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Best Shoes for Indoor Lacrosse

Indoor lacrosse is a fast-paced game played in an indoor arena. Indoor players need to be quick and agile, making it difficult for them to move around the court in cleats or outdoor sneakers. This article will help you find the best shoes for indoor lacrosse so that you can play at your best! 

The best shoes for indoor lacrosse are the ones that not only provide protection from injury but also allow players to move efficiently and quickly. So we’ll go over what you need to know when shopping for indoor soccer cleats/shoes so you can get a pair of shoes that will help your game!

Best Shoes for Indoor Lacrosse

Top 5 Best Shoes for Indoor Lacrosse Reviews

Under Armour Women’s Finisher Turf Lacrosse Shoe

The Women’s Finisher Turf Lacrosse Shoes are imported synthetic upper with a rubber sole, suitable for indoor/outdoor play, and designed specifically to help you get in it deep when it comes to competition time. Slip these lacrosse shoes on immediately after training; they’ll help keep dirt off of your good clothes so that once you hit the locker room, all anyone else will want to talk about is how awesome you are with these lacrosse shoes are up to the challenge.

Features include an accurate toe-to-heel sole flex and mesh lining with comfortable cushioning so you can play to the finish. Wear it during game days or on lazy weekends. We can’t imagine there being too many situations where this lightweight yet a durable shoe is not necessary! Achieve victory with the Under Armour Women’s Finisher Turf Lacrosse Shoe, a water-resistant synthetic shoe designed for indoor lacrosse at any indoor court without carpets.

This Shoe features a 13mm heel-toe offset that corresponds with the foot’s natural anatomy to effectively distribute impact forces for increased comfort, greater stability, and flawless performance. The shoe is suitable for Indoor Lacrosse. These shoes have a lightweight synthetic upper that provides the perfect combination of comfort and durability. In addition, their stud design helps provide traction while you’re on the move.

These Under Armour Women’s Finisher Turf Lacrosse Shoe. Made for indoor lacrosse, you will not need to change shoes from your outdoor game. Features include a low-top shaft and are ideal for indoor games, while UA’s mission is to make all athletes better through passion, design, and the relentless pursuit of innovation. Plus, their seamless interior lining means easy on/off convenience to get out there quickly and get back in when it’s time for half-time!


  • Provides the perfect combination of comfort and durability.
  • Excellent traction and comfort
  • Seamless interior lining means easy on/off convenience.
  • Water-resistant synthetic shoe designed for indoor lacrosse
  • Very light, and the traction is great


  • Not durable enough

Vizari Unisex-Kid’s Stealth FG Soccer Shoe

The Vizari Unisex-Kid’s Stealth FG Soccer Shoe is durable and comfortable, made for both indoor and outdoor play. So give your foot the cushy padding it deserves! These stealthy cleats are perfect for those who want to wear something safe but have no time being grounded by weather and surfaces alike. These shoes will slip onto wet turf as if they were suede socks, so go ahead give it your all without worries about flopping around on hardwood floors later.

With styles that are both functional and fun, these shoes will have everyone wondering who’s got color-coated feet. The best part is that they also double as indoor lacrosse shoes, so whether or not you can play ball outside, these are the perfect pair to hit the field inside! These cleats feature a synthetic upper constructed from extremely durable, stretch-resistant materials designed to last. They’re also great for an indoor variety of cool sports like Lacrosse or Futsal!

These tough but stretchy shoes are perfect for indoor lacrosse games and feature a synthetic upper for durability that’s designed to last. Durable materials make these boots perfect for the harshest of field conditions while still remaining comfortable on your feet. In addition, stealth cleats are built with your comfort in mind. Vizari Unisex-Kid’s Stealth FG Soccer Shoe features excellent traction on any soccer pitch. Choose these shoes to ensure a comfortable experience during all your games with indoor lacrosse.

This shoe is a major step up from the worn-out soccer shoes you wore as a kid. Now we have Vizari’s Unisex-Kid’s Stealth FG Soccer Shoe. It’s also great for indoor lacrosse, so you can play your best game without any interruptions or injuries. Molded rubber soles create excellent grip on any turf field as well as ensuring a comfortable experience while walking for hours during soccer games!


