Best Socks for Vibram Five Fingers

August 24, 2021


We all know how important socks are, but what about when you're wearing Vibram Five Fingers? Everyone has their favorite running or hiking, and it can be difficult to find the perfect pair. These shoes are designed for running and other activities without a lot of foot support. So what about socks?

Best Socks for Vibram Five Fingers

If you wear Vibrams, your feet need to breathe, so finding a good pair of socks is essential. In this post, we will explore some options and talk about what makes them great choices for your favorite type of footwear! Here is a list of some of the best socks for Vibram five fingers! 

NameBest Socks for Vibram Five FingersFeelMeStyle 5 Pack Men Boot Long Toe Socks Men's Cotton Leg Warmers Five Fingers Toe SocksROSEBEAR 3 Pair Women Toe Socks, Five Finger Cotton Socks Breathable Striped Knee High SocksInjinji Women's Ultra Run Crew5 Pairs Five Toes Breathable Socks, Orthopedic Compression Socks Women Toe Socks Ultra Low Cut Liner with Gel Tab
ImageInjinji Run Lightweight No-Show (Large, Malibu)FeelMeStyle 5 Pack Men Boot Long Toe Socks Men's Cotton Leg Warmers...ROSEBEAR 3 Pair Women Toe Socks, Five Finger Cotton Socks Breathable Striped...Injinji Women's Ultra Run Crew (X-Small/Small, Dive)5 Pairs Five Toes Breathable Socks, Orthopedic Compression Socks Women Toe Socks...
Material Type28% Coolmax/67% Nylon/5% Lycraspandex,83.8% cotton,15% polyester,1.2% spandex78% Cotton+ 15% Spandex+ 7% Polyester28% Coolmax® / 67% Nylon / 5% Lycra®Nylon
Weight1.41 Ounces273 Grams4.59 Ounces72g3.17 Ounces (89.87 grams)
Dimensions5.75 x 4.02 x 0.94 inches25.89 x 19.5 x 3.5 cm7.09 x 5.91 x 1.57 inches8.54 x 3.9 x 1.22 inches
Check PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Top 5 Best Socks for Vibram Five Fingers:

Injinji Run Lightweight No-Show

Keep your toes happy this summer with the Injinji Run Lightweight No-Show. Injinji's five-toe patented designed specifically for runners and hikers means this sock is specially constructed from 28% Coolmax/67% nylon/5% Lycra to stay snug on your foot all day long. Plus, you'll love how they tone down the pressure caused by rubbing against a sweaty shoe or boot, relieving that uncomfortable sensation when wearing your Vibram Five Fingers that you know so well!

The Injinji Run Lightweight No-Show socks are designed to keep blisters and hotspots at bay and have a very light feel. They're great for wearing in Vibram Five Fingers, and they come in three different sizes so that you can get the perfect fit. Available in half or whole pairs of socks (select your size preference), this product is ideal for running, walking, and other athletic activities.

Some runners experience blisters and hot spots, but no one likes it. The Injinjis don't have those problems, and they're designed to prevent them! We think you'll agree that's worth wearing a little more sock than usual. Along with having an incredible design and being built for running without any of the discomforts, we know this might be your best choice, but hey, don't take our word for it, try some on yourself sometime soon!

Lightweight and ultra-thin, Injinji Run socks will help you put your best foot forward on the road. perfect for use with Vibram Five Fingers, these no-show running socks are ideal for men or women and offer superior moisture management through their thin fabric and design. Now you can enjoy every mile of a run without sacrificing comfort or style. A seamless toe and heel design eliminate bunching in the midst of a stride, while patented moisture-managing fibers keep feet cool for hours on end.


  • Injinji Socks are very lightweight, which is great for summer months.
  • They have a sticky silicone strip on the bottom so that they don't slip in your shoe.
  • Seamless toe and heel design eliminate bunching in the midst of a stride
  • Offer superior moisture management through their thin fabric and design
  • Prevents blisters & hotspots while running


  • Not good material enough

FeelMeStyle 5 Pack Men Boot Long Toe Socks Men's Cotton Leg Warmers

The FeelMeStyle's five-pack of Men Boot Long Toe Socks with cotton, spandex, and polyester. Get it Home for your style awesomeness with these socks that are long enough to cover both the toes and calves. They have an excellent elasticity to them. These will work great slathered in some hand sanitizer for Vibram Five Fingers shoes so that you can take them on downtown without a worry! These socks are so versatile and stylish. They go with everything, but they're especially great for Vibram Five Fingers shoes!

Slide these FeelmeStyle Men Boot Long Toe Socks on and feel the difference in warmth. These socks come in 5 pairs and are one size that fits most men with just below knee length. They're also stretchable, so they'll fit like a glove! It's never been this easy to keep warm by stocking up on these socks today, any man would love it! These socks can keep your feet warm and comfortable. They're a great addition to shoe bungee laces or zip-up boots.

