Best Motion Control Walking Shoes for Flat Feet

Last updated on January 12th, 2022

Having flat feet could be very disturbing and discomforting most times. For this you need best motion control walking shoes for flat feet.The pains experienced while walking can be so unbearable that sometimes it makes you want to stop walking. In reality, you can’t stop walking or wearing shoes, and you can’t cut off your legs either. Therefore, what you need is the best motion control walking shoes for flat feet.

Flat feet are not an abnormality; some adults experience it. Discomfort on flat feet usually arises when you stand for a longer time, or after a long walk. Irrespective of what causes it, it can be remedied with the products we have here. Footwears are necessities that carry us about and shields our feet from harm. It will be wise and appropriate to be comfortable in them.

Best motion control walking shoes for flat feet

More so, people don’t wear shoes for fitting alone; it’s supposed to give us maximum comfort for walking, running, jogging etc. Without the best motion control walking shoes for flat feet, the idea for comfort is defeated. However, in the course of this article, we shall see the brand of shoes that suits flat feet. Nevertheless, we will first consider certain conditions necessary for choosing the brand out there.

Reviews of the Best Motion Control Walking Shoes for Flat Feet

Brooks Women Addiction 12

Brooks Women Addiction 12

The brooks women addiction 12 is a suitable motion shoe that is best for road running. The women’s brooks are stable and can satisfy your running desire. This shoe is ideal for flat curves and runners with intense pronation. It provides suitable cushioning and comfortable ride quality. The crash pad allows soft and smooth heel –to- toe movement. The upper layer has an extra comfortable moisture management mesh that makes you addicted and relaxed in the shoe. It is long lasting with a heel segmented crash pad that ensures a smoother and safer landing. The Brooks Addiction 12 is indeed a good choice for absolute running comfort.

Product features :

Brooks’ women addiction 12 has a textile element lining that wicks away moistures from the skin which helps keep the feet cool and dry. It’s made with a heel segmented crash pad that helps and enables smoother landings.

There is an anatomical Brooks DNA that delivers suitable cushioning for that accommodates all foot shapes, runners of different sizes and speed. It is not weighty and very easy to move and run with.

It is designed with internal support saddle, padded tongue and collar to give you maximum comfort. Also, it has an external Progressive Diagonal Rollbar that aids and controls pronation. It equally promotes smoother experience all through a running or walking exercise.


  • It is very suitable for running and walking exercises.
  • Suitable for women with wide feet and large too box
  • It has adaptive cushioning that gives comfort.
  • Accurate heel segmented crash pad that ensures a smooth and safe landing.


  • The shoe is a bit expensive
  • Some find it  quite heavy
  • The shoes upper mesh wears out easily.

New balance women’s WR1011 Motion Control Running

New balance women’s WR1011 Motion Control Running

The new balance women’s WR1011 motion control running shoe is very suitable for athletes. With this product, athletes can achieve their goals and desires in the running. This shoe is durable and has extreme overpronation to ensure maximum comfort. It also has quality cushioning and thick padded linings to keep you stable while running.

Product features :

The absorb technology, however, provides quality shock absorbent, which keeps you light on your feet. The New Balance Shoes have a quality landing edge technology and superior cushioning that helps give you a motivational running all the time.

This brand has a leading edge technology that helps intense overpronation from the heel to the feet.

It has the perfect cushioning and thinks padded linings that ensure maximum comfort. It has shock absorbent to keep you light on your feet.


  • Motion control running shoes can reduce the tendency of injury for overpronators.
  • Makes your feet experience less fatigue
  • Suitable for athletes with flat feet
  • It also reduces the risk of petello- femoral pain syndrome


  • Motion running shoes are expensive
  • They are weighty
  • They are not comfortable for some runners.

Saucony women’s Stabil CS3 Running Shoe

Saucony women’s Stabil CS3 Running Shoe

The Saucony Stabil CS3 women running shoe gives comfort and maximum stability for lovers of running exercise and sports. It’s dependable and durable to withstand any rigorous road or work out. This shoe offers lots of support for those who suffer difficulty in overpronation. It has the right cushioning system to ensure comfort and stability. Also, this brand is good for people in need of arch support for flat feet. It’s most suitable for those recuperating from an injury serves as the best stability walking shoe for a daily trainer.

Product features :

It has a hydration lining that offers skin comfort with the aid of anti-moisture properties. The Stabil CS 3 Sauc-fit system is used to secure the mid-foot and provide maximum protection to the feet.

The Dual Density SLL EVA Midsole provides comfort under the feet which is very responsive and efficient. Runners get adequate protection from pronation of their feet through the stability Arch-Lock and CS Zone.

It has a power grid tech located in the heel area that absorbs the shocks and ensures the foot has sufficient step. Also, the durability of Stabil CS 3 is ensured by the Injected Blown Rubber outsole.


  • The brand is lightweight.
  • There is a good position cushioned midsole for protection.
  • It gives excellent arch support to feet.
  • Made with breathable mesh to provide ventilation and cool off hot feet.
  • The Stabil CS 3 provides adequate protection with its long lasting outsole.


