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Best Non Slip Shoes for Chefs

If you stay long hours on your feet, especially in the kitchen, you need the Best Non Slip Shoes for Chefs. Any shoe that a chef should wear must be functional and practical. Chef’s shoes should provide adequate protection and comfort when working in a kitchen environment. That is why; as someone that stays for long hours on your feet, you need the best shoes for kitchen work.

These shoes are special and can accommodate all the challenging work that surrounds the kitchen environment. Further, wearing them will assure you the best working experience you can ever have.

Reviews of the Best Non Slip Shoes for Chefs 

Crocs Men’s and Women’s Specialist Vent Work Clog

Crocs Men’s and Women’s Specialist Vent Work Clog

Crocs men’s and women’s specialist shoe is one of the best shoes for kitchen work. It comes with a special design that gives you a snuggly fitting for cushioning comfort. This shoe is lightweight and provides a more comfortable feeling than other expensive brands available.

Product features:

This shoe design carries a very thick metatarsal area. As a result, you are sure of maximum protection for the topside of your feet. At least, you don’t have to adjust your feet regularly due to pain.

There is also a 100% Croslite massaging footbed, raised edge, and closed heel features around its portals which make the shoe perfect for work.

This is a classic clog with a synthetic sole and a grippy outsole for maximum comfort and durability. On its platform, this shoe measures about 0.25.


  • The shoe has the width for you to wiggle your toes
  • Carry vents on its side for breathability and cool comfort
  • They are easy to maintain and clean
  • Good gripping and non-skid
  • It provides maximum support


  • There seems to be a little problem with the shoe’s sizing

Merrell Men’s Jungle Moc Slip-On Shoe

Merrell Men’s Jungle Moc Slip-On Shoe

If you want the best nonslip shoes for chefs with a more stylish design and affordable price, it is this one. This brand is the perfect low-maintenance shoe that comes with smooth upper suede and air cushioning from Merrell. It offers an advantageous slip-on which is similar to a clog.

Moreover, they are closed at the back to ensure that your foot remains snuggly in its place and not expose your ankles. It is the perfect shoe for someone who doesn’t want to struggle with laces. Even the flexible inserts and padded collar are nice touches.

Product features:

The material used in the design of this shoe is smooth and simple. As a result, you can easily clean your shoe with water and soap. Also, the shoe comes with air cushioning from Merrell. This feature is for your underfoot cushioning and to provide extra support.

It comes from the durable M Select Fresh material which prevents moisture and sweat from disrupting your shoe’s freshness. With the help of the antimicrobial agents used in its production, the reproduction of odor in your shoe is eliminated.

This shoe is highly non-slip, durable, and provides the appropriate stability needed for dry ground, wet floors, or mixed terrain.

The design also comprises an arch shank which comes from molded nylon to provide you with a perfect fit. You can even wear your stylish shoe for a casual stroll in the town.


  • This shoe offers versatility for you to wear around the pub, kitchen, or campsite.
  • It is slip resistant
  • Maximum cushioning feel
  • Comes from high-quality materials
  • Very comfortable


  • There are no cons to this product yet

Skechers for Work Men’s Flex Advantage Mcallen Food Service Shoe

Skechers for Work Men’s Flex Advantage Slip Resistant McAllen Slip-On

This shoe comes from an award-winning global leader in lifestyle footwear. Their success is a result of producing affordable, diversified, and high-quality shoes that can suit the lifestyle of most customers. This slip-on shoe for work is the perfect shoe that can appeal to trendy-savvy women, men, and children. It fits snuggly to ensure that it never slips off, and it is very comfortable.

Product features:

The outsole also has a special design that provides traction and makes it resistant to slippery. You can wear your shoe without worry about falling or slipping on any squishy- squashy stuff on the floor.

Its seams and padded collar are reinforced for more durability. There are also elastic gores at its opening and memory foam insole that delivers cushioning support.