Experience the feeling of Vibrams with these FeelMeStyle 5 Pack Men Boot Long Toe Socks. Made from quality cotton, they're perfect for wearing under your shoes or high sides to prevent the athlete's foot. In addition, they're made to hold each toe spread and separated comfortably for people who won't feel a sense of unity between their toes. FeelMeStyle's Comfort Toe Socks are just what you need if you're looking for an uncomplicated way to improve your Vibram Five Fingers experience. 

They've designed the latest in toe socks with toes specifically to cater to the needs of active athletes and even those who are on their feet all day. The patented design minimizes irritation, reduces blisters and fungus formation on the skin as well. No more standing around feeling uncomfortable or worrying about foot odor because there's no bad smell from the five-toe separator!


  • Made with high-quality cotton and spandex
  • Provides stronger grip for movements
  • The socks with toes are ideal for use
  • Effective to prevent allergy and athlete's foot
  • The patented design minimizes irritation, reduces blisters and fungus 


  • Not durable enough

ROSEBEAR Five Finger Breathable Striped Knee High Cotton Socks

The ROSE BEAR Five Finger Breathable Striped Knee High Cotton socks have a top cuff that sits comfortably above the ankle bone so they are never too high up, sock hugs heel, rest of foot is covered and flexes with movement made from cotton spandex mix all while looking stylish! Summer's here, and it's time to break out these lovely roses for all your activities! The Five Finger Breathable Striped Knee High Cotton Socks are the perfect addition to dress up any pair of Vibram toes.

These Rosebear Five Finger Breathable Striped Knee High Cotton Socks are made of high-quality cotton, soft and skin-friendly, featured with resilience, durability, and moisture-wicking for drier. suitable for Vibram Five Fingers They'll keep your feet nice and cozy without giving up the freedom to wear whatever shoes you happen to feel like that day. The material is 78% cotton with 15% spandex and 7% polyester. It's hard to imagine more of an engaging combination. But what matters most for socks is that they be not only comfortable but also durable. 

These Rosebear socks are super stretchy to fit snuggly on your Vibram Five Fingers. They're super comfortable and perfect for people who don't like socks touching their feet or dislike the pressure of tight socks restricting blood flow. So you can live at home with the ones you love without feeling cold, stocking-less, or unloved. The simple design shows your artistry while being practically invisible when worn, no more noticing someone's dark argyle sock slowly creeping up their calf as they grow increasingly.

These women's crew-toe socks are made of quality cotton that won't stretch out or droop. They have a trendy string running up the back seam for added breathability. Their length hits just below the calf, and they could walk up hills in these summer days without discomfort in the lower legs. Definitely worth every penny if you want dry toes!  They not only make your toes comfy as heck, but they also retain their shape after machine-washing, and they're 100% cotton for breathability.


  • The toes socks are good breathable
  • Socks can stretch to fit your feet
  • Good quality comfortable cotton
  • Five finger socks keep toe separated, which help reduce friction from toes  
  • Help prevent hallux valgus and toe deformity.


  • Not mentioned

Injinji Women's Ultra Run No-Show

Injinji Women's Ultra Run No-Show is cut narrower for greater coverage and relief from rubbing. And if you're going out for Vibram Five Fingers adventures, don't let your lessened awareness in this particular area discourage you from exploring the great outdoors; wear those puppies with confidence. Put an Injinji Ultra Run inside each foot to protect your feet from the ground below!

The Injinji Women's Ultra Run No-Show is a 33% Coolmax®/ 64% Nylon with 3% Lycra® that caters to those who run and hike. Ideal for Vibram Five Fingers, this ultra-thin design features the patented five toes no show at all! These handy insoles allow toes to breathe and wiggle for increased comfort while preventing blistering and hotspots by providing all of the cushioning in between your foot and heel.

Finding the perfect running shoe is tough. First, you need to find one that provides stability, makes you feel balanced and confident, but doesn't hold too tightly or make your feet ache in painful ways. One of the favorites at Injinji is the Women's Ultra Run No-Show because it has features such as preventing blisters & hotspots while running and providing stability without any restrictions. And if you're looking for an extra amount of support, this style also works great with Vibram Five Fingers!

The Injinji Women's Ultra Run No-Show socks feature premier moisture management, so no slip and slide with these socks! Keep your feet in their natural state when you're running, even if you have to break a sweat. Not only do they provide incredible comfort and natural toe splay, but also superior moisture management for longer runs with fewer blisters. Great for any active lifestyle recommended by Vibram Five Fingers, this product is your perfect choice for walking or running of all lengths.


  • Incredible comfort for all Vibram Five Fingers adventures
  • Perfect fit with natural toe splay without slips or slides
  • Provide stability for longer runs and fewer blisters from moisture management 
  • Prevents blisters & hotspots while running
  • Handy insoles allow toes to breathe and wiggle for increased comfort 


  • Can give blisters

Five Toes Breathable Socks, Orthopedic Compression Socks Women

Get ready to hit the ground running with the Five Toes Breathable Socks, which can give you more from your run or any other physical workout. This functional sock is designed specifically for Vibram Five Fingers footwear, so you know it's tough enough for whatever you throw at it! Specially designed seams separate the five most forward toes, and the arch of each toe is elevated to promote healthier posture and natural weight distribution keeping your feet happy.