  • Feature a synthetic upper constructed from extremely durable, stretch-resistant materials
  • No more slipping and sliding during games!
  • Padding around the collar and in the footbed ensure this shoe is always comfortable
  • Stealth cleats are built with comfort in mind
  • Excellent grip on any turf field


  • Not enough arch support

Adidas Men’s X Ghosted.3 Soccer Shoe

The Adidas Men’s X Ghosted.3 Soccer Shoe is the perfect lightweight shoe for whatever your indoor needs are! The rubber sole and low-cut silhouette provide a sleek, stylish look to go with the comfortable fit while you attack at close quarters. Stretch tongue adds comfort in key areas so your feet can move effortlessly inside this sock-like construction that hugs each foot perfectly and holds up well to the hard competition. With both indoor lacrosse and soccer as viable use cases for this handsome performer, it’s no wonder people love it!

These Adidas Men’s X Ghosted.3 Soccer Shoes offer synthetic construction for a durable yet lightweight feel with superior traction to keep you on the move. Built with synthetic materials, this shoe will demonstrate its prowess in any and every condition. Fine linings inside the upper give you a perfect fit; regular laces allow for easy on-and-off access with the dynamic outsole that features explosive speed in both directions to put you at an immediate advantage. 

Energetic stripes around the sides of the shoes match your energetic game no matter whether you’re performing during sunny day practices or if there’s less light indoors. The rubber sole and lightweight make these kicks perfect for running around the field without feeling tired halfway through training. In addition, impact protection will keep you on your feet no matter how many times you get hacked by your opponents.

This is the world’s most cutting-edge soccer shoe designed for speed on indoor turf with a supportive sock-like construction that hugs the foot and stability midfoot, and this low-cut silhouette is sleekly made for high speeds, deft movements, and direct touch control.  With features like a low-cut silhouette and thin dual-layer mesh fabric designed for speed, it’s no wonder this shoe is so popular! So whether you’re moving at lightning speed or admiring its clean design from afar, Adidas Men’s X Ghosted.3 Soccer Shoe offers unrivaled agility for all who love to hustle.


  • Plenty of support with its high top collar and midfoot stability
  • Sleek look to go with the sock-like construction that hugs your feet
  • Perfect lightweight shoe for indoor lacrosse play
  • Thin dual-layer mesh fabric designed for speed
  • Outsole made of non-marking material


  • Not comes with laces

Nike Women’s Flex Trainer 7

The Nike Women’s Flex Trainer 7 is a sleek rubber sole with leather and synthetic uppers. It features an imported design suitable for indoor lacrosse, which bodes well for you while you’re playing lace-up field sports like futsal or indoor soccer. Boasting a rubber sole, mesh upper for breathability, and lacrosse-specific design that sets it apart from the pack, this is perfect to have at any competitive tournament or practice. You won’t regret picking up a pair!

With a rubber sole, lightweight mesh upper for breathability, and an easy on/off design, your feet will be in good hands. Trust your moves with this lacrosse-specific shoe built for takeaways! These Trainer 7 shoes won’t let you down on the defense or even on the other side of the ball. It provides excellent traction for agile lacrosse moves like a juke or burst. Durable and lightweight, it holds up to hard plays indoors and out.

Throw on this lightweight, breathable shoe to pull off a look that’s suited for the court. Rubber soles offer reliable grip, while cables in the forefoot create a locked-down fit. Traction pattern allows for flexible grip in all directions, and lasting comfort is assured by cushioned mesh upper and synthetic lining. Cute colors make it easy to show up with style. The upper wraps your foot in comfort, while Flywire technology provides lightweight lockdown fitting.

The Nike Women’s Flex Trainer 7 is a sleek, lightweight shoe that features an injected unit sole to provide flexibility and reduce lace pressure. It is perfect for indoor lacrosse as its traction pattern allows for a flexible grip in every direction. Feel confident sliding in pursuit of elusive fast breaks with this shoe’s 2x-speed tread rubber outsole.

With an injected unit soles (IU) material that provides lightweight, breathable support, which helps reduce lace pressure on top of the foot by adding a padded sandwich mesh tongue, these trainers are more than suitable!


  • Lightweight and breathable trainer uppers
  • Traction pattern allows for flexible grip in all directions
  • Injected unit soles (IU) material provides lightweight, breathable support
  • Features an injected unit sole to provide flexibility and reduce lace pressure
  • Flywire technology provides lightweight lockdown fitting


  • Not great for weightlifting

ASICS Men’s GEL-Prevail Mid Lacrosse Shoe

The ASICS Men’s GEL-Prevail Mid Lacrosse Shoe might be the right shoe for you. With a new platform midsole, this is softer to walk on than its predecessors, which will rest easy on your feet in those long lacrosse games! Additionally, the rubber outsole stabilizes play and provides great traction by gripping the ground firmly so you can react swiftly in transition without slipping too often. These shoes also have polyurethane spikes integrated into them to give extra grip when shooting from any angle!

