How to Tie a No-show Shoe Lace Knot

June 22, 2021

Do you have a pair of shoes that are too tight to tie the shoelaces? The no-show shoelace knot is the perfect solution. This article will show you how to tie a no-show shoe lace knot and secure your feet from uncomfortable experiences.

How to Tie a No-show Shoe Lace Knot

The no-show shoelace knot is one of many ways to keep your laces tied without having them sticking out from beneath your shoes. In order to tie it, follow these step-by-step guides mentioned in this blog post.

Instructions: How to Tie a No-show Shoe Lace Knot 

Step One:

Take the shoelace that is on top and cross it over to the opposite side. Take the end of that same lace, which should now be in front, and feed it under itself from right to left.

Step Two:

Hold onto both ends of the lace and make a small knot by pulling one end over to meet up with the other side. Make sure you pull it tight so that it won't come undone when walking or running.

Step Three:

Place your finger inside the new knot's opening, then flip it around until you reach what is now in front of your fingers as well as at least halfway round from its original direction. Now grab hold of this section again and push them down towards where they started to create another little no-holds-barred circle for holding against each other. 

Step Four:

Take the right-hand side (the long part) from inside the left-hand loop and pull it through to make another overhand knot. Make sure that you leave some slack so that when you tighten up this new knot, it will be able to go around both loops equally without stretching too much or being too loose for comfort. This sounds complicated but once you do it once or twice, then tying these knots becomes second nature!

Step Four

Step Five:

Now put the left-hand lace inside this new knot. The end result should look like a "figure eight" on each side of your shoe (one figure eight is made out of two knots). Tug and tighten the knot so that it is nice and snug but not too tight.

Step Six:

Now you have a no-show shoelace! If you need to loosen your knots, then all you should do is just tug on them until they are at a comfortable size, or use your fingers to push up the ends of one loop (which will cause both loops to become looser). It's always best if there isn't too much slack in these laces, though because this can lead to discomfort after prolonged usage with heavy shoes.

Other Methods You Can Use To Hide Your Laces

  • Tucking your laces under the tongue
  • Lacing one shoe normally and then crisscrossing it over on another shoe.
  • Using elastic laces that will stay under the shoe.
  • Use rubber bands to tie your laces together.
  • Use a shoelace hole cover or cable ties to keep the lace hidden.
  • Put a piece of fabric over the front of your shoe and then put it on the other shoe, making sure that you thread it through both shoes as well.

Some Tips and Advice

  • The knot should be tied close to the shoe but not too tight. It should have space for your fingers and also a little more slack so that it is not pulling on the lace while you tie it.
  • Tie an overhand knot in one end of the lace. This will be used as the anchor or "working" end.
  • Hold the lace with your thumb, forefinger, and middle finger of one hand (left if you are right-handed), then grasp it in a loop with your other two fingers. Push or lift the working end through this loop to make an overhand knot that forms a small "bundle" of lace in your hand.
  • Hold the knot down and pull on both ends with each hand to tighten it a bit, then pull up slightly at one end so that you have slack enough for another loop (to make an overhand) just below the point where you are holding it. The working end should still be short and not pulled tight.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Secure Laces Without a Tie?

You can secure your laces without tying them. There are a few different methods, but one of the most popular is to use an elastic band. Tie both ends together, so it looks like a loose knot and then threads around each lace on either side.

How Do You Secure Laces Without a Tie

Can I Hide My Shoelaces?

Yes, you can easily hide your shoelaces. You can either tie the laces in a way that will tuck them under themselves or use an elastic band to hold them together like knots.

How Do I Tighten My Shoelace?

First of all, make sure the shoe is on the correct foot. If you find that the shoe is too loose, start by untying and retiring your laces in a way where the knot will tighten against the front of your shoe or use an elastic band to secure them together, so they stay tight around each lace on either side.

How Do I Prevent Shoelaces From Slipping?

Preventing Shoelaces from Slipping is a simple two-step process. First of all, use shoe lacing locks or elastic bands to secure your shoelace. Secondly, you can also buy shoes with anti-slip rubber soles, which will prevent slippage and give extra grip on slippery surfaces.

How Many Types of Shoelaces Are There?

There are many different types of shoelaces, but the two most common are flat and round laces. Flat Shoelaces have a smoother appearance and come in various colors while Round Lace is often made from cotton or nylon which is more durable than its counterpart.

Do You Tie the Laces on Jordans?

In some cases, yes. The company that owns the rights to Jordan brand shoes, Nike, doesn't allow any other companies to use the laces on their shoes.

Can You Iron Shoe Laces?

It is possible to iron shoelaces. You can use a special tool like the "Shoe Lace Iron," or you can use your hands and iron on high heat.

To start, put one lace in the center of the device and hold it down firmly with one hand while moving the device back and forth over the other lace, being careful not to let it touch any part of your foot. Repeat this for all your laces.


No-show shoe laces are a great way to make your shoes more comfortable. If you want to tie them, here's how to guide in our blog post that will show you the easiest and quickest way on how to tie a no-show shoe lace knot without any tools or tricks. We'll also tell you what types of no-show shoelaces there are and why they're so popular. Let us know if you find these blog helpful and want more of like this content.

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