Best Shoes for Street Dance

Last updated on January 12th, 2022

Street Dance is a form of dance that focuses on movements and rhythms from the street. It requires being light-footed and quick on your feet, so it’s important to have flexible but durable shoes for when you’re performing flips. The best shoes for street dance are ones with a soft upper material like canvas or suede, which will conform to the shape of your foot to give you more support.

Many people prefer shoes without laces as they can be removed quickly during performances if necessary. In addition, some dancers may choose not to wear socks due to their tendency to slip off while making certain moves such as jumping jacks or pressing one foot against the other leg’s calf muscle. Read this full blog post here to learn more about the different street dancing shoes available and what features to look for.

Best Shoes for Street Dance
NameMaterial TypeSole
adidas Originals Men's Superstar Shoes

100% LeatherRubber sole
Capezio Women's DS11 Fierce Dansneaker

100% ManmadeSynthetic sole
Adult Split-Sole Sneaker T8000

Man-made leather/meshPolyurethane sole
Bloch Dance Women's Canvas Boost Split Sole Dance Sneaker

100% CanvasRubber sole
WUIWUIYU Women's Girls' Wedge Platform Shiny PU Sparkly Sequins Glitter Lace-Up Sneakers Street Dance Shoes

Dazzling PU+ glittersPolyurethane sole

Top 5 Best Shoes for Street Dance Reviews:

Adidas Originals Men’s Superstar Shoes

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adidas Originals Men's Superstar Shoe Running Core Black/White, ((9 M US)

& Free shipping
Last update was on: January 12, 2022 7:13 pm

The Adidas Originals Men’s Superstar Shoes is a trendsetting style designed to go with any outfit and crafted from high-quality leather for the last look. You’ll be unstoppable on the street in these iconic kicks, complete with their signature 3-stripes design.

Best of all, they are versatile enough for everyone! For unrestricted movement and style, wear the Superstars with your favorite casual clothes from the Urban Outfitters collection; wear them in all seasons for easy-going strolls down memory lane every day of the week!

These are the best shoes in the world (hands down). They’re classic skate shoes, so they’ll not only make you look cool but also feel like you can slalom through any puddle of spilled Frappuccino with grace. The rubber sole and upper make them perfect for a stroll down memory lane while also being easy for smooth street moves.

They have a light, rubber toe cap for added durability, and the fat laces are easy to tighten. The leather upper is durable and soft to provide comfort while you slide across walls. And it has a classic Adidas 3-Stripes design that everyone will recognize!

These shoes are made of old-school leather, so they’ll last you a while without breaking down. And they’re comfortable for any activity, whether it’s high-energy dance or low-key lounging around. This shoe goes with any outfit, is durable for surefire performance, and comes in all sorts of colors to add pizazz to your look. The ones who embody what it’s like to live in the moment. Adidas Originals Men Superstar shoes are your perfect pair of buddies for everyday activity and street dance too!

The Adidas Originals Superstar can take you from the gym (the classic look) to everyday wear with ease; wearing them will make onlookers wonder if you just came from or are planning on soon being at a party. They’re surprisingly light for their height and are made out of synthetic leather, and they won’t leave your feet smell.

These bad boys are super fly and perfect for every occasion, guaranteed to make your style game killer. And with full leather upper, there is maximum comfort without sacrificing style. Furthermore, the weight of footwear is based on a single item, not a pair which means it’s great for carrying around in your bag when rushing from one place to another all day long.


  • Rubber toe cap for added durability.
  • They are lightweight, making it easy to carry them around.
  • Comes with colorful shell-toe shoes
  • Lightly padded footbed for added comfort and support.
  • The fat laces are easy to tighten


  • Not wide enough

Capezio Women’s DS11 Fierce Dansneaker

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Capezio Women's DS11 Fierce Dansneaker

Last update was on: January 12, 2022 7:13 pm

Capezio Women’s DS11 Fierce Dansneaker is the ultimate performance sneaker from one of the best brands in dancewear! It features an imported synthetic sole with a 1-inch split suede leather upper, suitable for floor and street dancing. Plus, you’ll love its soft lining to keep your feet comfortable all day long. These will help give those moves the perfect grip, and they’ll be just quick enough to get those good beats. Don’t wait until these shoes are sold out; get them now before they go extinct because they have a limited supply.

