Best Shoes for Roman Feet

Last updated on February 6th, 2022

Roman feet are one of the most common foot types. They are long and narrow, with toes that point inwards. While not everybody has this type of foot, it is important to know how to find shoes that will work for your Roman feet! In this blog post, we will discuss the best shoes for Roman Feet.

Best Shoes for Roman Feet
NameSHIBEVER Women Gladiator Sandals Summer BeachHoneystore Men’s Leather Hollow Athletic Sandals Slip-on RomanSandalup Gladiator Sandals Knee High Flat Sandals Roman ShoesJOYVIP Mens Hook-loop Fisherman Beach Shoes Leather FlatAdult Roman Sandals
ImageSHIBEVER Women Gladiator Sandals Summer Beach Thong Flat Roman Flip Flops Shoes...Honeystore Men's Leather Hollow Athletic Sandals Slip-on Roman Casual Shoes Brown 13...Sandalup Gladiator Sandals Knee High Flat Sandals Roman Shoes with Open Toe...JOYVIP Mens Hook-loop Fisherman Beach Shoes Leather Flat Roman Gladiator Sandal with...Adult Roman Sandals Standard Brown
Material TypeArtificial PU leather100% Leatherfaux leather/suederubberfaux leather
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Top 5 Best Shoes for Roman Feet Reviews

SHIBEVER Women Gladiator Summer Beach Thong Flat Roman Flip

SHIBEVER Roman Feet Flat Flip Grain Women Summer Beach Grab That White Sand with these Rome-extending flat slip-on. The buttery Soft cross strap and Gladiator Thong heal around your Romans will make them feel sandals painless all day long. These slides are perfect for any summertime adventures on the mean streets of your world or in its waters with a rubber sole!

These feminine and eye-catching shoes will have heads turning wherever they go with their crisscross strappy lattice design from ankle strap to toe. With a low heel and zipper closure, these dressy flat flip flops by SHIBEVER make it easy on your feet while still feeling girly.

Resting on a sandal platform made of high-quality synthetic PU leather designed to have just the right level of TLC for your barefoot, she ain’t gonna get you down. So forget fancy footwear; she’s ready and able to meet all your demands without breaking a sweat!

With her easy slip-in design and full coverage over sandy ground or wet rocks alike, this flat-footed style is so timeless that it’s certain to be at the top of her class year after year. So slip them on now because these attractive thongs create an irresistible silhouette that can’t be missed out on this summer!

Featuring a crisscross strap and toe loop for easy on and offs, this shoe is finished with a footbed covered in non-skid rubber to keep you feeling confident on any terrain. With a fun gladiator-inspired look and comfy flat soles, you’ll be begging for more summer days when it’s that time of year again.


  • Slip design makes it easy to wear
  • Comes with a low heel and zipper closure
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Features a crisscross strap and toe loop design
  • Finished with a footbed covered in non-skid rubber 


  • Not perfect for wide feet

Honeystore Men’s Leather Hollow Athletic Roman Casual Shoes

The Honeystore Men’s Leather Hollow Athletic Roman Casual Shoes are a perfect pick for any casual occasion. Stylish with a comfortable rubber sole, these versatile hollow athletic shoes are perfect for any occasion. With or without straps, Honeystore knows this shoe is sure to be your favorite new accessory all summer long.

These Honeystore Men’s Leather Hollow Athletic Roman Casual Shoes are comfortable, create good airflow, and never look bunched up in your closet. Also, if you put the ankle strap up and out of the way when putting on these shoes, they’re easy to slip off after a long day or night on your feet.

These shoes are bold, stylish, and tough. They’re designed for those who want to feel the ground beneath their boots but still show some skin. With a dry clean design and durability that can handle anything you throw at it, these are the perfect shoes for your next Roman adventure or just out on the town! Give your feet a treat with these tough, strong shoes made just to fit those big toes and their silly clamoring for honey.

Get a pair of breathable, lightweight shoes that will inspire you to go out and conquer the world with every step. Men with Roman Feet are always seeking a shoe that works for them, and the Honeystore men’s leather hollow roman casual shoes were born to do just that! That’s because it has a breathable EVA insole inside that keeps sweat and moisture away from the skin so you don’t feel swampy. Plus, the design is special made to stop cramps in those pesky scorpion’s toes.

This shoe is covered in leather and styled with clean lines to mold your foot for that perfect fit. Plus, since these shoes are so casual, all you have to do to take them off is open a door! You’ll know when these kicks are perfect for you because they’re easy to put on while balancing well on natural arches, even if you have naturally valgus feet like some square faces!


