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Boxing is a high-impact sport that can lead to joint pain, muscle soreness, and even injury. One way to help avoid these problems is by wearing the right shoes for a boxing class. When you start a new workout routine, one of the most important things to consider is what type of shoes will be best for your workout.

Best Shoes For Boxing Class

Whether you’re boxing or lifting weights, your shoes must provide stability and comfort. This blog post reviews some of the best shoes for boxing class on the market today so that you can pick out a pair with confidence! 

NameASICS Men’s GT-1000 9 Running Shoesadidas Men’s Mat Hog 2.0 Wrestling ShoeVenum Elite Boxing ShoesRingside Undefeated Wrestling Boxing ShoesCore Wrestling Shoes – High Traction Combat Sport Footwear
ImageASICS Men's Snapdown 3 Wrestling Shoes, 9,adidas Men's Mat Hog 2.0 Wrestling Shoe,Venum Elite Boxing Shoes -Ringside Undefeated Wrestling Boxing Shoes, 8,Core Wrestling Shoes - High Traction Combat Sport Footwear - Durable Shoes...
Material TypeSynthetic-and-mesh100% SyntheticGlossy PU Patent, PU Flex, Mesh Honeycombbreathable nylon
SoleFaux Leather soleRubber soleRubber solenon-slip Rubber soleRubber sole
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Top 5 Best Shoes For Boxing Class Reviews:

ASICS Men’s Snapdown 3 Wrestling Shoes

Wrestling has never looked so cool as when you’re wearing these ASICS Men’s Snapdown 3 Wrestling Shoes! These wrestling shoes are made of fabric and synthetic with a rubber sole, which means they’re perfect for standing and grappling. They’ve got tonal 3-stripe detailing, and the heel loops help keep your laces in place. You’ll love kicking off your shoes at the end of practice to reveal these lightweight marvels that are sure to make takedowns look effortless. In addition, the fabric and synthetic are durable, making them tough enough for boxing class!

A faux leather sole, breathable mesh upper- these shoes are perfect for balancing cardio boxing and martial arts. There’s no way you’ll be quitting in the middle of your workout with their grippy rubber outsole! Made for movement, they will better prepare you to body slam your opponents into submission. In addition, the faux leather soles ensure durability no matter what surface you’re on whether it’s a padded wrestling mat or concrete pavement outside of your gym!

The Men’s ASICS Snapdown 3 Wrestling Shoes help you achieve success on the mat. They come dressed in breathable mesh uppers, kimono-inspired tongues, and synthetic leather and mesh for lightweight comfort. This shoe is ideal for training sessions at boxing clubs where flexibility is important or when playing on carpeted floors indoors or outdoor surfaces where protection from impact damage will be crucial to avoid injury. The forefoot engineered mesh upper is purposely made to offer a stable glove-like fit. But the small benefits don’t stop there!

The kimono tongue shape has been used for wrestling shoes and provides added stability from the opening all the way through the laces. It also doesn’t hurt that the synthetic leather and mesh uppers are lightweight, comfortable, and breathable to enhance performance and fit. From all solid rubber outsoles that provide maximum gripping power, enhanced hydrophobic qualities, forefoot flex grooves, and grippy soles with traction outriggers, these shoes are more than just grappling your opponents down this season.


  • Cushioning to help reduce shock and impact during practice
  • High-quality materials make them lightweight, breathable, and flexible
  • The soles provide excellent gripping power
  • The faux leather soles ensure durability
  • Kimono tongue inspiration provides a better foothold


  • Not big enough

Adidas Men’s Mat Hog 2.0 Wrestling Shoe

The Adidas Men’s Mat Hog 2.0 Wrestling Shoe is designed to take you through every match without pain in your foot because of awesome shock absorption! Your opponents will take notice when you’re unstoppable out there and wearing these classic kicks. And those who look for chinks in your armor will realize they just got served as soon as they see what this shoe offers. These shoes are synthetic, so no need to worry about comfort; plus, rubber soles won’t grip onto the mat like bubble gum.

