How to Get Oil out of Suede Boots

Last updated on June 12th, 2021

The suede shoe is made of a soft and fuzzy leather called Suede. They are an elegant and glamorous shoe. But there are some shortcoming of these lovely boots. They are really fragile and delicate. Stains are hard to remove from suede shoes, especially oil. But it doesn’t mean that your suede boot will be non-useable if your shoe gets any oil stain. So you need to know how to get oil out of suede boots.

Removing oil from leather boots is easy. But in the case of suede leather, it is a little bit tricky. But whatever you want to do, do it quickly. Because if those marks stay there for a long time, it will leave a permanent mark on your shoe.

How to Get Oil out of Suede Boots

How to Get Oil Out of Suede Boots

One might think that getting oil mark out of the suede leather, is a tough job. But in reality, it is really easy to remove the oil stain out of your suede shoe. The suede shoe might not be the most durable, but it is moderately durable. So these shoes are vulnerable to a different kind of threat. So you have to quickly take care of any kind of stain and oil mark. Although it is easy to remove the oil, but the oil mark for a long time may destroy your favorite suede shoe.

You can clean them with your daily household item comfortably. If you don’t like to clean your valuable leather boot with household item, then you can buy special suede cleaning ingredient from the market.

Using Napkin

Remove Dirt From Shoes

Whenever any oil spills on your suede shoe, quickly soak them with some napkin. If you don’t have any napkin, use cloths. They will immediately absorb the oil and prevent further distortion. It will not completely remove your stain, but it will reduce the damage. So that you have to deal with less oil mark when you want to clean them. Take the napkin and dab it on the oil mark. Then rub them where oil was spilled.

Corn Starch

Step 1:

Corn starch is an excellent and common tip to remove the oil from the suede shoe. Corn starch is a kind starch that is made from corn. Starch is an organic compound. Oil is an organic compound too, and organic compound dissolves in organic solution. So what corn starch does is that the starch makes the oil-soluble and pull the oil out of the pores of the leather. In that way, it cleans the oil mark easily without causing any harm to your suede shoe. Put some corn starch on it and then start rubbing gently. Finally, dry them for a half or full hour.

Step 2:

Then remove the layer of corn starch with a wet cloth. It should clean both the corn starch and oil of the shoe. If you need further cleaning, just find an unused toothbrush and then slowly brush them. This should be able to remove the oil mark from your shoe. But if still think that further cleaning is necessary, then repeat the process.

Step 3:

Even after that, some stains remain, you should rub the surface with some vinegar. Vinegar is also a moderate cleaner of oil.

Step 4:

This is the last resort. Don’t try this unless you need to. To clean the oil stain from your shoe, you have to rub the surface with the eraser gently. You can use your own eraser that you use to cut your pencil. After this step, you should be able to remove the oil spot properly.

Dish Soap

Dish soap is the master of cleaning oil from almost anything. Very few ingredients is that effective against oil as dish soap. Like starch, they also contain an organic compound which will clean any kinds of oil and grease. They will dissolve the oil from your precious suede shoe.

Step 1:

Pour a little bit of water on them. Then leave them for ten minutes.

Step 2:

Then find a toothbrush with the soft grain. Then start rubbing them over the stain. Rub them slowly, as suede leather is a delicate leather. Then keep doing that for a while.

Step 3:

Finally, clean the surface with a soft cloth. Clean them properly. It should remove the oil mark from your shoe.

Specialized Cleaner

Cleaner for shoes

In the market, there are various kinds of cleanser only for the suede leather shoe. You can easily buy one and use them to remove oil from your suede shoes.


Try any of these methods. All of them are pretty effective against oil. Some people think oil in your boots, means your shoe is ruined. You can simply remove those nasty oil stain easily using your household item. Always be careful, so that you do not damage your shoe while cleaning process.

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