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7 Best Shoes for Waitressing [2021] – Reviews and Buying Guide

A job as a waitress is not for the faint-hearted. It’s interesting, yes, and you can get very big tips from customers. But we can’t push aside the fact that it’s a very strenuous job. Standing on your feet all day, taking orders, and running to and from the kitchen is best done with good shoes.

The shoes for waitressing that we review in this article are perfect for you as a waiter (server). With supportive shoes, you will eliminate a lot of pain and fatigue. A good posture is crucial to your presentation as a waitress so you need good shoes to help you stand right.

Review of Best Shoe Brands for Waitressing in 2021

Some brands have been known to produce excellent shoes for waitressing. We focused on those brands in this article and reviewed their best products for restaurant work. Let’s take a quick look at them.

Best Waitresses Shoes

Skechers: Every good list of waitressing shoes will feature Skechers. The company is known to produce dependable, productive, and supportive shoes.

They’re highly rated and often true to width. They also have non-slip soles. You’ll find several Skechers shoes on our list of best waitressing shoes. You’re about to be spoiled for choice!

Reebok: Have you ever owned a Reebok? If that’s a no, then you should totally try it this time. Their oil and slip resistance makes them a great pick for restaurant work.

They have good arch support and wide toe boxes. They are also highly affordable without compromising on the quality.

Alegria: Alegria shoes are sleek. But the sleek quality does not sacrifice the practicality of the shoes. They have good cushioning and are a favorite among customers.

Currently, the best Alegria shoes for waitressing has a rating of 4.3 out of 5 in 793 ratings.

Dansko: Dansko shoes have garnered a 4.3 out of 5 in 2,390 ratings all over the world. The shoes are highly comfortable for standing all day.

They have also been rated to be durable and made of solid materials. That’s why we have included Dansko products in our review.

Top 7 Best Shoes for a Waitress to Wear

1. Skechers Women’s Comfort Flex Pro Health Care Professional Shoe

These shoes are 100% textile and have synthetic sole material. The textile material of the shoes is highly breathable so that you can have air circulation around your feet while you work.

The shoes are also very easy to maintain as the materials have stain repellent treatment. You’re also safe as the shoes are anti-slip. They are excellently waterproof and will provide you with a lot of room for your feet to wriggle in.

For support and all-day comfort, the shoes have air-cooled memory foam. Stay happy and comfortable all day with these shoes.

These are the shoes for professionals in the food and restaurant sector. Serve with ease and navigate the dining and kitchen without a problem.

  • They are slip-resistant
  • The material is stain repellent.
  • The shoe is available in only two colors, but they’re versatile colors.

Fit as Expected: 77%

Durability: The shoes are durable as they’re made of 100% textile. The sole material is also good.

2. Reebok Women’s Work ‘N Cushion 2.0 Walking Shoe

These shoes are a steal! For their highly affordable prices, they will help you be productive at work and protect you from hazards that arise from standing all day unsupported.

The shoes are 100% leather with durable rubber sole material. We told your Reebok got you covered, didn’t we? Enjoy the incredibly easy lace-up system and look cute at work.

The leather upper of the shoes make for breathability and snug-fitting. They also support your feet while you work. The design is also low-cut and unique. Enjoy DMX ride technology and go about your serving business with unbelievable ease.

Yes, the shoes are oil resistant. They protect you from slipping whether from oil spills or water spills. These shoes are specially made for hard-working waitresses.

If your shift goes on for six hours or more, go with these shoes. The arch support will help you stay put and since you won’t be uncomfortable, you’ll be able to handle business cheerfully.

The slip-resistant outsole also gives you unmatched traction, helping your feet stay stable on the floor. The heel of the shoe has a beveled construction. This helps to support your posture and give you enhanced walking stride.

You want to move very fast as a waitress, but you also want to look elegant. That’s why these shoes are perfect for you.

  • Wide sizing is available for the shoes.
  • The beveled heel technology is a rare advantage.
  • They are oil and slip-resistant.
  • The shoes are highly affordable.
  • They’re also good for running.
  • You may require inserts if you have high arches.

