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Best Pointe Shoes for Egyptian Feet

Every dancer has to wear pointe shoes at one time or another. Let’s face it. If you want to be a successful ballerina these days, then you’re going to have to spend some time wearing those cute little things. For many dancers, the decision of which type of pointe shoe they should buy is an agonizing process that can take weeks and even months!

But don’t worry, we’ve got your back with this blog post. Below are our top picks for the best pointe shoes for Egyptian feet and some tips on how you can choose Egyptian pointe shoes for yourself!

What Is a Pointe Shoe?

Pointe shoes are worn by ballet dancers to help them balance on their toes while dancing and jumping so that they don’t get injured or hurt themselves. The thicker part of the shoe goes under your arch and helps keep pressure off your toes. If you are a dancer and have Egyptian feet, then pointe shoes might not be the best option for you; try other types of ballet shoes instead!

NameMaterial TypeSole
Grishko 2007 - Medium Shank
SatinSuede sole
Capezio womens Tiffany Pointe Shoe (126)
Leather/SatinSuede sole
Russian Pointe Brava Pointe Shoes, U-Cut Flexible Medium Shank
SatinSuede sole
Capezio Airess Tapered Toe (FlexiFirm) Pointe Shoe - Size 7.5N, Petal Pink
lace-up closureSuede sole
Russian Pointe Encore Pointe Shoes, U-Cut Flexible Medium Shank
Leather/SatinSuede sole

Top 5 Best Pointe Shoes for Egyptian Feet


Grishko 2007 – Medium Shank

Grishko 2007 - Medium Shank (5 XX) Ballet Pink

 out of stock
as of June 24, 2024 12:59 pm


ColorBallet Pink
Size5 Narrow

Product features:

Grishko’s 2007 Pointe shoe is a sleek, simple, durable pointe shoe. It has a 3/4 shank to offer stability and an open vamp for easy donning. The Grishko Pointe Shoe takes the ball of the foot off of many feet, eliminating the risk of injuries usually associated with other brands.

The Lightweight 3/4 shank offers a flexible and quieter option for dancers needing more support. Whether you’re an old pro or just starting, this product will give you all the support you need!

The shoes are crafted out of rich kid suede, but this material, contrasted by the shimmering rose gold hardware is all about landing that next major step on the career ladder. It’s a shoe made for ballerinas who have their sights set high, and won’t let anything get in their way.

The Grishko 2007 – Medium Shank ballet shoe is equipped with plush lining, and soft striped ribbons, and they’ve got you covered for class. As one of our most definitive high arches and narrow width pointe shoes, this style’s never been more ready to beat out its competition.

Get your pirouettes ready as these ultra-supportive shanks and pliable soles will tell anyone who passes by how you’ve always had just the right amount of dedication.


  • Affordable
  • Equipped with plush lining, soft striped ribbons
  • Pliable soles
  • Flexible & lightweight
  • Adequate support


  • Shanks may become hard


Capezio Women’s Tiffany Pointe Shoe

Capezio Tiffany Pointe Shoe - Size 9.5M, European Pink

 out of stock
as of June 24, 2024 12:59 pm


Part Number126
Is Adult Product

Product features:

The Capezio women tiffany pointe shoes offer the perfect balance of comfort with durability in a variety of styles. Easily slide in and out of them with the slip-on closure. These heels keep toes feeling free from squishing thanks to the feathered toe box.

With the classy lace-up design of these Capezio women’s tiffany pointe shoes, your feet are sure to stay in place. And with that sleek and pointed toe, every pirouette will be picture-perfect. They’re soft enough to break in before your big performance and durable enough for any endurance obstacle that life throws at you.

The shoe is made with elegant stitching, the perfect amount of leather and satin material, an iconic high heel shape, slimmer toe box that meshes perfectly with points, it doesn’t even need much more in comparison to what other brands have on offer.

It is the perfect ballet flat for the dancer who likes a shoe that doesn’t get in their way. The right amount of padding ensures dancers can be their fierce selves without sacrificing the support they need. The sensible round throat will keep toes safe and the elastic drawstring at the collar helps with that pesky foot popping out.

Crafted to meet every expectation for professional women, this hand-flattened crown is impeccably smooth, so you can execute your en pointe techniques ages ago without any gluing or stiffness. Pleating in the Meehau construction assures that your toes are tacked down all primped and prepped. Cotton lining provides comfort where it’s needed most, making this shoe perfect under a pair of fishnets.