These distinctive shoes feature a comfortable, flexible sole with an oversized toe area and heel that provides more support than street-style slippers. Made of rugged Cordura upper material, the shoe offers excellent traction on any hard surface with a flat heel design that better resembles ballet slippers than regular sneakers, so you can hone your dance moves without worrying about slipping. In addition, it comes with two sets of laces matching or black, which can be laced up tight to show off your performance moves. Keep these fierce kicks handy to protect those joints during practice and performances from rolling around in your bag or wearing out before their time.

This footwear is comfortable and stylish enough to wear for any performance or rehearsal. So to complement your fierce dance moves by wearing these trendy shoes! From super comfortable to stylish, these guys will have you performing with your best moves in no time. They’re also unique because they run one size smaller than street shoe size, meaning that they’ll fit onto feet quicker and more efficiently than any other dancing sneaks on the market today. The extra arch support isn’t too shabby either; now these fashionistas need some bright tights or leggings.

These Capezio Women’s DS11 Fierce Dansneakers are 1 size smaller than street shoes, with arch support and a notch for your Achilles. They come in a variety of colors and can be used for any style here at Street Dance. These shoe features a non-marking PU outsole and patented flex points for all-day comfort! This shoe is all about the impact. The non-marking outsole will help keep hardwood floors clean of scuff marks and dirt, so practice is never halted because of bad shoes. In addition, this pair features two sets of laces, one matching the original colorway and another black set which makes them perfect for any occasion.


  • Non-marking outsole for clean floors
  • Two sets of laces, one matching, and the other black.
  • The non-marking outsole will help keep hardwood floors clean of scuff marks 
  • Superior arch support and Achilles notch for comfort and traction
  • Provides adequate support for those long dance practices and intense performances.


  • Not true to size

Adult Split-Sole Sneaker T8000

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Adult Split-Sole Sneaker T8000BLK07.5 Black 7.5 M US

Last update was on: January 12, 2022 7:13 pm

The Adult Split-Sole Sneaker T8000 will take you on the street and back without ever stopping. It mixes artificial leather with breathable mesh, which makes it both durable and flexible. You’ll love that no matter where you go, these are made for any occasion.

The patented Adult Split-Sole Sneaker T8000 has been designed to meet the needs of today’s street dancers. Made with a mix of artificial leather and breathable mesh, these shoes are lightweight and flexible and provide a dynamic new look for that modern urban feel.

You can move from studio to street seamlessly with just one shoe, providing timeless style and high-demand functionality. It doesn’t matter what styles you want because this shoe will cater to all your dancing desires! Featuring an in-step elastic, padded collar, spin spot, and supportive heel cushioning. This shoe will help you create those flashy moves easily! All without sacrificing the comfort you deserve (or going through your wallet).

These shoes are perfect for any adult, but especially those who like to do Street Dance. The breathable mesh upper is lightweight and ventilated, making these the most comfortable kicks you’ll ever wear. Besides being durable and stylish, this sneaker also has great features like a padded collar with Achilles support, meaning you won’t have to deal with sore feet.

Whether it’s boogying or just casual walking, these shoes offer both function and style. Comfortable for dancing, this shoe will boost your street cred, so spectators don’t see you as just average! 

Lace-up with these stylish Adult Split-Sole Sneaker T8000 to represent that good footwork makes you look cool. If all you need are a pair of comfortable kicks to get from point A to point B, then these bad boys will do it just fine! You’ll love how light they feel and how steady your balance becomes when wearing them after a few minutes of break-in time. Add some spin spots into the mix, and now you’re good enough for the big leagues!