If you’re new to boxing or just looking for some throwback vibes from your high school days, then these Men’s Mat Hog 2.0 Wrestling Shoes are perfect for you! A durable rubber outsole with side vents provides maximum traction on any surface so you don’t slip up during sparring sessions no matter where they take place plus, there’s an adjustable lace-up closure that will help ensure your feet stay secure throughout all your routine moves and bouts of footwork.

The Mat Hog 2.0 is Adidas’ first foxing shoe, originally designed for wrestling. This new version has a slightly slimmer silhouette with a flexible three-strip design that will provide stability and grip during all your matches. In addition, the Mat Hog 2.0 wrestling shoe has been designed to be more flexible and lighter than its predecessors, boasting features such as an ankle strap for extra support and levels of grip for all conditions, from hardwood flooring to soft mats.

These shoes have an open mesh breathable fabric for enhanced ventilation and an all-purpose grip for gripping your opponent or mat at any angle you please! Paired with one of the generation-defying Blazers or Adidas running shoes, this timeless staple is perfect in and out of the mat area. Lightweight yet sturdy, these matt hog mat shoes are built for your training needs. Engineered by Adidas, they’re designed with modern amenities like an airy mesh lining which gives you ankle stability and upper support from the foam padded collar- so you can spend hours on your feet without fatigue.


  • Excellent grip and traction
  • Durability for training without any worry of holes or breaks
  • The breathable mesh material makes it perfect to wear both indoors and outdoors
  • Adjustable lace-up ensures a secure fit for any practice.
  • Features an ankle strap for added support.


  • Not durable tongue

Venum Elite Boxing Shoes

The Venum Elite Boxing Shoes come with multiple benefits. For starters, they are 100% synthetic and imported from Thailand, so you know the quality is good. However, what really sets these boxing kicks apart is their innovative tri-material design which ensures that your feet stay nice and cozy during those grueling kickboxing classes. In addition, there’s a glossy PU patent leather part of the shoe cover to make sure your foot doesn’t slip out of the shoe or feel uncomfortable while being punched in training.

These Venum boxing shoes have an imported construction and are 9-13 for both men and women. The tri-material blends mesh honeycomb on the top layer with glossy patent leather on the sleeve for a fresh style that’s functional enough to use in any boxing class. Then comes with a PU flex material to keep it stretchy for added mobility on those double legs combos and mesh honeycomb for lightweight comfort for long hours spent sparring.

The Venum Elite Boxing Shoes are designed for anyone that needs to be light on their feet without sacrificing support. With a tri-material construction and optimized comfort, these shoes will have you looking sleek while also landing hard punches in the ring. If you’re up for new challenges in boxing workouts that demand excellence in footwear products as well, then you may want to serve a pair of Venum Elite Boxing Shoes. With its tri-material and rubber outsole, your feet are protected while you’re pumping away with some serious punching power.

The patented PU Flex material provides a supple feel that won’t get hot or sticky during those tough rounds of hard sparring, letting your feet move freely to give you an advantage over opponents. We’ve got solutions for that, too thanks to the mesh honeycomb design, which keeps water from seeping into the shoe for a dry fit at all times. The Venum Elite Boxing Shoes are engineered with a special comfort insole to cushion your feet so that you can continue your workout without any discomfort. In addition, the shoes have an anti-slip bottom for a great performance!


  • Lightweight, slip-resistant shoes that support your feet
  • Optimized comfort with the anatomically designed insole.
  • Excellent cushioning, anti-slip bottom, breathable mesh lining
  • Comes with a tri-material construction and optimized comfort
  • The patented PU Flex material provides a supple feel 


  • Not good arch support

Ringside Undefeated Wrestling Boxing Shoes

The Ringside Undefeated Boxing Shoes are eye-catching and comfortable. They can be worn with a street outfit for a casual look or stylishly paired up with some tailored clothes during any period of the day. These Ringside boxing shoes feature a slip-resistant outsole. Anatomically PLaTED Footbeds to Improve Spine Alignment Replacing footwear that was only capable of providing lateral stability with the angled sole puts your feet in better alignment, which improves stride speed while reducing the impact on ankles, knees, and hips.

