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Best Speed Soccer Cleats

Are you a soccer player who is looking for the ultimate pair of cleats to elevate their game? Speed is essential to succeeding at the sport, so investing in quality and comfortable shoes can make all the difference. With that said, we’ve done extensive research on the best speed soccer cleats currently available to help give you an edge over your opponents.

In this blog post, we cover everything from what type of sole and material works best for faster playing styles to highlighting some cleat brands specifically designed with speed in mind. So if you aim for increased agility and better performance on the field, keep reading!

Best Speed Soccer Cleats

Our Top 5 Picks for Best Speed Soccer Cleats

1. Nike Unisex Adults Mercurial Superfly 6 Elite FG Soccer Cleats

Get ready to feel a whole new level of speed and touch on the soccer pitch with Nike Unisex Adults Mercurial Superfly 6 Elite FG Soccer Cleats! Constructed with an innovative Flyknit upper and textured NIKESKIN technology overlay, these cleats provide the perfect combination of comfort and lightweight support. Perfect for making quick cuts and tricky turns, these cleats feature a low-profile, dynamic-fit collar that links your foot and lower leg while leaving the ankle free to move without constriction. Experience maximum stability and control on the pitch with Nike Unisex Adults Mercurial Superfly 6 Elite FG Soccer Cleats!

These soccer cleats are the ultimate choice for pro and avid players alike, boasting All Conditions Control (ACC) technology to give you ultimate control over the ball in dry or wet conditions. 

The heel lining is cushioned foam that reliably holds your foot and keeps it securely in place while you move around on the field. This combination of grip and support helps boost your speed so you can always be one step ahead of your opponents. So whether you’re playing a light kickabout with friends or performing at an event, these cleats will lend you superior performance every time. 

These cleats feature premium lightweight material and strategically placed studs on the sole that give you max traction and grip while running. The breathable upper ensures a comfortable fit while the cushion foam heel lining grips your foot, providing you with total stability – no matter how much you move or turn. In addition, with these cleats, you can be sure that each takeoff, stop, and turn will be swift and nimble due to the outsole’s chevron studs that facilitate bursts of speed. Make every game-winning move in style and comfort with these Nike Unisex Adults Mercurial Superfly 6 Elite FG Soccer Cleats!


  • Innovative Flyknit upper and textured NIKESKIN technology overlay
  • Low-profile, dynamic-fit collar for maximum stability
  • All Conditions Control (ACC) technology for superior ball control
  • Heel lining cushioned foam holds the foot securely in place
  • Premium lightweight material for improved speed
  • Chevron studs on the sole facilitate bursts of speed


  • Stud is not durable enough

2. ASOCO DREAM Kids Ground Soccer Cleats

Score the perfect goal with ASOCO DREAM’s Kids Ground Soccer Cleats! These soccer cleats feature a lightweight, durable synthetic upper designed for optimal ball control. Textured for better grip, these cleats provide excellent abrasion resistance for stability and a firm natural-ground grip. Made of lightweight and durable synthetic uppers, these ground soccer cleats feature a textured upper for better ball control when dribbling on field surfaces. They provide exceptional abrasion resistance and give your kids excellent stability and grip even on firm natural ground.

An inner sleeve construction provides added comfort around the ankle and Achilles tendon areas so kids can focus less on their feet and more on their play. Whether they’re playing in practice or taking pre-game warmups, ASOCO DREAM Kids Ground Soccer Cleats are a must-have for your aspiring youth soccer stars! With unbeatable performance and unbeatable price, it embodies all of the hallmarks of success.

The adjustable hook and loop closure provides a secure fit, no lacing required. Plus, it won’t cause any bruising near their ankles, so your kid can play to the best of their abilities. The specially designed soles ensure superior grip and control when they tackle or pass the ball. No more slipping and sliding here! Plus, these cleats are designed specifically for kids, providing exceptional protection during those energetically wild games that young ones love so much. Your child will take their soccer skills to new heights with their amazing support! 


