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10 Best Shoe Protector Spray for White Shoes [2021 Guide]

Chances are you spent a lot on your white shoes. You did the right thing because they are very important aspects of our dressing. They don’t just make us look sharp, they also protect our feet. That’s why you must protect them in return, using any of the best shoe protector sprays that you can find.

What are the best shoe protector sprays for white shoes? The good news is that there are various best shoe protector sprays that have been made to help your white shoes last longer. We have handpicked the 10 best ones from online stores and reviewed them in this article.

List of Best Shoe Protector Spray for White Shoes

  1. Sof Sole Shoe Spray
  2. Atsko Water-Guard Spray
  3. Reshoevn8r Protective Spray
  4. Moneysworth Shoe Protector
  5. Crep Protect Universal Spray
  6. Kiwi Protect Spray
  7. FORCEFIELD Shoe Spray
  8. Kiwi Select Spray
  9. Nikwax Direct Spray-on
  10. Cadillac Select Premium Spray

As protective materials, shoes take a lot of abuse from the elements. Sun, rain, snow, sand, mud, and so on, are the culprits that constantly threaten to shorten the lifespan of our shoes. so it becomes very important that we use a protective spray for our shoes so that our shoe age is greater. So lets the review these protective sprays for our white shoes.

Review of 10 Best White Shoe Protector Sprays

Here are we provide 10 best shoe protector sprays that you can use for your shoe care. We provide a detailed review of every product with its pros & cons.

1. Sof Sole Shoe Spray

This spray comes first on our list because of its incredible protective ability. Your shoes can now repel moisture effortlessly. Prolong the lifespan and quality appearance of your shoes and even other things like your hats with this spray.

This spray dries up quickly within two to three hours to form an invisible protective layer that will remain intact on the surface of your shoes for months. You also have no worries about breathability because the spray will not mess with the pores of your shoes.

Soft Sole comes in a 7.5-ounce spray can. It is effective for waterproofing your shoes and keeping oil stains away. The easy-spray nozzle makes it easy to use the spray bottle and ensures uniform application on all areas of your shoes.

Made with fluoropolymer compound, the spray is reliable and ideal for white shoes as well as shoes you use for athletic activities. Note that this spray is best applied at room temperature. Ensure that your shoes are free of dirt or grime before applying.

  • It is highly effective.
  • It is affordable.
  • The spray is breathable.
  • It is available in a 3-in-1 athletic shoe care kit.
  • It has a strong smell.
  • It is not suitable for vinyl or patent leather.

2. Atsko Water Guard Spray

The Atsko water guard spray is suitable for your white leather shoes. What’s great about it is that it can work well to restore the factory waterproofing of your shoes.

The spray is safe to use on shoes as well as on clothing materials. It’s a breathable spray and it’s odorless too.

You won’t have to endure terrible smells when spraying your shoes with this protective spray. In 72 hours, you will have a fully cured shoe with no odor at all.

  • It is odorless.
  • It works for a wide range of materials.
  • It remains effective even in rainy seasons.
  • The full curation time is a bit long- 72 hours.

3. Reshoevn8r Protective Spray

Reshoevn8r offers this highly powerful protective spray that keeps your footwear in excellent condition for a long time.

Apart from repelling stains and protecting the shoes from being damaged by water, it also keeps your shoes from scuff marks, stains, and dirt. It is perfect for leather shoes. Canvas, mesh, and suede are also safe with this spray.

If you have hats, bags, and other leather materials that you want to add extra protection to, you can go ahead! This is your all-purpose spray protector and we’re confident you’ll love using it.

Applying this spray is easy. Its drying time is very short and its invisible protection is going to keep your shoe from getting damaged on time.

  • The spray dries up fast.
  • The activation is fast too.
  • It’s a versatile spray that works for all kinds of materials.
  • It is not suitable for patent leather.

4. Moneysworth Shoe Protector

Here’s another spray that you can add to your next shopping list. The Moneysworth shoe protector will truly give you your money’s worth.

It guards fiercely against damage by salt and water. It also keeps your shoe material intact such that scuff marks and cracks don’t occur on it. The versatility of the spray goes from suede to canvas, to nubuck and canvas.

Enjoy this spray that will appear thin and invisible on your shoes. No matter the climate changes and several seasons that your shoes have to go through, you’re well covered with this protector whose sealant is ever ready and intact.

It is effective against snow-melting salts as well and has a non-silicone formula.

