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10 Best Men’s Walking Shoes for Rainy Weather

Our normal shoes may be stylish and fun to wear, but when it comes to dealing with the elements, especially the rain, you’d better be wearing one of the best shoes for rainy weather. That’s right, not even average shoes for rainy weather will do, no, not for you. For you, only the best will do.

This is why we have scoured the net, stores and even our personal footwear collection to give you a list of the best waterproof walking shoes for rainy weather.

Our list contains 10 high-performance products that we are sure will cater to your needs as you go in search of the best shoes for walking in the rain. But before you check out the list, we’d like to let you know a few key things.

The Usefulness of Shoes for Rainy Weather

Prevention of Blisters: If your feet are too wet, especially when you are walking, you can have blisters because your skin will be more vulnerable to abrasions. The human skin is more prone to damage when it is wet than when it is warm and dry.

Keeping your feet warm and dry is one of the usefulness of wearing good shoes for rainy weather.

Slip Resistance: Strong, sturdy rubber soles that have grip and traction with good resistance to slipping are what the best rainy weather shoes are all about.

Comfort and Confidence: Generally, the best shoes for rainy weather usually have extra lining and seams that give more comfort. Also, their uppers are usually breathable and breathable uppers mean dry feet.

Protection from Foot Infection: Foot infection is usually caused by fungi capitalizing on wetness between the feet, as wet environments are ideal for their growth. In fact, if care isn’t taken, you can have trench foot, a foot condition caused by prolonged wetness. Good shoes for rainy weather wouldn’t cause this, as they are designed to keep water out.

Now that we are done with this, we want you to know the features to look out for when buying waterproof shoes for rainy weather.

Important & Key Features of the Best Walking Shoes for Rainy Weather

1. Waterproof upper: This is a very valuable part of any shoe for rainy weather that will serve you well. The upper has to be waterproof so water wouldn’t leak inside your shoe and cause you to be uncomfortable, not to mention at risk of fungal foot infections.

2. Thick Rubber Soles: These are useful for traction and gripping and slip resistance. Also, rubber is generally waterproof so that’s also a plus.

3. Lining thickness: A good shoe for rainy weather will have extra cushioning in the lining of the shoes to keep you comfortable in your shoes all day. You can find out about the lining by pressing on the inside of the shoes with your fingers.

4. Extra Seams: The best shoes for rainy weather have extra seams in their tongues. This is because the tongues are sewn differently as they must be a snugger fit.

Top 10 Best Walking Shoes for Rainy Weather

1. Timberland White Ledge

These shoes are one of the best selections of good shoes for rainy weather you can buy. The shoes have EVA midsoles which give you even better comfort when wearing them.

As per Timberland’s excellence, the upper is made with 100% leather that molds to the shape of your feet as wear the shoe. The leather upper is also waterproof and the laces of the shoe have rustproof hardware with hooks that ensure secure lacing placed at the top.

The toe box of the shoe provides enough space and wiggle room for your toes, and the width of the shoe is more often than not true to its size. The arch support is neutral.

Though the shoe was specifically made for hiking, it can also function for you as one of the best shoes for rainy weather because of the traction and slip resistance it offers because of the multidirectional lugs in its thick rubber outsole.


  • The shoes are very well priced.
  • The shoes offer comfort and reduce irritation for those with sensitive feet with its seamless construction.
  • Very little break-in time needed.


  • The rivets for the eyelets are sometimes not well fixed on, requiring glue to repair.

Fit as expected: 87%

2. Rockport Storm Surge Sneaker

These shoes are not just designed to be great shoes for rainy weather, they are also designed to be very comfortable shoes for walking in the rain, with the custom EVA footbed that ensures the shoes fit your feet like they were made for it.

These shoes have biomechanically designed outsoles that ensure that all your natural feet movements are supported.

Also, the shoes have a custom waterproof insole to keep the wet out and keep the comfort in. The shoes are fairly slip-resistant and offer some resistance, thanks to the rubber soles of the shoes.

The shoes are made from 100% leather and feature Hydro-shield waterproof protection. The collars are padded, ensuring maximum comfort for your feet regardless of the weather.

The shoes have a wide range of shoe sizes according to width, including wide and extra wide to cater for those with wide feet. They also offer narrow shoes for those who need it.


