Why Do My Sperrys Squeak

Last updated on June 12th, 2021

Shoes are one of the essential parts of your entire outfit whether you want to be fashionable or not. There is a saying that people will judge you by the type of shoes you are wearing. That is why most fashionable people will focus on modeling the best shoes whenever they go out. But can you imagine a scenario when the shoes you are wearing, which look absolutely fine, start to make a squeaking sound! It sometimes happens with Sperry’s, and you will be left with the thought of why do my Sperrys squeak.

 If you love to go into the water and love riding boats and other stuff, you may want to own Sperry’s as your essential shoes. They are the brand that always pops up whenever it comes to boat shoes. But as much as people love shoes, there are lots of complaints about ”why do my sperrys squeak”! You are not alone in this, and that is why we will have a discussion on the matter.

Reason: Why Do My Sperrys Squeak

The reason why do my sperrys squeak could be quite a few ones. The most common cause is going to be due to water. Sperrys are boat shoes, which means you are mostly going to wear them around water. There is a chance that water may get into them.

Why Do My Sperrys Squeak

Although you will be conscious about getting the water out of the shoes and keeping them dry, sometimes water gets stuck somewhere inside the shoe and start to make the weird sound of squeaking. The water could be trapped inside the shoelaces, insoles, or somewhere around the corner.

Besides water, sometimes air bubble forms inside the shoes. When you wear the shoes, it could become very congested inside the shoes. So, whenever air can get inside, it will go. Although they suppose to go out when you take the shoes off but just like water, they can get stuck and create an air bubble inside the shoes. These air bubbles can contribute to making the squeaking sound.

How to Make the Sperry’s Squeaking Stop?

Now that your Sperry’s have started to squeak, you cannot help but stop wearing them to save your face. But that does not mean you will have to throw the shoes away. Instead, you can work them out.

If you want to get the water or air bubble out of the shoes, you need to take out the insoles of the shoes and keep them in an airy place. Put a lot of talcum or baby powder inside the shoes and keep it like this for the whole night. In the morning, dust away from the remaining powder. That should help the shoes to stop squeaking.

Drying Insoles

If you cannot remove the insoles, you can just use the powder method without removing them.

Final Thoughts

That was all for why do my sperrys squeak. We hope the information we have provided and the suggestion we gave will help you solve your problem and you can wear your Sperry’s shoes without the squeaking sound.

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