Best Running Shoes for Calluses

Last updated on September 26th, 2021

Calluses are a problem with long-distance runners. When you make your feet pound the pavement day after day, the skin on your feet takes quite a beating. Calluses are formed to protect your feet from this abuse. However, they have one drawback: They look ugly! Calluses form as a result of friction and pressure on the skin.

Best Running Shoes for Calluses

Calluses are often known to occur on feet. However, they can also appear on other areas of the body, like hands or knees.  Calluses differ from simple dryness.  When you have hard skin due to chaffing, calluses will seem bumpy and thick.

This is because large amounts of pressure are applied over an extended period of time, and this may cause damage to the upper layer of the skin, which protects your body from bacteria and germs.

Therefore, it is important to buy the most suitable shoes for running to treat calluses. For this reason, today, I am going to discuss the seven best running shoes for calluses. So without any further adieu, let us get into the main product description.

NameMaterial TypeSole Weight
Under Armour Men's Charged Assert 8 Running Shoe

TextileSynthetic sole9.9 oz.
ASICS Men's Gel-Venture 7

Synthetic-and-meshRubber Sole2 Pounds
Saucony Men's Ride 13

Synthetic-and-meshRubber Sole9.7 oz
Alphatorsion 360 Running Shoe

fabric4 Pounds
Nike Women's Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Running Shoes

Fitsole sockliner.1.5 Pounds
Brooks Women's Ghost 13 Running Shoe

Synthetic-and-meshRubber Sole2 Pounds
adidas Women's Cloud foam Pure Running Shoe

100% Textile SyntheticsRubber Sole6 Ounces

The Seven Best Running Shoes for Calluses

Under Armour Men’s Charged Assert 8 Marble Running Shoe

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Under Armour mens Charged Assert 8 Running Shoe,

Last update was on: January 1, 2022 8:37 pm

Under Armor Charge Assert 8 is not your average sneaker. This training shoe has a foam cushioning system for targeted comfort that surpasses insole padding by 10%. Transition and rupture zones keep you running safer.

Traction pods on the heel offer better grip, shedding mud from the track or pavement with ease. Durable rubber compound on the outsole will last 15% longer than other shoes of this category, providing more miles before it needs to be replaced-and all these technological features are at no cost to your feet thanks to

Under Armour’s moisture-wicking fabric, which transports sweat off your skin and can also resist odors up to 2x better than standard fabric constructions. A strong and lightweight, breathable upper locks in your midfoot for a stable ride no matter what you’re up to. Easily take on any terrain with high-performance UA Charged foam, fresh colorways, and 3-D digital prints to power through the toughest miles.


  • The product has synthetic soles.
  • There is a traction pod for extra grip.
  • The product is highly durable.
  • The cushion is flexible for runners.
  • The product is lightweight.


  • The flat inner sole is sometimes uncomfortable.

ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 7 Running Shoes

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ASICS Men's Gel-Venture 7 Running Shoes,

& Free shipping
Last update was on: January 1, 2022 8:37 pm
$49.00 $70.00

When it comes to the ASICS Men’s Gel-Venture 7 Running Shoe, you can’t keep up. The shoe features a textile and synthetic mesh upper that lends itself to both comfort and durability with every gear shift.

A convenient traction outsole will help you go from one place to another safe in the knowledge that your feet are provided with the grip they need. At the same time, dual-density GEL Cushioning System Injected Heel Pad Technology will take care of all impact absorption during your journey.

These ASICS have leaped – literally. They’ve got that rearfoot GEL technology cushioning system, which attenuates shock during the impact phase and allows for a smooth transition to midstance. These shoes let you take the extra step to be ambitious without slowing down from these icky aches and pains in your feet.

These shoes are a durable, cushioned, and comfortable shoe that hugs your feet in any condition. With Ortholite X-40 Sockliner for excellent moisture management and high rebound properties, this is the perfect pair of kicks to take on all your adventures.


  • These shoes are durable.
  • Highly stylish design
  • The rubber sole is very comfortable.
  • The shoe has high rebound properties.


  • The sizing of these products should be improved.

Saucony Men’s Ride 13

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Saucony Men's Ride 13, Grey/Black, 11 Wide

& Free shipping
Last update was on: January 1, 2022 8:37 pm

The Saucony Men’s Ride 13’s are perfect for a run through the city, where you’ll have to stop now and then to adjust your map. The mesh upper is breathable, flexible, and feels just as cool as it looks.

