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How to Measure Shoe Laces

Do you need to measure your shoe laces but aren’t sure the best way to go about it? Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced shoemaker, having an accurate measurement for your laces will ensure that the job is done right and save time. Measurement of shoe laces may seem intimidating at first, but with these handy tips, it becomes easy as pie! In this blog post, we’ll explain how to accurately measure out your shoe laces – whether they are long or thin. Follow our instructions and you’ll have perfectly measured cordage in no time!

How to Measure Shoe Laces

If you’ve ever bought a new pair of shoes, you know the importance of getting the right length laces. Not having the correct size lace can cause unnecessary strain on your feet and lead to discomfort during wear, so it is important to make sure that your laces are accurately measured. Here, we’ll discuss how to measure shoe laces correctly so that you can ensure a comfortable fit for every pair of shoes in your wardrobe!

Why Do You Need to Measure Shoe Laces?

There can be many reasons why you might need to measure your shoe laces. Such as:

1. To Shop for a New Pair

One of the most common reasons why people need to measure their shoelaces is when they are shopping for a new pair. Whether you are buying online or in-store, you will most likely need to know the exact length of your current shoe l so that you can find a replacement that fits properly.

People Need to 
Measure Their Shoelaces

2. To Replace Worn Laces

Another common reason why people need to measure their shoelaces is to replace worn laces. Whether your old laces have frayed, snapped, or just don’t feel as tight and secure as they used to, measuring your current shoelace length will help you find a replacement that fits well.

3. For Special Occasions

Depending on the type of shoes that you are wearing, you may also need to measure your shoelaces for special occasions. For example, if you are wearing dress shoes or high heels, it is important to have laces that are the right length so that they don’t show above or below your shoes.

If you find yourself in need of a new pair of shoe laces, knowing how to measure your current laces is an essential step in finding the perfect replacement. With just a few simple tools and basic knowledge of shoelace measurements, you can easily find a pair that fits your shoes perfectly and looks great too.

How to Measure Shoe Laces in 5 Easy Steps

Step 1: Measure the Length of Existing Shoelaces

The very first step is to measure the length of your existing shoelaces. Simply pull out the laces and stretch them taut against a ruler or measuring tape, making sure not to pull them too tight or they may break.

Step 2: Determine How Long Your Shoes Need to Be

Next, you will need to determine how long your shoes should be. This will depend on the type of shoes you have, as well as your personal preferences and comfort level. If you are buying a new pair of shoes, it’s a good idea to try them on first so that you can get an idea of what length works best for you.

Determine How Long
Your Shoes Should Be

Step 3: Decide How Many Eyelets Your Shoelaces Should Have

The number of eyelets on your shoes will also affect how long you need to cut your shoelaces. The more eyelets there are, the longer your laces will need to be in order to fit through each set. Therefore, if you have a pair of shoes with 6 eyelets, for example, you may want to cut your shoelaces so that they are a bit longer than usual.

Step 4: Measure and Cut Your Shoelaces

Once you have determined the length of your laces, it’s time to actually measure and cut them. To do this, simply hold your lace in place against the ruler and use a pair of sharp scissors to cut along the edge. Be sure to pull the lace taut as you are cutting in order to get an accurate measurement.

Step 5: How to Tie Your Shoelaces

The final step is to learn how to tie your shoelaces. There are several different ways that you can do this, each of which will depend on your personal preferences and the type of shoes you have. Some easy options include the basic overhand knot, the double knot, and the bow tie.

Whether you are just replacing your old shoelaces or buying a new pair entirely, it’s important to know how to measure them properly so that you can get the right length for your needs. With these simple steps, you can easily measure your shoelaces and ensure that they will fit perfectly in your shoes every time.

Some Additional Tips And Tricks to Measure Shoe Laces

1. Avoid Wrapping Your Laces

If you want a precise measurement for your shoe laces, it’s important to avoid wrapping them around your heels or over the top of your shoes. Instead, make sure that you are measuring from end to end, with the lace flat and straight.

Avoid Wrapping Them 
Around Your Heels

2. Use a Measuring Tape

To ensure that you get an accurate measurement for your shoe laces, it’s best to use a measuring tape. This will help you get an exact reading, and avoid any discrepancies that could occur if you are using a ruler or other measurement device.

3. Consider How You Wear Your Shoes

Depending on your personal preferences and the type of shoes that you wear, there may be slight variations in measurements that you need to take into account. For instance, if you wear shoes with thicker soles or high heels, your laces may be slightly longer than average. Keep this in mind when measuring your shoelaces so that you can get the right length for your shoes.

4. Consider How Often You Wear Your Shoes

If you wear your shoes daily, the lace may stretch out slightly over time. To account for this, it’s a good idea to measure your shoelaces before you start wearing them so that you can order new laces of the right length.

When measuring shoe laces, it’s important to take into account several different factors. Some key tips and tricks to keep in mind include using a measuring tape to get an accurate reading, considering how you wear your shoes and taking into account the frequency with which you wear your shoes. With these tips in mind, you can be sure that your shoe laces are the perfect length for your needs!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Precautions Should You Take When Measuring Shoe Laces?

When measuring shoe laces, it is important to be careful and precise. One of the most common mistakes people make when measuring their laces is not taking into account the stretch that will occur once the shoes are put on, especially if they have a high volume or degree of elasticity.

To avoid this, it is recommended that you measure the lace while it is still laid out flat on a table or other surface. Additionally, use a ruler or measuring tape to get an accurate length measurement, making sure to include any knots or links in the laces.

How Much Shoe Lace Do You Need?

To determine how many shoelaces you need, start by measuring the length of your current laces and adding an extra inch or two for slack. If you have particularly long or wide shoes, it may be helpful to get custom-sized laces that are specifically designed for your particular footwear. However, most standard laces are more than enough to provide a secure and comfortable fit.

Measuring the Length 
of Your Current Laces

When Should You Replace Your Shoe Laces?

If you notice that your shoelaces are starting to fray or become loose, it may be time to replace them. In general, most shoe laces can last several months or even years with regular use, depending on the quality and materials used. However, it is always a good idea to inspect your laces regularly for signs of wear and tear and replace them as needed.

Should I Consider Custom Shoe Laces?

Depending on the type of shoes that you wear and your personal preferences, you may wish to consider investing in custom shoe laces. These are typically made from higher-quality materials and can be custom-sized for a perfect fit every time. However, if you are looking for a more affordable option, standard shoelaces may be all you need to get the perfect fit and look for your shoes.


It is important to know how to measure shoe laces because having the right size lace can make a difference in comfort and performance. Measuring your foot can help you select the perfect size for both running shoes and everyday footwear. Follow these simple steps to find out about measuring shoe laces so that you can get the best fit possible!

Well there you have it, everything you need to know about measuring shoe laces. With this helpful guide, you’ll be able to ensure that your shoes always have the perfect fit. Thanks for reading and happy lacing!