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What Shoes to Wear with Long Formal Dress

Long Formal dresses are the in-thing when you’re attending a Christmas or New Year’s Eve celebration, a wedding, or even a graduation party. Actually, there’s an endless list of the places that you can wear a long formal dress to.

Getting the dress that suits you is one thing, but finding the right shoes to go with your dress is an entirely different matter. You can wear all kinds of shoes with your long formal dress. From stilettos to heeled sandals, sneakers, boots, and evening pumps, your ideal choice depends largely on what your dress looks like, it’s fabric type and the occasion.

We’ll explore all of this in-depth in this article. We have also reviewed 15 best shoes that will go perfectly with your long dress. Get ready, you’re about to get spoiled for choice.

How to Pick Out Shoes for Your Long Dress

The elegance of long dresses makes them a beauty to behold. The kind of shoes you wear with them must be well-matched, bringing out the beauty rather than blurring it. So what factors should you consider hen picking out shoes for your long dress?

The Style: Consider the style of the dress you’re wearing. Is it simple? Does it have frills or embellishments like brooches, pearls, and so on? What kind of patterns are drawn on your dress? Does it involve creases, folds, or belts? These will determine what kind of shoes to pick out with your dress. You can complement a simple, long dress with shoes that have complex designs. On the other hand, a dress with extra designs, irregular patterns, or embellishment is best worn with a simple pair of shoes.

The Fabric: Wool, silk, and other heavy fabrics are better matched with some kinds of shoes that lighter fabrics aren’t matched with. Consider how heavy the fabric of your dress is before you choose a suitable pair of shoes.

The Colors: What plans do you have for the colors? Do you want to compliment or match? Go for whatever you want to do! Black dresses are best matched with plainly colored shoes, as long as you use matching accessories. For colored dresses, match with black shoes. Silver is another color that can match a wide variety of clothes. As far as colors go, you can do whatever you want. Just make sure it’s classy.

Your Comfort: Comfort is king! Ensure that whatever you do, you make sure that you’re comfortable. Wear shoes that make you look good without trading your comfort.

The Occasion: Simple and sweet has become the new hot. So go for that. Avoid complicating things. Whether it’s a wedding or an opera, don’t wear things that will make you look too showy. If it says ‘simple’ in the invitation, then keep it simple.

What Type of Shoes goes with Long Dresses?

Now that you know what to consider when choosing shoes for your long formal dress, it’s time to see examples of shoes you can match your dress with. Later in this article, we’ll review for you some carefully picked out shoes that you can buy to complete your elegant look. Let’s move on now.

Heeled Sandals: An absolute first choice when considering shoes for long formal dresses, heeled sandals are always classic and chic. We recommend them with your long gown because you can hardly ever go wrong with heeled sandals.

Sneakers: Many people don’t know that you can wear sneakers with your long gown. It’s an absolutely fantastic way of dressing outside the box.

Adding an unexpected twist to your dressing will help you stand out, make you come off as confident, not to mention that you’ll look stunning.

Textured Shoes: Textured shoes go with certain kinds of long dresses. Their surfaces are not smooth, as their name implies, they’re structured. You can use this type of shoes with a long formal dress.

Stilletos: These are popular heels that most ladies love to use on their long gowns. And for good reason too. Stilletos will show off your straight long legs. If your long dress has a slit, all better.

Flat sandals: Maximum comfort? Try flat sandals. You can dance with abandon, all night in fact, and your legs won’t kill you. Just opt for some trendy, cool flat sandals, and your outing is set.

Pumps: Pumps have a shorter heel length compared to stilettos. They are great shoes to combine with a long formal dress and they come in a variety of styles and colors.

Wedges: Wedges are only different from other heeled shoes in that their heels and soles are one and the same. Either you go for a wedge sandal or wedge slippers, your long dress will come out excellently matched.

Velvety and Suede Shoes: The sweet leather called suede is another kind of shoe you can wear with your long formal gown. Suede shoes are made with delicate leather. Their soft texture makes them versatile shoes that you wear on just about anything.

Peep Toes Shoes: Peep toes will open up your toes even though you’re wearing shoes. That can be an excellent choice to consider if you have just had a top-notch pedicure and want to show off your toes, don’t you think?

Boots: Boots of all kinds can match your long dress. Of course, you’d have to do a careful selection, but rest assured, you can wear boots with your long gown. And if it’s winter, you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor by covering your legs.

List of 13 Best Shoes to Wear with Long Formal Dress

1. Jeffrey Campbell Women’s Lindsay Sandals

These classic pair of shoes are made of suede and cowhide. The rubber sole makes for effective traction and keep you well balanced when you strap them on. The shoes come with Velcro ankle strap that makes it easy to put them on and off.

Adorning these are Rhinestones which are actually muted gun metal. The shoes’ heels are covered and the heel height is approximately 4 inches. They are absolutely great for wide feet and you can go up half a size to be sure that you’re ordering fitting size. The delivery for this shoe is very fast as reviewed by those who bought it. Join the winning team to rock these trendy sandals on your long formal dress and command respect from everyone who sees you.

