

Best Shoes for AFO Braces Adults

Fila Men’s Memory Workshift Slip Resistant Work Shoe

The first shoes that we will recommend to you are the Fila Men’s Memory Workshift Slip Resistant Work Shoe.

If you are wearing AFO braces but want to wear regular shoes suitable for the braces and will go well with your everyday look, then these shoes will be the best choice for you. These shoes are made with 100% leather materials. Moreover, it has rubber soles with threaded patterns, which are very important.

As you might already be suffering from a foot condition, you would want to walk carefully, and these soles will surely help you achieve the controlled and balanced movement you are looking for.

With a shaft measurement of 3 inches from the arch approximately, these shoes are here to provide you with all the support you need for your feet. The leather of these shoes has stitching accents on the upper portion of the shoes that will increase the breathability of the shoes, which will be very helpful as you are already wearing another layer of clothing inside the shoes.

There is a memorable foam sock liner with mesh lining on them, which will hug your feet to keep them secure as best as it can.

The midsole has DLS foaming inside. Overall, these shoes have lots of support and are non-slipper, which will give you a lot of freedom on walking.


  • Made with 100% leather
  • The upper portion has an increased breathability option
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Has memory sock liner
  • DLS foam in the midsole
  • Protective and provide balance


  • It might be a little tight

New Balance Men’s 1540 V3 Running Shoe

Whenever it comes to high-quality shoes, New Balance will always be on the list. This time we are suggesting the New Balance Men’s 1540 V3 Running Shoe.

These New Balance shoes are made with synthetic and mesh material with 50% each on the ratio. This mixture is going to provide you the most comfortable and durable shoes. The rubber soles will help the overall construction of the shoes to achieve more balance and controlled movement. The whole shoe is created to provide you a lot of support and the ultimate comfort you are looking for.

They use the ENCAP midsole technology cushioning, which makes it very lightweight and supportive with fantastic durability. Furthermore, there is a polyurethane trim on the shoes to help achieve all those qualities properly.

Moreover, these shoes are built for stability, which is highly needed if you are wearing AFO braces. The stability comes from the Rollbar post system, which contributes to the control of rear-foot movement. Besides these, the shoes look very sleek and stylish so that you can match them with your everyday outfit.


  • Made with synthetic and mesh material
  • Has ENCAP cushioning technology
  • Rollbar stability system
  • Provides lots of support and stability
  • Comfortable and durable


  • It was a little bit expensive

Propét womens Travelactiv Shoes

The following shoes from our list are the pair of Propét women’s Travelactiv Shoes. If you seek comfortable and simple-looking shoes to support your feet with AFO braces, these shoes might be a good choice.

From the first look at the shoes, you can feel that they are very comfortable. The shoes look very snuggly and plush for any feet to feel the softness and comfort to attend to the condition they are suffering. As the shoes look, they are very comfortable and soft to wear. These shoes are made with 100% synthetic material, which means they are going to be lightweight, comfortable, and durable.

In addition to the synthetic material, it has rubber soles, which are needed to achieve a controlled and balanced movement on the shoes you are wearing. The rubber soles will help you control your steps, and the soles also have threaded patterns, which is going to create a lot of traction on the ground to get the balance straight and help you achieve stability even on slippery grounds.

The shoes have a high arch from the ankle, which is a great option to cover your feet adequately. Besides, the fitting is quite loose, allowing you to wear them with the braces. The lace-up tech will help you get the right kind of fit you are looking for. There are removable footbeds, so you can easily do that if you need to replace the footbed with your orthotics.


  • Made with synthetic material
  • Has rubber soles
  • Comfortable and soft
  • It has a spacious fitting
  • Lace-up closure for a customizable fit


  • The front part is a bit narrow

Nike Men’s Running Shoe

Nike shoes will surely make it to the list when it comes to athletic shoes or shoes with lots of support. This time we are bringing you one of the Nike Men’s Running Shoes.

Nike has never disappointed their customers with their shoes, and with these shoes, they will once again attract them as well. These running shoes are one of their best shoes. They are comfortable and soft to wear. If you are someone who is wearing AFO braces and need a lot of support and comfort for your feet, then these shoes will surely help you achieve that.

These shoes are synthetic material made, which makes them very lightweight and durable. Your feet are properly weighed more than before due to wearing the braces, and you do not want to add more to the weight with shoes as these shoes are so lightweight that you will not feel like wearing shoes. In addition, they are very soft inside and comfortable.

These shoes have lots of support with cushioning inside, which is why they are going to provide a lot of help to your feet that you need. They are available in few different colors as well.


  • Made with synthetic material
  • Has rubber soles
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Soft and plush
  • Lightweight and supportive


  • They might be a little tight

Columbia Unisex-Child Moccaswim Water Shoe

The next shoe that we are recommending to you is the Columbia Unisex-Child Moccaswim Water Shoe.

These shoes are the best for summer if you want to keep your feet dry and fresh while wearing AFO braces. They are made with synthetic and mesh material. The synthetic material makes it lightweight and comfortable, while the mesh is there to make it breathable.

If you look at the details of the top portion of the shoes, you will see the mesh on top. This is because the mesh has so many ventilations that it will allow lots of fresh air inside the shoes to keep your feet moisture-free and odorless.

Besides these, the shoes have rubber soles with a threaded pattern to provide you with good balance and stability when you are walking in your braces. The midsole has the utmost cushioning that you need to feel comfortable throughout the day.