  • It is effective throughout all the seasons.
  • The spray does not interfere with the original color of your shoes.
  • It is effective against damage by ultraviolet light.
  • It is not completely perfect for fabric material.
  • It is not suitable for patent leather shoes.

5. Crep Protect Universal Spray

This is a universal spray that you can purchase for your white shoes. The 5-ounce aerosol spray can is easy to hold and apply on shoes.

Whether it’s suede nubuck or canvas, your shoes will be well protected. You can now enjoy your shoes for a long time. Wear them to work, casual outings, or sporting activities without a fear of them coming apart because of inadequate protection.

The spray creates a barrier around the skin of your shoes. Any oil spills that come on your shoes will simply roll off because the sealant will not permit any penetration isn’t the grains of your shoes.

The waterproof qualities prevent your feet from getting wet and uncomfortable. The spray is made in the US.

  • It is suitable for fabrics.
  • It works well for suede, canvas, and nubuck.
  • The spray protects your shoe from scuff marks.
  • It is also effective against dirt.
  • It stays on for two weeks before a need for re-application.
  • Its shipping location is limited.

6. Kiwi Protect Spray

The Kiwi protect spray gives your shoes super protection from water damage. Salt stains are not left out too. You don’t have to keep your shoes away during winter anymore. The single coat coverage has you all set and good to go.

The drying time of this spray protector is very quick so you won’t be delayed waiting for it. It is suitable for your bags and jackets too. If you’re familiar with Kiwi shoe polish and how effective the product is, you would trust their protective sealant too.

The spray comes in a 4.25-ounce can that contains a high amount of the spray. You won’t have to go running to buy more spray too quickly because a little of this Kiwi protector that you apply will be enough to handle the whole shoe.

  • The sealant is from an industry giant- Kiwi.
  • It stays on for a long time.
  • The spray does not interfere with your shoes’ color.
  • The product container is a little too small.

7. FORCEFIELD Shoe Spray

Your white canvas or leather shoes are about to receive a whole new level of protection. Forcefield lays an effective covering that forcefully repels any foreign material that attempts to interfere with your shoes.

The drying time is just about twenty minutes, which is super fast and rare. It means you can apply the spray just before you start dressing up for work.

The most unbelievable part is this: If you apply this protector just once, you may not need to reapply until a whole year is over!

So if you’re looking for a budget+friendly protector, you finally found it. Water beads up and then rolls off when it comes in contact with this spray on your shoes. The UV protection is also a huge benefit.

  • The UV protection is something you would want to have.
  • It dries up really fast.
  • The bottle is small but the protector is highly effective.

8. Kiwi Select Spray

This is our second Kiwi spray-on display because Kiwi is just so reliable. Getting a versatile spray that can work on just about any kind of material is something that takes a bit of time. But look no more, because Kiwi Select Spray will do that perfectly.

If you have different materials that you wish to protect and prolong their life span, it’s more economical to go with this product. That way, you won’t have to buy multiple kinds of sprays. It works well for suede, imitation leather, genuine leather, nubuck, and fabric.

The spray comes in a 7.7-ounce can that will add an invisible protective layer to your shoes. It does not change the color of the materials.

All it does is to offer you endless protection against the enemies of your shoes. The versatility is the biggest asset of this spray.

  • The product can is bigger than many other ones around.
  • It is stain repellent.
  • The spray protector works for all kinds of fabrics.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Despite its versatility, it is not advisable to use it on a patent reptile, metallic leather, or vinyl.
  • The product does not ship to all countries.

9. Nikwax Direct Spray-on

If you want your shoes to have the sort of high water repellent quality like the time they were still new, then buy this spray. For work shoes that you want to keep intact for a long time, this spray will help you spread waterproof dirtproof, and oil-proof sealant on the surface of your shoes.

Like all the other protectors that we have been reviewing, this one is also invisible and breathable. In fact, it can revive the breathability of your shoes. You can apply it to other materials such as sleeping bags.

The spray-on application is easy to follow. This spray is water-based and is made with biodegradable materials. It is free of optical brighteners and PFCs.

It adds scent to your shoes and gets you filling every room you step in with grace and confidence.

  • It dries up quickly.
  • The spray nozzle makes it easy to apply.
  • The shipping costs may be high.

10. Cardillac Select Premium Spray

Cardillac prizes itself on being a very effective shoe spray that forms an invisible later around the shoes. Dirt, oil, and water don’t have anything on you!