This shoe comes from 100% synthetic sole which makes them lightweight, resistant to moisture, and durable. Also, they are resistant to tear and wear. The shoe provides extra open interior looser fitting around the whole foot.


  • They ensure a snug fitting for easy walking
  • Slip-resistant and very comfortable
  • Quite durable
  • The memory foam is a plus factor


  • The stitches seem to come apart after some time.

  • Not foldable

Mozo Women’s The Maven Sneaker

This shoe from Maven is full of surprises. It is versatile in its functions and comes with a lace-up or slip-on for convenience. These classic best kitchen clogs are your best option to run errands across town or run around the backstage of a show. This comfortable and beautiful shoe can provide you with great confidence to go about your daily activities without worries.

Product features:

The material for its construction comes from 100% canvas. The upper side of the shoe is waxed which makes it practical for any work site and it also comes with superior traction. With this combination in one shoe, you can use it for every area of your life’s work perfectly.

Its upper side is constructed with waxed canvas. It is also resistant to water, and you can either lace-up or slip the shoe on. With the help of the available elastic goring tongue, you can easily slip on the shoe. Also, you will find shoelaces in case you feel like lacing up your shoe to turn it into a standard sneaker.

The construction of the shoe is lightweight to provide you with maximum mobility and comfort feel. For more breathability and ventilation, the manufacturers inserted 3-hole arch in the shoe. As a result, there is nothing like overheating, smelly feet, or fungal infections with this shoe.

If you are wearing this shoe, you don’t need to worry about it falling off your feet or causing you to lose balance. It is all thanks to the heel counter which offers stability and support. These two capabilities are very important in your line of work.

This shoe lasts very long no matter the kind of work due to its rubber toe cap. Also, the gel insoles ensure perfect cushioning and fitting. The outsole is also designed to be non-slip so for superior traction from the shoe.  


  • Wearing this shoe is quite easy
  • It provides perfect fitting and cushioning feel
  • Provides maximum ventilation
  • It is lightweight for greater mobility and strength
  • This shoe can last for a long time


  • The shoes don’t come in larger sizes

Birkenstock Unisex Professional Tokyo Super Grip Leather Slip Resistant Work Shoe

Birkenstock Unisex Professional Tokyo Super Grip Leather Slip Resistant Work Shoe

If you are a person that stays long hours on your feet while working this best shoes for kitchen work, is a must-have. It is the best shoe that can suit your demanding work schedule even if you work from morning until night. The Tokyo Super Grip comes with powerful features to provide a better-personalized fitting.

Product features:

This shoe’s construction comes from high-quality leather top features. There is also an instep buckle which you can adjust to give you a more personal fit. You can also adjust the fitting of your shoe with the help of the ankle buckle strap.

Due to the special design of this shoe’s elevated toe bar, your feet can exercise its natural grip motion. You can even use it to enhance your circulation by exercising your legs.

With this shoe, you are sure of appropriate arch support and an even distribution of weight. This is possible via the footbed liner curve on the shoe. Also, the cork footbed is shock-absorbing and covered with suede to help in eliminating moisture.

The heel cup is kept neutral so that it can maintain the natural padding of your foot right under your heel just as it is supposed to be.


  • It is non-slippery
  • Comes from high-quality materials
  • Provides great traction
  • The shoe molds to your feet as you walk
  • It provides optimal support and even weight distribution


  • There seem to be a problem with the shoe soles

Keen Utility Men’s PTC Slip-ON II-M

KEEN Utility Men's PTC Slip on 2 Comfortable Kitchen Food Service Chef Shoe

This shoe comes with a special design that ensures that makes it suitable for long hours of hard work. Not only that; your shoe will still look good after suffering the rigors of hard work. Moreover, this shoe will snuggle to your feet all day to provide it with maximum comfort

Product features:

The outsole design comes from rubber which makes it slip-resistant and non-marking oil.