  • Lightweight and durable synthetic uppers
  • Textured upper for better ball control
  • Exceptional abrasion resistance
  • Inner sleeve construction provides added comfort around the ankle
  • Adjustable hook and loop closure for a secure fit


  • A little bit pricey

3. Hawkwell Kids Athletic Indoor Comfortable Soccer Shoes

Take your kid’s indoor soccer play to the next level with Hawkwell kids athletic, comfortable soccer shoes. This classic shoe is designed for peak performance during every game, delivering quality and comfort every step of the way. The full-grain leather upper offers a silky touch feel while an ankle support collar hugs the foot snugly – keeping them comfortable and secure as they zoom down the field. In addition, the hook-and-loop lacing system locks their foot in place without the hassle of laces, making it easier on your kids and you.

With a soft midsole cushioning system that provides renowned shock absorption and durability, your child’s feet will stay comfortable all game long. Trusted by some of the top professional athletes, these stylish shoes are perfect for leveling up your child’s game! This lightweight, breathable soccer shoe features a synthetic leather upper that hugs the foot to keep them in control and provide superior support during the entire game.

The plate provides impressive traction on firm-ground pitches, letting your kids make all the plays they need to win against their toughest opponents. Whether it’s a game-saving slide tackle or an unstoppable shot that ultimately leads to victory – these shoes let them stay speedy and agile as they race across the pitch! Let your kids confidently take on every challenge while wearing these clean and stylish shoes.


  • Full-grain leather upper for a silky touch
  • The ankle support collar provides a snug fit
  • Hook-and-loop lacing system for a secure fit
  • Soft midsole cushioning system absorbs shocks
  • Synthetic leather upper offers superior support and control
  • Plate provides impressive traction on firm


  • Not waterproof shoe

4. ANY WELL Men’s Athletic Professional High-Top Football Shoes

Introducing the ANY WELL Men’s Athletic Professional High-Top Football Shoes – the perfect balance of durability, comfort, and performance. These stylish and sporty shoes are made with PVC and mesh fabric which resists dirt and are incredibly durable to last through all your games. The breathable and lightweight insole provides hygroscopic and sweat-releasing cushioning so you can move freely with maximum comfort. Don’t worry about maintaining these shoes either – they are incredibly easy to clean, so you can always look your best on the field.

With a specially designed rubber cleat sole and rotational traction configuration, these football shoes are designed to relieve pressure on your forefoot while providing excellent stability and control. Plus, they feature selected wear-resistant fabrics that make it easy to move around the field quickly and flexibly. These shoes will help take your game to the next level – no one has to know how hard you worked for it!

Crafted with a selection of wear-resistant fabrics, these shoes will help you take control of the ball in the most flexible way — and that’s not all. They’ll also help you to run quickly and confidently on any ground surface: from indoor courts to competition grounds, firm grounds, hard grounds, and even artificial grass. With these shoes on your feet, you’ll have no fear of taking on even the toughest opponents out there!


  • Durable and resistant to dirt
  • Rubber cleat sole with rotational traction configuration for pressure relief
  • Selected wear-resistant fabrics for maximum flexibility
  • Flexible on any ground surface
  • An unbeatable confidence boost on the field


  • Quality is not good enough

5. Adidas Unisex-Adult X Speedflow.3 Firm Ground Soccer Shoe

The Adidas Unisex-Adult X Speedflow.3 Firm Ground Soccer Shoe delivers unbeatable speed, power, and comfort in a lightweight design. Perfect for those who seek to make their mark on the pitch, this revolutionary new soccer cleat is tailored specifically for those that love to run fast and make an impact. At the heart of this shoe is the textile upper and semi-translucent design that locks you into your shoes and saves weight to ensure maximum speed.

Look no further if you want full control of every move and agile footwork, whether passing or striking; this cleat will set you free to showcase your best performance yet. With undeniable grip and traction on firm ground surfaces, your feet will remain firmly planted yet allow for lightning movements on any field of play.

This cutting-edge cleated shoe is designed for game-winning performance on firm ground. Lightweight and breathable, it won’t weigh you down, and evaporative technology keeps your feet cool and dry throughout matches. The design also provides a snug, comfortable fit with its cloud-form footbed, while durable rubber cleats provide the best traction when it matters most. Your opponents won’t stand a chance against you when you’re equipped with unrivaled agility and speed


  • Lightweight and breathable
  • The cloud-form footbed provides a snug fit
  • Semi-translucent design locks you into your shoes
  • Evaporative technology keeps feet dry and cool
  • Durable rubber cleats provide superior traction on firm ground surfaces


  • Not accurate sizing

Things You Should Consider When Buying the Best Speed Soccer Cleats

1. Fit:

Make Sure the 
Soccer Cleats Fit Well

Make sure the soccer cleats fit well and are comfortable; they provide enough room for your feet to move around freely while providing support and protection. If the cleats are too tight, then it will be hard for you to perform your best on the field.