  • The relatively high price tag
  • Doesn’t look very stylish
  • Some runners think the toe box is tight

Thing To Consider Before Buying The Best Motion Control Walking Shoes For Flat Feet

Before purchasing a shoe for flat feet, there are basic features you must consider. These features will determine how comfortable or uncomfortable you would be in the shoes. Therefore it is of utmost importance to consider these factors before getting a flat feet shoe.

Low heel

Often, flat feet could cause pain because of the twisted and bent position of the shoe while walking. To avoid that awful experience its best to go for shoes with a supportive or low heel. Shoes with a low heel will not only stop your ankles from twisting but will also position your spine and strain from inflicting pains on you.

Large toe box

Shoes with narrow toe box cause some sort of unimaginable pain and discomfort. This discomfort is possible to retard your movement when you squeeze your feet into a narrow toe box pair of shoes. This is an unpleasant experience you wouldn’t want to keep experiencing. However, it best to consider getting a large toe box shoe, as it creates a comfortable and relaxed feeling.

Fitting arch

This is an important factor to consider when buying the best motion control walking shoes for flat feet. People have different feet curve. Some have a high arch while others have a lower arch. Irrespective of your arch, there is a befitting shoe that would suit your feet. Choosing a fitting arch will save you the horrible experience of feet pains on your flat feet. It wouldn’t hurt to get it right the first time.

Solid material

Durability is the most significant factor. It will be unwise to buy a pair of shoes that can’t serve you for a reasonable period. Durable foot wears you value for your money and at the same time gives you comfort. This Comforts will enable you to walk freely without pains and bring you much satisfaction. Therefore, check the material of any shoe you want to buy.


Comfortability is what everyone desires. Therefore this is a basic factor that needs not to be ignored. A perfect shoe should be adequately cushioned to fit into feet and offer maximum comfort and stability while working. Since your target is to buy the best motion control walking shoes for flat feet, make sure that you get it right. Get a brand that has all it takes to keep you comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Motion Control Walking Shoe?

A motion control walking shoe is a type of athletic shoe that has the ability to sense movement and then respond by moving in sync with your foot.

Motion control walking shoes are typically made for athletes who need to stay light on their feet while doing an activity such as running, jumping, or lifting weights. They can also be used for dancing or martial arts activities that require quick movements.

These shoes are often referred to as “smart” because they offer various features such as adjusting support, helping prevent injuries, monitoring your gait, and tracking distance traveled.

Are Motion Control Shoes Good for Flat Feet?

Motion-control shoes are designed to give your feet more support and prevent the pain that comes with flat feet.

There are some benefits of wearing motion control shoes:

  • They help prevent foot, ankle, and knee injuries.
  • They improve balance and stability while walking or running.
  • They also help relieve pressure on the plantar fascia, which is located on the bottom of your foot between your heel bone and toes.

Are Zero Drop Shoes Good for Flat Feet?

Flat feet are a very common condition and it is seen in almost all age groups. This condition can be easily remedied by wearing motion control shoes.

Motion-control shoes are specially designed to help alleviate the symptoms of flat feet. These shoes have a heel counter that provides cushioning, stability, and support for the foot and ankle, as well as arch support for your lower leg.

The best part about these shoes is that they are flexible enough to provide extra comfort even when you’re not walking or running. They also offer a wide range of designs, so you can find one that matches your personality and style preference.

Are Nikes Good for Flat Feet?

Nikes are not good for flat feet. Flat feet are a common condition that is characterized by having one or more of the three arches in your foot (the ones on the bottom) collapsed, which can cause pain and other problems when you walk or run. It can also cause difficulty with activities such as standing up from sitting, running, jumping, dancing, walking long distances, and kicking a ball.

What Are Motion Control Shoes Good For?

Motion-control shoes are a type of athletic shoe that is designed to be used in activities such as basketball, soccer, and football.

The shoe uses the force of your foot’s movement to help the wearer make quick changes in direction without taking their feet off the ground. This helps prevent injury and reduces wear on joints.

Some other benefits of motion control shoes include:

  • They improve balance and stability during sports or physical activity.
  • They reduce muscle fatigue by reducing the amount of energy required for locomotion.
  • They can also provide support during walking or running, which can improve posture and help prevent injuries from falls or overuse.


We have examined some of the best motion control walking shoes for flat feet. It is obvious that when it comes to flat feet, there’s no compromise in getting the best shoes for maximum comfort. You know your feet better, and we believe our enlightenment has also helped. With this review, we believe you have an idea of purchasing the best exercise sneakers for running or walking.

Any of the brands here is an excellent choice if you need comfort and protection. They are durable and meant to serve longer than you expect. Though they may be a bit expensive, it’s better to get them and secure your comfort and happiness. With them, you can walk a longer distance, and stand for as long as you please without arches. The products here can solve the problem of severe overpronation while running, walking or standing.

Therefore, you are assured of total comfort and protection for your flat feet.

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