Built with patented Sauc-Fit technology in polyurethane that absorbs 10% of impact during a runner’s stride while its XT-900 rubber souls provide durable cushioning everywhere but the toes. Walk with ease in these men’s running shoes featuring QUICK REACTION™ system double darioles, which add stability when quick changes on inclines occur.

Try this footwear must-haves rigged out in 8 different colors. Saucony’s best ROAD running shoe features Saucony’s signature PWRRUN cushioning and the TRI-FLEX outsole, which provides flexibility while offering more stability than ever before. The Ride 13 provides a lightweight feel with all-day comfort, whether you’re training for your next big race or just looking to refresh some wardrobe-essentials.

The performance-driven portion of the foot is protected from impact while being versatile enough to tackle long runs and short distances alike. A key feature of this shoe will be security in stride when worn during high-traffic activities such as travel on planes or buses. So you can enjoy yourself in style without worrying about stiffness or soreness upon return home.


  • The product is lightweight.
  • This product is fully synthetic and mesh.
  • The soft cushioning helps reduce impact.
  • The 3 D print overlays are very stylish.


  • The interior of the shoe should be sturdier.

Alphatorsion 360 Running Shoe

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adidas Men's Alphatorsion Running Shoe,

Last update was on: January 1, 2022 8:37 pm
$59.96 $100.00

Alphatorsion 360 Running shoes are perfect for the athlete who experiences chronic foot pain or plantar fasciitis symptoms. The four-layer heel cushioning ensures an optimum, comfortable fit with every step while preventing any irritation caused by calluses.

Don’t spend another day on that old-style running shoe when you could be walking or running comfortably with these high-quality, new-world shoes! You’ll never want to leave your home wearing anything else once you slip on these beauties – just one quick lace-up, and out the door, you go. So say goodbye to painful sore feet and say hello to complete comfort today.

One of the best running shoes ever made. The sleek mesh upper provides luxurious comfort, while the padded heel and insole ensure that you stay comfortable mile after mile. Choose from five fashionable colors: pink, blue, brown, gray, or red. Keep your seat and balance while you run with this shoe.

The advanced shock absorption technology provides high resistance against impact, which will keep your feet feeling safe even on the most long-distance of runs.

Eyes turning red? No problem; these babies have a super comfortable design that delivers 360° views so you can stay aware of any obstacles coming up ahead! You’ll be able to enjoy all this extra fresh air in every comfort with our patent Protech system for exceptional ventilation along foot yet still keeping it warm!


  • Comes in various designs.
  • Lightweight and durable materials.
  • Padded heels for extra comfort.
  • Reduces blisters in your feet.


  • It makes a squeaky noise after using it for a long time.

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Running Shoes

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The Nike Pegasus 36 running shoe features a sleek design and offers a secure, locked-down fit with every step. The heel is engineered to be lower than the forefoot for increased comfort in the transition from landing to push-off in walking or running, promoting a natural motion that may help prevent common injuries like shin splints.

The breathable mesh upper delivers excellent ventilation without sacrificing durability. It includes flywire cables for strength, while the full-length Zoom unit absorbs impact during use with no minimum break-in time required.

The midsole also includes blown rubber “blob” underlays that optimize stability while minimizing weight to offer you lightweight cushioning at 10 ounces. In addition, this shoe has a sock liner that contours to your foot provide superior fit and responsiveness while delivering longer wear and a more comfortable feel.

Don’t be weighed down by heavy sneakers when you can have lightweight shoes with the best technology available at 8.8 ounces: Fitsole sock liner, Flywire cables in high tension areas of the shoe provide adaptive stability, which locks the heel into place for added durability and improved overall support, breathable mesh upper allows airflow to keep feet cool and dry while durable synthetic overlays cover potential tear points.


  • This shoe has more than thirty variants.
  • Highly impact resistive.
  • It weighs only 8.8 ounces.
  • Comes with stability optimization technology.


  • The product packaging should be improved.

