How to Fix Light Up Shoes

Last updated on June 12th, 2021

Light up shoes is considering one of the cool things you can wear out to dazzle the passerby people. Having one of them will surely make you have a funky style and get your move lift immediately. But what if you see that the light-up shoes have stopped lighting up! There is nothing to worry about as you can do some easy fix to them, and we are here to teach you how to fix light up shoes.

How to Fix Light Up Shoes

Learn: How to Fix Light Up Shoes

Changing Batteries

The reason why your light up shoes may stop could be due to the batteries. If the shoe batteries have worn out, they are needed to be changed. You can quickly get another pair of the same batteries and change them from your shoes. And that is how to fix light up shoes.

Strengthening the Wires

The wires on your shoes may be loose sometimes, and they need to be made strong over the light. If the cables are somehow losing, you can quickly get them fixed to work like before. You can even take them to some mechanic to get them to improve and learn how to fix light up shoes.

Reconnecting the Wires

Sometimes the wires on your LED shoes may be disconnected. To fix them, you can disfigure them and see where they are disconnected. After reconnecting the wire, your light up shoes will start to work like fore.


Those are some ways of how to fix light up shoes. You do not have to get a new pair of shoes when the light-up shoes stop working. Instead, you can get them fixed by following the ways we have mentioned. If you are not sure, you can take them to mechanics to fix them as well.

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