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Best Suede Protector Shoes

When it comes to shoes, suede can be tough to maintain. It’s a delicate fabric that scuffs and stains easily, so you need the right footwear to keep your shoes looking nice for longer. Luckily, new shoe brands offer specially designed suede protector shoes; these provide both superior protection and style and comfort!

In this blog post, we’ll review some of our top picks for the best suede protector shoes – perfect for anyone who wants to prolong their shoe life and look great. By knowing which pairs provide superior protection and how to maintain them over time, you can get ready to take steps confidently!

Best Suede Protector Shoes

Our Top 5 Picks for Best Suede Protector Shoes

1. Nano Leather and Suede Protection Waterproof Coating for Boots

Keep your leather and suede boots looking like new with the Nano Leather and Suede Protection Waterproof Coating! The Nano Tech formula is made from Pure Nano Particles, creating a barrier that blocks liquid and stains from penetrating your boots. You can now go out in any weather, confident that your boots are protected. In addition, the nano-coating doesn’t affect the material’s breathability or change its color or texture, guaranteeing all the benefits of waterproof protection without any inconveniences.

Don’t trust just anyone to protect your favorite boots – trust the newest innovation in protective technology, specifically designed to keep leather and suede looking beautiful season after season. Get the ultimate protection for your leather and suede boots with this Nano Leather and Suede Protection Waterproof Coating! This product provides excellent protection and maintains breathability, keeping the look and lifespan of your boots intact, meaning that every step you take in them will be comfortable and stylish!

Unlike other leather coatings, this waterproof coating creates a barrier around the suede that minimizes seepage while protecting it from dirt, liquids, and other elements. Plus, it’s simple to apply – just spray on evenly to the inside or outside of your shoes, finish with a brush or cloth to ensure even coverage, then let it dry; you’ll have excellent protection with minimal effort! So whether walking in rain or snow, this unique nano protection will keep your feet and boots safe.


  • Made from Pure Nano Particles
  • Blocks liquid and stains from penetrating boots
  • Doesn’t affect the breathability or color of the material
  • Creates a barrier that prevents seepage
  • Protects against dirt, liquids, and UV rays
  • Have excellent protection with minimal effort


  • Not oil resistant

2. The Protector Water and Stain Fabric Guard Repellent Spray

The Protector Water and Stain Fabric Guard Repellent Spray is the perfect solution for all of your fabric protection needs. With its highly advanced lab-tested formula, this premium spray uses nanotechnology to create a long-lasting waterproof barrier that prevents water and stains from damaging your fabrics. Developed by the experts at The Original Shoe Cleaner, you can trust that this fabric guard has been tried and tested for effectiveness.

Perfect for all types of fabrics, including canvas, leather, suede, and more, protecting your investment in clothing and home decor has never been easier. With just a few simple sprays of The Protector fabric guard spray, you can enjoy effortless stain prevention and protection that lasts up to one year! So say goodbye to tedious spot cleaning and experience total peace of mind when it comes to protecting your clothes and furniture from spills and everyday messes.

This incredible protective guard guards against daily elements, such as water, coffee, tea, juice, dirt, oil, alcohol, etc., all while maintaining the breathability of your fabrics. Whether you’re looking for leather or canvas protection for your shoes, jackets, or other items made of nylon and polyester susceptible to spills and stains, this water and stain protector is the perfect product for you! 

The durable guards guarantee waterproof protection to keep your items looking brand new without compromising flexibility. Its unique formula makes it easy to use with no mess. Plus, it dries quickly and doesn’t leave a sticky residue behind like many other repellents do, making it truly hassle-free! Keep shoes safe from pesky rain showers or spills while also avoiding having to make frequent replacements due to irreversible damage with The Protector Water and Stain Fabric Guard Repellent Spray!


  • Protects all fabrics from water and stains
  • Lab-tested formula for superior protection
  • Long-lasting waterproof barrier lasts up to one year
  • Breathable fabric allows for comfortable wear
  • Easy to use with no mess or sticky residue left behind.
  • Unique formula guards against fading and discoloration from the sun.


  • Not enough spray amount

3. Cadillac Select Premium Water Repellent & Stain Protector Spray

Start defending your footwear with Cadillac Select Premium Water Repellent & Stain Protector Spray! This spray is scientifically formulated to protect against water, dirt, oil, and more stains. Simply spritz the solution onto your favorite pair of shoes or boots to create an ultra-protective barrier that repels water from passing through the material. This protective coating will help keep your feet dry while walking in any condition – no matter rain or snow! This repellent can also be applied to furniture, jackets, bags, and other outdoor activities like camping and fishing.

