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How to Make Witch Shoe Covers


Shoe covers are an essential part of the witch’s costume. They shield you from cold feet, and they add a little bit of mystery to your outfit. No matter which type you choose, it’ll be perfect for your witch’s costume this Halloween season! Today I am going to discuss an easy technique on how to make witch shoe covers. So let us get into the discussion.

How to Make Witch Shoe Covers

A Process on How to Make Witch Shoe Covers

  • Make a pattern on the leather you are going to use. Next, consider your shoe size and how it will fit your ankle, as well as the length of time you’ll be wearing it for (i.e., short bursts or all day).
  • Put together all of the materials needed for your specific design, including any crystals/beads/dangles that may be needed.
  • Pick out fabrics if you’re going to use them in addition to leather. Then, figure out where you want them positioned and measure everything accordingly before cutting anything!
  • Cut all pieces from your patterned leather with an Exacto knife or sharp blade, making sure not to cut yourself!
  • Smooth out both sides of all of your pieces with a ball-peen hammer. (You may also want to clean up the edges with a razor blade if they’re too torn or jagged.)
  • Next, you will create the straps that will wrap around the ankle. Make two straps out of 9 inches of leather, which is usually half of an 8-12 inch by 1-inch strip of leather. Depending on your design, determine how many holes you’ll need the per strap to get it tight enough but not too tight. Drizzle some super glue onto where each hole should be, and then push a toothpick through every hole before continuing with cutting the patterned leather to fit for sewing in later! The reason for using toothpicks instead of a punch tool is that they’re sturdier, longer, and won’t give you any bad edges.
  • Once the straps have been created and attached to your shoe, glue or sew on dangles/beads/crystals where it’s desired!
  • Finally, wrap each piece tightly with either thread or string so that everything stays in place when you wear it!
  • Wear the shoe covers like regular shoes! Have fun and be fabulous!
Wear the Shoe Covers Like Regular 
Shoes! Have Fun and Be Fabulous!

Where Can I Wear Witch Shoes?

Witch shoes, also known as go-go boots or t-strap heels, are a staple of every witch’s attire. They give you height and flair, keeping your look from being boring. Wearing them on Halloween is almost mandatory!

This can be an expensive endeavor, depending on what type of shoes you purchase. If you don’t want to spend the money on designer shoes for one night, there are ways to make your own custom-made witch shoes with little cost involved. Making them yourself means that some thought has gone into them, and they will probably fit better than those purchased at the local costume store.

Wearing these gorgeous heels is not limited to Halloween. Here are some places where you may want to consider breaking out your witch boots:

  • A costume party – instead of making one, buy a pre-made one and save yourself time and effort. These will work for this purpose as well as any other. The big difference here is that more people will recognize what they are…a definite plus in my book!
  • To a costume club’s ball or dance – throw on your tuxedo jacket; match the necktie with the satin band that goes around the buckles, and off you go! You could even add a matching bow tie if you really want to go all out.
  • To a costume club meeting – a coven of witches, would not be complete without them! The same rules apply to the dance…match your necktie with the band, and you’re set! If you want to take it up a notch, add more pieces from your wardrobe that match (such as earrings).
  • To dinner in the – black is such an elegant color that these can be worn after dark without having to worry about being “too flashy.” Also, since they are open boots, they’ll keep your legs warm longer than most shoes due to body heat.  Just don’t wear those running shoes or dressy sandals with tights underneath…that’s tacky!

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Things to Consider While Making a Witch Shoe Cover

Type of Fabric:

The fabric you have chosen to make your shoe covers should be light in weight and can withstand the running around that will be involved during the party. It must also look good while it covers up your shoes and doesn’t look cheap or shabby.

Size of Fabric:

Choose a large enough size to cover both of your shoes but not too big so that they don’t fall off when you move around during the party.

Adjustable Straps:

The best type of witch shoe cover should have adjustable straps to fit different types of feet. Different people have different sized feet, and this way, everyone at night gets together will get a pair each which fits them perfectly, especially if there are going to be kids as well.

Adjustable Straps Are Useful to Fit Different Types of Feet


Choose a color that will make you feel good and also suit your costume while at the same time looking good with your shoes.

Attractive Embroidery:

How to Make Witch Shoe Covers could be decorated in many ways, such as adding beads or sequins, or even paper flowers and feathers if not using them for outdoor purposes but still want to add some decoration to it. The main thing is that they should look attractive enough without looking too gaudy.


Decide how much you are willing to spend on these shoe covers before you start making them so that you don’t end up spending an amount more than what you have decided earlier and spoil the party.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Witch Shoes Called?

Witch shoes are a type of shoe that is usually worn by witches. They have high-heeled shoes and pointy toes with an ankle strap, often made from leather or black cloth.

Some cultures believe that the points on the shoes act as homing beacons for the witch’s power to travel through the ground.

What Do Witches Wear on Their Feet?

Witches wear various shoes, depending on the type of spell they are casting. Some witches wear stilettos to cast spells that require them to be in high heels.

The most common shoe worn by witches is a black pointy-toed witch’s boot with three or four-inch spikes.


I hope you found this article on the benefits of witch shoe covers helpful. The next time you’re considering all your options for keeping warm and dry during cold winter months, don’t forget to include these important accessories in your shopping cart! Thank you, and have a good day!

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