Designed with medical-quality elastic, these socks will keep your blood flow to your feet at its maximum while reducing blisters; good news for marathoners! And tear-resistant fibers make them last so long that they'll feel more like an investment. Plus, their five-finger technology means they work on all Vibram Five Fingers shoes as well. It also has an orthopedic compression design that will keep those pesky wrinkles from forming in the back of your knee!

When you wear Five Toes Breathable Socks, Orthopedic Compression Socks Women, your toes are always spaced and neatly laid out. It's like wearing asleep to show off all those cute little toes! They're perfect for using alongside Vibram Five Fingers, so your toes get just enough wiggle room without having them fall off at that high-intensity job 3 hours in when you've broken into a light sweat. Give yourself the comfort of knowing that your feet will be well cared for while still sporting stylish footwear.

The latest foot fashion and the most cutting-edge trend, Five Toes are comfortable enough for any occasion. They're perfect for wearing with your favorite pair of sneakers or as a solution to a variety of other foot ailments. Made from breathable fabric, these innovative socks stand up to heat and moisture after long periods of wear with no lingering stench! Made especially for women, each toe is separated, they offer ideal relief against blisters and athlete's foot. Plus, you can feel confident knowing you'll be stylish at all times without showing off those weird toes on the top of your feet when you wear great pair of shoes!


  • Keeps feet comfortable while moving
  • Provides moisture control for sweaty feet
  • Easy to wash in cold water.
  • Seamless toe and heel design eliminate bunching in the midst of a stride
  • Relieves blisters & hotspots while running


  • Not wide enough

How Do You Wear Fivefingers Socks?

Fivefingers can be a tough shoe to wear. The close-fitting thin material shoes feel awkward after wearing bulkier, thicker running shoes or tennis shoes. Most people will choose to wear Fivefingers around town on the weekends and not for any athletic activity.

The idea is that you will get used to how it feels due to the nature of the shoe putting lots of pressure on your toes, which can result in bruising and blistering. Symptoms like this are common while breaking in a new pair.

Getting used to the shoes takes time, but it's worth it when you can wear them wherever and whenever you want. Before long, you'll be sprinting through mud and snow, in and out of the water, or just driving to work.

They really are versatile shoes that can be worn over other socks. After you've been wearing Fivefingers for a while, you can wear whatever type of sock you like best. The only thing I recommend is that you don't go with cotton socks since they take forever to dry, tend to hold odor, and will get your shoes dirty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Vibram Five Fingers Socks Bad for Your Feet?

No, Vibram Five Fingers are not bad for your feet. However, if you have any existing foot problems such as plantar fasciitis or other foot injuries, it is recommended that you consult with a doctor before wearing the shoes.

If you already have an injury to your foot and wear the shoes too often, this can cause further injury to the area.

Can You Wear Vibram Five Fingers Everyday?

Yes. You can wear Vibram Five Fingers every day because they are very comfortable and versatile.

They are also durable and can be worn for any activity, from running to work to gym workouts, so you will not have to worry about them breaking or wearing out anytime soon.

How Do You Keep Vibram Five Fingers Socks from Smelling?

There are many ways to keep your Vibram Five Fingers Socks from smelling. Some of the methods include:

  1. Always wash them with warm water and soap before wearing them for the first time
  2. Store them in a dry place, away from direct sunlight
  3. Put vinegar or lemon juice on a cloth and rub it over the socks before storing

Can You Wear Socks for Vibram Five Fingers?

No, you cannot wear socks with Vibram Five Fingers. This is because the soles of the shoes are made from a thin layer of fabric that doesn't stretch, and there is no give in the shoe's design.

This means that if you put on socks with your Vibram Five Fingers, they will feel tight and uncomfortable walking in. You should also make sure that your feet are completely dry before putting them on.

How Long Does Vibram Five Fingers Socks Last?

Vibram Five Fingers Socks' last length is very difficult to answer because they vary depending on the usage.

For instance, if you are using them for running, they will last a shorter time than someone who uses them for a casual walk or an activity where they don't move their feet around much.

It can be anywhere from 2-4 months to 6-12 months, depending on how often you use them and what type of activities you are doing with them.


ROSEBEAR Five Finger Breathable Striped Knee High Cotton Socks are our top pick as best socks for Vibram Five Fingers. They're made of organic cotton and bamboo, making them perfect for wearing in the summer heat and the winter cold.

Breathability is important when exercising or just being on your feet all day long! This wool-blend reduces chafing while also providing a layer of warmth during those colder months, which many people don't realize until they've tried it themselves!

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