  • Hand-flattened crown
  • Cotton lining
  • Quiet Toe construction
  • Classy lace-up design
  • Flexible shank
  • Elastic drawstring at the collar


  • Not given


Russian Pointe Brava Pointe Shoes

Russian Pointe Brava Pointe Shoes, U-Cut Flexible Medium Shank - Size 36, Width 4, Vamp 2

 out of stock
as of June 24, 2024 12:59 pm


  • Brava is a remarkably versatile pointe shoe with a low crown, and wide, stable platform.
  • It is ideal for dancers with even-length to moderately tapered toes, and shallow to slightly full feet. BravaÍs tapered shape from metatarsal area to heel accommodates the "diamond" foot.
  • Pre-arched construction throughout the shoe mimics the shape of the foot on pointe.
  • Next-generation shanks provide flexibility and durability.
  • U-Cut with drawstring.

Product features:

The Brava Pointe Shoe is a new take on an old favorite. With a wide, stable platform and low crown, it’s perfect for baroque styles and yet ultra-lightweight! It’s the first versatile pointe shoe with one shoe for every occasion.

These point shoes are ideal for those who have a shallow to the full footprint. They can accommodate the diamond foot, and they’re made from luxe fabrications that will keep your feet feeling comfortable all day long. These pointe shoes are perfect for even-length to moderately tapered toes.

The outsole is made of hard polyurethane that absorbs shock with every dancer’s step. The smooth leather upper provides pliable footing for quick turns and turns in place without scuffing or tearing your tights – these shoes are designed to last as long as you do!

Its pre-arched construction throughout mimics the shape of a dancer on pointe, making it feel like you’re actually walking barefoot across oceans. The next-generation shanks provide incredible flexibility and durability while maintaining absolute comfort and beauty. U-Cut with drawstrings means lace-up shoes have never been easier!


  • Next-gen shanks
  • Ultra-lightweight Design
  • Great quality point shoes
  • Good flexibility & durability
  • Extremely comfortable to wear all day long
  • Perfect for moderately tapered toes


  • It may not fit narrow feet


Capezio Airess Tapered Toe (FlexiFirm) Pointe Shoe

Capezio Airess Tapered Toe (FlexiFirm) Pointe Shoe - Size 7N, Petal Pink

 out of stock
as of June 24, 2024 12:59 pm


Is Adult Product
Size7 Narrow

Product features:

The Airess Tapered Toe (FlexiFirm) Pointe Shoe is perfect for dancers who have narrow feet, especially those who have had difficulty finding a pointe shoe that fits and works well. The deep vamp aides in the illusion of having wider feet with lowered throats making it hard to slip off. The flat throat also flatter’s the arches giving support where needed most.

These Capezio Airess Tapered Toe Pointe Shoes are made just for you with a deep vamp and lowered sides to best flatter the arch. The slight “U” shape of the throat gives you more flexibility in turning in when necessary.

The tapered toe box allows for more flexibility in your movements. The rayon satin upper provides just enough structure without overbearing like other pointe shoes. It features a low crown with stitched pleating, anti-slip interior lining, and an elastic binding.

This tight-fitting, lightweight pointed shoe also features elastic drawstring hems that allow you to adjust the roominess of the shoe. The Petal Pink-colored interior helps prevent slippage when dancing on slippery floors, so no matter what surface you’re practicing on your feel safe and confident with this footgear!

The elasticized ribbons on either side will follow any natural movement while providing you with stability. It features ribbon motifs to make it easy to grip the floor as you dance and a wider forefoot area for more comfort.

The street-smart box or the full wing design is right for you based on your foot type: narrow to medium forefoot widths that need extra lateral support will be the happiest dancing in this Flexi-firm style.


  • Elasticized ribbons for providing stability
  • The slight U shape of the throat gives more flexibility
  • It has a wider forefoot area
  • Full wing design
  • Features ribbon motifs to grip the floor
  • Rayon satin upper provides enough structure


  • Mentioned size is not accurate


Russian Pointe Encore Pointe Shoes

Russian Pointe Encore Pointe Shoes, U-Cut Flexible Hard Shank - Size 43, Width 4, Vamp 2

 out of stock
as of June 24, 2024 12:59 pm


  • Classic yet contemporary, Encore pointe shoes combine a streamlined low crown with a moderately tapered box and medium platform to suit dancers with tapered toes or one or two even-length toes, and shallow to slightly full feet.
  • The tapered shape from metatarsal area to heel accommodates the "diamond" foot.
  • Pre-arched construction throughout the shoe mimics the shape of the foot on pointe.
  • Next-generation shanks provide flexibility and durability.
  • U-Cut with drawstring.

Product features:

Designed to encourage a symmetrical and balanced foot alignment, these pointe shoes feature a low crown for long toes. The tapered box allows the shoe to adjust throughout the day because of its form-fitting stretch leather upper with an external Achilles notch.

A combination of steel shanks and ribbons provides structure without sacrificing flexibility for moderate arches, medium widths, or full feet. With a simple slip-on design and zero odds of box breakage, they’re as comfortable as they are beautiful.