Brooks Ghost 13 Running Shoe

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Brooks Women's Ghost 13, Light Blue, 9 Medium

Last update was on: January 1, 2022 8:37 pm

The Ghost 13 is your running shoe! Its imported rubber sole allows for natural flexibility, and its tailored geometrics are perfect for both navigating hills or just giving you some stability. The upper is lined with CORDURA® to give it that durable appeal while still maintaining its feel.

This Brooks Ghost 13 has also been certified as diabetic-friendly by being granted the PDAC A5500 Diabetic shoe certification and awarded the prestigious APMA Seal of Acceptance. For years, Ghost shoes have stood for pro-level support and cushion.

The newest iteration does not disappoint! With a balance of the softness for which Ghost shoe fans crave with the responsive responsiveness, you need on your road running, cross-training, gym trips to wherever else you may find yourself going.

The Brooks Ghost 13 is a running shoe designed to help you take every stride smoothly by absorbing impacts in our Segmented Crash Pad, no matter how your foot lands. It also comes with strategic stretch fabric that wraps around and anchors the midfoot for stability and comfort – so you’ll feel stable throughout your entire run!


  • This shoe has an imported rubble sole.
  • Specifically manufactured for runners.
  • Soft and breathable.
  • Comes with high energizing cushions.


  • The product can be slightly costly.

Adidas Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoe

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adidas Women's Cloud foam Pure Running Shoe,

& Free shipping
Last update was on: January 1, 2022 8:37 pm
$49.00 $70.00

The Adidas Pure Cloudfoam Women’s Running Shoe is designed to offer support for your feet with a slim, lightweight design. So slip them on and feel like you’re running on clouds, built with a durable stretch mesh upper that offers breathability when battling the heat.

Enjoy an even smoother ride thanks to its seamless insole constructed of memory foam laces that will hug your feet curves effortlessly while also being able to wick sweat away from skin fitted lines for superior airflow and lower weight with less hindrance in performance so you can go faster, run longer and lighter without sacrificing anything.

We’ve even made it easier by putting together thoughts into one solid shoe. No more having trouble choosing between shoes! This shoe is perfect for any modern person who loves to run.

This lightweight design features a silver, black and white color scheme emblazoned with the signature 3-stripe branding of Adidas, affectionately known as “The Three Stripes.” These shoes are perfect for those who need a little extra fluff in their step during those long runs.

The soft knit upper in heather gray is designed for breathability and has dynamic arch support that will keep your foot snugly in place. The Adidas logo adds style, while the rubber outsole gives you grip where it counts. Mesh on the sides allows air to circulate, keeping your feet dry from sweat or outside elements as they wick away moisture.


  • This product is manufactured with textile synthetics.
  • The platform measurement is quite admirable.
  • Extra cushions are provided for high-level comfort.
  • Has improved breathability.


  • Sometimes this shoe causes tendinitis.

What Are Calluses?

If you’re an avid runner, you’ve probably seen a couple of calluses. These are rough spots on the tops or bottoms of your feet that can range from very, very slight to severe;  Very put, calluses are layers of dead skin cells that form as a response to pressure.

Couple of Calluses

You may have experienced this yourself if you’ve ever done anything strenuous without wearing shoes – like running barefoot across the concrete, for example. Or perhaps someone has had their foot in your hands, and you could feel the thick layer of hardened skin which is essentially a protective barrier against friction and pressure. Either way, it’s actually pretty cool when we take the time to think about it.

 How Are Calluses Treated?

Depending on the severity, you may require medical attention. For example, if you have developed a very severe case of calluses, your doctor will most likely recommend that you trim back the skin with a scalpel and obliterate it.

This is normally done in the operating room at urgent care or outpatient clinic. However, if your case is not as serious – or if you can treat it yourself – then you will be told how to shave off the dead skin with a scalpel for the remaining tissue underneath to heal properly and grow healthy new skin cells.

Do Flip Flops Cause Calluses? 

Flip flops are great for the beach and pool, but when you step outside to walk around town, flip flops can cause corns and calluses on your feet when not wearing socks. Not only do they make your foot look unattractive, but they also make walking a chore.

There is no reason why anyone should suffer from this hurtful condition just because of an ill-fitting pair of shoes. Choosing the best running shoes for calluses or the perfect work boots for preventing them shy away from pain in the future.

Should I Get Rid of Foot Calluses?