Fit as Expected: 74%

Durability: A 100% leather material is usually a dependable choice. That, plus the fact that the soles are rubber.

3. Skechers Work Softie gives you a personal assurance on these shoes. They are  100% leather and come with synthetic sole material.

Enjoy these work shoes that help you pull off a professional and neat look with your work clothes.

The insole is a removable contoured PU insole. They keep you comfortable and you can replace them with orthotics if you want. The upper leather of the shoes blends with the lace-up design to keep your wet supported.

The shoes are rugged and have OSHA compliant slip-resistant rubber outsoles. Hit the tile floor of the restaurant with confidence and keep up with the orders without encountering accidents. The versatile work shoes have padded tongue and collar for more support.

Enjoy the handy pull tab at the heel of the shoes for easy wearing. The heel height is only 1.5 inches so you’re going to stay close to the ground without sacrificing arch support for your feet. The sides of the shoes feature perforated accents that let your feet breathe.

  • They have thick soles with high traction.
  • The shoes have versatile colors available.
  • Limited colors available: black and white only.
  • They may be pricey.

Fit as Expected: 86%

Durability: The shoes come with thick soles that are also rugged. They last long because of this.

4. Alegria Women’s Keli Professional

These slip ons come in all kinds of attractive colors that will make you stand out at the workplace. With pull-on closure type, you only need out your feet inside and move! The leather upper and lining have stain-resistant properties that keep your shoes easy to maintain.

The footbed is removable so the shoes are ideal if you have foot problems that require special orthotics. The shoes also slip-resistant and safe for the restaurant floors.

The vibrant design will shower you with energy and optimism every single hour of work.

The premium finish of the shoe is prim and proper. The dual goring features help to make it even easier to wear the shoes and put them off. For your support, the footbed is a combination of cork, latex, and memory foam.

You’ll also enjoy a slip-resistant polyurethane sole that will help to deflect shock from your feet. They will reduce the pressure you feel on your central metatarsal and heel.

  • They are very comfortable for long shifts.
  • They’re great slip-on with no need for laces.
  • There are several versatile colors available.
  • They may run small in size.

Fit as Expected: 62%

Durability: The sole material of the shoe is synthetic and the outer material is leather. The combination makes for long-lasting shoes.

5. Skechers D’Lites

35! That’s how many color options you have if you want to pick up a pair of D’Lites. But beyond the incredible number of color options you have, these shoes also provide you with a padded tongue for added comfort.

The footbed of the shoes is EVA, which means cushioning and comfort in abundance.

The lacing system of the shoes is fun and yet functional. The shoe’s rubber sole is quite rigid and durable, and it also provides you with a solid platform.

The shoe’s uppers are made with leather and synthetic materials, and they are quite breathable too.

  • The shoes are very elegant and classy.
  • The shoes are comfortable to wear.
  • The wide measurements can be better.

Fit as Expected: 78%

Durability: The solid inch long rubber platform is very durable.

6. Dansko Professional Shoes for Servers

The Dansko Professional shoes are made with leather and fabric, particularly for their uppers. The shoes also have a polyurethane sole, which is quite good for stability.

The collar of the instep is padded, which gives you a lot of comforts when walking or standing all day.

These shoes come in a whopping nine color options, so there’s a color for everyone.

The toe box is made especially roomy, to give you a lot of wiggle room. That could come in handy for those long work hours.

  • The shoes provide good arch support.
  • The shoes provide enough stability to help with back and feet pain
  • The prices of the shoes are a bit high.

Fit as Expected: 65%

Durability: The shoes are functional and quite durable.

7. Skechers Work Women’s Cozard

These shoes are made with a sleek and versatile leather upper. The rubber sole provides a lot of cushioning, and the shoes upper is breathable. Working in these shoes will be an enjoyable experience for being on your feet all day.

This is because the shoe has a Relaxed Fit design that makes for comfortable wear. The Skechers trademark Memory Foam also gives you a good level of cushioning, which will help during those especially long shifts.

