Is It Ok to Wear Running Shoes for Walking?

Running shoe provides extra support to the feet so that the runner can run smoothly. They have excellent arch support in order to support the arc of the foot. So the question people often ask, is it ok to wear running shoes for walking? You might think about why I should use two types of shoes where I can use one type of shoe for both situations. Yes, it is. Some people even suggest that it is better than your walking shoes. They can endure heavy pressure and also provide necessary assists to the feet.

Is It Ok to Wear Running Shoes for Walking?

Walking involves less pressure and stress on your feet than running. The conventional walking shoe provides less cushioning for the feet than running shoe. Although walking shoe is not suitable for running, the running shoe is ok for both of this situation. As an example, you’re walking shoes are like a minivan, and your running shoes are like a truck which can carry more load. Running shoes also comes with a number of colors.

It offers an opportunity for people who needs to walk frequently. It can also save you the money of an extra pair of walking shoe. We will discuss about the advantages of using running shoe over the conventional walking shoe.

Support and Comfort

The main feature that makes running shoe a good shoe for walking is the extra support it provides. It is also comfortable for both walking and running. Running involves a lot of force applied on your feet, so it contains extra cushion inside the shoe near the arc, sole, and upper body. During running heel and arch of the foot faces additional stress. Manufacturers of the running shoe, install soft material where arc and heel are located. Apart from that, they also provide cushioning at the upper parts of the shoe, which gives extra comfort to the users.

Less Moisture

The upper part of the running is made of some kind of foam which has a special quality. It allows the air to run through your feet. By doing so, it will keep your feet free from moist. During walking, our feet get sweaty and get wet. Which is pretty uncomfortable. If you use your running shoe, you can easily solve this problem.


Sole of the running shoes are made of sturdy material which can take more loads. As the running involves a lot of pressure, the sole of these shoes is robust. The lifespan of running shoe is generally higher than walking shoes. They are also lightweight, which makes it easy to walk and carry. Running shoes are both light and rigidly structured. They fit your entire feet better than walking shoe.

Running shoes offer a variety of color and style. Walking shoe doesn’t provide that much. So if you are a guy who wants his shoe to be stylish, you can try them.


Running shoes serve you two purpose one is running, and other is walking. It saves you the cost of buying two shoes. These running shoes are also quite tough and have a long life. It will also save you the money to maintain two shoes at the same time. Even if you don’t run, you can use a running shoe for walking. Especially students or people who walk for a long time. They are solidly built. So they will offer comfort and long-lasting performances.


As running involves a lot of risks. The manufacturers make sure that running shoes provide enough safety to its consumers. They are made in such a way that users feet don’t get cut by any external object. It also offers protection to your feet from thorns, small stone pieces, etc. These shoes are also made to provide support to the feet, which keeps the users well balanced. Users don’t stumble or fall on the ground. Running shoes also help in the forward movement of walking.


You can use running shoe for both walking and running if you don’t want to buy an extra walking shoe. Running shoe will be comfortable and better for you. There is one lacking in running shoe. Running shoe’s sole bend less than walking shoe’s sole. The overall running shoe will be a good fit for you as a walking shoe.

Author: Jennifer Brannet

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