Airflow mesh fabric for foot stability and breathability. It keeps the inside of the shoe nice and dry even during workouts that last longer than usual so that you won’t feel any discomfort or fatigue in your feet for at least 2 hours of continuous training. A padded collar shields the ankle for improved support and a customized fit. The breathable mesh fabric of these boxing shoes also allows your feet to stay cool and dry during those long sessions in the ring or on the mat when you’re pushing yourself until exhaustion.

The Ringside Undefeated Boxing Shoes have flexible rubber soles that will easily adapt to your foot’s natural movements. It is lightweight and durable even if you accidentally step on the mat or pavement outside of where you hold your boxing classes. In addition, you’ll have a more natural range of motion from ankle to hip to increase your overall cardiovascular endurance. They may not be able to help you win a fight, but these Ringside Undefeated Wrestling Boxing Shoes are some of the most durable gear on the market.

These Ringside Undefeated Wrestling Boxing Shoes provide comfort and support for those intense sparring sessions while also being uniquely fashionable. Pair these with your fight gear to make sure you’re at your best during practice! Competing at the top of your category, these wrestling and boxing shoes have been designed to last with a grip that will protect you in all situations. And if there’s anything we’ve learned, it’s that when you’re fighting for every point and inch, this small comfort can be the difference between first and second place.


  • Slip Resistant Outsole
  • Anatomically Engineered footbeds for improved spine alignment 
  • Lightweight and flexible rubber soles for natural agility of feet  
  • Airflow mesh fabric for foot stability and breathability
  • Padded collar for ankle protection


  • Not accurate sizing

Core Wrestling Shoes High Traction Combat Sport Footwear 

The Core Wrestling Shoes are designed for an unmatched competitive edge with a grippy rubber sole, sleek design, and extra ankle protection. For the wrestler who goes to war on the mat and wants a reliable shoe that can handle anything. Rubber sole, good grip, perfect for sports training. These shoes are perfect for boxing training or any sport that requires traction. In addition, they provide the shock absorption you need to increase your agility and precision during tough workouts.

For sports training, look no further than these Core Wrestling Shoes High Traction Combat Sports Footwear. The rubber sole provides a reliable grip so you can take on even the toughest challenges in pursuit of victory. If you’re tired of constantly worrying about blistering or pinching with wrestling shoes that don’t provide sufficient traction, then these are just what you need to easily walk right from one side of the mat to another without ever missing a turn in your training session.

Plus, they come equipped with reinforced uppers that double as protective gear against every sparring opponent! These wrestling shoes have excellent grip on various gym surfaces, so get ready to bump up your intensity level and take advantage of multiple workouts when training at home. The rubber sole makes for a sturdy footing, and the raised edges offer good lateral movement. The Core Combat Sports Footwear features some key aspects for those in the ring, such as a rubber sole that’s sturdy and provides good stiffness.

The sole sides are raised for better traction, and lateral movement is perfect when mixing up your game with quick movements on dirty mats. Finally, a shoe built with speed, stability, and grip. These shoes are perfect for various sporting activities, including combat sports, cricket, and even BB. So if you’re getting ready to step into the ring or get on the court with these high-impact soles, you no longer have to worry about slipping around in your footwear. The lightweight shoes are easy to hand on without being restrictive or heavy.


  • Provide the shock absorption you need to increase agility
  • Feature a timeless Nordic design and boast excellent durability
  • Rubber soles provide good traction and grip
  • Leather nylon fabric upper offers a stylish touch without sacrificing the durability
  • Reinforced toe and sides provide extra protection when sparring


  • Construction built quality is not well enough

What Is Boxing Class Shoes? 

Boxing class shoes are the type of athletic shoe worn by boxers during a boxing match. Boxing class shoes are designed to provide maximum stability, comfort, and protection for the wearer.

In some cases, both competitors in a contest or sparring session may wear boxing class shoes. The rules governing competition in any particular arena will dictate whether this is allowed.

What Is The Purpose Of Boxing Class Shoes?

The purpose of boxing class shoes is to increase the wearer’s stability, giving them a better platform to score blows in a fight without losing their balance and falling. The shoes protect the feet and shins and allow for greater mobility than a shoe with a standard athletic sole.

In addition to actual matches, the type of shoe worn in boxing class will also depend on the specific activity conducted during practice. For example, some training sessions may require that competitors or partners wear boxing gloves and boxing shoes. Other types of punching drills may not require shoes at all. Make sure you know what is required for any particular boxing class you attend before showing up.