  • They’re great for wide feet.
  • The shoes may run small, so go up half a size.


The synthetic sole and strong cowhide materials of the shoes confer durability. This is a brand you can trust.

2. Reebok Women’s Work N Cushion Walking Shoe

If your choice is to rock a pair of sneakers with your long formal dress as we suggested earlier, then this is the sneakers to pick. These sneakers come with EVA midsole and a Memory Tech LT Sockliner.

This helps perform the functions of cushioning and support when you wear shoes. The beveled heel design of the shoes helps give you better and more confident strides in your formal dress. You’ll stand firm due to the high abrasion rubber outsole that helps increase traction and stability.

The foam cushion is removable and the shoes aren’t made of leather, simply synthetic and textiles all through. The sole is made of imported rubber and the shoes are highly durable. The light nature of these sneakers will thrill you and in combination with your dress, you’ll turn heads.

  • They may also run small so ensure to go a size up.


The durability is undisputed as the shoes are made of soft light leather with synthetic upper lining.

3. Ted Baker Women’s Gewell Pump

Wanna go with pumps? Okay, we got you covered there too. Pumps match perfectly with your long formal dress if you choose right. The Ted Baker’s pump right here is the real deal. You’ll get a wide range of benefits from buying these shoes, including supple suede materials with a bow and Rose Gold hardware.

These pumps have been acclaimed for its beauty and outstanding attractiveness. The classy pump is simple, sweet and trendy, and made with 100% leather. With different colors to choose from, you can pick out anyone you want and even return for other colors!

  • The design of these shoes is absolutely unique.
  • The toe box is small so make sure to order half a size up for improved comfort.
  • They’re not recommended for wide feet.


These shoes are durable. The 100% leather construction material makes sure of that.

4. Sammitop Women’s Pointed Toe Stiletto High Heels

Just as the reviews say, these are the perfect shoes to get. For your long formal dress, these shoes will fit without any hassle. The pointed toe stiletto is true to size and comes with a buckle closure that makes it easy to strap on and take off.

You’ll find the shoes in different colors of burgundy, blue, brown, and so on. The outsole is perfectly balanced, keeping you firmly supported in your heels. The heels measure 4.7 inches and its sturdy rubber outsole assures you of the shoes’ durability.

The really cute thing about these pair of shoes is that they’re customizable. When you buy them, you can ask the manufacturer to adjust a thing or two according to your taste. This means that you can alter a few things in the shoes’ structure to make it perfect for you if it already isn’t. The ultra-soft finished upper is friendly to your skin and its overall design adds extra heights that set off your long formal dress beautifully.

  • The shoes are customizable.
  • There are many colors to choose from.
  • The shoes are true to size.
  • A stilleto might not be for you because of the high heels.


The shoes have padded insole which are a great addition to its durability.

5. Aerosoles Women’s Shipmate Pump

Here is yet another pump for your buying pleasure. You’d love these shoes for their lovely French twists. The heels measure about 3-one-quarter inches and it comes covered with a pointed toe box.

The Comfort foam foot bed helps keep you comfortable while you wear them. You’ll also get padded insole with highly durable leather. The Unique Aerosoles patent padding technology gives these pumps a perfect design and exceptional stability.

  • The shoes are exceptionally durable.
  • The heels are not so high for those who can’t use stilletos.
  • The may run small so order a size up.


The robust inseams and resilient soles of the shoes make it dependable.

6. Skechers Women’s Desert Kiss-Stretch Quarter Strap Sandal Flat

Another exquisite brand of shoes you can consider for your long formal dress are these pair of sandal flats. Made with man-made rubber, the shoes have a side crossing ankle sling that’ll help the shoes fit your leg perfectly. The adjustable heel strap also helps you to tighten and loosen your sandals as you desire. The stretch fabric for the shoes’ instep keeps you comfortable in the shoes. It comes with a smooth fabric strap lining and memory foam with cushioned and contoured footbed.

The heel measures only half an inch and the Velcro at the back of the sandals makes it even easier to wear. Everything here is all about ease for you. You’d also find that its durable wedge heel midsole is a very useful feature for durability.

  • The shoes are suitable for wide feet.
  • There are different colors to choose from.
  • You may find it a little. pricey.


They’re made with man-made rubber and durable.

7. Mona Flying Women Leather Tatianna Dress Sandals Closed Toe Low Heels

These are another set of low heels that can do wonders in combination with your long formal dress. While stilettos and heeled sandals are desirable, sometimes it’s either impossible to wear them due to leg injuries or simply fashion choice. That’s the time to go for these stylish dress sandals.

Leaving no room for mediocrity, these sandals are made with a combination of soft breathable piskin leather in its lining, luxury sheepskin upper and durable rubber. Its heel measures 1.18 inches and it comes with adjustable ankle straps with buckle. The shoes have a closed toe, rubber sole and low stack heel for your comfort. If you’re going to consider flats, this is the one to go for.