The protector helps to ensure dry feet all through the day, no matter the conditions of the weather. An important feature of this shoe spray is that it is made with environmentally friendly materials.

Your pets and kids will not be at risk of getting poisoned because this shoe spray does not have any harmful odor.

The silicone-free sealant is breathable as well. Cadillac also has excellent customer service and will be there to assist you if you have any complaints or inquiries.

  • The spray has a good return policy- you have nothing to lose.
  • It works well for suede, sheepskin, nubuck, and leather.
  • It comes in a sleek product bottle.
  • The nozzle may get weak after some time.

Fit as Expected: 74%

Durability: The polyester lycra stretch meshes upper material and microfiber make the shoes durable and reliable.

How to Buy Best Protector Sprays for Your White Shoes

If you’re going to invest in protector sprays for your white shoes especially, then it’s better you choose the right ones.

Buying these sprays can be confusing if this is your first time, but don’t worry. We have explained the features that you ought to consider when buying these sprays.

  1. Consistency in Color: Reading the customer reviews for that product will give you information on its consistency in color. The spray that you purchase should not alter the color of your white shoes otherwise your shoes will be ruined.

Except you intentionally want to change what your shoes look like, you should buy a protective spray that is consistent with the color of your shoes.

  1. Less Frequent Need for Application: If the spray you choose has to be applied to your shoes every now and then, it can become tiring. Besides, the spray will not last for so long. For shoes that you wear every day, you may need to apply the spray more often than you do for shoes you wear occasionally.
  1. Return Policy: If you are a first time user of protective shoe sprays, you should buy one with a good return policy. This is in case you buy one that does not work so well for your shoes. We reviewed sprays with good return policies below. Avoid losing your hard-earned money over a wrong purchase.
  1. Effectiveness: This is very important. The protector spray should be able to do what it promises to do. Protector shoe sprays should be stain and water-resistant and should be able to cover your shoes well.
  1. Good Smell: You may not be able to continue using the spray on your shoes if it gives off terrible odor every time you apply it. It could get awfully uncomfortable if you have to go through this all the time. While the shoes retain the smell of the protector spray, people that come around you may be repulsed, and you don’t want that.
  1. Invisible: The protector spray on your white shoes should blend in perfectly and be invisible. Check this feature in the product description and reviews before you purchase the spray.
  1. Long-lasting Quantity: The spray should be able to keep your shoes protected for a very long time. In the bottle, the quantity shouldn’t be too little as it might be frustrating to keep buying new ones.
  1. Affordable: Since you have spent a lot on your shoes already, your spray protector does not have to cost an arm and a leg too. It should be affordable and easy to replace with a new one.
  1. Non-toxic, Biodegradable: People have become a lot more conscious of environmental protection. Sprays made with biodegradable components are more environmentally friendly. You should opt for those.
  1. Does not Compromise Breathability: Some sprays compromise the breathability of your shoes. They cover the pores and stop air circulation. Buying breathable spray is important for your comfort so make sure you check this too.
  1. Easy to Use: The spray you pick out should be easy to use and apply. The instructions should be easy to follow.
  1. Versatile Protection: The best protector sprays don’t just protect your shoes from water. They also protect them from oil spillage, salt, and any other thing that may threaten your shoes’ condition. These are the types you should buy.

FAQs on Best Protector Spray for White Shoes

We hope the above information will give you an idea to get the best protector spray for your shoes but if you are still not satisfied with the information given by us, then you must read these frequently asked questions where you will know the common questions related to this topic and its answers.

How often Should You Spray Your White Shoes with Protector Sprays?

It depends on how often you wear the shoes and what instructions are on the spray protector. Sometimes, you’ll need to apply the spray at least once a week, and others don’t require a re-application until six months. It depends on what works for your shoes.

Do Protector Sprays Prevent Stains?

Yes, they do. They can help to protect your shoes from getting stained by oil, sweat, and so on. You will need to do your routine maintenance as often as you can, but sprays will make it worth it.

Are White Shoes Worth it?

White shoes are absolutely worth it. The fact that you can dress them up with almost any kind of dress is one big advantage. Also, they make you look elegant and trendy. Maintaining them also gets easier when you use a suitable shoe protector spray.

Conclusion & Final Thoughts

Thanks to the companies that came up with the idea of protective sprays. Now, you don’t have to worry about your white shoes getting scuffed or being damaged by the elements.

Invest in one of the sprays we recommended above and your shoes will last longer.