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Best Shoes For Street Fighting

Street fighting is a type of physical altercation that usually occurs in public. The ensuing violence can be either spontaneous or premeditated, and it often occurs between two individuals who are not acquainted with each other. To ensure your safety while engaging in this type of activity, you need to wear the best shoes for street fighting so that you can win every single time! Read more below to learn about our top picks!

This article explores what kind of footwear will help keep your feet grounded, provide stability when kicking or punching, and prevent slipping when blood spills onto the ground. We’ll also talk about how different types of shoes can affect your footwork during a fight. 

Top 5 Best Shoes For Street Fighting Reviews

ASICS Men’s Matflex 6 Wrestling Shoes

The ASICS Men’s Matflex 6 Wrestling Shoes are style and stability all in one. They’re sleek for the street, tough on the mat. The patented rubber outsole gives it that grip you need to release your inner lion while you unleash a few hundred pounds of fury onto someone else’s foot.

The fabric-and-synthetic upper cradles your ankle with every step to keep their movements free and natural because nothing ruins a fight like constricting blood flow. It still provides excellent support, though; ask any wrestler who knows from testing these bad boys firsthand.

These shoes are versatile in function, capable of playing on the mat or fighting on the street. Great for protection and durability housed in a sleek design. When it’s time to get into the ring, lace up these MatFlex wrestling shoes!

Made in the USA or Imported and designed with a breathable mesh upper for total comfort, this is ASICS’ nimble solution for street fighting. The tough Ethylene Vinyl Acetate sole will keep your feet stable from all directions, while the Mesh upper for ASICS’ signature breathability. 

The ASICS Men’s Matflex 6 Wrestling Shoes offer a lightweight feel in a responsive design built for superior durability and efficiency. The upper provides an excellent balance of breathability, strength, and lightness, with California lasting to provide long-lasting durability.

In addition, EVA sockliner will ensure your feet stay supported while providing you comfort at the end of the day before it’s time to charge back out onto the locker room floor again, ready to fight another battle ending when only one lucky man stands victorious. These ASICS men’s mat flex 6 wrestling shoes have what you need for superior durability and buckling down. EVA sockliner envelopes the foot in unmatched support.

The Asics Matflex 6 is equipped with a durable California lasting because of your success on the mat. Alongside this, its sole features extra heel and toe cushioning for stability in high-impact activities.  Designed in the ASICS labs, we know how important it is to provide maximum protection against all of the nicks and scrapes from competing.

You’ll be able to get to that final point with these reliable wrestling shoes in the new colorways. That means this shoe will be perfect if you’re looking for durability while finishing the match!


  • These shoes are comfortable and lightweight.
  • Built with a mesh upper for breathability
  • Equipped with a durable California lasting 
  • Provide maximum protection against all of the nicks 
  • Features extra heel and toe cushioning for stability in high-impact activities


  • Not accurate sizing

Adidas Men’s Hvc Wrestling Shoe

The Adidas Men’s Hvc Wrestling Shoe is designed specifically for this purpose, so wear it when street fighting and not necessarily during your morning jog on the sidewalk.

Made from flexible synthetic leather and suede with a rubber sole, these kicks give you pure speed and agile responsiveness, so they can help give you the perfect moves. In addition, they’re fashioned in lightweight design built to match any outfit or occasion, making them both stylish and tough enough for work.

Wear these shoes for extreme physical activity like wrestling or intense training, but also rocking them around town will be extra hot because people are going to think you’re just that cool. The whole shoe is covered in stretch, sweat-wicking synthetic leather, and suede with Nike skin for a softer feel against your feet.

We build every shoe with ventilated mesh for increased airflow, which will keep you cool when doing those furious matches on a hot day. The midsole provides additional support and comfort while improving traction to give you an extra edge over opponents.

The Adidas Men’s Hvc Wrestling Shoe features a lightweight and durable mesh upper, Flexweave external heel counter for comfort and support, built-in ankle protection that shields the Achilles from injury during lateral movements, and fully encapsulated midsoles to protect the foot from sudden impacts.

