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Men’s Dress Shoes with Good Arch Support [High Arch Support Shoes]

The arch is one of the most important parts of the feet, but it is also one of the most vulnerable to injury. Getting shoes that will prevent injuries to your arches and help you manage conditions such as fallen arches and plantar fasciitis is really important, which is why we have reviewed the ten best men’s dress shoes with good arch support.

Determining the Type of Arches You Have

There’s a pretty simple test you can carry out to know what kind of arch you have, as that would help you determine what kind of dress shoes you need to get. Dampen your feet a little and step on brown paper. The imprint will let you know how high your arches are, and then you can decide on what level of support you need.

What to Look for When Buying Shoes with Good Arch Support

There are some things you have to factor in when you want to get shoes with good arch support for yourself, and we’ve covered them here.

Comfort: A good shoe for arch support should provide a very high level of comfort, as a good dress shoe that gives you excellent cushioning support is the best option for stability. There are choices for stability in shoes, whether gel, air, or foam, and they all have their peculiarities.

Traction: If your shoes don’t have a good grip and anti-slipping mechanism, then you’ll basically be walking around with the very real threat of slipping and falling. That threat is further amplified if you’re very active in sports or if you’re on the treadmill, for instance. Also, there would also be the imbalance slipping every few steps can cause, which could cause problems in your feet and the rest of your body.

Weight: Wearing a lightweight dress shoe makes all the difference depending on your reason for getting the shoe. If you’ll be wearing the shoes a lot, then it is very advisable you get a lightweight shoe that would help you performance-wise.

Material and Construction: A good dress shoe for arch support should be made with lightweight material and the upper has to be really stretchy. Materials such as leather and mesh are very good for this purpose.

List of 10 Best Shoes for Arch Support

This shoe has a textile lining that provides good breathability through its uppers. It’s made of 100% leather and it has a rugged synthetic sole that does well against slipping. The shoe is lightweight and it’s sole has good shock absorption properties to help with foot and leg fatigue.

1. Rockport Men’s Sharp and Ready Colben Oxford

This shoe has a textile lining that provides good breathability through its uppers. It’s made of 100% leather and it has a rugged synthetic sole that does well against slipping. The shoe is lightweight and it’s sole has good shock absorption properties to help with foot and leg fatigue.

  • The shoes don’t have a really long breaking in time
  • The shoes are very comfortable to wear.
  • The shoes are very easy to maintain.
  • The shoes have a foam foot bed that helps with cushioning
  • Some customers complained that the shoes squeak loudly when worn.
  • The shoe might run too big, as was the complaints of some customers.

Fit As Expected: 73%

Durability: The Ethylene-vinyl acetate outsole ensures the shoe is very durable.

2. Clarks Men’s Tilden Walk Oxford

This shoe has a piece of soft fabric and a synthetic lining construction, which makes it a very comfortable wear. It is made with 100% leather and the upper is very breathable.

The shoe’s design is very attractive and it has a lace-up closure that helps with the shoe’s fitting. The shoes also feature a Cushioned OrthoLite footbed for additional support and comfort.

  • The shoe comes in five color schemes.
  • The shoe is very comfortable to wear.
  • The shoes are very well priced.
  • The shoe has extra space in front for the toes
  • Some customers complained that the color you see during purchase is not one of the shoes you might get.
  • The shoes ran too small for some customers, and too wide for some others.

Fit As Expected: 80%

Durability: The shoe’s synthetic outsole is very durable.

3. Nunn Bush Men’s Manzano Wing Tip Oxford with with KORE Comfort Technology

Being in business since 1912, Nunn Bush shoes are among the best in the market and will provide you with comfort as well as durable shoes. The Nunn Bush Manzano is completely made of leather with only its soles as an exception because they are rubber.

The KORE technology makes the shoes comfy, easy to wear, and keep you at ease. The outsoles feature a rolling impact zone as well as a dual-density mid zone, giving you sure balance and cushioning.

  • They are slip-resistant.
  • The shoes are non-marking.
  • Though slip-resistant, they’re not recommended for restaurant workers.

Fit As Expected: 93%

Durability: The shoes are made with durable materials of synthetic leather and rubber sole.

4. La Milano Mens Double Monk Strap Slip On Loafer Leather Oxford

These monk-style dress shoes have a tapered toe box that gives you a sophisticated look. The heels are stacked for maximum arch support. You’d also be getting cow leather upper and synthetic lining features that make the shoes last longer.

They are very comfortable with their hidden elastics which help snug your feet inside the shoes. Highly comfortable and match with any dress you choose. Either you’re aiming to look formal or casual, these shoes fit any occasion.

  • They run true to size.
  • They’re great for any occasion.
  • They may run small for wide feet.

Fit As Expected: 71%

Durability: The shoes are made with hand-burnished Argentinian leather. Another feature is the tough cow leather lining that confers extra durability on the shoes.

5. Hush Puppies Men’s Rainmaker Slip-On Loafer

The shoe is made with full-grain leather that is waterproof and stylish. There is a climate control lining in the shoe for comfort and the shoe has a padded instep that helps with cushioning. The shoe’s collar is cushioned and the shoe features the Hush Puppies Strike Back gel heel pad that provides additional cushioning at the heel.

  • They are stylish and very functional, as they can be worn for a variety of occasions.
  • The shoe is waterproof.
  • The price is very affordable and it provides serious value for the money spent.
  • The shoe has little or no break in time.
  • The shoe sometimes runs large.
  • The shoe was a bit tight around the toe area for some customers.