Using time-tested technology, Cadillac Select is designed to form an invisible coating that repels water and intruding fluids and allows them to breathe. Unlike other products on the market, this protector spray is silicone-free, so it won’t suffocate your material and reduce its lifespan. And this exclusive formula dries faster than ever and won’t leave a greasy residue behind. 

Protect your fabrics from the elements and give them a longer life with Cadillac Select Premium Water Repellent & Stain Protector Spray! Once applied, you won’t worry about long-term staining, discoloration, or fabric decay. Whether you’re dealing with leather, suede, nubuck, nylon, polyester, canvas, synthetics, or any other fabric type, this repellent and protector spray will keep them looking good as new. In addition, it offers long-lasting protection that’s essential to keep your favorite items in pristine condition!


  • Provides instant protection against water, dirt, and oil
  • Silicon-free formula won’t suffocate the material
  • Creates an invisible coating to repel moisture
  • Dries fast without leaving a greasy residue behind
  • Protects all fabric types from staining and discoloration
  • Long-lasting protection that keeps items in pristine condition.


  • Not durable enough

4. Gear Aid Revivex Suede and Fabric Boot Care Kit

Stay one step ahead of wear, tear, and the elements with this comprehensive care and protection kit for suede, nubuck, canvas, and GORE-TEX boots. With the right combination of cleaners, conditioners, and protectors, this kit ensures that your boots stay looking new and keep performing their best. For example, the concentrated suede cleaner removes dirt, grime, oil, and water-based stains while protecting the fabric fibers. And when cleaning is done, use the water-repellent spray to protect your valuable footwear from water and rain damage.

Safely restore color to faded fabric with the Eco-Friendly Dye Revive tinted fabric cleaner that’s fast drying, easy to apply, and protects against UV Rays. From muddy trails to walking downtown, you can extend the life of your favorite pair of shoes for years with just a few easy steps. This kit includes a water-repellent spray to protect against water damage and keep your feet cool and dry during long walks. It also includes a suede cleaner to tackle tougher dirt and grime, a brush for cleaning on the go, and an eraser for lifting even the most stubborn dirt from your fabric shoes.

This kit has a water-repellent spray, suede cleaner, boot brush, and eraser to eliminate scuffs and stains. The spray helps repel water to keep your boots looking great, even in wet conditions. Use the included suede cleaner to remove dirt, mud, oil, or salt. The boot brush is perfect for restoring napped materials like suede or smooth finish leather. To finish off the job and give your boots a professional touch, use the eraser to buff out any stubborn scuffs or stains. With the Revivex Suede and Fabric Boot Care Kit, it’s never been easier to protect your investment!


  • Comprehensive care and protection kit for suede, nubuck, canvas, and GORE-TEX boot
  • Includes a water-repellent spray to protect against water damage
  • Suede cleaner removes dirt, grime, oil, and water-based stains
  • Eco-Friendly Dye Revive tinted fabric cleaner restores color
  • Boot brush is perfect for restoring napped materials like suede or smooth finish leather
  • Eraser to buff out any stubborn scuffs and stains.


  • May stiffens suede boots

5. RED MOOSE Waterproof Spray for Shoes and Boots

When it comes to protecting your favorite shoes and boots, Red Moose Waterproof Spray is a perfect choice. This waterproof stain spray keeps year-round protection for leather boots, sneakers, dress shoes, and any other pieces of footwear in your collection. Protect yourself from all those pesky water spots and oil spills with the help of the advanced formula. Enhance your shoes’ longevity and beauty without sacrificing your style.

Red Moose is a great way to safeguard against stains, sweat, oils, grease, salt stains, coffee drips, and other liquids commonly encountered inside or outside. The compact size also allows you to easily carry it wherever you go – whether out into nature or onto a crowded street. In addition, it only takes a few simple steps to apply: shake the bottle vigorously before spraying an even layer of product on the surfaces you want to protect; allow one minute for Red Moose to penetrate deeply into the material while repelling moisture and simply wipe away any excess liquid once done.

This waterproofing spray creates a strong, reliable barrier around your shoes and boots that outsiders lack the power to penetrate. Whether you’re stepping through rain puddles on damp mornings or splashing through small streams, Red Moose keeps you warm and dry every time. Don’t let wet weather slow down your stride — let Red moose keep everything in its place! Invest in this product today and enjoy the confidence of wearing fully waterproof shoes and boots from now on. Offering Durability and limitless protection with just one application every few months, Red Moose Waterproof Spray ensures optimal coverage for all manner of shoes each season.


