Best Shoes for Moonwalk

Last updated on January 12th, 2022

When Michael Jackson burst onto the scene in the ’80s, he did so with a bang. The moonwalk was his signature move, and it changed dance forever. Although many people have attempted to replicate this iconic dance movement since then, few can challenge MJ’s originality.

But what are the best shoes for moonwalking? To properly moonwalk, you’ll need some sturdy shoes that will support your weight and allow you to glide across the floor as if on air. Check out these top 5 picks of ours to select the best moonwalking shoes for you!

Best Shoes for Moonwalk

Top 5 Best Shoes for Moonwalking Reviews

Josmo Boys Casual Driving Slip-on Shoe

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Josmo Boys Casual Driving Slip-on Shoe

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The Josmo Boys casual driving slip-on shoe has a moccasin-style toe. The toe is flexible to make moonwalking easy. It’s imported from European manufacturers who know what they’re doing, and the tone of upper features lace-up complimentary stitching. The soles are slip-resistant and non-marking, so you’ll be able to moonwalk without leaving a trail of scuff marks. Slip-on a pair or two of these shoes to look fly while zipping around the dance floor!

The Josmo Boys Casual Driving Slip-on Shoe brings back some classic moves. It’s lightweight, easy to clean, and features a breathable Moccasin-style toe. The footbed is padded so that your comfort isn’t compromised when you’re dancing in these shoes. With Josmo Boys Shoes, you can moonwalk with ease. The light and flexible slip-on style are perfect for quick getaways.

The Josmo Slip-On Shoe is designed for the casual on-the-go adult. You no longer have to worry about tying laces; these slip-on make a perfect lightweight and flexible option to wear all day long! Sometimes function matters just as much as style when it comes to shoes, and why not get both with this shoe. Perfect for those quick errands, you’ll be happy you didn’t forget your new favorite slip-on in the morning!

Keep your toddler safe while they learn to walk and run with Josmo Boys Casual Driving Slip-on Shoe. Toddlers will be able to slip in and out of these flats without the need for any fuss, step on inside, and you’re ready to go! The safety features included come from uppers made of leather that is hand washed and water-resistant. In addition, extra protection is offered through a flexible rubber sole specially designed for little feet.


  • Lightweight and flexible.
  • Easy to clean slip-on style.
  • Breathable Moccasin-style toe.
  • Padded footbed for comfort.
  • Slip-resistant and non-marking soles.


  • Not accurate sizing

Rocket Dog Women’s Colt Moonwalk Pu Ballet Flat

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Rocket Dog Women's Colt Moonwalk Pu Ballet Flat

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The Rocket Dog Women’s Colt Moonwalk Pu Ballet Flat is perfect for when you’re living it up at the club. This shoe’s leather upper provides a comfortable fit for your feet. Perforations add breathability, and an air vent keeps your feet cool while you moonwalk to the music! In addition, the rubber outsole lends durability and traction.

Go ahead and moonwalk; this shoe is made for it! You can strut your stuff in these while running the Moonman race. They go with anything a super-cool vinyl jacket, a long hunter green turtleneck dress, or your favorite denim skirt and shearling sheepskin boots. These shoes have a faux woven fabric upper with knitted accents on side panels and heel caps. Disregard the name, and this is a clever shoe that works well for all occasions.

From work to play, from formal to casual, this shoe will make you moonwalk in style! With inner padding that will keep you comfy as you make your grand moves, the Rocket Dog Women’s Colt Moonwalk Pu Ballet Flat is designed for modern-day stars like you. With a flexible rubber sole that’s ready to rocket you through moonwalks, these flats are comfortable with functional buckles to take on everyday tasks.

The Rocket Dog Colt Moonwalk Pu Ballet Flat couldn’t look more different than the shoes we used to know and love. But, behind that lofty label, the rest is hidden in mystery. So what makes these little flats so surprisingly awesome? They’re designed to get comfortable quickly so that you can go from brunch date at the local coffee place or what-have-you, straight out dancing all night long while keeping your soles happy too!


  • Soft and flexible outsole.
  • Open-toe design.
  • Leather is upper with knitted accents.
  • These flats are comfortable with functional buckles
  • With inner padding that will keep your feet comfy


  • Not comfortable enough

SOFMUO Boys Girls Leather Loafers Slip-On Walking Shoes

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Diesel Men's Moonwalk 2 Boot

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The Sofmuo Boys Girls Leather Slip-on loafers are perfect for your little ones to wear on family strolls or even dress up their everyday outfits. The easy-to-wear design features a soft leather upper with good arch support. They also have the flexibility of being machine washed and dried, which lets you work this shoe into any situation without worry!

With a breathable, flexible, lightweight design, these shoes will keep their feet safe and comfortable as they play. They are easy to slip on, so you can always find them in the morning or tame those meltdown tantrums when it’s time to go home. In addition, you’ll never have to worry about ingrown calluses and blisters with the soft contoured insole that cradles little feet.