  • Very easy to clean.
  • The insoles are removable in case you want to insert yours.
  • The shoes are quite lightweight with stylish leather.
  • The shoe is good for long-distance running.


  • The upper is not really breathable.
  • The thread in the sole may wear out a bit too easily.
  • The shoes may take a while to break in.

Fit as expected: 80%

3. Merrel Jungle Moc Nubuck

Sporting 3mm lugs in a thick rubber sole, the Merrel Jungle Moc Nubuck is another shoe that is highly suited for use in the rainy season. Made out of synthetic leather, this shoe offers superior grip because of the M SELECT Grip technology that ensures the outsoles have a high slip resistance.

With a heel that measures about 1.5″, the cushioning helps to absorb the impact of running/walking and reduce stress on your legs.

The upper of the shoe is made with breathable mesh and the shoe also has the M SELECT Dry technology that keeps water out and keeps you dry when you’re on the move.

The shoe also has a padded collar with mesh lining to completely seal out water and make sure your feet dry and comfy.


  • The shoe has organic odor control that prevents your feet from smelling.
  • Soles offer top-class traction
  • The shoes are low maintenance.


  • Tends to run small
  • Solelugs might be uneven and make walking a bit wobbly.

Fit as expected: 79%

4. New Balance MW 1400v1

The midsole of this shoe is made with the EVA midsole and it has a special compression that makes it very well cushioned. The upper of the shoe is waterproof and the shoes have a Thinsulate lining to keep your feet warm.

The heel of the shoe, just like the midsole, is very well cushioned and it makes this shoe perfect for people who spend a huge chunk of their day on their feet.

The shoe has the New Balance’s ROLLBAR technology that keeps your rear foot and midfoot stable whilst walking.

The design of the shoe means premium ankle protection is on offer and the toe box of the boot is quite roomy.

The shoe’s support ensures that people with foot pain such as plantar fasciitis can wear it and feel a good level of relief.


  • The shoe is very comfortable to wear all day.
  • Thinsulate lining for extra warmth.
  • The shoe generally comes true to size.


  • May run wide.
  • The shoelaces may be short.

Fit as expected: 76%

5. Adidas Outdoor Terrex Voyager CW CP

Made from a combination of textile and synthetic materials, these shoes have the Adidas trademark Climaproof membrane used to construct their uppers to provide premium waterproof protection from the elements.

The midsole of the shoe is the EVA midsole and coupled with a stealth outsole that grips nearly any surface, the shoe is both comfortable wear and a confident one.

The upper of the shoe is abrasion resistant and the shoe’s shaft goes from mid-top to the arch.


  • The toe box is not narrow.
  • Grippy rubber sole that grips near wetness surface, wet or dry.
  • The shoe is really lightweight.
  • The shoes have an extremely good fit.


  • The insole liners are not the best and may need to be replaced for better comfort.
  • You may need a bit of time for breaking in.

Fit as expected: 100%

6. Sperry Avenue Top-Sider Duck Boot

Made with leather and fitted with a rubber sole, this boot is one of the best shoes for rainy weather.

The shoe is constructed with sealed seams to ensure that your feet are kept dry as much as possible. Very comfortable and functional especially because of the leather upper. It offers wide width for people who are flat-footed.

The leather upper is water-resistant and stain-resistant. The footbed material is memory foam and it has linings that are designed to keep your feet warm.

The shoe’s shaft is about 6.8″-7.2″ from the arch and the rubber lugs in the outsole are designed with the trademark molded Wave-Siping technology that ensures traction on nearly all surfaces, wetness or dryness inconsequential.


  • Keeps feet warm even in cold temperatures.
  • Very lightweight.
  • Little to no breaking in time needed.


  • The shoes may run wide and sizes large.
  • The arch is high and may be uncomfortable for some wearers.
  • May be slippery on wet, smooth surfaces.

Fit as expected: 74%

7. UGG Zetik Rain Boot

These shoes are made with leather and rubber, with the leather coming from Australian dyed sheep fur. The shoe has a rubber sole and the shaft is ankle-high from the arch.

The shoe shave side insoles and very soft insoles that combine to wrap your feet in warm softness and are very easy to clean.

The sheepskin leather is waterproof and sealed with seams to keep you from having wet feet because it is raining. The shoe has  UGG pure wool insole that keeps your feet warm and comfortable.