All of these Russian pointe shoes are constructed with pre-arched materials that only the most talented hands can make. This means all Russian Pointe products hug your foot in an unsurpassed way.

The tapered shape from the metatarsal area to the heel accommodates the “diamond” foot. They have anti-slip, deep block heel cups, and supportive tapered shapes for a perfect fit.

The u-cut is perfect for those who need easy access to their toes. And the elastic drawstring provides you with an even more customized fit. You’ll be able to jump high and dance faster without worrying about your feet slipping out of your shoes using these new Russian Pointes shoes!


  • Comfortable
  • Durable and Flexible
  • Feature a low crown for long toes
  • U-cut is perfect for easy access to toes
  • The tapered shape accommodates the diamond foot


  • Not mentioned

Benefits of Pointe Shoe

  • Pointe shoes can help cause less pain in the feet.
  • Pointe shoes can help you jump higher and land softer.
  • Pointe shoes may be easier to balance on than other footwear or bare feet (especially if you are a beginner dancer).
  • Pointe shoes can help you to have better posture.
  • Pointe shoes may help you to have better balance on the floor.
  • Pointe shoes can provide more support and stability for your feet while dancing.
Benefits of Pointe Shoe

Tips for Choosing Pointe Shoes if you have Egyptian Feet

Tip-1:  Purchase shoes that are a half to one full size larger than your street shoe.Tip-2: Purchasing pointe shoes in person is ideal because this will allow the salesperson to take an impression of your foot and create a custom fit. This ensures they’ll be purchasing the correct size pointe shoe with the best arch support available on the market! On top of that, it’s much more affordable!Tip-3: When trying on pointe shoes at home, make sure there are about two finger widths from where your big toe bends up by pressing down hard on your toes (just like when making cookies) before deciding whether or not it fits well.Tip-4: Wear the same pointe shoe in class for a few hours before deciding if it will work for you.Tip-5: If your shoes are tight, they’re not going to give with time and can cause blisters and pain on your feet!

Features of the Best Pointe Shoes for Egyptian Feet

Features of the Best Pointe Shoes for Egyptian Feet

Arch support

The more arch supports your pointe shoe has, the less likely you are to develop foot problems.


The more padding your pointe shoe has, the better it will be to protect your feet from pain and blisters.

Heel height

Heels that have a low profile but still offer enough support are better for your feet.


The more cushioning the pointe shoe has, the less likely you will have discomfort in your foot and soreness.

Shoe’s Hardness/Softness

Soft pointe should not be used as beginners since they can’t provide enough stability to keep balance during use due to their lack of rigidity

Wide Toe Box

A wide toe box is essential for those with Egyptian feet because it will allow your toes to spread out, which prevents bunions and corns from developing.


The satin finish on these pointe shoes will help your feet glide across the floor and prevent blisters from forming. Satin is also stretchy, which conforms to your foot shape for a snug yet comfortable fit.

Shock absorption

Shock absorption is important for any dancer, but especially if you have a foot type that’s more prone to injury! There are different types of shock-absorbing soles, so you can find the one that suits your needs.

Frequently Asked Question

What Are Egyptian Toes?

Egyptian toes are a condition in which the big toe is turned inward, and its counterpart on the other foot is as well. This can lead to balancing issues and pain when pointe shoes are worn. There’s no cure for this condition either, so it will never go away!

How to Identify If You Have Egyptian Feet?

There isn’t a foolproof way to diagnose Egyptian feet without seeing the person in question. If you’re concerned, you can try placing your index finger on the ball of your foot and press it down so that there’s pressure right above the joint at the big toe (where it bends ). If the joint moves, then you have Egyptian feet.

What’s the Best Pointe Shoe?

It depends on what style you’re looking for. For example, if you want to perform a lot of turns and jumps (chaî nés, fouettes), you might want a shoe with less pre-arched support. If your life is on the barre and taking class after class of plié work (recall that’s “flexing” or bending at the knee to stretch out muscles around the kneecap), then a more supportive pointe shoe will be a good choice.

What's the Best Pointe Shoe


Egyptian feet need pointe shoes that will fit them. We recommend the Capezio Women’s Tiffany Pointe Shoe because it is made to fit a wide range of foot types and heights, including those with high arches or wider-than-average toes. This shoe features a lot of support along with an innovative design that helps you achieve perfect turnout while giving your feet plenty of room for movement.

The toe box has been reinforced as well, so even if you have large bunions on one foot or both, they won’t cause discomfort in this shoe thanks to its generous width and flexibility at the ball joint. If these are qualities you’re looking for, we hope our recommendation on the best pointe shoes for Egyptian feet gets your search started!

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