These durable shoes will last through many trips down the slide and up/down those mountains in the backyard! We searched high and low to find the finest, most lightweight, flexible synthetic leather. We know this loafers slip-on design is one your kids will love because it’s just so easy to put on with its durable non-slip rubber sole. So let them feel really great about their new stuff when they see themselves walking or moonwalking around town with those cute shoes on!

Whether you want a casual or formal look for your feet, we have got you covered. These leather loafers are super versatile and perfect for any occasion: when dressing up means putting on a more relaxed outfit; when living in two worlds, you’re never sure what to wear; need some new kicks that go with everything! You’ll love these shoes because they provide great comfort while still looking fashionable. With their water-resistant breezes and easy slip-on design, you can’t go wrong.


  • The easy-to-wear design features a soft leather upper
  • These durable shoes will last through many trips down the slide 
  • Have the flexibility of being machine washed and dried 
  • Suitable for both Casual and Formal Wear.
  • Comes with water-resistant breezes and an easy slip-on design


  • Not narrow fit

BeiBestCoat Synthetic Tap Oxford Dancing Shoes

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BeiBestCoat Synthetic Tap Shoes Oxford Dancing Shoes for Men,Adults

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BeiBestCoat Synthetic Tap Oxford Dancing Shoes! Now there’s a new way to dance like Michael Jackson without ever leaving the comfort of your living room. So take off those slippers, put on these boots, and moonwalk with the best of them. With BeiBestCoat soles, you can practice your moves at any time, literally any time. From now until forever, my friend, look down and take that first step to glory.

Make a big statement in these BeiBestCoat Synthetic Tap Oxford Dancing Shoes! This classic shoe is designed with an extremely flexible sole and scalloped-top tap, which delivers an instantly recognizable sound when beaten on hard ground. In addition, these shoes are made of synthetic leather for performance and durability while still looking real, making your dance skills look even more impressive!

With the exciting new BeiBestCoat Synthetic Tap Oxford Dancing Shoes, you could be sure to win the dance competitions effortlessly. The soles are manufactured so that they would last for years to come, withstanding all kinds of wear and tear. With these shoes, there’s no faking it when you moonwalk across the stage or over a tap routine. All you need is your own two feet to feel like a sensation for days on end!

The lightweight feel allows you to move faster, which gives your dancing more impact and style. That’s because these taps give your feet some extra spring; no matter what floor surface or style of music you’re tapping to, there will always be authentic-sounding tap sounds coming from every movement you make. These shoes are all about fun and the power to create a great performance that will captivate an audience.


  • Classic shoe is designed with an extremely flexible sole 
  • Made of environmentally friendly materials
  • Specially designed to tone your calf muscles as you walk.  
  • Lace-up tap shoes come with the full toe box
  • Made of synthetic leather for performance and durability.  


  • Not durable enough

Drew Woman Moonwalk Black/Stretch Leather Shoes

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Drew Woman Moonwalk 14100

Last update was on: January 12, 2022 6:34 am

The Drew Women’s Moonwalk Black/Stretch Leather Boots are also a fashion trendsetter. Now you can remove your shoes and dance like no one is watching, thanks to the rubber sole that protects against slippery surfaces or faux pas. Slip into these fashionable show stoppers with an easy pull tab over the top of your foot. This pair features 100% leather, nubuck accents to add a touch of visual interest, and widths from Narrow to XX-Wide.

Slip them on, and be prepared to dance with ease! These stylish shoes feature a rubber sole that provides traction, 100% leather uppers that offer stretch, and slim widths of AA-4E, which ensures room at the toe box. From low-key hallway strutting to high-profile red carpet ambling, there isn’t anywhere that these moonwalking boots won’t travel! Drew Woman Moonwalk shoe was built with premium materials.

Features include a cushioned insole for all-day comfort while contouring the foot for maximum support and alignment. It’s also subtle enough to moonwalk in! We are pleased to provide you with these trendy Drew Woman Moonwalk Black/Stretch Leather Shoes for endless hours of dancing on the moon. With a deep heel cup that provides maximum support and alignment, this shoe was made for moonwalking in comfort!

The Drew Woman Moonwalk Black/Stretch Leather shoe has all the comfort, support, and stability you need! The contoured arch provides maximum support, alignment, and sensitivity; the firm heel counter provides rear foot stability and control; Built-in metatarsal pads are cushioned to enhance max cushioning. With the lightweight but durable leather and contoured arch support, these shoes will take you to new heights for a mere fraction of what it would have cost when Moonwalking. 


  • Rubber sole provides traction
  • 100% leather uppers stretch 
  • Premium cushioned insole with deep heel cup.  
  • The firm heel counter provides rear foot stability and control
  • Built-in metatarsal pads are cushioned to enhance max cushioning


  • Not mentioned

Do You Need Special Shoes to Moonwalk?