  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Combination of artificial leather with breathable mesh
  • Features in-step elastic, padded collar, a spin spot, and supportive heel cushioning
  • Offers superior arch support and Achilles notch for ultimate comfort
  • Breathable mesh upper is cool and ventilated


  • Not enough arch support

Bloch Dance Women’s Canvas Boost Split Sole Dance Sneaker

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Bloch Dance Women's Canvas Boost Split Sole Dance Sneaker

Last update was on: January 12, 2022 7:13 pm

The Bloch Dance Women’s Canvas Boost Split Sole Dance Sneaker is designed for the most tender feet. With an imported 100% canvas fabric and rubber sole, this shoe will keep you comfortable while practicing or participating in your favorite street dance. We’re so confident that your feet won’t ever want to take them off once you wear them! Worn solo or paired with tights, these canvas sneakers are made for comfort and unfettered movement while shaking it on the dance floor.

Featuring canvas uppers that stretch for comfort and lightweight performance materials, you’ll be able to dance the day away while still looking fierce. A comfortable split sole platform ensures your footing is where it should be on those tricky street moves, with non-marking rubber soles ensuring traction wherever you step!

With sleek style, expert craftsmanship, and great value for the money, Intuition has everything you need to have fun at an event or wearing around the house! In addition, the Bloch Dance ‘Dove’ shoes have a dual entry system that allows you to wear them like regular street sneakers or slippers!

The Bloch Dance Women’s Canvas Split Sole Sneaker has an exclusive compression-molded EVA sock liner that can be tailored to fit any foot and absorb impact when you are in motion. With a versatile split sole, this shoe is perfect for your next street dance class! So kick up your heels with these custom-designed street dance sneakers.

Made to perfection, these Bloch Dance Women’s Canvas Boost Split Sole Dance Sneaker is made for professional dancers. The gripper heel is specially designed for a no-slip grip on any surface, while the Dri-Lex lining prevents wrinkles and sticking so you can be seen in all of your dancing glory!

Show off your moves in the mesh, suede-trimmed canvas boost sole dance sneaker. These comfortable sneakers are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, thanks to the durable rubber outsole with grip healthy sleek look of the black canvas upper has sheepskin lining plus Dri-Lex with odor control properties these features help keep feet dry and comfortable while looking good.

A padded collar offers added comfort when tying tightly. You’ll love the high-quality feel of this medium-heeled women’s shoe; it will stand up through years of rigorous travel and hard work on concrete floors!


  • Breathable canvas upper works with a mesh lining
  • Durable rubber outsole for traction indoors or outdoors
  • Lightweight artificial midsole with air cushion
  • Compression-molded EVA sock liner
  • Features non-wrinkling Dri-Lex lining


  • Not enough ankle support

WUIWUIYU Women’s Girls’ Platform Shiny Street Dance Shoes

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WUIWUIYU Women's Girls' Wedge Platform Shiny PU Sparkly Sequins Glitter Lace-Up Sneakers...

Last update was on: January 12, 2022 7:13 pm

The WUIWUIYU Women’s Girls’ Platform Shiny Street Dance Shoes come with a polyurethane sole to give you a reliable grip throughout your steps, and all the features need for street dance. They are equipped with dizzying PU+ glitters that do not easily scuff or fall off of the heels, providing you a high-quality product!

Elevate your skills as an artist without sacrificing any quality from these shiny shoes on this platform! The functional laces make it easier to adjust the fit for a comfortable stride, and there’s plenty of room inside the shoe for your feet to spread out!

These Street Dance Shoes are all about replicating this sensation for on-stage dance performances with lightweight, soft-soled shoes equipped for wet surfaces. They let dancers feel the intensity of pumping their bodies to the beat while providing a snug cushioning insole and ultra-lightweight platform elevating up to 1.8 inches.

The leather upper provides long-lasting wear, and the high heel counter offers ample support during choreography, even for those with low arches. These special Street Dance Shoes from WUIWUIYU will get you all set to hit the stage and feel like a pop star performing on the streets on this high platform!

Step into these cute and comfortable sneakers for a fresh new look. Add street style to your outfit with these shiny, black styles. They’re perfect for wearing around all day, touring the museum, or hitting up a happy hour! So put on lightweight, lace-up shoes with a padded tongue to keep them cushioned.

And since they’re designed with a slim fit, you’ll still look stylish. Those four right-toe taps are complicated enough without trying to simultaneously balance on one foot while lifting the other off the floor. Thankfully these high tops have plenty of rocker action, so it’s easier to strut your stuff and even do it in style.