You can’t go wrong with these! The Adidas wrestling shoe is perfect for the practiced or beginner athlete when on the street. They are durable and flexible with great support, appropriate for varied terrain activities. Add that to a rubber sole for better grip and clings as good as glue on any surface even if it gets wet; you’ll be victorious in no time!

With a style that complements your personality and shine that will leave everyone breathless, these shoes are as durable as they are timeless. Explore the limitless potential of this new line from Adidas today! Packed with performance-engineered features such as comfort collar lining for reduced rubbing and improved fit around heel/ankle bone.

Optimum Adidas Boost technology offers more visibility during quick starts to capture decisive moves before your opponent even realizes it. In addition, you’ll be able to quickly transition through different surfaces for better performance due to the webbed rubber outsole, allowing you to gain traction on any flooring type.


  • Rubber sole for better grip and clings 
  • Made from flexible synthetic leather and suede 
  • Provides support for the ankle without being stiff
  • Optimum Adidas Boost technology offers more visibility during quick starts
  • Built-in ankle protection that shields the Achilles from injury during lateral movements


  • Not wide enough

Ringside Diablo Wrestling Boxing Shoes

The Ringside Diablo will hold up boxing or sparring and can be worn outside without looking out of place. These shoes are street fighting ready with patent leather vinyl and low-tops for maximum maneuverability for match winners everywhere.

The Diablo Boxing shoes have the same patent leather vinyl finish as the fighting rings, which means they’ll instantly give you a stylish punch. Also, low-top ankles mean these sneakers will be easy to pivot on your feet with ankle support for enhanced flexibility and movement while sparring perfect for the street or stadium fighter!

This low-top pair features a patent leather vinyl finish and a breathable nylon mesh pattern for powerful kicks that knockdown opponents in one hit! The additional support from the non-slip rubber sole will help keep you on your feet as well as provide extra protection during all those butt swings, stepovers, and high knees that dominate the ring.

And now there’s an even bigger reason to buy them. They’re ripe with a Street Fighting style color scheme!  These boxing shoes are durable enough to last hours of training but comfortable enough for street fighting, perfect for broad performances in the ring or outback.

Designed with the most fashionable sportsmen in mind, these Ringside Diablo Wrestling boxing shoes are specially made to help you outlast those who underestimate your movement and stamina.  Perfect for street-fighting or cross-training, they come equipped with a low-top ankle that will keep your feet moving effortlessly without having to worry about serious injury.

Made from breathable nylon mesh patterned fabric, this design has added patent leather vinyl and lots of ventilation due to its laser-cut perforations (won’t interfere with cognitive abilities), which allow airflow so that sweat can quickly evaporate hence reducing odor and tiredness. 

They offer a non-slip and cushioning sole that will make those long hours on your feet easier than ever before. Stay flexible with these dynamic designs today! Stylish, lightweight boots designed for every style of ring attack high-performance and contemporary styled boxing shoes perfect for conquering even your most vicious opponents.

Whether you’re just at your local gym, on your way home from work, or getting ready to hunt down some do-wells who wronged you, this dynamic combat design will show off your style while providing more benefit than tacky looks can ever do alone: think easy movement and materials breathable for long exercise periods. This shoe will give the ruthless edge needed in the street fighting, so get yours before they’re gone!


  • Made from breathable nylon mesh pattern
  • Fits true to size, give a snug feel without being too tight or restrictive
  • Low-top ankle for ease of movement and ankle support
  • Ankle support for enhanced flexibility and movement
  • Comes with patent leather vinyl and low-tops for maximum maneuverability


  • Not great insole

FISTRGE Leather High Top Kick Boxing Shoes

FISTRAGE Leather High Top Kick Boxing shoes are versatile, durable, and good for training or street use. They have a breathable mesh upper to keep your feet cool, while they provide excellent traction with their cushioned midsole that’s great for boxing.

You’ll be unstoppable in these high top kickboxing shoes, built for maximum agility. With breathable mesh and dense foam panels, you can get an unfair advantage in combat.