If you are a professional dancer, then no. However, if you are the average person moonwalking across the dance floor at your favorite club or having fun with some friends and family on a Sunday afternoon, then it’s a good idea to have shoes made for this purpose.

The look of the typical moonwalk shoe is very different from most other dance shoes. They are usually very flat, have little to no material in the upper part of the shoe, and typically come with a large Velcro strap across the front. The purpose of these types of shoes is that they will enable you to easily pull your feet out of them when you need to stop moonwalking and resume dancing to the beat of the music.

The Look of the Moonwalk
Shoe Is Very Different From
Most Other Dance Shoes

How Long Does It Take to Learn to Moonwalk?

The moonwalk is actually a soul step, and it doesn’t require the skill to do. Anyone can learn how to moonwalk with enough practice. Long ago, Michael Jackson invented this dance style. He was the first one ever to perform this dance move. It was the stepping and turning movements that he made, with his backward moonwalking. He actually started from dancing around in the music video for Thriller. So he has not only invented this dance move, but he used it heavily in the music video.

The length of time spent on learning depends on the dancer him or herself, not to mention the amount of motivation and practice put into dancing with this type. Some people may be able to learn within two weeks; for others, it may take several months. Some of the professional dancers can learn this type of dance move within one week, depending on the amount of talent and motivation to do so.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Shoes For MoonWalk

1. Heel Height:

If you want to moonwalk for hours on end without having any foot fatigue, then a shoe with little heel height is the best option. The most common style of moonwalk shoes has either no heel or a tiny heel – often just an inch or so high. This gives you the ability to feel the dance floor as you’re moving on it, which is important for many reasons.

2. Comfort:

While not necessarily the most important factor, comfort is still essential in choosing moonwalk shoes. After all, if you are comfortable while dancing, the chances of you actually wanting to go out and practice are higher than if your shoes are uncomfortable and cause you pain.

3. Durability:

While moonwalk shoes will be used primarily for learning, some people might take it more seriously than this and thus want a shoe that can handle more than just practice sessions. With that in mind, durability should definitely be considered when buying these kinds of dance shoes. The last thing you want is to have to replace a shoe after only one or two uses.

4. Grip:

Another important thing to consider is how well the shoes grip the floor. If you are going against a slippery surface, then some moonwalk shoes won’t provide enough traction for your feet to make it across without slipping and sliding all over the place.

5. Stability:

One thing you want is for your shoe to shift around on your feet while you’re moonwalking. This will not only throw off your balance, but it can also cause you to misplace or trip over your own feet and lose control.

6. Material:

A lot of the best shoes for moonwalkers are made from either leather or suede. Not only will this give you a great look, but it also gives you the flexibility that you need when dancing.

A Lot of the Best Shoes for 
Moonwalkers Are Made 
From Either Leather or Suede

7. Price:

Last but not least is the price of the shoe. While it doesn’t have anything to do with the actual effectiveness of moonwalk shoes, some people may want to save money and opt for a cheaper pair instead of going for a more expensive one. Some consumers will only go after a brand name if they know it will provide them with the best quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Dose It Cost to Buy a Moonwalk Shoe?

Moonwalk shoes are pretty expensive, so it will be a big decision to buy one. It can cost anywhere from $200 to $800, depending on the model you choose.

Can You Use Shoes for Moonwalk?

A question that has been asked by many people is whether you can wear shoes for moonwalking. The answer to this question is no, but there are other options, such as using a bed sheet or jumping rope.

It’s important to remember that the purpose of moonwalking is not to jump higher but also to make it look like you’re doing something with your feet and legs while still staying in one place.

Are Shoes for Moonwalk Worth It?

Many types of shoes are suitable for moonwalking. The first and most popular is the flat shoe. The other type of shoe is a sock boot, which has a closed toe and high-heeled sole with an open back or side. They can be worn as slippers to walk in your house or as street shoes.

Are Shoes for Moonwalk Safe?

A moonwalk is an athletic dance move created by African-American dance choreographer Bill “Bojangles” Robinson in the 1920s. It involves stepping on one foot while balancing the other on your toe and quickly switching feet. The rhythm of the music determines how fast you go back and forth across the floor.


The BeiBestCoat Synthetic Tap Oxford Dancing Shoes are the best shoes for moonwalking. They have a rubber sole that provides you with traction and stability while also giving your feet protection from injury when performing on hard surfaces or slippery floors if you want some dance-ready footwear that will give you optimal support and comfort as well as allow you to express yourself creatively without worrying about falling flat on your face.

Then it doesn’t get much better than these fantastic tap dancing shoes by BeiBestCoat! We hope this article helped find your perfect pair of moonwalking shoes. If you’re still searching for your perfect moonwalk footwear, take a look through this article again or contact us with any questions about what might be right for you!

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