These shoes are specifically for indoor lacrosse and will have you staying on your feet. With a rubber sole and synthetic leather upper, these shoes are suitable for any kind of play that you put yourself in the way of. Whether it’s bumping up against the boards or going toe to toe with someone else – these shoes help is stay grounded. Leather provides comfort knowing it won’t before too long, so mess around as much as you want! We know this because they’re made from mesh too!

ASICS has developed the GEL-Prevail Mid Lacrosse Shoe to provide these features through innovative technology while enhancing your performance. With multi-function cleats suitable for indoor lacrosse games, you can worry less about sliding around during playtime; now, all you have left to do is get out on the court and put these gears to work! In addition, the GEL-Prevail Mid Lacrosse Shoe features a thin, lightweight synthetic upper for the closeness of fit and comfort.

The patented ASICS Multi-Flex System moves naturally with your foot and provides increased stability in the crucial zones of rotation. With impeccable ventilation keeping you cool, this shoe is great for indoor lacrosse! The features on this shoe will put you in the perfect position to make those incredible plays we know you’re capable of! With a 10mm heel gradient and an innovative cleat design cutting these shoes are comfortable enough for all-day wear.


  • Rubber sole and synthetic leather upper
  • Perfect for indoor lacrosse
  • Aggressive tread pattern provides great traction and flexibility
  • Low-top design offers support where it’s needed most
  • Ventilation keeps your feet cool as you play


  • Not wide enough

What Is Indoor Lacrosse?

Indoor lacrosse is a version of the game that is played in a hockey-like rink. The field is 60 by 90 feet, and there are boards around the sides (though they don’t extend to the ceiling). This means that most shots will bounce off of walls, which can be a good or bad thing depending on whether or not you’re the one trying to score. If you are a player who uses your stick more for poking, checking, and slashing, then I would recommend that you wear a pair of indoor lacrosse shoes.

How To Choose The Best Shoes for Indoor Lacrosse? 

Make no mistake, choosing the best shoes for indoor lacrosse is not as cut and dry as choosing the best cleats for soccer. There are a number of factors to take into consideration. Here we have mentioned some below!

How To Choose The Best Shoes for Indoor Lacrosse 

1. Stability:

Lacrosse is a rough game; the indoor version is more so. Indoor surfaces are rarely as smooth as an asphalt or concrete parking lot. The flooring inside a basketball gym will either be polished hardwood, tile, or something in between. In short, there are many more opportunities for falls and missteps than on turf fields and outdoor natural surfaces.

2. Grip:

The indoor lacrosse field is not a matte-surfaced basketball court. Instead, it is rough like the asphalt or concrete parking lot from which many players may becoming. While it does not need to be as tacky as an outdoor artificial turf, the grip is still important on the indoor courts, especially when players are making sharp cuts at high speeds.

3. Weight and Durability:  

The indoor game is played over a shorter period of time than the outdoor version. However, because the games are intense and contested on slightly inferior surfaces, the players still need durable shoes that can stand up to the punishment.

4. Comfort:  

As with any athletic shoe, comfort is important. You don’t want your cleats to pinch or rub as you’re running around for a full 60 minutes.

5. Appearance:  

The players will be playing indoors, so the shoes they wear should look similar to an indoor-style lacrosse shoe. This means low-profile shoes with little to no tread pattern.

6. Lightweight:

With the short duration of play and a slightly inferior playing surface, players will appreciate it if they can shed some pounds with their shoes.

7. Cost:

The cost factor depends on your budget, but remember, if you’re spending money on your equipment for lacrosse, you should be spending money on the best gear to increase your performance and reduce the risk of injury.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can You Wear Football Boots for Lacrosse?

A: Yes, you can wear football cleats for the indoor game. However, most lacrosse players prefer to wear spikes or “turfs.” If you decide to play in boots, remember that these were designed for the outdoor game and will not be as light and agile as shoes made specifically for indoor lacrosse.

Q: Are Lacrosse Shoes Better Than Cleats?

A: As discussed previously, it is more about personal preference than anything else. Nevertheless, you should know that lacrosse shoes are made to be very light and offer excellent traction on the indoor court (some of them actually have a bottom with cleats). If you wear turfs, they will become quickly worn out since they were not designed for indoor use.


The Nike Women’s Flex Trainer 7 is the best shoe for indoor lacrosse because of the lightweight mesh upper that provides breathability and great mobility. In addition, with a wide, low-to-the-ground outsole that offers stability and traction on any surface, this is our top pick!

If you need more information about other shoes we recommend or have questions about what to wear while playing indoor lacrosse, let us know by commenting below. We’ll get back to you with an answer ASAP!

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