How to Waterproof Suede Boots

Many people love suede boots because they are elegant, comfortable, and can be worn with just about anything. But the one problem that many people have is how to waterproof suede boots. We will discuss some ways to protect your suede boots so you don't have to worry about them anymore!

What are Suede Boots

Suede is a material that has soft, flat hair on one side and smooth leather on the other. This material is used to make shoes, purses, and other accessories.

How to Waterproof Suede Boots

What Causes Suede Boots to be Wet

Shoes can become wet due to rain or snow, which can cause them to deteriorate faster than normal since they're made of natural materials instead of synthetics. Even if you don't get your shoes wet outside, it's still possible for sweat from the feet inside the shoe to make suede boots damp over time!

How To Waterproof Suede Boots

There are many ways to waterproof suede boots and shoes. One way is by using a sealant, which helps keep the suede fabric from absorbing water in wet conditions.

  • Wash the suede boots with soap and water.
  • Let them dry completely before moving on to their next treatment.
  • Apply a waterproofer or protector spray (waterproofing will last longer than just using a protector). You can find these at your local shoe repair store, where they also sell sprays for shoes made from rubber, vinyl, leather, and more. These are not expensive so you may want to pick up one for all of your booties in case any of them have become scuffed or scratched in the future.
  • Be sure that it is safe to use on suedes if this product recommends against it! Spray about six inches away from the garment, wait 15 minutes before proceeding onto coat with sealant over your suede.
  • Make sure to allow your shoes to dry for several hours before wearing them or storing them away in a bag.
Suede Boots

Common Mistakes

This two method should be enough. For white stitching, you only need method one. But you can use a wax pencil if you want. For colored stitching first, apply bleach pen then after polishing apply wax pencil.


    Suedes are delicate and easily damaged by water, so be sure that they are completely dry before spraying any waterproofing product over the top of it!

    You will need an hour minimum after washing your boots with soap and water followed by letting them air out on a towel in order to ensure there is no dampness left from condensation before applying sealant spray/waterproofer over your entire bootie.


    Be careful not to use too much when you're spraying the garment, as this will cause the suede to become stiff and brittle.


    It's best not to use a cleaning product that has harsh chemicals in it, such as benzene, acetone or ammonia on your suede boots. These products can remove the natural oils from your shoes which may lead to irreversible damage.

    "Waterproofing is an essential part of caring for any type of shoe because they all have leather parts that are susceptible to water damage. The more you try to protect them by applying waterproof sprays or coats over them, the longer they will last!"

    Use Waterproof Rain Covers for Shoes

    Waterproof shoes are a great thing to have when it's pouring outside because you don't have to worry about your feet getting soaked. The rain will just run off them easy and that'll be the end of it. You can buy waterproof boots for really good prices if not a pair already in your closet, too!

    If you're looking for an affordable way to protect suede boots from scuffing or get some new kicks at the same time, there is no better option than these water-resistant covers by Waterproof Raincovers for Shoes ($17).

    Waterproof shoes

    These come with everything you need including key chains as well so they won't slide around on your floorboards while driving home after being caught out in the rain without any protection (don't worry, it's happened to us all).

    The covers are made of silicone rubber that is sturdy enough for protection but light and flexible so they'll be easy on your feet. They stretch out almost three-quarter the size of your footwear making them perfect for boots or shoes with a loose fit.

    Included in this pack you get one black cover, two gray covers, and four white pairs. The colors can vary depending on which factory they were produced at – mine came as mostly grey while someone else might have more blacks than whites by chance. In any case, there will always be an option available to suit the look you're going for!

    If these weren't adorable enough already take note: each connector has its own set of hooks and loops so that it can be easily attached to the upper part of your footwear.


    Waterproofing suede boots is a matter of applying the right product and then regularly reapplying it for best results. The easiest way to waterproof suede boots is by using a spray.

    There are many brands and types of sprays that can be used for this purpose, so it's important to pick the one with the best ingredients for your needs. Boots or shoes with a loose fit will work better than those which have tighter laces as they cannot trap water as well.

    Don't forget to use a suede brush when you're cleaning your boots!

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