  • Excellent protection from rain, snow, and other liquids
  • Easy to apply with just one layer of spray
  • Compact size for portability
  • Provides long-lasting and reliable waterproofing
  • Protects leather materials from stains and oils
  • Suitable for all types of shoes and boots.


  • Not waterproof enough

Few Things to Consider When Buying the Best Suede Protector Shoes:

1. Look for Waterproofing:

Look for shoes with waterproofing technology incorporated into the design to keep your feet dry and protected from the elements. If the shoes are not waterproof, they won’t be able to keep your feet dry and comfortable for extended periods.

Shoes With Waterproofing 
Technology Incorporated

2. Choose Breathable Fabrics:

Choose breathable fabrics such as mesh or synthetic leather that will allow air to flow through the material and help regulate temperature. This will ensure your feet stay cool and comfortable no matter what the weather throws at you. On the other hand, if your feet get too hot, you may be more prone to blisters and other discomforts.

3. Consider Durability:

Look for shoes that are made from durable materials like leather or suede that will last for years of wear and tear. Good quality shoes should also have a sturdy sole with good traction for all types of terrains.

Shoes That Are Made 
From Durable Materials

4. Choose the Right Fit:

Make sure you buy shoes that fit your feet properly, as this will help to prevent blisters and other discomforts caused by ill-fitting footwear. It would be best to consider whether you want a snug or a roomy fit depending on how much freedom of movement you need. If your shoes are too tight or too loose, you may be more likely to suffer from foot discomfort during exercise. Consider a half size up if you tend to have wide feet, and make sure there’s enough room for your toes in the toe box.

5. Opt for a Non-slip Outsole:

The best suede protector shoes should have a non-slip outsole to provide maximum grip and stability on slippery or wet surfaces. This will ensure your feet stay firmly planted on the ground no matter how active you are. In addition, you can look for a rubber outsole that is designed with specific tread patterns or grooves to help ensure your grip and prevent slips and falls. This will also provide extra protection in wet weather and help you stay safe. Additionally, choose soles made from natural materials like leather or cork to minimize the risk of slipping.

6. Breathability.

Make sure that your shoes are breathable so your feet won’t overheat in warm weather and stay comfortable all day long. If the suede protector shoes are made of a breathable fabric such as mesh, they’ll keep your feet cool and dry when the temperatures rise. They might also feature perforated panels for extra ventilation, so you won’t have to worry about sweaty feet or uncomfortable temperatures. Additionally, look for pairs with moisture-wicking linings that draw sweat away from your skin, so you can stay dry even when you’re on the go.

Shoes Are Breathable So 
Your Feet Won't Overheat

7. Style:

The best suede protector shoes should also be stylish so you can stay on-trend while still enjoying their protection. Look for classic, timeless designs in soft or neutral colors to help you blend in with any outfit. You can also opt for prints, patterns, or bright colors to make a statement if that’s more your style. Whatever you decide, make sure that the shoes are comfortable and supportive of keeping your feet happy all day long.

By following these tips and considering all of these factors, you can find the perfect pair of suede protector shoes that will suit your style and practical needs. With the right pair of shoes, you can keep your feet dry and comfortable no matter the weather.

How Do You Protect Suede Naturally?

The best way to protect your suede naturally is by using natural products and techniques.

First, use a soft-bristled brush or a damp cloth to clean the dirt from the fabric. This will help to prevent any stains or damage from occurring to the material. Next, use an extra-mild soap or a leather conditioner to help keep the material soft and supple.

If there are any scuffs or scratches, you can use a rubbing alcohol-based cleaner to help remove them. Finally, use an all-natural waterproofing spray on your shoes to protect them from water and other liquids. This will create a barrier that prevents liquids from seeping into the fabric and damaging it. With a bit of care, you can ensure that your suede shoes remain looking their best for years to come!

You Can Use a Rubbing 
Alcohol-based Cleaner


The Protector Water and Stain Fabric Guard Repellent Spray is our top pick for finding the best shoe protector suede. This spray protects your shoes from water and stains and repels dirt, lint, and dust. In addition, it’s easy to apply and dries quickly, so you can enjoy your favorite pair of suede shoes for years to come.

Thanks for reading, and we hope this post helped you find the best suede protector shoes! So, if you’re looking for a product to help keep your suede shoes in pristine condition, we recommend The Protector Water and Stain Fabric Guard Repellent Spray.