With the thread patterns, the shoes have omni-grip non-marking outsoles, which are going to save you from slipping on a wet surface. These shoes are made with the utmost concentration on the high-quality and comfort of the shoes so that people will feel good wearing them.


  • Made with synthetic and mesh material
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Breathable with lots of ventilation
  • The midsole has to cushion support
  • Wet surface grip


  • The shoes could have more support for feet

New Balance Women’s Made in US 990 V5 Sneaker

Next up, we have another recommendation from New Balance, and it is their New Balance Women’s Made in US 990 V5 Sneaker.

Just like the previously mentioned New Balance shoes, these are also constructed to provide comfort and lots of support for the feet. They are made with 50% leather and 50% synthetic material, making them highly durable and comfortable.

Of course, you would always want to wear comfortable shoes and provide a lot of support, and these shoes are constructed to fulfill those criteria. It has rubber soles, which are going to give a lot of traction and stability to your movement.

The supper portion of the shoes has mesh material, which will allow breathability and let your feet stay fresh and odorless. The midsole has ENCAP cushioning, which is very supportive and lightweight.

Besides these, for additional support, it also has a dual-density collar that is also very comfortable. These shoes are not only built for the comfort and support of your feet, but they are also going to last for a long time.


  • Made with synthetic and leather material
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Has to mesh on upper portion for breathability
  • Cushioning provides support
  • Provides stability and balance


  • They might not be the best choice for comfort

Fila Men’s Chastizer Military and Tactical Boot Food Service Shoe

The final shoes from our list of the best shoes for AFO braces adult, we are suggesting you the Fila Men’s Chastizer Military and Tactical Boot Food Service Shoe.

Although you might be wearing braces, sometimes you would have to wear boots as well. These military and tactical boots from Fila are one of your best companions when you are wearing braces. These boots are made with leather and synthetic material mixture.

These two items will work to make the boots very durable and comfortable. On top of that, with these shoes being boots, you would surely appreciate some additional comfort, which you will get from the mesh material.

The mesh on top of the shoes will allow the ventilation process and let fresh air inside the shoe. By doing so, your feet will stay moist and odor-free throughout the day. The shoes are very durable, so you will not have to worry about wearing them off soon.

Besides, they have EVA soles to provides comfort and support. The soles make the shoes shock and impact-resistant. Overall, these boots are high-quality and perfect for their performance.


  • Made with leather and synthetic material
  • Rubber soles for traction
  • Provides protection and stability
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Has EVA soles


  • They are not slip-resistant

What is an AFO Shoe?

If you do not know what AFO shoes mean, you should know AFO braces first. AFO stands for Ankle Foot Orthosis, which refers to a kind of braces that is going to support your feet by helping it to heel from any injury to the lower portion of your leg.

The brace will work by preventing and limiting movement of your lower leg and let it heal slowly. So AFO shoes basically refer to shoes that are suitable to wear with braces. As not all types of shoes can be worn with braces, the specific shoes that allow these braces are known as AFO shoes.

Can You Wear Sandals with an AFO?

If you are thinking of wearing sandals with your AFO braces, you can accomplish the mission with some tricks. Wearing two straps’ sandals with AFO braces may not be possible, but there are other kinds of sandals. The sandals with single straps will be your best option.

At the same time, you can wear sandals with AFO, but it is not the best option if you want to help your feet recover. Your feet need a lot of support and comfort from the shoes, and with sandals, you might not be able to provide them.

What Shoes Can You Wear with A Brace?

It is always better to wear shoes with your AFO braces. Although the brace is there to stabilize your movement and help you recover from your injuries quickly, it is not entirely possible without the help of shoes.

The shoes are going to provide the additional support and comfort your feet need when walking. The best kind of shoes for braces are those with lots of cushioning support and protection for the feet. The shoes which provide stability and comfort to the feet will be an excellent choice for the purpose.

Do You Wear an Ankle Brace Under or Over Socks?

If you are wearing the braces every day and work with them, then it is always best to wear socks when you are wearing the brace. As the braces are going to stick to your feet to do their work tightly, they will come in contact with your skin without socks.

That could cause irritation over time, and you can end up bruising your skin. That is why it is better to wear socks underneath when wearing braces.

How to Choose the Best Shoes for AFO Braces Adults

It is always a hard time to choose the right shoes. If you are looking to choose the shoes to wear with your AFO braces, you need to keep some items on your focus list that we are about to mention. The things you need to focus on are-


The Shoes Need to Be Wider Because You Have to Fit the Braces Inside

The shoes need to be wider because you have to fit the braces inside. Narrow shoes will not allow you to wear the brace comfortably, and they could become suffocating over a period.


The next thing you have to focus on is the comfort the shoes provide. You are already wearing braces, so that additional comfort will come in handy.


The last thing you need to focus on is the quality of the shoes. The quality needs to be high to help your recover from your condition.


How Long Should I Wear a Foot Brace?

To get the best benefit, you need to wear the braces for over a week and six hours daily.

Are There Special Shoes for Drop Foot?

For drop foot, a lot of people think tennis or cross-training shoes are a good option.


That was all for the best shoes for AFO braces adults. We hope that all the recommendations and suggestions we have provided will come in handy for you. We tried our best to compile the best option as we know that selecting the right shoes when you are suffering from injuries could be a hard choice. Therefore, it is always recommended to take suggestions and time to choose the shoes.