These shoes let you unleash an awesome power in the ring or on the streets, without fear of slippery surfaces ruining your shot to victory.

Instead, get a grip with this pair’s rubber outsole, which protects against cracks and keeps you grounded while moving from kicks to punches seamlessly. Slip inside for soft comfort indoors or outside; leather is instantly warming, perfect for winter training. Plus, it never gets dirty!

Elevated rubber traction will give you the confident standing provided some serious durability and grip on all surfaces to keep your feet firmly planted where they need to be despite whatever distraction gets thrown at them like these shoes.

Whether facing off against an opponent one-on-one or taking on all challengers at once, these FISTRAGE Kick Boxing Shoes give you a fashion edge reserved for those who rule their own domain. We’ve looked long and hard for extra stable soles that are flexible enough but also tough, so they’re perfect both for street fighting and practicing at home.

With these High Top Boxing Shoes, you’ll be able to take on the toughest challenges with ease. The lightweight PU sole provides unmatched traction and stability, while the breathable mesh upper keeps your feet fresh all day long.

These kicks are sturdy, durable, lightweight, comfortable, and ideal for those perfect punches. Luckily for trickier fighters like yourself, these shoes will help protect your ankles and feet when it’s time to throw some jabs or go toe-to-toe with an opponent.


  • Upper is made of high-quality mesh
  • Breathable and lightweight, comfortable to wear
  • Minimize the potential risk of injury or strain on the joints
  • PU cushioning around the midsole will keep you from slipping
  • Gum Rubber Outsole for optimum grip and traction


  • Not mentioned

Fighting Superior Boxing Shoes

The Fighting Superior Boxing Shoes are perfect for combat sport, whether on the streets or in the boxing ring. With their wide base and pivoting technology, there is no better shoe to get you good traction and flexible durability. Featuring a full EVA midsole and extruded gum rubber, the fighting shoe has superior traction.

These flexible shoes can take on any street fight with a three-dimensional outsole for pivoting and pin-point pivots to power through an opponent’s defenses for the win. Backless design for quick release from holds reinforced stitching for unprecedented underfoot strength!

Fast footwork is the key to victory, but your feet are critical. Not only for finding stability and power in punches, kicks, blocks, and escapes, your feet can also take you down if you don’t have the footing for a good stance.

And sometimes we need some extra protection from an unforgiving canvas ground that looks pleasant but can be tough on our bones when dropped with full force by opponents or even engaging in sparring practice. The Fighting S2 Gel has revolutionary shock suppression components strategically inserted at key impact zones in the toe, heel, and arch, which serve as a buffer against unrelenting strikes.

These shoes can double as defensive weapons onto the people with all this power-punching technology in them. Look no further than these sleek black beauties who will protect and uphold law and order!

No other company is dedicated to changing how you think about leather material, so it’s time to stop putting up with those basic kicks. This shoe has everything you want and need from patent leathers to nylon insets in an aggressive 3 fight ouch offense outsole pattern.

You’ll never want to remove them once you lace up the faux leather trim and canvas top and breathe in the staleness of sweet victory. The micro-mesh inserts keep your feet nice and cool, while a thick foam padded heel gives you stability for those takedowns or relentless punches that will help you win.

We recommend wearing this pair during training sessions; they’re lightweight enough not to drag on the ground but still durable enough to make sure your kicks land squarely and painlessly so that no one can take down the champ! Featuring a modern design, these shoes are shorter than typical walking shoes, which helps boxers get the competitive edge. 


  • Features Full EVA midsole and extruded gum rubber
  • The micro-mesh insets and tongue allow hot air release 
  • The Fighting S2 Gel has revolutionary shock suppression components
  • The thick foam padded heel gives stability
  • Three-dimensional outsole for pivoting and pin-point pivots


What to Wear in a Street Fight?

In all combat sports and self-defense, you always need to know what types of gear work best for your fighting method. It’s essential always to have the right fighting shoes on when going into a street fight. You won’t be dealing with any mats or even any kinds of floors that could break your fall in a bad way, so it’s good to have the right shoes for this situation.