The bright silver color looks perfect for a day of walking dogs or going on a picnic with your friends and family, but these shoes shine even more under the stage lights. They have Padded collars for extra comfort and adjustable lace so you can get them exactly how tight you like them!

Add a little to your dance routine by wearing these shoes, suitable for street dancing! They are lightweight and have a padded collar for extra comfort around the ankle area, ideal for those who want flexible ankle movement while performing. The lace closure ensures you get that secure fit no matter how hard you try to pull them away!


  • Durable leather upper provides long-lasting wear
  • Shock absorbent padded collar cushions ankles and reduces the impact
  • High heel counter offers ample support with low arches
  • Soft cushioned footbed provides more support
  • Bouncy and textured outsole ensures great grip for slippery surfaces


  • Not mentioned

How Do You Break in Dance Shoes?

How you break in your new street shoes depends on the material, flexibility, and design of the dance shoe. The most important thing is to be sure that your street shoes fit well when you buy them. As you break them in, remember that it is better to gently stretch leather shoes than to force them into a smaller size. If you have shoes with a wide-toe box, you may want to start by stretching your shoes out with an ice pack or other cold object.

Putting street dance shoes on while they are warm can make them harder to pull on and off than cool. Gently stretch your street shoes while they are cool. If your dance shoe is made of fabric, such as canvas or leather canvas, you should wear the shoes around the house and maybe to work. As you wear them, they will stretch naturally.

How Can I Make My Dance Shoes More Comfortable? 

If you are a regular dancer, looking for some good shoes to buy, then there is something that you should know: Comfort is an important factor. You’ll end up dancing on hard floors and so getting comfortable shoes is everything if you want to enjoy your dance practice or even performances.

If you have been looking for dance shoes, then you might have noticed the variety available. Hence with such a wide array of choices, one may get confused about what really is best.  Ideally, the best street dance shoes must be made of leather. So check that when you buy such a pair, if it is an expensive product, then all the better for you because it gives you value for money and also durability. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Shoes Do You Wear for Street Dance?

Shoes for street dance are a really important factor when it comes to the performance of your choreography. In general, you want shoes that have as much traction and stability as possible.

What Kind of Shoes Are Good for Street Dancing?

There are a lot of shoes that are suitable for street dancing, but the most important thing is to make sure that your shoes have good traction.

The most common shoe used in street dancing is the dance shoe which has a hard sole and flexible rubber material on top. They provide excellent grip on any surface and come in various colors, styles, and designs.

Another type of shoe commonly used by dancers is the split-sole dance shoe with a harder outer part with a soft inner sole. These types of shoes are typically made from leather or suede. The outer part can be worn without the inner part if desired.

Is Running Shoe Good for Street Dancing?

A running shoe is not a good option for street dancing. Running shoes are designed to be lightweight and provide a cushioned ride, which can be beneficial when dancing on the ground. However, they don’t offer enough support for long periods or support in certain positions like the front or back foot.

If you are looking for a shoe that will help you dance at a high level, try something like Nike Free Run 3.

Are Shoes for Street Dance Worth It?

Shoes for street dance are not worth it because they may be too expensive. Some of the benefits of wearing shoes for street dance include:

  • You will have a better performance in your dance routines.
  • Your feet will feel more comfortable and safer during practice or performances.
  • Your feet will get sweaty less often.

Are Shoes for Street Dance Safe?

No, shoes for street dance are not safe. When you buy shoes for street dance, make sure that they have a sole made of rubber or plastic. The soles should also be firm and have thick walls so they can support your feet and prevent injuries like sprains and blisters.


We hope this article has helped inform you about the best shoes for street dance. Street dancers rely on a durable shoe that provides support and comfort and allows them to quickly move their feet with agility as expected of any professional dancer.

Our top pick is Bloch Dance Women’s Canvas Boost Split Sole Dance Sneaker because it delivers all these requirements at an affordable price point. If you’re looking for something more expensive or want to find out what our other favorite picks are, check out our top street dance shoe list mentioned in this post!

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