  • Breathable EVA insole
  • Covered with a leather material
  • Clean lines are molded to your foot for a perfect fit
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Slip-resistant outsole


  • Not waterproof

SANDALUP Gladiator Knee High Flat Roman Shoes

SANDALUP Gladiator Knee High Flat Roman Shoes are comfortable. Yet, beautiful sandal style is great for any woman who wants to look chic while feeling totally supported and fabulous through the day. The ankle strap with a buckle ensures that it’ll stay securely fastened even when you’re conquering the world.

These knee-high sandals are made with faux leather/suede material and a comfortable rubber bottom. They’re perfect for dressing up or down your outfit! Strap them on to show off your domineering nature when you go out into the sun. These high-quality summer shoes are suitable for these Roman feet!

The Sandal Up Gladiator Knee-High Flat Roman Shoes are an easy, breezy, no-frills sandal that gives you an elevated look and supple feel. Elevated because they’re flat and come in varying heel heights. So you can customize your look with a nice but still practical shoe.

These sandals are beautifully made, crafted, and finished with a zipper in the back. So, with a message for your feet after miles of walking, these will last you years. And soft because the sandals are made of leather or manmade material! Plus, their breathable design prevents blisters while giving good air circulation on your feet, reducing bacteria production that causes odor.

Use your imagination and be bold in the shoe game with SANDALUP Gladiator Knee High Flat Roman Shoes. The crisscrossing straps make these shoes as cute as can be, with their flat silhouette perfect for an evening out. These gladiator sandals are sure to get you noticed, whether if it’s shorts and a t-shirt or that cute sundress. The self-tie tassels make these perfect for all your summer activities.


  • Comfortable and durable
  • Made with faux leather/suede material
  • High-quality summer shoes 
  • Features ankle strap with a buckle
  • Breathable design prevents blisters while giving good air circulation


  • Calves can be big

JOYVIP Men’s Hook-loop Fisherman Beach Shoes

Get a grip with these JOYVIP Men’s Hook-loop Fisherman Beach Shoes. Made from quality rubber and equipped with hooks for easy on/easy off use, it will make your time at the shore stress-free. In addition, their sole is made of quality rubber material that makes them shock-absorbing and slip-resistant while also reducing the burden of your feet!

The elastic shoelace is adjustable for comfort from regular to wide-width shoes. The sole of the shoe provides good traction on most surfaces but cannot be durable as outdoor sandal soles or hiking boots. The soft fabric is upper for maximum comfort that breathes well during all-day wear. Perfect for beach and light outdoor activities with a nice kick at the end!

These sandals are the perfect fit for people with Roman feet! It’s like they invented them just for you. With an extended rubber design and soft soles, these shoes will be your new summer favorite. You won’t have to worry about dropping your shoelaces or tying a knot again; either one buckle does all of the work and makes it easy to take off too. Say goodbye to sandal-bulging toes because these are designed especially for people with low volume feet.

No one’s going to get in your way, and these shoes refuse to be trampled. Durable design with protective closed toe resists damage and rigorous wear. The joy on your toes will never go away when you slide into JOYVIP’s woven flexible uppers. A breathable chamois lining complements the comfort of their soft fabric linings where your feet need them most. 

They’re perfect if you’ve got to travel, exercise, go swimming, gardening or fishing, and even when out and about for casual wear. These shoes look beautiful on a Roman foot with their nice patterned insole padding for great arch support! The rough, porous rubber will be enough to get you through a few floors before needing new shoes again because they’re so streamlined that your energy is being put into getting places, not walking. 


  • Made with quality rubber material
  • Anti-collision toe design resists deformation
  • Shock-absorbing and slip-resistant outsole
  • One buckle closure makes it easy to put on and off
  • Soft fabric upper for maximum comfort 


  • Not true to size

Adult Roman Sandals

These sandals are the perfect way to demonstrate how well you’ve preserved your Roman feet. With a sleek, lightweight design, these sandals will never rub or chafe your delicate soles and back of your heel like other shoes with uncomfortable clasps- they buckle up nice and tightly for extra protection!

The fabric is water-resistant, so it looks fresh even as Roman feet nay sweat in summery Marseilles. And did we mention that the comfort of owning these marvelous shoes is ensured? So now stop imagining, and save yourself those pesky return fees with these Adult Roman Sandals. With a buckle closure that makes it easy to quickly slip on and off, they’ll leave you ready for any great adventure.