The shoe’s soles are also slip-resistant, and the rubber toe guard helps to guard against abrasions and other likely injuries. With the casual, easy to wear the slip-on style of these shoes, get ready to work with high levels of comfort.

  • A number of customers commended the shoe’s usefulness for helping with foot pain.
  • The shoes are water-resistant.
  • The shoes provide a good level of arch support.
  • The shoes are very versatile and can be worn with pants, shorts, etc.
  • The shoes do not support wide feet.
  • Some customers complained that the shoes ran small.

Fit as Expected: 73%

Durability: The leather upper of the shoes is quite durable

Features to Look Out for Buying Waitressing Shoes – Buyer’s Guide

When you’re going to shop for the best shoes to keep you productive as a waitress, there are points to keep in mind.

Great Cushioning and Support: What’s the use of work shoes that will not support you? You should look for shoes with proper midsole cushioning.

Make sure that they have strong and flexible soles as well as excellent arch support. Your shoes should be able to support you as you stand all day and attend to customers. They should take the pressure off your feet and eliminate strain.

Slip-resistance: Spills are common at restaurants and bars. You don’t even want to imagine yourself in an ugly situation where you slip and fall.

Either in the main dining section or the kitchen, falling on the floor can be dangerous. Make sure your shoes are non-slip. Protect yourself.

Adjustable and Removable Footbed: For the sake of inserting your orthotics, you would want to buy shoes with removable insoles. This will help you especially if you’re suffering from plantar fasciitis or any other foot issues.

Durable: Durability is a must. So that you won’t have to spend on shoes too constantly and lose more money, it’s better to buy durable ones. Durable shoes are made with reliable materials, strong leather, and rubber soles.

Versatile Color: You would also want to check the color of the shoes you’re buying. Versatile colors range from white, black, and brown. Colors like red, blue, pink, and the likes will be selective for clothes. They won’t look good on all your work clothes.

You can buy two or three work shoes in different colors so that you can always use the most matched one. But if you’re on a budget and can only buy one or two, we suggest getting white, black or brown. Any of those colors will match almost any type of work clothes you wear on the job.

Breathability: To avoid getting your feet cooked up in heat, buy breathable shoes. These will allow air to circulate through your feet during your shift.

Easy Maintenance: Because the waitressing job is stressful, you can do without the added stress of washing your shoes every morning. Shoes that are easy to maintain are the best for your kind of job.

Match your Foot Specifics: You may have flat feet, wide feet, foot conditions, and so on. This will require you to avoid particular kinds of shoes. Know them and out mind while shopping for your work shoes.

Comfortable, sleek, and easy to wear: Of course. Your work shoes should be comfortable. They should wrap around your feet and look good. They should also be easy to slip on and off.

When you get a break at work, it should be easy to take them off and put them back on the minute you’re needed.

FAQs on Best Shoes for Waitresses

Here are some of the frequently asked questions related to the best shoes for waitresses (servers). All the questions will give a detailed answer and remove your problem.

What Should I Look for When Choosing Work Shoes for a Restaurant?

When choosing your ideal shoes as a waitress, consider how comfortable and supportive the shoes are. Check the breathability of the shoes and make sure they have very good arch support too.

In all, you want to look for shoes that can help you stand for long on different kinds of floors. More especially, you need non-slip shoes since restaurant floors get spilled on from time to time.

How Do I Avoid Picking the Wrong Shoes?

There are ways by which you can increase your chances of picking out the best shoes.

If you’re shipping at a physical store, endeavor to go in the evening. The feet usually expand a little bit more in the evenings. If you’re shopping online, measure your feet in the evening and use that to scan the size chart in the online store.

Another thing you can do is to order two pairs. Your actual size and another one which is a size up. When the shoes arrive, you can pick the best fitting one and send back to the other.

You’ll want to look for products with dependable refund policies to pull this off.

Conclusion & Final Thoughts

With all the hard work you do as a waitress, the least you can do for yourself is to get great shoes. Looking elegant will also make your diners happy at the restaurant or bar.

You’ll be addressed well and you’ll always be able to do your job properly. Get practical work shoes and go about your work with confidence. You deserve that much, and more!