2. Support:

When buying soccer cleats, look for ones that provide maximum support and stability to your feet and ankles. A good fit also ensures that the cleat provides enough cushioning when running or jumping while still providing a secure grip on the ground. If the cleat is too loose, it won’t be able to provide the necessary support while playing. So make sure that you look for a high-quality cleat with good shock absorption and stability features.

3. Speed:

Speed is important in soccer, and the right cleats can help you get to your top speed easily. Look for a lightweight design that won’t weigh you down or slow you down when running and jumping. The design should also provide good traction on the field to help you stay on your feet when making fast turns and avoiding defenders. The right cleats can give you an extra edge over the competition, so choose wisely.

Speed is Important in Soccer

4. Traction:

Choose a cleat with a soleplate that offers the right amount of traction for the playing conditions. Traction is an important factor in soccer cleats, whether you are playing on natural grass or artificial turf. Some cleats come with multi-stud configurations, while others feature a one-piece plate design that helps you adjust your feet quickly and efficiently.

The material of the soleplate can also affect traction. Look for cleats made of rubber or synthetic materials, as they provide improved grip and stability on any surface. Additionally, you may want to consider a cleat with removable studs to adjust them depending on the field conditions.

5. Comfort:

Comfort is a major factor when selecting your soccer cleats. You don’t want to be adjusting laces or struggling with tight shoes on the field, so picking out a pair of cleats that fit comfortably and securely from the beginning is important.

It helps if you try the shoes on before making a purchase, so you know that they fit snugly without being too tight. Also, make sure to look for cleats with cushioned insoles, breathable materials, and adjustable lacing systems to help ensure optimal comfort every time you hit the field.

6. Durability:

No matter how fast or good you are on the pitch, the wrong cleats can wear down quickly and leave your feet vulnerable to injury. Look for soccer cleats made of high-quality materials that provide long-lasting performance no matter where you play. If the cleats don’t last as long as they should, it’s probably not worth the cost. Durability is an important factor to consider when choosing the right soccer cleats for your game.

Wrong Cleats Can 
Wear Down Quickly

What Soccer Cleats Do Most Pros Wear?

Most professional soccer players, both men, and women wear either Adidas or Nike. This is mainly due to the fact that these two brands produce some of the highest quality and most respected cleats on the market. In addition, Adidas has a long history in soccer cleat production, having been present for decades.

They are known for their lightweight and durable designs, often coming with various features such as SprintFrame and Traxion studs. Nike has been producing soccer cleats since the mid-1970s, and their models are generally considered to be the lightest available. They also offer the latest technologies, such as Flyknit construction and Dynamic Fit collars.

Do Speed Boots Make You Faster?

It’s a commonly accepted notion that speed boots make you faster, but the truth of the matter is more complicated than simply buying a pair of shoes and speeding up on the pitch. While some advances in technology do allow for increased acceleration, they are not necessarily the same as buying a pair of Best Speed Soccer Cleats.

Speed Boots, or Soccer 
Cleats Designed for Speed

Speed boots, or soccer cleats designed for speed on the pitch, generally feature lightweight construction and specialized treads for better traction. The material used in the sole is also important, as it can help reduce drag and increase your rate of acceleration. However, these cleats cannot increase your speed on their own: they can only help you move faster once you’ve already reached top gear.

Final Words

After trying out and doing extensive research on different types of soccer cleats, we have come to the decision that Nike Unisex Adults Mercurial Superfly 6 Elite FG Soccer Cleats are the best for speed. They provide good ankle support; they’re comfortable even after hours of wear, and most importantly – they help you run faster.

If you’re looking for a quality pair of speed soccer cleats that won’t break the bank, we recommend giving Nike’s Mercurial Superfly 6 Elite FG Soccer Cleats a try. After reading this blog post, we hope you can choose the best speed soccer cleats for your needs. If you’ve any questions or want to know more about our recommendations, don’t hesitate to contact us.