Fit As Expected: 71%

Durability: The shoe’s heel pad helps with durability.

6. Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

Brooks is a very recognizable footwear brand, and it’s easy to see why; this Addiction walker shoes are very lightweight and comfortable to wear. Plus, the design of the shoes is very stylish.

The shoes offer a very good level of support for people with fallen arches as it offers motion control for people who stand all day and also support in the forefoot, midsole, and heel areas.

The leather uppers are quite breathable and the shoes have removable insoles, which means that they afford you the chance to add an extra layer of comfort for yourself.

  • The shoe is able to accommodate custom orthotic insoles, allowing for greater customization and fit.
  • The leather material of the shoe is very durable.
  • The shoe is very comfortable and provides excellent arch support.
  • The shoes are recommended by podiatrists and chiropractors.
  • The lacing system was a source of complaint for some customers.
  • The shoes sometimes run small.

Fit As Expected: 85%.

Durability: The shoe is made with full-grain leather that is quite durable.

7. Merrell Men’s Encore Gust Slip-On Shoe

This slip-on shoe has a full-grain leather upper that helps keep the shoe stylish and lightweight. Not only is the upper stylish, but it is designed in such a way that it helps to wick away moisture, ensuring that your foot is kept cool all the time.

The shoe’s insole is EVA molded and can be removed, so you can insert your own orthotics if you want.

The outsole is made of sticky rubber that offers a very good level of traction on a lot of surfaces.

  • The leather upper of the shoe is quite durable and helps with moisture control.
  • The shoe provides good stability even on rugged terrains.
  • The soles of the shoe are very flexible and absorb the shock from the natural foot motion very well.
  • The shoes can sometimes be loud.
  • The shoes might be a size too big.

Fit As Expected: 78%

Durability: The leather upper of the shoe is very durable.

8. KEEN Utility Men’s PTC Dress Oxford Low Height Comfortable Non Slip Food Service Shoe

One of the defining features of this shoe is the sheer level of stability, cushioning, and comfort it provides. For instance, the shank of the shoe provides support for the midfoot with the Torsional Stability Shank, and also, the shoe offers very good cushioning with an EVA footbed and a compression-molded EVA midsole.

If you have a low arch, these shoes will work very well for you. They have a heel lock that provides shock absorption when walking.

  • The upper of the shoe is water-resistant.
  • The shoe is oil and slip-resistant.
  • The shoe has a large toe box.
  • The shoe provides excellent arch support because of its peculiar construction.
  • There were some complaints about the quality of the leather used.

Fit As Expected: 88%

Durability: The sole of the shoe is constructed with a very stiff rubber that has great traction and durability.

9. ECCO Men’s Helsinki Bike Toe Slip on Loafer

This shoe features an insole that helps with cushioning to great effect, and the shoe’s upper is soft and smooth. It is made with 100% leather and so the shoe is very stylish.

The inside of the shoe is lined with suede at the heel, whilst also having shock points that are designed to absorb the shock of impact. This ensures that shock is absorbed easily and your foot is kept comfortable.

The shoe’s textile lining absorbs moisture and helps keep your feet dry. These shoes also have excellent arch support and are very comfortable.

  • The shoe is lightweight and durable.
  • Provides a good level of support.
  • The shoe is very stylish and easy to maintain.
  • The quality of the sole was berated by some customers
  • Some versions of the shoe were made in China, which led to a serious drop off in quality that really dissatisfied some customers.

Fit As Expected: 82%

Durability: The shoe has a leather sole that can be easily removed and cleaned, making it durable.

10. ASICS Men’s GEL Venture 5 Running Shoe

This shoe has a thick rubber sole made with high abrasion rubber that helps with traction. The shoe also has GEL cushioning in the rearfoot that ensures that as your feet strike the ground, the shock is absorbed by the rubber outsole while your feet are cushioned and supported expertly.

The shoe has a removable sock liner that means you can use custom orthotics if you want, and the outsole’s AHAR rubber is reinforced in critical areas of wear.

  • The shoes come in a number of eye-catching colors.
  • It comes with.a removable foam sock liner.
  • The high-abrasion rubber of the outsole ensures that the shoe is slip-resistant across multiple terrains.
  • The toe box can sometimes be too narrow.

Fit As Expected: 87%

Durability: The high abrasion rubber outsole of this shoe helps it to be very durable.

FAQs for Men’s High Arch Support Shoes

Find the most frequently asked questions about Men’s high arch support shoes with their answers. We give the most appropriate answer to all the questions,

Is it possible to improve arch support in shoes?

Yes, it is. Simply replace the insole with another, as it’s mostly the insole that would make you feel the absence of padding and arch protection.

What closure type is best?

Depends on what you want. As an athletic person, you might prefer laces as they help with fitting, but some seniors might go with velcros. It’s not set in stone since you always have the option of laces, gores, or velcro straps.

What shoe brands have the best arch support?

There are really no shoe brands that specialize particularly in this area, but brands like Brooks, Merrell, etc have a knack for offering shoes with excellent arch support.

Conclusion & Final Thoughts

Getting a shoe that offers you good arch support is not very easy, especially because there are no shoe brands that specifically offer such shoes.

With regular shoes that don’t do much to support your arches, you’re at risk of some foot issues like heel pain, plantar fasciitis, etc.

That’s why we’ve reviewed these shoes for you and saved you time on researching by yourself. We hope you find a shoe that makes you look stylish and helps you keep your feet healthy!

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