If your Roman feet are looking quite dusty from all of the foot traffic these days, stop by and get a pair of these faux leather Adult Roman Sandals! These sandals will be easy to wear with their buckle closure for convenience. The perfect shoe for getting you in touch with your roots!

A great fit for your fashionable toes. Ballet style mock-strap with two buckle straps constructed of faux leather.No no more pinching and zigzagged straps cutting into you, just relaxed feet in these chic foot covers. These Adult Roman Sandals will have everyone at your next bash biting their lip in jealousy.

They’re made of textured vinyl and faux leather, so even if your feet are not slippery in the real world, they might feel that way! And since it offers one size, these sandals are perfect for anyone who struggles to find shoes that fit correctly. The comforts lining and sturdy steps are perfect for travel, any time of day or night. It won’t ever let you down! Wash after wash. It will always be fresh as new and ready when you need them. 


  • Textured vinyl and faux leather
  • One size fits all
  • Comforts lining and sturdy
  • Washable
  • Buckle Closure straps


  • Not durable enough

Factor to Consider When You Choose the Best Shoes for Roman Feet


The size of the shoe depends on how wide your feet are at the widest part (the ball). Use a tape measure to find out what width you need, then order that measurement from narrowest to wider, as well as if you have a medium or high arch.

Factor to Consider When You Choose the Best Shoes for Roman Feet


Make sure the shoes have enough support for your feet. This is very important because if you do not get proper arch support, it could lead to foot problems in the future.


Pick shoes that you can style with your outfits. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort for this, but having the right pair of stylish shoes could make a good outfit even better!


Shoes can be made out of different materials. Leather is a popular choice, and it will last the longest while also being good for your feet because leather often contains moisture control properties.


Best shoes for Roman Feet will also be durable. They should last you a while but feel free to take care of them by using shoe trees and not walking around in wet socks or on dirty surfaces.

Water Resistant:

Water-resistant is also important because your feet sweat, and if you have a shoe that can’t handle the moisture, it could lead to fungus or smelly shoes, which are not pleasant at all!


It is also important to have shoes that are breathable so your feet can breathe. This will make it less likely for you to develop a foot disease such as athlete’s foot or blisters because the airflow helps get rid of moisture and bacteria in your shoe.


When you purchase shoes, it is important to think about how much they cost. You should prioritize your budget don’t spend too much on the wrong pair of shoes since that money could be better spent elsewhere!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Worst Shoes for Roman Feet?

Dress shoes, loafers, or flats are the best bet for people with narrow feet who want to wear dressier footwear without sacrificing comfort. They also work well in an office environment where you’ll be sitting down most of the day (or have a standing desk). Loafers look particularly good when paired up with jeans, while flat-soled, closed-toe pumps can easily go from business meetings to cocktail hour at the end of the day – just add some fun accessories!

What Are the Worst Shoes for Roman Feet

If your toes tend to get cold quickly, it may seem like this is a no-brainer, but wearing boots with high heels will only make your toes colder. A better alternative would be to wear a cute pair of flat or low-heeled booties and allow you to tuck in socks for warmth if necessary.

Are Memory Foam Shoes Good for Roman Feet?

Memory foam shoes are not good for Roman feet, as they will compress and flatten out the arch. Best to stick with a slightly more structured shoe design with some built-in support – like a loafer or oxford – which usually contains an extra layer of padding.

Do I Need Shoes With Arch Support?

You should consider wearing shoes with arch support if you have flat arches or low-arched feet. This is especially true if your job requires long periods of standing. However, if it doesn’t cause foot pain, then there’s no need to invest in special footwear just yet!

Why Should I Buy Shoe Inserts?

You should buy shoe inserts if you have foot pain and need arch support. They come in different shapes for various needs, so it’s important to find the right size insert that will fit inside your shoes! Best yet, they’re affordable too – most of them are less than $20 a pair! And with over 150 million people who suffer from chronic plantar fasciitis, spending $20 is worth it.


As the summer approaches, you may be looking for a new pair of shoes to get ready for all those outdoor activities. If you want the best shoes for roman feet, then there are certain considerations that will make your shoe shopping experience much easier and more successful than it would otherwise be. One thing is finding a shoe with an open toe box so your toes can breathe without rubbing against other footwear inside the shoe.

You should also look at how high off the ground (or heel) they come and whether or not they provide arch support to avoid pain from too much pressure on the foot arches. And finally, if possible, find some comfortable sandals with cushioned soles; these tend to work best because people who have less height from the ground to their feet will have a much more comfortable experience.

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