  • Breaking in is nearly immediate.
  • Very light shoes
  • The shoes have good traction on nearly all surfaces
  • Provide good insulation to cold so your feet can be kept warm.


  • The shoes are not available in wide width.

Fit as expected: 80%

8. Bogs Tillamook Bay Slip-on

These shoes are made exclusively with rubber and are insulated. The shoe is very durable with its intensely waterproof design, a neoprene liner that’s breathable and also pulls on tabs around the shoe’s shaft.

The shoe is very comfortable, withstanding the elements whilst keeping your feet warm and insulated at temperatures of -40°F. The outsole of the shoe is made with high abrasion rubber and is lugged to give you a serious amount of grip and provide a stiff resistance to slipping.

The shoe also has a special sock liner that prevents fungi from settling in the shoe and also prevents your feet from smelling.


  • The shoe has an odor-resistant sock liner.
  • The shoe has flexible neotech insulation.
  • Good shoes for winter because of the special insulation capacity.
  • Soles have really good traction.
  • Very easy to clean.


  • It takes a while to break in.
  • The shoes may not be suitable for people with wide feet.

Fit as expected: 77%

9. Adidas Outdoor Terrex Tracerocker GTX

These shoes are made from fabric and synthetic materials and have a rubber sole. The special liner of the shoe, Gore-Tex, is breathable and is also waterproof.

The shoe’s rubber outsole is high abrasion and this gives it really good traction on nearly all surfaces.

The midsole of the shoe is EVA and has added cushioning to help with the absorption of impact due to walking.

The shaft of the shoes goes from low to top from the arch of the shoes.

The shoes also go beyond just being among the best shoes for rainy weather to also being a shoe that helps with knee and back pain because of the stability in the sole.


  • Though the shoe is primarily for trail walking, it is very lightweight and has great traction.
  • Shoes are really versatile, can be construction shoes one moment then office shoes the next.
  • The shoes are very cushioned.


  • Arch support is not so good.

Fit as expected: 80%

10. Kamik Larslo

These ankle boots are made of 100% rubber with a vulcanized build that helps it do a great job of keeping the water away.

They also do an excellent job of protecting your ankles while outdoors in the garden or anywhere else. They have excellently sturdy soles that keep your feet protected and balance your stance.

Their rubber soles are water-resistant with the shaft measuring six inches from the boot’s arch. Its flexible fabric above ankles makes some room for breathability that is not common in rubber boots.

Their Niterays reflective binding is a thoughtful addition in their design that is great for dusk and after dark periods.

They have a light lining in their insides and come with a reinforced shank that helps support the feet in wet weather as well as provide wonderful torsion control.

These shoes are comfortable and great for outdoor work, 100% waterproof design keeping your feet dry all day.

Highly durable shoes that are easy to clean simply with water and a soft cloth. We all love easy maintenance.


  • They are affordable and come in different sizes ranges.
  • They are easy to pop on and off.


  • These shoes may run a little narrow in their width.

Fit As Expected: 70%

What’s Best for Rainy Weather, Shoes or Boots?

This depends on your choice and how much you can afford for the footwear. Boots will keep you warmer and generally protect your ankles when you are going into the garden, but shoes may be a better fit if you’re going for formal work.

Also, talking about price, boots are usually more expensive than shoes, so that’s also something to consider. Both boots and shoes, however, will do a great job of helping you walk without a bother in the rainy times.

Can Rain Ruin Your Suede?

Generally, yes, even if the suede is used as the upper for a shoe for rainy weather. Suede doesn’t mix well with water, and prolonged exposure to water, even as the upper to a waterproof shoe would damage it.

Are All Rain Shoes Heavyweight?

Yes and No.

Yes, because generally, rain shoes tend to he heavier than normal shoes, because of the increased lppother additions that are absent in normal shoes.

No, because even though rain shoes are heavier than normal shoes, rain shoes are lightweight when you consider the additional materials and construction they have.


In the rain, you can always trust durable rubber shoes to support your feet. There is no more need to dread walking in the rain because of your feet getting wet. Every season of the year is unique after all, and each one deserves its own type of shoes.

Don’t let the next rainy season meet you unprepared. Get any of these best shoes for walking in the rainy season that we have reviewed and rid yourself of any more concerns for the rainy days.

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