Best Led Shoes for Shuffling

September 20, 2021

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We are all familiar with the song "every day I'm shuffling" with funky EDM music, making us want to dance and burst some shuffling movement. Whether you are inspired by this song or simply love the shuffling dance, it is the right time for you to get the best led shoes for shuffling.

Best Led Shoes for Shuffling

Shuffling is a club and rave dance move that originated in the late '80s and early '90s and took over the dancing world. Since then, it has never lost its popularity in the dancing community. With this excellent dance step, people will always accommodate light shoes to make the moves show better.

That is why if you want to get yourself led light shoes, we are here to provide you with the best led shoes for shuffling with details and additional information. So, keep reading ahead to know everything.

Best Led Shoes for Shuffling

SANYES USB Charging Light Up Shoes

The first shoes from our list will be the pair of SANYES USB Charging Light Up Shoes.

These shoes are the perfect pair for shuffling as they are comfortable and have led lighting, which makes them very cool. The shoes are made with synthetic material and have PU leather soles.

The materials used in making this are very comfortable, soft, and durable. Besides, the shoes are pretty lightweight, so that you will not be dragged down when you are showing your moves to the people.

These shoes are unisex, making them versatile and perfect for everyone to wear for their dancing. The shoes have led lighting, which is rechargeable and can be switched on and off. The switch can be found by the side of the charging port.

The button is hidden to make it appear better. You can use the UBS cable from your computer, mobile phone, or any other charging port to charge the shoes. One charge will last for 8 to 10 hours of lighting time. There are eight colors on the led light.


  • Made with synthetic material
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Has PU leather soles
  • LED light with eight options
  • It can be changed easily
  • Charge lasts up to ten hours


  • Some people had difficulties with charging

PYYIQI LED Fiber Optic Shoes Light Up Sneakers

If you are looking for lighting shoes, this will satisfy you with all the lighting it offers. This PYYIQI LED Fiber Optic Shoes Light Up Sneakers will be an excellent option for your shuffling dance.

The shoes are made with fabric, which at first might sound a little confusing as the whole shoes are full of light. The fabric that has been used in this product has fiber optic led light incorporated with it to give the cool look of the shoes.

The inner portion of the shoe has mesh material on it as well. Combining everything, these sneakers are the epitome of lightweight and soft shoes, which will make your dancing look amazing with the seven colors of lighting.

The bottom of the shoes has anti-skin and grip-ability, which will allow you to achieve flexibility and strengthen your movements. The switch of the light is hidden on the straps of the heel, which is relatively easy to find and use.

The button is not going to affect your comfortability of the shoes at all. The shoes are made to be unisex. It is advised not to soak the shoes in water, and in case of washing, it should be done gently with a wet cloth.


  • Made with fabric and mesh
  • Has fiber optic led light
  • Seven colors of light
  • Anti-skid and grip
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Easy to control and hidden switch


  • Not water-resistant

Odema Unisex LED Shoes High Top Light Up Sneakers

Sometimes only lighting will not do justice to your amazing shuffling movements. Instead, you would want to wear something funkier and brighter. For that reason, you should try out the Odema Unisex LED Shoes High Top Light Up Sneakers.

These shoes have very eye-catching with the bright colors it comes in. Among all the colors, the golden color is by far the most sold one as it stands out the most and makes your dance move looks cooler.

The shoes have rubber soles, which are highly needed for having a controlled and balanced movement. Although the shoes' quality might look a bit tacky at first glance, they are very lightweight and comfortable.

In addition to the bright colors, it also comes with lighting at the bottom. There are ten light colors available on the shoes. The led light is rechargeable, and the switch is hidden to make it look seamless. The shoes are unisex, but the sizing is done with women's size. That is why it is advised for men to purchase size after being sure.