It's Essential Always to Have the Right Fighting Shoes on When Going Into a Street Fight

There are mainly only two options you can choose from: boxing shoes or wrestling shoes. Boxing shoes are going to be better since they will provide you with more mobility and flexibility. Wrestling shoes might be a little safer, but if you end up on your back during a street fight, you wouldn’t be able to get back up right away. Not only that, but wrestling shoes will also hinder your movement due to the rubber soles; they are great when wrestling on mats or floors with slippery surfaces.

Are Boots Good for Fighting?

Boots are another popular option for fighting shoes. They are usually heavy-duty and offer a lot of protection from attacks. With that being said, if you end up wearing boots during an intense street fight, they will provide you with the stability and support needed to ensure victory. Just remember once again that the slippery surface might be a problem when wearing boots.

When you’re wearing a pair of shoes that are specifically designed for fighting, it will provide so many benefits to you during a street fight situation, such as:

  • You won’t be afraid to throw punches if your opponent is punching you while wearing boxing shoes;
  • You’ll have the ability to move around in any direction without having to worry about slipping on the wet or slippery surface;
  • You’ll have more striking power when wearing shoes specially designed for fighting since you won’t be afraid of hurting your feet in a bad way during a fight.

With these benefits, it’s easy to see why we should always wear the right type of fighting shoes when going into a street fight. If you’re planning on getting a pair of shoes specifically designed for fighting, then we would recommend the Adidas Wrestling Shoes, or if you wanted something more serious, such as boots, I would personally get myself some Pro-Elite MMA Fighting Boots.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Wear Running Shoe for Street Fightingf?

Street fighting is a martial art meant to be used in a street fight. To practice this style, you will need to know what kind of shoes are best for practicing.

The first type of shoe would be the boots or shoes with steel toe caps that protect your foot from kicks and scrapes. These shoes are not meant for general use because they offer little flexibility and may cause injuries if used incorrectly.

The second type of shoe would be the cross-training shoe with a hard sole but offers some flex when needed. They also have great traction, so you can move around easily while on the ground, unlike barefoot or soft-soled shoes, which could make it difficult to avoid being kicked by an opponent’s foot or knee when practicing moves such as front kicks and sweeps.

How Much Does It Cost to Buy Street-Fighting Shoes?

The price of a pair of street-fighting shoes will depend on the brand, the type, and the size. For example, Nike makes some of the most expensive shoes in the market, costing as much as $100 per pair. On the other hand, Adidas makes cheap yet reliable shoes that can be bought for about $10 per pair.

Are Street-Fighting Shoes Worth It?

Street-fighting shoes are one of the most popular types of fighting shoes. These shoes were originally designed for street fighters, but they can also be used in various other martial arts and sports.

They are often worn by boxers, mixed martial artists, kickboxers, wrestlers, and many others who need to perform at high levels on concrete or asphalt surfaces. Street-fighting shoes have been made with special features such as extra padding on the soles and heels to absorb impact when thrown or kicked against a hard surface like concrete or asphalt.

However, some people may find that wearing these shoes all day is uncomfortable and doesn’t provide enough support when doing strenuous activities such as running or weightlifting. For this reason, it’s important to consider the benefits versus drawbacks before buying them.

How Long Doesstreet-Fighting Shoes Last?

The lifespan of street-fighting shoes depends on how you take care of them. If you are careful with your shoes, they will last longer than usual.

If you want to keep your shoes in good condition, we recommend that you use a shoehorn when putting them on and make sure to avoid walking or running in the shoes while they are wet.


When you’re on the street with a bloodied face and the need to defend yourself, your shoes are going to be one of your most important allies. So here are our top picks for the best shoes for street fighting that will give you the best chance of winning a street fight.  Our top pick is ASICS Men’s Matflex 6 Wrestling Shoes, as they offer an impressive balance between traction and stability with their rubber sole.

If your main concern when fighting in the streets is to be able to keep moving without slipping or falling, these might be what you’re looking for. They also provide good arch support, which can reduce fatigue on long walks and runs before a battle starts so that you’ll still have energy left over when it does start.