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How to Fix a Broken Heel of a Boot: Step by Step Guide

Are you very upset with your broken heels of a boot? The embarrassment that comes with a snapped or broken heel of your boots can sometimes make one go green, especially in public.

Just before you relegate your precious boots to the nearest trash bin, try to look at the repair shoe soles rubber step by step guide that answers the question of how to repair broken boot heels.

Boots are wonderful types of shoes, built especially for sturdiness, protection, foot warmth, and convenience. They usually have heels that stand out of the rest of the soles, even if both were made from the same type of material.

Whether your boots were made for work or for fashion purposes, it is important that they are well catered to and that they are convenient for your feet. Let’s see things to do to fix a broken heel of a boot.

How to Fix Boot Heel: Boot Heels Repair Guide

First of all, before the boot repair, let’s attend to your feet. If your boot heels broke while you were in motion, take care to check your foot carefully to be sure you did not twist or sprain any part of your ankle.

If you have any part of your leg that aches, for minor pain, apply some gentle pressure and ointment. If it is severe or looks suspect, make sure to see a doctor. With intact feet, you will be able to wear more of your favorite boots and shoes going forward so make sure you attend to yourself first.

Now to the question of repairing the broken heel of your boot.

Minor Damage Fix the Heel of a Boot

You need to examine the part of the boot’s heel that was damaged and determine if it was a minor or major problem. If the heel snapped only a little, follow the following steps to repair shoe soles rubber. Here is the step by step guide to fix it:-

Step 1: Gently clean out the inside of the heel where there was a minor breakage. Use a piece of thin dry cloth to scrape off the dirt that may be hiding inside the area.

Step 2: Fill up the area with a generous pour of adhesive. You can purchase a good shoe adhesive from your local cobbler or supply store. Make sure to apply a lot of the adhesive in the area to ensure a successful fixing.

Step 3: Hold the heel in place very firmly and press it down with the sole of the boot. Apply pressure on the heel to keep it in place and to ensure that it glues in very tightly.

Step 4: Leave the boot in an airy place and allow the newly glued heel to set permanently. Give it a lot of hours (at least 24 hours) before you begin to wear them again.

The Manual Fix of Boot Heels

Some broken heels do not require any glue to fix them up. If your boot heel has pins that held them in place and of which one has gone slightly out of alignment, do the following things to repair shoe soles rubber:-

Step 1: Turn the boot over and figure out the prodigal nail carefully.

Step 2: Hold the heel and push it in at once to get back in place.

Step 3: Turn the boot back on its right side and hit the heel hard but carefully on the hard floor to properly finish the re-alignment.

Step 4: If one of the pins is missing completely, purchase a similar pin at the cobbler’s shop and drive it back into the boot, hitting on its head softly with a hammer.

Before you wear the boot again, make sure to give it a hard tug to be sure that it has been fully fitted back in place. Wear it around the house first to be double sure and be careful the first time so you do not risk snapping your ankle while trying to ascertain its repair.

Major Damage Fix

This method is for when your boot’s heel has come off completely. Don’t worry, there is a solution even to this.

Step 1: Pick up the heel that has come off and cleaned off the dirt there with a dry piece of cloth both from the heel and from the sole of the boot.

Step 2: Use sandpaper to roughen up the surface of the boot from where the heel came off. The roughening will make sure that the adhesive you apply will stay on it.

Step 3: Wearing a pair of hand gloves to prevent the adhesive from sticking on to your fingers, apply the glue you purchased from the cobbler’s shop or the supply store. Let the glue sink into all of the crevices of the roughened surface and apply on to the sides of the surface as well.

Step 4: Pick up the heel that is broken, make sure it holds no sand or dirt, and carefully place it on the surface you have soaked in adhesive.

Step 5: Hold the heel firmly in place and allow the adhesive to set before letting go.

Step 6: Allow the boots at least 24 hours to dry before you check the work you have done.

And that’s it. So don’t fret anymore, just get quality shoe adhesive and get to it. Super glue only holds shoes temporarily. If you are looking for a permanent or long-term fix, you should go for the more powerful glue types.

What if the Heels of My Boots Snapped in the Middle?

In some cases, the heel has not come off the boot in the usual place where the two were originally joined. Sometimes the heel itself breaks or snaps close to the base.

If this is the situation, you are advised to simply get a new pair of shoe heels or take the shoes to the cobbler.

Can a Cobbler Fix My Broken Boot Heels?

Yes, a cobbler can. But it is very important that if you will not damage your boots even further, you must look for a professional cobbler, a person who really knows what he is doing.

Handling the heels of boots and shoes generally must be done very carefully, because the heels support a person’s weight and serious damage can be caused to one’s feet if the heels are not balanced or durable.

Shoe Repair Rubber Replacement Heels

We can add some spice to our boots by giving them entirely new heels, maybe a kind of color different from the boot’s itself or some heel style different from what came with the boot originally.

Your local cobbler will do a great job helping you make this happen, all you have to do is explain what you want and make sure you are talking to a professional.

Cobblers are able to give your boots different types of heels altogether. If the heels of your boot have been uncomfortable or if you are the fashion geek who has been dreaming of reinventing your boots, this is one big chance to get it done.

Maybe your boot heels came off by accident and now you have decided it is good riddance to the old heels, or maybe you have decided that you want some new type of stilettos or you want to make the heels shorter or higher, all of these can be done if you find the right person.

The risk with removing and replacing the entire heel all by yourself without a cobbler’s help is that you may not be able to fix it right and as such will cause damage to both the boots and your legs when you wear them.

You may not be able to achieve the right balance for the heels or may even pick up the wrongly-fitted heels. So, bypass the cobbler only if the repairs required are largely minor.

A Final Word on How to Fix Boot Heels

Never toss out your precious shoes just because of the broken heels, because there’s a whole lot of transformation you can do to the shoes to make them look as good as new.

In caring for your shoes and your own safety when you wear them, make sure your boots always have their slip-resistant rubber in place for protection especially when you walk on smooth concrete or tiles. A fall from an errant heel is not something to look forward to so let’s prevent it much, shall we?

Make sure you use the right boots for the right purposes. Boots come in different designs for different uses. There are those meant for use at work for protection purposes and some are used for fashion. Using the right boots for the right use helps to prolong the life of your boots.

Always choose the right sized boots for yourself. Ensure that you feel balanced in your boots when you wear them. Make sure they are not too tight nor too loose because then and only then will you thoroughly enjoy wearing them.

Finally, since you love shoes as much as we love them, why not get yourself a shoe repair DIY kit? This will save you a lot of stress and all you have to do is save our site for reference any time you need to find something on shoes because we will always have ideas for you.

Good luck with fixing your boots.

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