  • The luxury sheepskin upper is a plus for the shoes’ beauty.
  • You can pick from many different colors.
  • They may not attract you if what you want are heeled sandals.


They’re absolutely durable shoes. The strong animal hides combine to prove that.

8. Aerosoles Women’s Bandwagon Pump

Let’s take a look at another pair of Aerosoles, shall we? So, what’s in these pumps for you? Plenty actually. These pumps are wedge heels. Their sole is synthetic and the lining of the shoe is breathable. The shoe has removable footbed features and is a quality slip-on. Its upper is suede and it has a sophisticated almond toe. Heel length is 3-one quarter inches and you’ll enjoy wearing these beauties to your outing.

  • They’re easy to slip on and off.
  • The shoes give you extra height and elegance.
  • They may run small. Go up a size.
  • They may be too high for you.

9. Steve Madden Women’s Gills Fashion Sneaker

Another sneaker for you! This pair of Steve Madden’s are 100% leather with rubber sole. The slip-on sneaker is easy to wear, as all you need to is dip your feet in. You can insert orthotic soles inside them.

The arch support of the shoes is excellent, keeping you supported when you’re standing, walking, or even dancing. The uppers are made with suede, lurex, and man-made materials. The heels are super comfortable as well.

So, whether it’s an opera or a formal evening event, these sneakers will go right with your long gown, depending on its design, color and fabric.

  • Sneakers are versatile shoes, as you can wear them casually as well.
  • If you’re not a fan of sneakers, these aren’t for you.


Highly durable shoes made with 100% durable leather and rubber soles.

10. Mark Schwartz Moon Womens Ballet Flat Black

These cute pair of ballet flats are made with soft leather. That does not in any way mean it’s not durable. The soft leather wraps your feet snugly, you almost won’t notice that you’re wearing shoes.

The elastic heel of the shoes help make the fitting better and the cushioned foot bed gives you more support and comfort. These shoes were handmade in Italy and the flexible leather sole makes them easy to use and maintain.

  • The shoes are highly affordable.
  • They are versatile.
  • They’re very flat and so may not be for everyone.


The leather is soft but highly flexible and durable.

11. FLY London Women’s YEXA916FLY Wedge Sandal

You’ll want to see this wedge too while you’re considering what to wear with your long formal dress. These shoes are built on a 1-inch platform and have rubber soles. The leather upper is breathable, allowing air circulation through your feet while you’re clad in them.

The rubber soles are non-marking and the lace up wedge gives the shoes that unique look that will make people compliment you on your dressing. It comes with laces at its front for easier tying and overall, it’s a fantastic shoe that you should consider buying.

  • The shoes have non-marking rubber soles.
  • Can run small, so go half a size up.


The durability is not in question. The leather design and sturdy platform on which it is built is reliable.

12. Dr. Scholl’s Women’s Dakota Boot

Scholl has put together this elegant pair of boots that you can choose to go with your dress. They’re made with synthetic fiber and have a heel height of 2.25 inches. It has Memory foam which gives the insides a cool fit. Its lace up front is made of waxed cotton laces.

The tassel details on the laces are endearing, and you’d love that it also has soft microfiber uppers with a cushioned footbed. The rubber outsole helps improve traction and keep you safe while you walk. Add these shoes to your collection and you’ll be grateful when you dress with it tastefully for your next formal outing.

  • The stacked wedge of the shoes come on a modest platform for the wearer’s comfort.
  • They may be too pricey.


The wedges are made of strong synthetic and fabric materials.

13. TOMS Women’s, Majorca Cutout High Heel Sandals

And as always, we have saved one of the best for the last. TOMS shoes have always been exquisite, and this one is no different. These high sandals will show off your long formal dress effortlessly, adding an air of feminine agility to you.

They’re made of fabric and synthetic materials, with the fabric covering the upper part and the synthetic covering the lower part. The side zipper of the shoes make for both stylishness and ease of wearing. The footbed has lightly padded leather for comfort and the heel height is 3.5 inches. They’re the perfect choice for your long formal dress. You practically can’t go wrong with them.

  • The shoe has fabric lining for maximum comfort.
  • The side zipper is an excellent idea for style and ease of wearing.
  • The sandals may be too pricey. Otherwise, there are no cons.


Of course, these shoes are durable like all shoes we prescribe. It’s fabric and synthetic make are with durable materials.

Frequenty Asked Questions

Can you wear pumps on a long formal dress?

Absolutely. But still, consider the style of the dress you’re wearing. If you’re comfortable wearing pumps on that occasion of your outing, you can consider them.

What if I don’t want to wear heeled shoes?

Heeled shoes are classic for long formal gowns, but if you have foot issues or are scared of heels, you don’t have to wear them. There are many other alternatives that you can choose from.

Flat sandals, boots, and sneakers are great options as well. It’s not compulsory to wear stilettos or other heeled shoes, you can still look great in flats. It’s all about how you wear them.

Match that Long Dress!

Now that you’ve become spoiled for choice as we promised you would be, it’s time to go match your long beautiful gown with deserving shoes. Pick out one that best complements you and rock that outing! Ciao.