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How to Wash Stride Rite Shoes

When it comes to taking care of your Stride Rite shoes, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. In this post, we’ll outline the best way to wash them and how to make sure they last for as long as possible. So, if you’re looking for tips on how to wash stride rite shoes, read on!

Many people avoid washing their stride rite shoes because they’re scared of ruining them. And, if you don’t know what you’re doing, that’s an entirely understandable fear. Luckily, though, cleaning your Stride Rite shoes is pretty simple!

How to Wash Stride Rite Shoes

Things You’ll Need

  • Dry Brush
  • A Bristle Brush
  • A Clean Towel
  • Soap & water in a bucket

A Step by Step Guide on How to Wash Stride Rite Shoes

Step 1: Clean Shoe Using Dry Brush

Before washing, gently brush away any dirt or debris that may be trapped in the creases of your shoes. Using a dry brush will help to ensure that all visible dirt is removed before you begin.

The exact process varies depending on the material your shoes are made from. For leather, use short, gentle strokes with bristles facing downwards towards the shoe while using long upwards motions for mesh materials.

Step 2: Prepare Water & Soap Solution

Fill a bucket with warm soapy water (mixing 1/2 cup of soap into a gallon of water) and soak each shoe for 10-15 minutes to loosen caked-on grime and dirt.

We recommend leaving them in overnight if they’re filthy.  After washing, use a bristle brush to gently scrub the material, being extra careful not to damage any of the shoe’s seams or laces.

Step 3: Hand Wash & Rinse

Once you have removed all of the visible dirt, use a hose to thoroughly rinse each shoe by spraying directly at the shoe’s base. It’s essential to avoid getting water trapped in the shoe’s seams or holes as this can lead to mildew growth, making your shoes smell awful.

 Washing the Shoes by Water

Instead, aim the nozzle above the material and direct it below. Hang shoes upside down with laces loosened to allow any remaining water to drain away before they’re dehydrated.

Step 4: Hand Wash the Laces

After removing the laces, gently scrub them using a bristle brush. This will help remove any grime trapped in between the fabric’s fibers, especially if your shoes are worn frequently.

Step 5: Wash the Soles

Gently scrub the rubber soles using a bristle brush to remove any caked-on dirt or debris. Doing so will also allow you to clean off any hard-to-get areas that may have been missed during your initial pre-washing preparations. Afterward, rinse the soles with water and soap solution before allowing them to air dry.

Step 6: Wash and Blot the Uppers

Once the soles have dried, place both shoes upside down to allow any remaining water droplets to drain out. Afterward, turn them right side up and gently blot away excess moisture using a clean cloth or towel. Finally, gently place both shoes on a sturdy surface and use a bristle brush to scrub any excess dirt or stains gently.

Step 7: Allow Them to Air Dry Overnight

Once you’ve finished washing, allow your shoes to air dry overnight inside out on top of a clean towel. This will help to ensure any remaining moisture is removed before wearing them again. Please do not place the shoes in front of a fan or heater that could damage the material, and avoid placing them somewhere warm as this may cause them to shrink.

Drying Shoe at Sunlight

Step 8: Enjoy How Good Your Shoes Look!

After all the hard work is complete, it’ll be worth your time once you see how great your Stride Rite shoes look now that they’re brand-spankin new again. It’s just another way we’re helping parents everywhere give their children quality footwear without breaking the bank. Happy washing!


  • We recommend washing once per month for most adults and every week for children who wear these dress shoes daily.
  • Don’t forget to clean the insoles as well!
  • If they’re particularly dirty or smelly, try placing them in a large basin filled with water and allowing them to soak overnight before scrubbing away any grime using either a bristle brush or an old toothbrush. This can also help remove stubborn stains and odors that won’t go away.

If you want to keep your shoes looking new, avoid getting them wet whenever possible by wearing waterproof shoe protectors available at most major retailers. These will help repel water and other liquids before they reach the material itself.


Now that you know how to wash Stride Rite shoes, your little ones can look their best even when they get a little dirty. Check out our other shoe-care tips for more information on keeping your kiddos’ feet happy and healthy.

And as always, if you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re always here to help!