  • Made with rubber soles
  • Available in bright colors
  • Rechargeable led lights
  • Ten colors of light
  • Easy to charge


  • Some people face problems with the lighting of the shoes

APTESOL Kids LED Light Up Shoes

Next up, we have the APTESOL Kids LED Light Up Shoes for you, which is another pair of cool-looking and comfortable shoes for shuffling dance.

These led light shoes are one of the best kinds for shuffle dancing. These shoes are going to offer you 11 color modes, which are a lot considering that they are shoes. You can change the colors quickly with easy pressing on the button.

You can turn off the lights by pressing the button for five seconds or switching for the twelfth time. The shoes have rubber soles, which are extremely good for dancing as they will provide you a stable and balanced movement.

The led lights are effortless to charge. You will get a USB with it, which you need for charging. You only need to charge for 2 hours to get the max lighting time of the shoes. The upper portion of the shoes is made with durable PU leather material.

The soles are made to be non-slippery so that you can move carefully. You can quickly close the shoes with a hook and loop. They are available in four colors; both funky and straightforward colors are available.


  • Made with durable PU leather
  • Has USB rechargeable lighting
  • Rubber soles
  • Non-slippery and stable bottom
  • Hook and loop closure
  • Durable and comfortable


  • The shoe sizing is a bit bigger

Skechers Unisex-Child, S Lights, Boys, Sports Lighted Sneaker

If you are looking for shoes that do not only fit the adults but are also available in kids' sizing, then this Skechers Unisex-Child, S Lights, Boys, Sports Lighted Sneaker.

The first thing we have to talk about these shoes the design it offers. These shoes are not what we have seen until now with a plain design. Instead, they are offering some cool designs with different colors and lighting on the side of the shoes.

The shoes are made with 100% synthetic material, which makes them durable and lightweight. Even the soles are also made of synthetic materials.

The lighting style of the shoes is a bit different as well. It has lighting on the heel portion and some on the front with a geometric shape molded design. The shoes do have switches, but you do not have to turn the switch on and off manually.

The shoes light up with every step because the led light is sensitive to footsteps. You can turn off the lights by pressing the switch if you do not want to flashlights everywhere. The shoes are made to be resistant to water so that you can even dance in rain or water if you wish.


  • Made with synthetic material
  • Has synthetic soles
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Geometric shape molded design light
  • Lights up with steps
  • It can be turn off with a switch
  • Durable and comfortable


  • Some people did not find them waterproof

IGxx LED Shoes for Men USA Star LED Sneakers

The next shoes that we are recommending to you are the pair of IGxx LED Shoes for Men USA Star LED Sneakers.

These sneakers are another led light-up shoes, which are perfect for shuffle dancing. They are both comfortable and durable. These shoes are made with durable PU leather on the upper portion and rubber soles on the bottom.

The leather material makes them durable and very comfortable. It is also very lightweight, so you will feel like you are dancing on the cloud wearing these shoes.

It has rubber soles, which are essential to achieve controlled and balanced movements during your dancing. The rubber soles will create a lot of traction to get a better grip. There are seven LED light colors available, and you can switch them up using the hidden switch.

The shoes only need 2.5 hours of charge to provide the best performance. They are very comfortable and stylish looking overall.


  • Made with PU leather
  • Has rubber soles
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Has seven led light colors
  • Need fewer hours of charge for the best performance
  • Non-slippery
  • Affordable


  • The sizing runs small

Hotdingding Fiber Optic LED Shoes

As for the final shoes for our list of the best led shoes for shuffling, we have the Hotdingding Fiber Optic LED Shoes.

These shoes, once again, have a unique design. The upper portion of the shoes looks like a spider web to give it an excellent effect. The webs are colorful, and the side has a light on them to provide you with the best feeling during dancing.

The soles are made out of ethylene vinyl acetate, which is durable and comfortable to walk as they make your steps stable. In addition, the shoes are breathable and comfortable so that you can wear them for as long as you want.

These shoes are unisex. There are seven static colors of led light available. You can turn the light using the switch button, which is hidden inside the strap of the heel. The button will not affect the wearability of the shoes. It needs 2-3 hours of charge to run for up to 8 hours. The shoes are easy to wear and can be cleaned using wet towels.