Calluses are formed on the bottoms of your feet to protect them from friction. Running and other types of exercise will cause extra pressure in a particular place on your foot, leading to the formation of calluses. Although they aren’t always detrimental, they can get too thick or prevent you from running properly if left untreated.

How Can I Get Rid of My Foot Callus?

Rub the affected area with a pumice stone or emery board. Make sure to file down only the top layer since you don’t want to take off too much skin. You can also use a foot rasp or other callus-removing product that is available at most drug stores.

Use a Foot Rasp

Finally, soak your feet in warm water and Epsom salt for 15 minutes at least once daily to soften up the thickened skin and remove dead skin cells. After soaking, dry your feet thoroughly and either file away any remaining calluses with a pumice stone or follow up with an exfoliating scrub using an antibacterial body wash.

Should Runners Get Rid of Calluses?

The short answer is yes. If you are like most runners, you probably have calluses on your feet and do not even realize they are there. What happens is that as we walk around in our shoes all day, every day, pressure builds up on different parts of our feet. More specifically, it builds up between the toes and underneath the ball of the foot on top when running.

This causes a buildup of hard skin, which can hurt quite badly if too much accumulates, especially while running when you impact your feet with each step or even just when wearing shoes for an extended period of time. In other words, calluses should be treated to keep them from forming and getting worse so that you do not feel pain while walking normally or moving about in your shoes.

Things to Consider While Buying the Best Running Shoes for Calluses

If you are already suffering from flat feet or you have a bunion, then I’m sure that you don’t want to make it worse by wearing the wrong running shoes. Yet, for many people, choosing the best pair of running shoes for calluses is easier said than done. There are plenty of products out there with different sizes and designs. However, picking one might be confusing because they all look so good on their own.

These are some things that you need to consider when buying the best running shoes for your problematic feet:

Consider Your Budget. The more money you’re willing to spend, the better shoes you can get. But this doesn’t mean that expensive ones will give you better protection than cheaper ones. It’s about how much you can spend and still get what you want.

Consider Your Foot Type. If you have flat feet or over pronated feet, pick a pair that will fit your foot type. But first, know what the different types of running shoes for calluses are.

These are the best shoes to buy if you have flat feet:

Neutral Running Shoes. People who don’t have a problem with their arches usually choose neutral running shoes. The soles of these products run straight from heel to toe without being too elevated in any specific area. They’re good for people who need little support and only want comfort.

Cushioned Running Shoes. Since there’s a lot of cushion on the heels and the balls of your feet, these are great for people who have high arches or over pronated feet. It can absorb some of the shocks and prevent you from further hurting your feet as you run.

Stability Running Shoes. If it is a bunion, hammertoe, or flat feet making your running uncomfortable, go for stability shoes. They have reinforced ankle support to keep our toes in place and reduce abnormal pronation that causes calluses on the soles of our feet.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Helps With Calluses When Running? 

Calluses are caused by repeated friction to the same area, such as when running. If you’re experiencing calluses while running, several products can help.  Some common over-the-counter and natural remedies include:

Lemon Juice – After applying lemon juice to your feet, cover them with socks for several hours to keep them moist. This helps soften hard skin.

Oil Moisturizers – These moisturize your feet and prevent dryness that can lead to callus formation. To reduce friction in these areas during exercise, try moisturizing at least 30 minutes before starting your run.

Lotions Containing Lanolin or Petrolatum – Petroleum jelly coatings allow your foot’s own tissues to rehydrate and heal. That means they can help remove dead skin cells without causing further damage to the area. Look for a product labeled “petrolatum” or “lanolin.”

Should I Remove Running Calluses?

If you have excruciating pain because your foot has been rubbed raw, then you should definitely take action. However, if the pain on your heel or ball of the foot gets worse when running in new shoes but feels better after a few miles of breaking them in, stick with those shoes! Calluses form to protect injuries and reduce friction.


I hope you have obtained all the necessary information from our list of the top seven best running shoes for calluses from this article. Specifically, my choice is “Under Armour Men’s Charged Assert 8 Marble Running Shoe.” The shoe has many features that will help reduce the pain of calluses. This includes an OrthoLite® footbed to absorb shock from every stride and a breathable mesh lining with UA Storm technology that keeps your feet dry and cool if you are looking for a new pair of shoes or want to prevent future callus pain, then look no further than these!

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