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How to Stop Shoes from Making Squeaking Noise

What can you do to those squeaking shoes that make your walking noise like moving from an old rickety bicycle?

The squeaking noise of your shoes can be intensely embarrassing. Apart from the discomfort, they cause by making you nervous to take a step, they also announce your arrival and that is the most unattractive way.

You should not abandon those shoes in the light of all these; instead, you should take some steps to stop your shoes from squeaking noise. There are several useful methods that you can apply to remove squeaking from your shoes. We have explained in detail all the methods mentioned in this article by using which you can get rid of this problem.

Causes of Squeaking Shoes: Why Do My Shoes Make Squeaking Noise When I Walk

Before thinking about the solution for squeaking shoes, you have to check what is the causes of the squeaking noise of your shoes. Let’s know about the reasons for this first.

The squeaking of shoes is caused by the trapping of air inside the shoes. Sometimes, this squeaking is as a result of faulty soles that have air trapped in them. They let out the air as you walk and apply pressure, making noise in the process.

How to Stop Shoes from Squeaking on Hard Floors

Let us now know all the methods by which you can remove the noise of squeaking on hard floors from your shoes and the biggest thing is that you can do all these methods at home and that too with those items which you are using in your home daily use.

1. Fix Every Tear in Your Shoes

This is the first and most logical thing to do when you are trying to stop your shoes from squeaking every time you walk. A tear in your shoes can cause air to get trapped in it and cause squeaking to occur.

Take your shoes to the local cobbler and have him mend the tear that the shoe may have. If the soles have to be replaced, do that as well. If your shoe still squeaks, then any of the following methods will take care of it.

2. Apply Coconut Oil on Your Shoes

Rubbing the soles of your shoes with coconut oil can help reduce the squeaking noise that comes out of it. The oil will fill in the grains of the shoe and keep out both air and moisture that can cause squeaking so if you face this problem must apply this method and it will really help to remove the squeaking noise from the shoes.

3. Use Cornstarch or Baby Powder

Using baby powder or corn starch to fill your shoes under the insoles will help you to stop your shoes from making a squeaking noise. Like the olive oil, the powder takes care of the spaces where air may get trapped in and this powder fills the gap between all the spaces and remove the squeaking noise.

4. Use Some Paper Towels to Get Rid of Shoe Noise

Lay up the insoles using paper towels to remove the squeaking from your shoes. You can cut the paper towels according to shape to allow better fitting. This method is also effective like other methods and is very helpful to get rid of shoe noise. You can also change the paper towels from time to time to avoid smelly shoes and feet.

5. Use Sandpaper Method to Stop Shoes from Making Noise

The sandpaper method works effectively if the squeaking is coming from the soles of your shoes. By using sandpaper to rub the soles, you will be creating more friction which will help your walking when you step on hard and slick surfaces and remove any squeaking. So, if you want to get rid of shoe noise from the soles then definitely use this method.

6. Dry Your Shoes Properly in Sun Light

Wet shoes often squeaking because you put wet feet in them or don’t let them dry enough before wearing them so, anytime your shoes are wet in the rain or you have kept them to dry after washing, let them dry properly in the sun because once they are dry, they won’t squeak anymore, otherwise, the noise of your shoes will bother you.

7. Lubricate Rubbing Areas with Vaseline

If there are areas that are rubbing together in your shoes to make the squeaking sound, you can use vaseline to lubricate and reduce the rubbing together. By using Vaseline, you will be able to smooth that place and there will be no noise from that place which is giving you the problem.

How to Stop High Heel Sandals and Shoes from Squeaking

Ladies sandals have the biggest problem of a squeaking noise in the heel and the main reason for this is the very thin sandal heel and if the heel of the sandals is made of rubber then this problem can be more so you can use a thin pin and make small holes in the heel so that the air inside the heel escapes and you can get rid of the heel scream and if you are thinking that the heel of your sandals will be damaged, then you need not fear your heel at all. It will be fine and there will be no harm.

Conclusion & Final Verdict

If your shoes are rubbing together or making squeaks for a reason you don’t know, simply use the methods we have explained or a combination of two or more methods to be double sure.

All these methods will prove to be very effective for you, so you should use the method which suits you according to your comfort. We have provided solutions for many other similar problems for you, you can also check them according to your needs.