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10 Best Shoes for Walking on Ice and Snow in 2021

Walking on snow during winter is quite enjoyable if you have the right gear, that is. With the right gear, you’ll enjoy your feet feeling warm as you step on the crunching snow. Wearing the wrong shoes, however, can cause a lot of discomforts, not to mention pain and risk of a fall.

This is why we’ve reviewed the best 10 shoes for walking on snow and ice in 2021 for you.

What to Look Out for When Picking the Best Shoes for Walking on Ice and Snow

When picking out a shoe suitable for you to wear on ice and snow, we advise that you use these guidelines as a checklist for the shoe you’d pick.

  • Level of Grip: This is the first thing to look out for, as the terrain you’ll be using the shoe on demands it if you’re to keep your balance. Generally, treaded rubber outsoles provide the safest way to grip the ice, especially if the treads are big.

Some shoes also give you the option of using steel studs to stay upright, and the intention is easy to decipher. Other options are rubber grips, attachable crampons, etc.

  • Waterproofing: One of the main uses of a shoe is to prevent water from soaking your legs. This is even more important during the winter when freezing cold water seeping into your shoes/boots can spell disaster. That’s why you have to ensure that you pick a shoe that has a rubber enclosure on the bottom so as to eliminate the chance of moisture seeping in.
  • The Level of Comfort it provides: What’s the point of a shoe if it isn’t comfortable? It’s just going to cause you more pain than comfort, and that is absolutely not acceptable.

When you’re searching for a shoe to wear on ice and snow, ensure it’s one that is very comfortable to wear. After all, the rest of your body would be bundled up in warm, comfortable clothing. Why neglect your feet?

  • The level of Insulation: Ice is cold, and it’s bad for your feet. Definitely, you need something to keep your feet warm. Ensure you check the temperature rating of the shoes you want to pick from, to see if they suit you.
  • Durability: Your shoes are going to help protect your feet from extreme weather, surely that means they need to be prepared for anything. Invest your money in a shoe that guarantees durability and longevity, as you would loathe to have your shoe fall apart on you.
  • Stability: The stability your shoe provides is also another paramount thing to factor in when choosing your shoes. You do not want to twist or hurt your ankle because of a lack of adequate support from your shoe.

List of 10 Best Shoes and Boots for Walking in Ice and Snow – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

This shoe has a textile lining that provides good breathability through its uppers. It’s made of 100% leather and it has a rugged synthetic sole that does well against slipping. The shoe is lightweight and it’s sole has good shock absorption properties to help with foot and leg fatigue.

1. Timberland Men’s White Ledge Mid Waterproof Ankle Boot

Made with very fine leather, this shoe is a quite comfortable wear. Being high-performance shoes, they can be used for hiking and working without the threat of them falling apart.

The leather upper of the shoe and the seam-sealed construction is one that is very waterproof. The lacing-up system helps with fitting and adjustment.

The shoe is made with high-quality leather and is waterproof. They have a front lacing-up system with a padded collar to provide extra comfort for you.

  • The shoe’s construction is such that it provides warmth and dryness for feet.
  • The EVA footbed of the shoe helps to provide additional warmth.
  • The boot’s insulation levels could be better.

Fit As Expected: 87%

Durability: The additional EVA footbed of the shoe ensures that it is very durable and helps to provide as much warmth as possible.

2. Salomon Men’s Quest 4D 3 Gore-TEX Backpacking Boots

These shoes are a combination of high production technology that offers a high level of protection and traction to keep your feet stable when you walk, especially on slippery surfaces. The shoe’s lacing system makes it easy to adjust your feet easily.

These shoes are high-performance ice shoes and are very waterproof. The shoe also has a dedicated toe-cap that ensures your toes are well protected. The shoe’s leather upper provides comfort.

  • The shoe is quite lightweight and very comfortable to wear.
  • The shoe’s rubber outsole provides a very high level of traction.
  • A fairly common complaint of customers was the level of durability.

Fit As Expected: 87%

Durability: The EVA midsole foam helps to absorb the shock of motion, adding to the durability of the shoe.

3. Kamik Men’s Nationplus Snow Shoe

These boots are made with leather materials that are quite comfortable, coupled with a shaft that is about 10 inches, making it very difficult for snow to get into your shoes.

The shoe also has the Thinsulate insulation protection, ensuring that your feet will stay warm.

Comfort in the boots is very high, and this is typified by the moisture-wicking lining that absorbs sweat inside the boots.

The construction of the boots is lightweight and the boots have a medium level of arch support that helps with easy movement.

  • The boots are quite lightweight and very well-made
  • The boots have a high insulation level thanks to the 200B Thinsulate
  • The shoes sometimes run small.

Fit As Expected: 78%

Durability: The shaft height of the boots coupled with the Thinsulate protection ensures that the boot is quite durable.

4. Merrell Men’s Coldpack Ice+ Moc Waterproof Snow Boot

Merrell is known for making quality footwear, and the trend continues with this shoe. These shoes are the lower top shoes with a focus on the ankles, making them one of the most convenient shoes to wear for use on ice/snow. The shoe’s design is so simple and modern, making it versatile.

The shoe is made with fabric and it is very well cushioned, and the leather upper prevents the shoes from absorbing water, whilst also protecting your feet.

The shoe has a Vibram outsole that gives more traction than other shoes, and the desiccant textile of the shoes means that your feet are kept dry and warm all day, every day.

  • The shoe offers a high level of traction because of its outsole
  • The shoes have good arch support that is combined with a focus on optimum ankle mobility
  • A general complaint was the size ordered wasn’t the one delivered.

Fit As Expected: 77%

Durability: The advanced level of its outsole helps with not slipping and it’s very durable.

