How to Keep Leather Boots from Cracking

Leather is skin, and men are good at making things with leather. If you are conscious about your boots, then you need to keep it moisturized to maintain its natural looking as long as possible. Dried leather can crack or become fade easily. So, it is required for you to know the fact that how to keep leather boots from cracking.

“Prevention is better than cure”- this is why regular polishing or buffing can prevent your boots from being cracked. It is more economical to repair your leather boots rather than throwing them out or buying a new one. The cracks in a leather boot can be fixed in a simple and inexpensive way. Which can stretch the life of your boots. By learning how to keep leather boots from cracking can help you to reduce the chances of cracking.

A good pair of the leather boot may generally survive within one and a half to two years with proper caring. Our research can help you with some easy steps which will protect your leather boots from cracking. But for that, you need to continue reading and follow the steps.

How to Keep Leather Boots from Cracki​ng

Cleaning the boots with Saddle Soaps

Saddle soap is one of the useful things to your boots. You can ​wash your leather boots with saddle soap to make them last for a long time. Your boots continuously make contact with dirt, salt, and greasy substances. So, it is much important to clean them regularly.

Polishing your boots

You need to polish your boots regularly with a premium shine cloth. Polishing them in a circular motion gives them proper moisture.

Using Mink oil

Applying mink oil is an effective way to give much moisture to the cracks. The Cracks that are already visible in your boots can be repaired with the mink oil. The mink oil reduces the depth and severity by rehydrating the leather.

All season leather protector

If you want to extend the life of your boots, firstly you need to have an all-season leather protector. By applying them to your new boots, you can protect them from being cracked or just about from everything that can hamper.

In spite of this, you also need to find a durable boot. If you are a worker and have to work all day long on your feet, you can’t just follow the steps to protect them. You also need to find a durable and comfortable boot that can absorb the shocks and give you much comfort. The characteristics of a high-quality work boots are given here.

The Characteristics of High-Quality Boots

Every day is a rough day for those who spend their day in the work field. This is why a high-quality work boot is essential. High-quality work boots mean the comfiest boot with durable features.


Durability is a necessary part of your boots if you are a worker. As you may need to stand all day long or have to walk for long distances, that’s why your boots are required to have longevity and sturdiness part. These boots can’t be identified by the brand name. Here are some structures of durable work boots:

• The construction of a durable boot lasts for years as the leather, or synthetic welt is sewed with the upper and lower sole.

• An elastic material of molten rubber is used to attach the soles. The paste becomes hardened and creates a lightweight structure that can absorb impacts.


Comfortness of a boot depends on the size, fitting, the insole, and outsole. Types of materials used in a boot also determine the comfort section of a boot. When you work all day long, your boots must have comfortable features in it.

• The weight of your boot is an essential factor. If you work for long shifts or walk for miles, it will be like carrying an extra load with your steps. You need to have a lightweight boot as a weighty boot can be more dismal.

• The sizing and adjustable option ensure the fitting. The exact fitting of a boot can make you more comfortable while you work. An ideal boot neither has too much space nor too tight or narrow. The right size of a boot can help you to avoid blisters, footsore, and other problems.

• The life of your boots mostly depends on the quality of the leather or fabric. These are used in the upper and lining parts of a boot. The break-in period of the boot is shorter when full grain leather is used with a cushioned layer and padded collar.

• Your boot should also have a breathable feature. Sometimes without proper air circulation, your feet can get messy infections because of excessive sweating. It is also uncomfortable for the work to work in this messy situation.

Adequate arch support, padded, and Eva midsole can also make your boots into the comfiest boot besides.

However, you should consider the facts of durability and comfortability of a boot before purchasing. And by following the steps, you can keep your leather boots away from cracking.

Author: Jennifer Brannet

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