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Things to Put in Your Shoes to Make You Taller

There are a lot of possible issues of self-esteem or overt self-consciousness, and a lack of height is one of them. It gets pretty bad when you’re going out on a first date or just an outing with a friend, and you can’t seem to enjoy the experience and really be yourself because you’re feeling too self-conscious about your height.

So really, what are things to put in your shoes to make you taller? You can use height insoles, heel lifts, or you can add heels to your shoes. Elevator Shoes are also another option to make you taller and boost your self-confidence.

How to Make Your Shoes to Feel Taller

Let us now tell you about those things which will increase your height and boost your confidence as well. Although there are many ways to increase your height, but here we will only discuss those methods which are very popular and can be used easily.

1) Height Insoles to Look Taller Instantly

These are the go-to options for you if you want to appear taller when wearing your shoes. They are made with a number of materials, such as gel, silicon, etc, so you have options on what kind you want, and we advise that you try them out and see how comfortable you are before purchasing them. You can buy it here on Amazon which will make you taller approx 1 to 2.25 inches.

Insoles work well mostly because they are typically comfortable and add support for your knees that is if you picked the right one, which is why we said earlier that you needed to pick which one is best for you, especially for the materials.

Overall, a good choice of insoles will make you appear taller instantly, whilst also adding comfort and stability. This Height Insole works on both men and women and both can make it look taller by using it.

2) Use Heel Lifts for Adding Some Extra Inches

Far from just being height boosting shoe inserts, heel lifts are also used to treat Supination and Plantar Fasciitis leg issues. As earlier stated, they work well for adding a few extra inches, and they are very customizable. You can try one of these Heel lifts from here and look taller.

Though, just like shoes, you have to wear them in a safe place (we really mean your house) so you can be comfortable with them before wearing them out.

Heel lifts can give you a subtle increase in height, or if you want, they can give you a drastic one, your pick. Just make sure that whatever you pick, you practice walking in it first before you actually have to.

3) Adding Heels to Your Shoes

You could also get to a professional cobbler to add in some extra height for you by attaching a new sole to your shoes so you can appear taller. This might be more expensive when compared to buying insoles or shoe lifts, but it is worth it because it is more comfortable than other options.

To apply extra heels to your shoes, you need to talk to the local cobbler and tell him your problem so that he will adding extra heels to your shoes

4) Elevator Shoes that Make You Taller

Another option is to use elevator shoes. Though you can’t put them into shoes, but they are also a great way to make yourself appear taller. They are like the inverse of high heels aesthetically; whilst high heels are on the outside and can be seen by pretty much everyone, elevator shoes have elevated insoles that only the wearer knows it’s there.

Just like heel lifts, elevator shoes also help in treating leg and knee issues, as they provide more stability and better absorption of the impact of walking. They also encourage the maintenance of the natural walking gait.

Conclusion & Final Thoughts

Getting a boost in your height can be very helpful in putting you at ease and giving you a much-needed boost to your self-esteem. The information you’ve read here will definitely help you to make taller which will increase your self-confidence and boost your overall personality.

We have tried our best to help you in each of our shoe’s guides so that your foot is absolutely safe and you can have a comfortable life,  so share this information with your friends and loved ones as much as possible so that they also take full advantage of it.