5. Sperry Men’s Cold Bay Chukka Snow Boot

These boots have a high-quality leather upper fitted into an elegant style that is suitable for work and casual outings.

The shoes are also waterproof and fleece-lined, ensuring your feet are kept warm and comfortable.

The rubber outsole ensures a high level of traction for non-slip movement.

The shoes also provide a good level of insulation with a 200B Thinsulate.

  • The shoe is very easy to clean and features an elegant design
  • The shoe’s outsole has a high level of grip
  • Some customers complained about the lining of the shoes.

Fit As Expected: 92%

Durability: The shoe’s non-marking rubber outsole is very durable.

6. ALEADER Men’s Insulated Waterproof Winter Snow Boots

Waterproof Snow Boots Hiking Shoe’s leather outer helps to make your feet inaccessible to the cold and wetness, whilst the EVA foam footbed keeps your feet in comfort and warmth, regardless of whether or not you wear socks.

These shoes also have a good level of insulation that can withstand frosty temperatures of up to -40F. The rubber outsole features excellent traction and grip for non-slip movement.

Being a long-top shoe, you can expect a high level of protection from the winter elements, and the shoe comes in two styles when it comes to ease of wearing; elastic laces and buckle.

  • The shoe is very easy to put on.
  • The shoe is completely waterproof.
  • The shoe has very limited color options.

Fit As Expected: 74%.

Durability: The rubber outsole of the shoe is made with a tough abrasion rubber that ensures durability. The leather upper is also PU coated, increasing the overall durability level of the shoe.

7. Muck Boot The Original COMPANY Men’s Arctic Sport Boot Outdoors Equipment

Muck Boots major in making footwear for extreme weather and this shoe is a classic example. The shoe features a skyscraper-Esque 17-inch shaft that means you can walk or wade through snow all you want; the snow still won’t get in them.

The shoe is water-resistant and has a high level of thermal insulation, helping to keep your feet warm at all times.

This is also aided by the 2mm thermal foam underlay that keeps the warmth locked in and the cold locked out.

The EVA foam midsole in the boots are very cushioned and helps with lighter stepping.

  • The boots are quite lightweight and are very water-resistant
  • The high shaft allows easy movement through deep snow
  • The boots are very good for exploring or working in cold places
  • Some customers complained about the shoe’s aesthetics.

Fit As Expected: 86%

Durability: The thermal foam helps with durability.

8. Sorel Men’s 1964 Premium T Snow Boot

These shoes are suitable for hiking at very cold temperatures, thanks to the fact that they are heavy-duty boots. Totally water-resistant, these shoes also help prevent snow or wind from getting to your feet.

An inner lining that provides comfort and coziness is present in the shoe, and it can be removed and washed.

The shoe can do well in temperatures of up to -40F and the outsole provides high enough traction that helps your stability even on the most slippery surfaces.

The shoe’s shaft height is around 8.5 to 9 inches, which helps a lot if you’re faced with a medium level of snow.

  • The shoe has a removable inner lining.
  • The shoe’s outsole ensures a good grip, even on slippery surfaces.
  • The shoes have a slightly bulky design
  • The shoes are only available in black

Fit As Expected: 72%

Durability:The outsole of the shoe is very tough and durable

9. Salomon Men’s X Ultra Winter CS Waterproof 2 Hiking Boot

These shoe feature Thinsulate for a complete insulation, even if you spend the whole day in frosty cold. The contagrip technology in the shoe’s outsole provides a good level of traction for basically any kind of surface whether you’re running or walking.

These boots were manufactured with the advanced Contagrip technology that provides the outsole the high traction on the slippery or wet surfaces, helps to make it safe and stable for you when walking, or running on the icy roads.

The shoe also has an advanced chassis that helps it remain tough on the outside and comfortable on the inside.

  • The shoe’s full-grain upper is waterproof.
  • The shoe keeps your feet very warm and dry.
  • The shoes are only available in black.

Fit As Expected: 88%

Durability:The shoe’s advanced Contagrip technology helps its durability

10. Icebug Men’s Jokk BUGrip Boot

For the price, these shoes are worth the greens. They have a -20°F rating, guaranteeing that your feet will be continually kept warm even in harsh weather.

Lightweight and comfortable is the hallmark of these shoes, and the carbide-tipped studs of the shoe is such that you do not have to worry about the loss of traction

  • The shoe’s outsole has 16 studs that aid traction
  • The shoe features a side zipper that makes it easy to wear.
  • The shoe can sometimes run large.

Fit As Expected: 79%

Durability: The temperature rating of the shoe means it can last long even in extreme conditions.

What Kinds of Soles are Best for Walking on Ice?

Shoes or boots with anti-slip rubber outsoles are generally the best for this. Footwears that tend to be used in hiking or climbing are perfect to go for when it’s frosty and icy due to their grippy high-traction outsoles.

Wearing Socks in Winter Shoes, Is It Advisable?

Absolutely. We advise wearing at least one pair of thick socks to go with your shoes for walking on ice and snow. This way, you’d have the extra warmth and cushion provided by these socks, and at the same time ensure that your bare feet rub directly on the shoes.

How Tall can my Shoes for Walking on Snow Be?

This is determined by how deep the snow you plan to go through is. For a few inches of snow, hiking boots are a great pick. For heavy snowfall, mid-top boots or high-top boots would make better choices.

These shoes for walking on ice not only help you to stand above a snow dump but they also feature a fastener that can tighten the shaft around your leg to keep snow and other elements out.

Conclusion & Final Thoughts

Getting the right shoes for wearing on ice and snow doesn’t have to be a difficult choice, but you do have to be measured and make a choice that suits you carefully.

Our review of these ten shoes was written with that in mind, and we trust that you’ll have made the right decision on what shoes you want to get for the coming winter.