It comes with the KEEN cushioning PU, and its footbed has memory foam alignment. As a result, it can provide you with optimum support and comfort feel throughout the day.

To assure a perfect fitting and comfort, this shoe has a medial corner gore, toe type-soft toe, and the TPU shank for stability.


  • This shoe is easy to wear with its slip-on design
  • It is constructed according to the American, Society for Testing and Material standards
  • Resistant to tear and wear
  • Provides maximum support
  • Water-resistant and easy to clean
  • It is a lightweight


  • This shoe is not 100% slip resistant. 
  • The insole warranty is not up to 1 year 

SensFoot Non-Slip Kitchen Shoe Restaurant Non-Slip Work Shoes for Chef Nurse

If you are among the professional workers in the kitchens, restaurants, houses, and hospitals, this shoe is for you. It has a specific design that can provide a durable comfort with its lightweight nature. The entire environment of SensFoot uses imported materials from EVA which ensures the softness and lightweight of the shoe. It also comes with the all-in-one shape construction which makes it oil and water resistant. It also prevents other dangerous materials from entering into the shoe. You can easily wear this shoe without problems and clean it just as easily.

Product features:

This shoe has the upgraded slip-resistant technology with the patented pattern outsole to provide maximum traction. No matter the greasy or wet floors you are working on, you can feel free and rest assured that you can never lose balance.

It is one of the best nonslip shoes for chefs which you can use for long hours on your feet. The shoe is specially established to provide support to those that always work long hour shifts.

This particular shoe reaches the highest slip resistance level. As a result, it is the perfect shoe for the professionals who are in the service or restaurant industries.

The shoe is extra lightweight to the extent that its size M doesn’t weigh higher than 0.38lb. It is as a result of the imported EVA material which is used in its production.

Thanks to the shoe’s imported rubber sole, it is oil proof, anti-skid, and waterproof. Furthermore, the soles are breathable thus, providing your feet with maximum ventilation all day long. You don’t have to suffer through sweaty, smelly feet, or fear fungal infections.


  • This shoe cleans up easily and dries very fast also
  • It is environmentally friendly
  • Comes from a known brand for its production of the highest slip-resistant shoes
  • The customer care service is a plus factor
  • It is quite snuggly, and soft, and moves with your foot in a perfect grip
  • This shoe makes you feel like you are working on air
  • With this shoe, you can carry on with your work comfortably without fear for your safety.
  • Provides maximum performance and great working experience
  • Perfect for those in the food service and healthcare industries


  • They are not so comfortable if you are not walking about in them

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Non-Slip Shoes For Chefs

When purchasing the best shoes for chefs, there are certain factors that you dare not ignore. These factors are a must-have in any shoe you want to wear for long hours around the kitchen. That is; if you want to work in comfort. These factors are as follows;

Buying the Best Non-Slip Shoes For Chefs

The Shoe’s Outsole

Knowing that the floor of any kitchen can be dangerous, it is important to check the outsole of the shoe you want to buy. Kitchen floors usually have smooth tiles which are likely to be slippery, skid, or cause falls. Moreover, they may have oil and water spills which can make somebody fall or lose their balance. That’s why; you should only buy the best kitchen shoes with non-slip outsoles. This type is the best that can tolerate oily and wet surfaces.


Since the job of a chef involves staying long hours on his or her feet, comfort is very important at all times. During the rush hours, a chef may want to move faster. After staying on your feet for so long, it may not be easy. But if you are wearing a comfortable shoe, it can minimize your fatigue and significantly impact your performance. Thus; you should buy the shoes that fit you properly to provide comfort. Carefully select your proper width and size and not the one that will pinch or rub you the wrong way and cause discomfort.

The Shoe’s Support 

Shoe support is that strength the shoe has to stick on your foot. Any shoe that doesn’t strongly cover your foot or is loose doesn’t have support. A shoe with arch support is the type that sticks to your foot like a second skin and mimics every action your foot does perfectly. It means that when you move, the shoe will not tilt sideways, backward, or forward but maintain a neutral position.