8 Benefits of Wearing Boxing Shoes

  • Athletic shoes stay comfortable for the duration of your workout, while boxing shoes are designed to keep you agile and balanced in any position. In addition, boxing shoes offer foot support that is unique to this sport.
  • A pair of good-quality boxing shoes gives superior traction. The sole offers high friction with the mat floor, which prevents a fighter from slipping. In addition, the shoe also offers a raised heel to provide extra elevation for when he is delivering kicks or blocks.
  • Comfortable and versatile, boxing shoes allow you to move around quickly on the mat. Made from leather, they are durable enough to withstand regular use in training without ripping or tearing.
  • Boxing shoes are lightweight, which ensures that your legs can move rapidly. The weight of a shoe has an impact on its overall performance in your regimen.
  • A good pair of boxing shoes offer arch support, which is crucial for preventing foot pain and injuries during training. This prevents you from straining ligaments or twisting your ankles.
  • High-quality boxing shoes are designed in a way that provides optimum breathability. Their leather upper allows air to circulate inside the shoe. This prevents your feet from overheating, which is essential if you’re engaging in a rigorous workout on your punches and kicks.
  • Make sure your boxing shoes have a durable sole. This is essential in delivering powerful blows and blocks on the mat. The best-quality soles are made from rubber, which offers optimum traction with the floor.
  • If you are a competitive fighter, the color of your boxing shoes can impact your style. Red, blue, or yellow pairs allow you to determine which fighter is yours on the mat.

Why Are Boxing Shoes So High?

Boxing shoes are so high primarily to protect your feet from the hard floor of the boxing ring, and they will not slide off when you kick. Boxers can run faster in boxing shoes with good grips than barefoot or other low-quality sports shoes as well.

When boxing, your feet will touch the floor many times during training and fighting. The hard, rough floor of a boxing ring can cause injuries such as bruises or more severe conditions such as sprains to occur easily amongst those who do not wear shoes that fit well or protect their feet adequately. Boxing shoes are designed specifically for this purpose and have high tops to prevent your feet from getting cut by the canvas.

You Can Check to Run in Boxing Shoes

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Running Shoes for Boxing?

You can wear running shoes for boxing, but the type of shoe you need to use is not a pair of running shoes. A boxing shoe needs to be lightweight and flexible, as well as have enough traction to protect your feet during the training process.

Running shoes are typically made with a cushioned sole that may not provide the support you need for training in combat sports. Boxing shoes also come with a toe guard, which prevents toes from getting hit by other athletes or even objects such as bags, ropes, etc.

Do You Need Certain Shoes for Boxing?

It depends on the type of boxing you are doing. Boxing shoes can help in different ways, such as providing better stability and support during certain moves, providing more cushioning for your feet, etc.

It is recommended that you get boxing shoes specifically designed for the sport to be more comfortable for you and provide you with the support needed.

Are Boxing Shoes Comfortable?

Boxing shoes are made to protect the wearer’s feet from the dangers of being hit by a heavy bag or sparring partner. They also provide support and protection for your feet when you’re fighting in a ring.

However, boxing shoes are not meant to be comfortable as they can get quite tight and cause blisters. They also have many hard surfaces that can cause calluses on your foot, making them uncomfortable over time.

Should I Get Boxing Shoes a Size Bigger?

It’s hard to tell because it depends on the individual and what they are looking for in their boxing shoes.

If you’re looking for a shoe that will offer stability, then it might be better to get your boxing shoes a size bigger. If you’re looking for something more lightweight, then it might be better to get your boxing shoes a size smaller.


You’ll need a good pair of boxing shoes to help you out. If you want the best shoes for boxing class, we recommend Venum Elite Boxing Shoes. These are great for both beginners and experienced fighters alike because they were designed with your needs in mind. They have an extra-thick sole that will give you plenty of stability when moving around on the mat or jumping up into various kicks.

The synthetic leather upper is easy to clean but still provides excellent breathability, so your feet won’t get too hot while working out hard during class time. We hope this article has helped you find what’s right for you! Stay tuned next week for our review about some other items that might be perfect for your training regimen as well!