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How to Shorten Shoelaces without Cutting (Tie Long Shoelaces)

Do you have a perfectly lovely pair of shoes with long shoelaces? Long shoelaces can be extremely annoying. They can also be clumsy and can cause you to fall. If you don’t want to cut your long shoelaces, it can be bothersome thinking of exactly what to do about them.

How can you shorten shoelaces without cutting? If you don’t want to cut your shoelaces, you can shorten them by doing them in a special kind of knot. There are knots that use up more shoelaces than normal. If you find the knot too difficult to handle, there are other ways to go about it.

Can Shoelaces Be Shortened?

Shortening shoelaces is possible for any type of shoe that you buy. Shoes usually arrive with laces that have many more extra inches than you actually require. To shorten them, here are methods you can follow.

1. Use a Special Knot

A special knot for your laces can help shorten the length. Special knots were invented, not just for decorative purposes but also to use up the length of shoelaces creatively and make a win-win situation. One common kind of knot that can help you achieve this is called the Ian knot.

To do the Ian knot, start the lacing normally, the way you would if you were tying a traditional knot. Make a loop out of both laces by doubling them over at the same time. Use both hands.

Twist the loops in an anticlockwise direction and then cross them through. Use each hand to grab opposite loops. Pull the loops loose to make a nice bow and then pull them again to make them tight.

From the description, you can see that the Ian knot will use up a lot of your shoelaces and by the time you’re done, they’ll be just the perfect length.

2. Cut them to Size

This is an easy way out. It’s one of the methods that can make things faster for you. All you have to do here is to cut the knots into the length that you prefer. We discussed how to know your perfect shoelace size below.

Once you have cut your shoelaces as you desire, you can then fix up the ends so that they will not begin to fray. Any of these quick tricks will fix up the aglets nicely:

  • Burn or Melt the Ends: Use a candlestick to burn the ends of the shoelaces. The thread or nylon will come together nicely and form a solid end. You should wear gardening gloves while doing this to prevent your fingers from getting hurt.
  • Apply Glue: You can use glue that doesn’t set easily to mould the ends of the shoelaces and leave to dry. You’ll have glue aglets at the end of the day.
  • Use Clear Nail Polish: You can also put layers of clear nail polish at the end of the shoelaces and leave to dry.

3. Tuck them inside the Shoes

If you don’t want to resize your shoelaces or use a special knot to shorten them, there’s another easy way out. Simply tie your shoelaces and tuck in the excess into your shoes.

4. Fold the Laces in Half

You can fold the entire length of your shoelaces in half and then use that length to lace up your shoe. This is a rather efficient way of shortening your shoelaces without cutting them.

5. Run Your Laces through your Shoes’ Highest eyelets Twice

Lace-up your shoe normally. When you get to the highest eyelet, run your laces through twice or as many times as you need to shorten its length.

This method only works if your shoelaces are thin and the eyelets are wide. You can even decide to do this double looping twice for every eyelet.

6. Replace the Shoelaces

Or you could just replace your shoelaces. Remove the ones that are too long and put in those with perfect lengths.

7. Use Special Lacing Styles

Just as there are special knots to reduce the lengths of laces, there are also special lacing styles. The spider web lacing comes to mind here. It is a diagonal lacing that has its ends running straight down the sides of your shoes. It creates a firm fit and you could even ask a cobbler to do it for you.

Another one is the supernova lacing which looks like a V-design. It’s a long-lasting lace technique that involves continuous diagonal crossing.

There are other lacing styles that use up shoelaces length. They include ladder lacing, straight bar lacing, and so on.

How to Find the Correct Size for Your Shoelaces

To find the correct size for your shoelace, take one of your shoelaces that fit perfectly and measure it.

You should also note the number of eyelets that it uses before it gets tied up completely. You can use this measurement to order for your shoelaces or cut a long one to size.

Why are Shoelaces So Long?

Making shoelaces long is often a deliberate move by the shoe manufacturers. There are different reasons for this.

  • The Manufacturers are covering their bases: What does this mean? They want to ensure that your shoes are all perfect when they’re delivered. They don’t want to have to deal with returned shoes all because the shoelaces were too short. They cover their bases so they can make their sale once and for all.
  • Shoelaces come in standard lengths: Although there are custom lengths that you can order, they are more expensive. Shoe companies prefer to send out the standard lengths for every shoe and let the new owners decide what size they need.
  • Some Runners Prefer to Double-tie their Laces: There are some Runners who prefer to double-tie their shoelaces to improve its firmness. Shoe companies know this and they want the runners to be able to do that. That’s another reason why the laces come very long and you’ll have to find a way to shorten them.
  • Short Shoelaces are Worse to Deal with: Shoe manufacturers have also figured that short shoelaces are the worst problems to deal with. This is why they would rather send you long laces and let you cut to your desired length rather than send short ones.

Short shoelaces force you to tie your shoes too tightly and this can cause you pain and discomfort. It’s thus in your best interest that they make the laces long.

What Shoelaces Were Made From

Shoelaces are made from different kinds of materials, from yarn to thread, to polyester and even nylon. Depending on the type of material used to make your shoelaces, the cost varies.

Textured polyester thread: This is a common material in shoelaces. They are found on work shoes and those shoes that are made to withstand the elements, such as ice-skating shoes.

They are flat and durable, water-resistant, and don’t tangle easily. They don’t come in many colors but they’re a great bet for strong shoelaces.

Nylon: Nylon is also used to make shoelaces. The material is dirt-resistant as well as more expensive. Nylon laces are more expensive and are the most durable of all.

Cotton: This comes in different colors for shoelaces. They can be round or flat and are cheap too. Cotton shoelaces are easy to clean and maintain.

Spun Polyester: This material is more uniform and smoother to the touch.

The aglets of shoelaces can be made of metal, plastic, or thread. Aglets are the coatings at the end of shoelaces to make tying easy and prevent fraying of the places.

Benefits of Buying the Right Shoelace Size

Buying the right shoelace size or cutting your shoelaces into the right size for you will help you achieve the following:-

Avoid Tripping: Excessively long shoelaces can cause you to trip and fall. Do you work at a job where you have to be on your feet all day, such as a waitressing job? Then you can’t afford to have your shoelaces flying out of your shoes. You have lesser chances of your shoelaces coming loose if you get the right sizes.

Eliminate Clumsiness: You can take away clumsiness when you use shoelaces of the right size. Walk with an elegant gait and reduce your chances of being bothered by shoelaces that are coming off too often.

Avoid Damage to Shoelaces: Shoelaces are more likely to get damaged easily when they’re too long and you’re stepping on them as you walk. The threads will fray and you may begin to hate them.

Use the Knot You Prefer: With the right size of shoelaces, you can use the type of knot you prefer, not the one you’re forced to use. Your shoes will also be easier to tie and manage with the right sizes.

Final Note

Shoelaces seem to be a small part of the equation, but they can cause a lot of annoyance if they’re too long. Don’t let them mess you up!

If you don’t get the perfect size with your newly ordered shoes, don’t fret. Use any of the methods we have recommended above to reduce its length and you’re going to be happy about your shoelaces. It’s up to you now.