Buying shoe with arch support

So if you want to get the best kitchen clogs that can offer support make sure the shoe offers good arch supports. It is the best way to avoid problems like plantar fasciitis. You can also enhance the support of your shoe if you add custom orthotics to it.


When you work in the kitchen, there is the likelihood that you may spill drinks or hot food. You may even drop heavy pans, cooking knives, or such other items on your foot. As a result, you may suffer damages or physical injuries on your bones or foot skin. Thus; it is vital to buy the shoes that can protect your foot from such mishaps and accidents. Therefore, buy a composite/ steel toe shoe which is water-resistant and can tolerate sharp objects and hot liquids.


The best nonslip shoes for chefs should be easy to use and maintain. Most especially since there are many squishy-squashy stuff and sorts of food litter around a kitchen floor. There is also the added danger of food spills, ingredients, liquids, oil, and water which may land on your shoes. As a result, you should go for shoes that offer ease of use.


Best Shoes for Chefs should come with good materials, stitches, and good design. Although leather material may be durable, it is heavy and not resistant to moisture. However, shoes that are made from synthetic materials are lightweight, resistant to moisture, and durable. They can resist tear and wear. Therefore, if you want to get a good worth for your investment, look for shoes that can tolerate hard conditions.


There is a tendency for shoes to overheat and become smelly or even grow fungal infections when they stay too long on your foot. That is why; it is important to wear a shoe that offers maximum breathability. Don’t buy any shoe that can trap-in moisture. Go for the shoe that can provide enough ventilation. This will enable your feet to remain dry and cool no matter how long, and hard you are working.


The weight of the shoe you are wearing is another crucial factor you should consider. Most especially as you are going to wear it for hours. Moreover, you may not want a heavy shoe on your foot to weigh you down. Additionally, if your shoe is heavy, you can never move freely or fast enough. The reason being that you will exert more effort to carry it around. If your shoe is lighter, you will never get tired easily even after long hours of working. So go for lighter shoes especially professional chefs that work long hours.

Shock Absorption

Any shoe that comes with shock absorption feature can save your life. It prevents tiredness and enables you to stand and walk for longer periods. You should go for shoes with memory or gel foam insole or the one that comes with EVA midsole foam.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Chefs Wear Non-Slip Shoes?

A chef’s shoes are designed to be non-slip so that they can easily perform their duties in the kitchen. There are many reasons why chefs wear non-slip shoes, such as:• They help reduce slipping and falling accidents. • They help prevent burns from hot surfaces. • They protect feet from sharp objects and accidental cuts on work surfaces. • They offer protection against slippery floors and debris underfoot.

Are Non-slip Shoes Ppe?

Slip-resistant shoes are an essential part of every shoe lover’s wardrobe. Many types of non-slip shoes are available, but not all slip-resistant shoes are created equal.

What Kind of Shoes Does a Chef Wear?

Chefs wear shoes for their feet, not because they are a chef. It is important to understand that chefs’ shoes have nothing to do with their profession.


It is true that people’s feet are never the same and as a result, everyone has their particular specifications when shopping. However, the important factor here is that your foot deserves the best nonslip shoes for chefs, that is; if you work very hard in the kitchen. Your feet need shoes that can provide support and comfort to stay long hours standing. You also need shoes that very strong and durable to stand your busy working schedule in the kitchen environment.

That is why; we selected all the products listed here very carefully. As such, we can proudly tell you that they are the best. Each brand passed through the scrutiny of our research team to make sure that at least one of them can meet your needs. We considered their style, the materials used in their production, the colors they come in, and their capacity to resist slipping.

All the factors which we examined in this review will surely help you to make the perfect choice. Finally, these shoes, can help you to improve your performance inside the kitchen at work and home.

Your feet are likely to be very happy with you!