How to Stretch Sandals Wide?

Last updated on June 12th, 2021

Buying a sandal that is slightly smaller than your foot is a common problem that almost everyone faces. You might have gone to a shoe shop and bought a shoe that you really liked. When you come back to your home and try them on, they suddenly seem too tight in your feet. Then you need to know how to stretch sandals wide. Although you thought that it was the right fit for your feet. Moreover, you really like those shoe, and you don’t want to return them.

How to stretch sandals wide

How to Stretch Sandals Wide

There are some easy ways of stretching your sandal wide. You can use socks, hair dryer, ice, etc to extend your sandal. But first of all, choose the right size of sandal in the shop. That will save many of your problems. So let’s see how to stretch the sandals wide.

Try Them at Noon Instead of Morning

Prevention is better than cure. If you had bought the sandal with the right size, you wouldn’t have to go through all this. In the morning, your foot shape and size is smaller than the shape of your foot in the evening or noon. If you try them on in the morning, you might regret them later. To prevent that you need to buy shoe at noon or in the evening. You will be able to purchase sandal with the right size, as the size of your foot remains maximum at noon and evening. Thus it will save you the trouble of pain and other problem easily.

Using Thick Socks

Thick Socks

This process is an effective process. But it needs some times to stretch the sandal. First, you will need a pair of thick socks. Socks made of wool or other thick material can be used for this method. Then try walking for a while wearing them. You can try walking in your garden or room if you feel weird walking in public wearing them. After repeating that process for sometimes, your sandal will stretch a little bit.

Socks and Dryer

This is an improved method of the previous one. You will have to do the same thing as the previous method. Wear a thick shoe then put your feet inside them. Then you will need to apply hair dryer on different parts of the shoe. While using a dryer, try to blow them over the tight area. If you need more space, you can use the method again.


You have to be careful that this procedure is only applicable to leather shoes. In the case of other shoes, it might have some side effects. So pour some water in a bowl or bucket. Then sink them into the water. Pull them out after a few seconds. You will see that the sandals got wet. The wetness of the shoes will soften the leather. Then try them on and walk for a little while. It will stretch the soft leather of the sandal.

Using a Water Bag

This is a quick method. All you have to do is to pour some water into the bag and put them inside the sandal. Then put them into the fridge. As water turns into ice, it will expand. It will put pressure on the sandal and expand them very quickly.

Shoe Stretcher

The shoe stretcher can easily stretch your sandal. You can buy them online. Use the shoe stretcher on your sandal. Keep them in that way for a while. Time will depend on the amount of stretching of sandal you require. But be careful while using it. Because some times, too much pressure might damage the shoe.

Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing Alcohol For shoe

This a chemical solution. You should put a little amount of rubbing alcohol in a bottle. Rub them or spray them on your sandal. Then while they are wet with the alcohol, start walking wearing those shoes. Keep walking until the sandals are dry.

While you try to stretch your shoe, be careful not to overstretch your shoe. Because then your shoe will seem loose in your feet. Also, remember not to put extra force on the shoe. It might damage your sandal. So I hope you have found your answer to your question of how to stretch sandals wide.

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