  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Has ethylene-vinyl acetate soles
  • Can have seven static lights
  • Turn on and off with a hidden switch
  • Lightweight and comfortable


  • Not breathable shoes

How Can I Make My Shoes Slippery to Shuffle?

Dancing not only requires you to have skills but the equipment you are wearing needs to be helpful as well. For example, shoes for shuffling dance are very important. You are doing shuffling by slipping on the steps, but if your shoes are not slippery enough, you will not be able to pull off the steps easily and stumble a lot during the steps.

That is why you need to know how to make the shoes slippery. The best way to make them more slippery is by using sandpaper. You can sand the bottom of the shoes to make them slippery. Or, you can use gaffer tape or any other tape on the bottom, and it will provide the slips you need.

Which Type of Shoes Are Best for Dancing?

Different type of dancing needs a different kind of shoes. As we are talking about shuffling dance, a dance style that requires you to shuffle your feet movement with slips, you need to wear the right kind of shoes to get the movements right.

The best shoes for this purpose are sneakers. Any sneakers will surely do the work as long as it is slippery enough, but many people who do shuffling like to have led light shoes. Hence, it is better to get led light sneakers to have the best dancing showdown.

Can You Shuffle Without Shoes?

While it is not entirely impossible to shuffle without shoes but it is certainly not the best idea. The first thing is that you will not be able to shuffle appropriately. Your bare feet will not allow you to get the slippiness you need for making the moves.

Also, this could cause severe damage to your feet if you keep doing them. Although you can achieve slippery feet using powder, we never recommend it. It is advised to use shoes for doing shuffling if you want to flaunt your movements correctly.

How Do You Do the Shuffle?

Shuffling Seems Like an Easy Dancing Step

Shuffling seems like an easy dancing step, but they need a lot of practice for you to master them properly. Shuffling is a movement that requires a rapid shuffle of your steps. You can make the shuffling move by pushing your toes left to right continuously.

Or, you can also shuffle by lifting one foot while moving the other one inward and repeating. It is always better to watch videos to learn the steps or ask someone to show them.

How Can I Reduce the Grip on My Shoes?

While the grip on your shoes is essential to protect yourself and get balanced movement, it could affect your dancing steps badly. If you are shuffling, then you will need a lot of slippery movements to do the steps properly.

But if your shoes have extreme grips, it could hamper the movement. that is why to get the proper move, you need to reduce the grip. You can reduce it by using tape on the bottom of the shoes to get the patterns or the sole substance block.

How To Choose the Best Led Shoes for Shuffling?

Choosing the right shoes for your dancing will not be an easy task. There are so many things you need to consider to get the right shoes. Here we are talking about shuffling dance which requires fast and slippery movement to get the dance right. The things that you need to focus on to find the correct shoes are mentioned below.


Before anything else, we will tell you to get comfortable shoes. You do not want to harm your feet by doing something that you like. If you are looking for shoes to practice your movement or some competition, then you need to wear comfortable shoes that will allow protecting your feet.


The soles need to be in the perfect shape for these shoes. The soles should be slippery enough for you to get the movement, but they also should provide stability and a light grip for you to have a controlled movement.


The last thing you need to focus on is the design of the shoes. As you are buying shoes for dancing, it should have the element to make your dancing look fantastic as the shoes are going to work as props for you.

You Can Check It Out to Shoes for Shuffling Gait

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Did the Shuffle Dance Originate From?

The shuffle dance is originated in Melbourne, Australia, around the 1980s.

What is Moleskin for Shoes?

Moleskin is a thin but heavy fabric that is used inside the shoes for a better fit.


That was all for the best led shoes for shuffling. Dancing requires passion and styling. And your shoes should always compliment your dancing. We hope the recommendation and suggestion we have given will provide you the scope to get the best shoes for your shuffling dance.

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